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(Adopted Aug.9/15)
Male/neutered/shots current
9 years old
18 lbs
*with great sorrow Frank passed away from cancer, Jan.17/17, he had an amazing Dad, RIP lil one*

Howdie Furbaby Rescue watchers.  I’m one of the new dogs for August.  I know…I DO look very much like a fluffy St. Bernard.  I’m pretty cute.

I was thought to be so valuable that a local shelter and three rescue organizations all pooled resources to help me out.  My owner passed away and myself and my two female canine companions were taken to the shelter.  Because we are all over 8, Old Dog Haven was asked to help us all out.  Because my owner passed away, they asked Rebecca’s Rainbow if they had a foster spot for me, and because I’m a Shih Tzu, Furbaby Rescue was consulted as well.  I know I am a very lucky little dog to have gotten this kind of help.  Old Dog Haven paid for my medical bills which was AMAZING. 

I had a full senior wellness package so we know what is going on with my blood and my skeletal system, as well as my urine, poo, and organs.  There were three things which needed fixing.  First, I had to have a full dental cleaning, dental X rays, polishing and fluoride, and a few extractions.  I handled all of that easily.  I have greasy skin so will need to just spend time on a good diet and have a bath twice a week to get that under control.  Thirdly, I have severe dry eye.  My eyes are very red and feel like they have sandpaper in them.  I am being treated with three eye medications and artificial tears.  Unfortunately, my owner did not know to get my eyes treatment and as a result I’ve lost most of my vision.  My foster mom is having a special medication compounded which she will start putting into my eyes which might help break up the scarring and let in a little more light. 

I get around just fine, though and follow leads very well.  I would be a terrific dance partner for this reason!! 

I am a wonderful little dog, cuddly, loving, and so grateful for being rescued and getting the care I need.  I walked into a foster home with another little dog who is a fancy “Silky Terrier” but he is so nice to me and made me feel welcome right away.  He hangs out with me and it really helps me get around.

If you love Shih Tzu’s then you probably have experience with dry eye.  Yes, it’s sad for me but not such a big deal for an owner.  I don’t mind the eye drops one bit.   I welcome the cooling relief that they bring to my eyes.

I am in pretty good shape groom wise but of course Furbaby Rescue likes all of their dogs to be freshly groomed so my foster mom is trying to get me worked in quickly to get that taken care of.  They seem to think I’ll take a better photo if I’m groomed.  I honestly don’t understand  how they think a few snips here and there is going to improve on my appeal.  I’m so cute already.  Check back for my new photos, though.

I love to ride in the car, love to take a walk, love to hang out in the garden, I’m so easy and sweet and I’m quiet.  I think almost anyone would adore me.  “

Wonderful Dad for this sweet boy, residing in Greenbank, WA


(Adopted Aug.22/15)
Tipper and Scooter
Females/spayed/shots current
8 years old
16 & 13 lbs

Shhhhhhh!!!! I need to talk to you confidentially about my best friend for life, Tipper. She has super sensitive hearing so please read this quietly. :-) Tipper could interrupt at any moment and start telling you what a marvel she is, how sweet she is, how incredible she is and she’ll even try to toss in that she’s cuter than me. Don’t you believe a word of it for more than a split second. In fact, you shouldn’t believe it even for that split second. Tipper is everything that she says and then some. And I know foster mom is going to add even more praise for Tipper when you talk with her if you apply to adopt us.  

Now it may seem like I’m in the background a bit but that’s OK. You see, giving in life and expecting nothing in return is the greatest gift of all. I have Tipper for my life long friend and foster mom recognizes that and promised us that we wouldn’t be split up. 

Shhhhhhhhh!!!!! I just saw Tipper’s ear perk up so she’s probably hearing what I’m writing. :-) I better hurry up and get this said. You’ve probably noticed in the photos that Tipper has no eyes. She had a severe case of glaucoma and the drops no longer would bring her relief and we’re not sure if she even had a sliver of sight left.  It was if she had a migraine headache constantly so a very difficult decision was made and that decision turned out to be 100% the right one. Tipper is back to her wonderful little self, finding her way around to the food bowl (of course), going outside to take care of business, she’ll find her way to a voice and want her tummy rubbed. Oh my, does that little girl love tummy rubs! Best of all, no more migraine headache type pain for Tipper with the pressure of the glaucoma eyes removed. 

So you’re probably asking about me. Well, foster mom says I’m pretty wonderful, too, (blush) and I have my full sight. You could probably call me Tipper’s own personal seeing eye dog and I’d do that for her but actually we’re just top notch best friends. I will protect her until the bitter end although she does just fine on her own. I did stay by her side constantly as she struggled with the pre-surgery pain/headaches and I stayed close during recovery.  I even spent the night with her at the vet’s office after her surgery.  We have a relationship whereby we know we’re there for one another if needed and we’re each sweet, well trained, and just about as perfect as you can get for any dog. 

Oops!!! Tipper just said “What are you writing, Scooter?”  I’ve been caught!!! I am going to now reply to her that I was simply responding to e-mails from dozens of people who want to adopt us TOGETHER just so I can see her bounce around in joy. Oh yeah, there’s only one thing I can’t do for Tipper and that’s give her the beloved tummy rubs. That’s one reason why we need YOU! 

Kind and loving adopters, residing in Clyde Hill, WA

(Adopted Sept.21/15)
Shih Tzu/Maltese
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
12 lbs

Whitey is full of warmth and personality.  What an angel he is!!  He has a sweet round face, big round eyes, and his teeth are SO white.  He has a Pepsodent smile, that’s for sure!

Whitey’s owner could not take care of him any longer and he was in dire need of some medical care.  

Whitey loves to be outside and play with balls and go for walks and car rides.  He becomes nearly apoplectic when he hears car keys or sees his leash.  He will be a wonderful companion to someone.

Whitey has had a full physical including blood work, urinalysis, fecal, heartworm test, dental X rays, dental cleaning and polishing, a few extractions, ultrasound of internal organs and X rays of his entire body.  He is considered to be healthy.  A full complement of diagnostic results and chart notes accompany him.

Whitey took a road trip this week up to Mt. Vernon to see our groomer Sonya where he got a nice bath, a much needed hair do, a fluffy blow out and his nails trimmed and polished.

Whitey is now residing in Tacoma, WA


(Adopted Oct.19/15)
Sammy and Sassy
Male & Female (siblings)
5 years old
17 lbs

Hey, what are you staring at and why do you have that silly smile on your face? Is it because you think Sammy looks like a baby gorilla? Heh, Heh….I keep telling Sammy that people are talking about him but he insists it’s because we’re both so irresistibly cute. I’m afraid that people think they might get confused as to which of us is which so I asked foster mom to put the different colored collars on us but trust me - once you know us well you’ll be able to tell us apart, no problem! 

We’re gradually recovering from our first mom dying. I think we’d recover a lot faster if we knew we were in our new forever home. I mean this foster home is great but we know it isn’t permanent. So let’s just say it the way it is. We want our new forever home and we know there some special considerations for our adoptive humans. First, we were once attacked by a big dog so to have another big dog in the home is a no-no. Hopefully, you’ll keep an eye open for big dogs when we go on walks and dog parks are definitely out because of the potential of big dogs. I know, there are some really nice big dogs in the world but we’ll never forget what happened. We are great around other dogs of our size though. We may take some time to get used to you because of all we’ve been through but trust me, once adjusted we’ll be stuck to you like glue. Hey!!!!!!! Sammy will be stuck to you like Gorilla Glue and I’ll be stuck to you like Velcro. Get it? Sammy looks like a gorilla and gorilla glue……uhhh, OK, back to the description. 

We are very good dogs at bath time, for grooming and for regular brushing. That’s why we stay so good looking. We have no aggressive behaviors. We will act like a doorbell and alert you when someone is coming but we quiet down. We can be crated if it’s a must but we’d rather be near that certain special person who bonds with us. We’re house trained and if you absolutely must leave us for a longer than usual time, you could put out pee pads and we’d use them. We love being out sunbathing so a fenced yard would be super good. We’re good during car rides. And then there’s the subject of toy. Squeakers are the best. Toys, toys, toys and more toys. That keeps us happy and out of trouble. We love laps and hope that maybe you’d consider sharing your bed with us. We don’t take up that much room but if not, a bed in your room would be nice. 

Any other questions? Our foster mom loves to brag about us and can answer any questions you may have. 

Happily residing on Fox Island, WA

(Adopted Oct.15)
Female/spayed/shots current
8 years old
14 lbs

*sweet Dory passed away June 7/18*

Greetings, all! I have been asked to do this write up for Dory because we think that some people might be overly concerned about Dory’s age of 8 years. I’m a former adopted Shih Tzu from Furbaby Rescue and let me tell you that at my age, over 9 years old, I am every bit as young in health and activeness as any 2 year old Shih Tzu. So I’m begging you to not be fearful of Dory’s age. Look at the positive side about her which is incredible.

After learning more about Dory I can tell you that she deserves to have a special home where she’s treasured. Well, actually all little doggies deserve a special home so let’s leave it at that Dory was used for birthing too many puppies in her life and she now deserves to be pampered and loved for just herself. Just like me, Dory will need her bath every other week with a special shampoo. It’s no big deal to use that special shampoo and it makes such a difference and you’ll love the smell. Like me, Dory has a special grain free, potato and tapioca free diet. You wouldn’t believe the difference that diet makes (including eliminating treats) and it really doesn’t cost much more and essentially saves on vet bills by eating right. Dory said she can take or leave walks but she loves the sunshine and fresh air so a securely fenced back yard or balcony would be awesome for her to soak up the sun and air. Sounds pretty easy to me. 

Dory is really hoping for a very quiet home with that securely fenced yard. It’s Furbaby Rescue’s policy that there be no young children in an adoptive home and Dory smiled when she heard that. She commented that she hopes there would be no visiting young children either. She doesn’t hate them but she’s just kind of enjoying a more sedate and quiet lifestyle after leaving her former life. If you don’t like doggies in your bed, you’re in luck because Dory wouldn’t mind having her very own doggy bed. 

So with that, let me share something very confidential. Every day my human mom whispers to me that she doesn’t know what she’d do without me and she’s made me promise to live to at least 20 years old because she needs me so I have another 11 years to go at least. Truth is, I need her, too, and I made my human mom promise to not leave this world before I do. I know that Dory needs someone who will need her as much as she needs them. Perhaps there’s someone to whisper in Dory’s ear and tell her how special she is and that they can’t imagine life without her. Might that person be you? 

Dory has a wonderful new family residing in University Place, WA


(Adopted Dec.12/15)
5 years old
15 lbs

My Daddy died and Mom had to go into assisted living.  As soon as I was taken to Furbaby Rescue, they made one call, to a prior adopter, knowing they were looking for a
sweet angel like me, so I leaped with open paws into my forever home.
Adorable dog for fantastic owners, residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted Dec.28/15)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
15 lbs

Attention all vehicle drivers!!! Are you tired of someone in the car telling you where to turn, to slow down, to watch out for this or that, or someone who just plain talks too much and yet you really like to know you aren’t alone in the car? Well, here’s the solution. It’s ME!!!! I LOVE TO GO ON CAR RIDES and you know what? I never, never, never tell you how to drive. Just hook me up with a safety device of some kind in case there is an accident that someone else causes (because I know you’re a very good driver) so I won’t get hurt or lost and I’ll be the best co-pilot ever. My foster mom says I am a-m-a-z-i-n-g in the car. Yup, I am!! I’m the canine version of a GPS in your car = Great Puppy Sidekick. 

I was also great at the groomers. They called me a sweetheart. Oh my, did my face turn red underneath that gorgeous fur I have. I didn’t really like the sound of the hairdryer but they still called me a sweetheart. I’m a little scared at first of new people, too, but I quickly warm up once I know I can trust them. Just give me a few minutes. Or dangle in a toy in front of my face. Love those toys. I love belly rubs, too. 

In a nutshell, I’d really like a home with someone who’s either home a lot or takes me with them all the time. Please - no crates which means a safety harness in the car, a doggy bed by your bed or in your bed (hint, hint, hint). And as always is the case, understand that I am just two years old with a lot of life left to share with you. As with any dog going into any new home, I need to have you show me how and where you want me to go outside and understand that consistency and a routine will result in perfect potty habits but it does take that initial effort on both of our parts. 

How about it? Ready to share your home and car with me? 

Living the spoiled life, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Feb.1/16)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
10 lbs

Reggie came into rescue, because his Mom had to go into assisted living, the perfect home was found right away, happily residing with his big sister Lizzie, in Surrey, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Feb.15/16)
Suzie Q
13 years "young"
20 "chubby" lbs
*sweet Suzie died peacefully in her sleep, complications of old age and cushings, Aug 14/17*

My name is Suzie Q.  Don’t you remember, you are never supposed to ask senior ladies their age or weight?  Well, I will confess, in my 13 years I have probably had a few too many treats and haven’t been keeping up with my exercise routine, but my foster mom is working on both of situations.   She has me on a regimen of healthy food two times a day and not quite so many treats.  She keeps trying to give me some of those veggies, and yeah well….I’ll eat them if I have to.  I don’t mind going to the doggy beauty parlor at all, they told my foster mom I was the sweetest thing ever.  I don’t even mind getting in the car with a little help and going for a drive.  My foster mom says I need to be out more for a few little short walks, and I am doing pretty good at that. 

I like most every person I meet, but I’m really not fond of the smaller young ones….they are just too busy for me and sometimes I just want a peaceful nap.  I really like curling up in a cozy dog bed and I love to go outside when there’s warm sunshine  or even just a day when there’s no rain.  I am getting more exercise by just following my humans around cause I really like to be near them and see what they are up to.  I like it when I get brushed, I love back scratches, and even belly rubs.  Sometimes I even like a lap to curl up on or lay on the sofa next to a human, but I won’t do this unless I’m invited.  I don’t mind other dogs either….well…. I get along just fine with my foster mom’s and they keep me company, when my foster people can’t be home.  No crate or kennel for me because I do know how to be good. 

So…now you might say I’m too old….well I don’t think I am.  I am in really pretty good health, right now just working on that darn “weight” issue….but I know, I still have lots and lots of love to give if you have lots and lots of love to give to me.  This change was sad for me, I had been with my only human since I was born and they got sick and could no longer take care of me so I came to my foster’s mom hoping I will soon find new forever home.  

Now residing with Frank (top of page) with a wonderful Dad, residing in Greenbank, WA

(Adopted Feb.21/16)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
21 lbs


My name is HUGO! 

Here are just a few of the things that I would like you to know about me:



If you would like to meet me, please fill out an application and get it over to Furbaby Rescue lickety split!  I can’t wait to meet my forever family!


Hugo has a great new Dad, residing in Snohomish, WA with Oreo...

(Adopted March 26/16)
*funny lil Dee Dee sadly passed away Oct 2017*

14 years old
6 lbs


Hi!  My name is Dee Dee.  My life’s story started out very happy and I had the best of everything!   I had a wonderful, fun life with my human Mommy.  As time went on, my Mommy started to forget things.  She forgot when she fed me.  She forgot if she fed me.  She forgot that I needed to go to my grooming appointments every 6 weeks.  She forgot to put flea medication on me.  She forgot that I needed to come inside from outside and outside from inside.  She forgot about me.  She just forgot.  I know that it wasn’t her fault.  She had a very scary condition in her brain called Alzheimer’s.  I watched her go from being the Mom who doted on me to a Mom who didn’t remember that I was there.  Eventually, her son came to visit and took me to the vet.  I got shaved down, I got some flea medications and I went back home to wait with my Mom.  A month later, my Mom’s son came to take her to another home and he took me to a temporary home called the Animal Shelter.  The Animal Shelter called Furbaby Rescue to come to get me.  So…here I am, at 14 years old, looking for my new forever home!  Please don’t be sad for me…I had a great life up until my Mom got sick!  All in all, I am quite healthy.  I recently went to the dentist because I had some rotten teeth.  I have dry eyes, so I will need drops put in my eyes in the morning and at night.  I get along with other small dogs just fine, but I am a member of Doggie AARP, so I’m not fond of the younger dogs trying to get me out of my dog bed!  I love to toodle around the back yard and I get a spring in my lil’ ole step when I get to go for a walk! 


If you have an extra dog bed and some room in your heart, I would love to meet you!  

           Dee Dee

Wonderful home for this lil senior, now residing in Oregon

(Adopted April 15/2016)

Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
10 lbs


Darling Summer had been to hell and back, used for breeding, totally neglected.  Happily though, she found her forever home quickly, now residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada

(Adopted June 12/16)
Marvin (nka Marley)
6 years old
12 lbs

This stunning lil boy found his home quickly, he is now loved and spoiled...happily residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada


(Adopted July 3/16)

Little Bit
15 months old
9 lbs

Once you met this doll, you cannot resist, he is joyful, playful, loving, happy, the sweetest lil boy, who now has an amazing home, residing in Delta, B.C. Canada

(Adopted July 3/2016)
Barney and Tommy
8 years old
Barney 18 lbs
Tommy 13 lbs

Greetings to all dog lovers, 

My name is Barney and because I’m the more outgoing part of this duo I will tell you all about us and why you should adopt us. 

Yes, we are brothers and have been since birth. No, we don’t look alike but not all dogs from the same litter always look alike. You know what, we don’t act alike either. That gives you a variety when you adopt us. Why are we available for adoption? Well, our parents died - both of them - so here we are. We’re done grieving. Furbaby Rescue has lovingly brought us up to date on all vet care and grooming because our former parents couldn’t keep up with it along with their own issues. So moving right along………

I am the bigger, tri-colored boy and while I’m quiet you’ll find that I’m very playful and I love everyone. I tend to make myself comfortable wherever I wish and I am so trusting of people that if you need get by me because I’ve made myself comfortable on the floor, I’ll just trust that you’ll carefully step over me. I am an allergy dog so a grain free diet will be necessary. That’s no big deal if you aren’t familiar with grain free diets. Just talk to my foster mom. 

Now, as for Tommy (the lighter colored one) he’s a bit smaller than me. I need to keep tabs on Tommy and keep encouraging him that it’s OK to love people from the start. He’s a little slow with new people but if you leave him alone and let me keep talking doggy talk to him, within a couple days he’ll be the love of your life forever but don’t forget about me, please when he does. We both love to be loved. We both love to go on walks and we dance like crazy the minute we see the leashes come out. We’ll make you the talk of the neighborhood when people see us walking together so well. We love to go on rides in the car, too, and our foster mom is praising us for being so very good during the ride whether we are crated or secure in a doggie seat. 

One last thing - we LOVE toys and once Tommy gets past the first few days of warming up to a new home, you’ll find us running, throwing and tossing those toys around. That is, if you have a supply of toys waiting for us. *hint, hint, hint*.  

We, Barney and Tommy, are waiting for you to apply to adopt us. You won’t be sorry. 
Awesome new parents, who will spoil these two, now residing in Lynnwood, WA

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