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(Adopted July 27/12)
Shih Tzu mixed with something adorable
Female/spayed/shots current
5-6 years old
13 lbs

Update on Annie:  July 11

Finally the long awaited visit with the dental specialist happened yesterday.  Annie was under for quite awhile while the Doctor moved delicately through her thin jaw bone and removed rotted teeth.  The tricky part was removing the canine which was poking into her sinus cavity.  At first it was wondered if she had been born with this congenital abnormality but once surgery began it became very clear that Annie had received a blunt force trauma to her mouth which caused this tooth to be stabbing into her sinus cavity.


What incredible pain that little dog had to endure for who knows how long and what horrible thing must have happened to her to have resulted in such an unfortunate situation.

She did so well during her anesthesia, all her time under the surgeon’s watchful eye and careful hands, and came out of her anesthesia very well.  She will have some medication to help with inflammation, was given an injectable antibiotic, she will need soft food for the next couple of weeks.  She may always prefer a soft food but we can give both kinds a try once she has healed.


Annie is now ready to have meet and greets to find not only a person who falls in love with her (lots of people have done that thus far)  but a person looking for a brave and gentle dog such as she with whom to spend their life.  We will try to get some pictures of her playing outside but her foster mom is not known for being a photography buff.    Really you just need to know that she is the kind of wonderful dog you want and then set up a time to at least meet her.

Annie came to us with a name she did not recognize so we named her after the doctor who initially cared for her.  It suits her and she loves her name.

She was a gentle and loving little dog who had not had the best of lives but like so many of these angels, she never let on.  She was very grateful and continues to express gratitude for having come into rescue and being cared for so well.

When she went in for her physical we were quite apprehensive because we feared there were a couple of things going on with her and you know the saying “only the good die young”.  Annie had teeth poking through her sinus cavities.  Her jaw bone was so frail from infection that she had to be operated on by a special surgeon.  We wanted to do this immediately.

However, we found lumps in her mammary chains.  This put things in a quandary for us.  Which to address first.   Annie went under anesthesia and had her lumps removed.  While she was healing we were holding our breath waiting  for the histopathology report to come in.  When we heard her lumps were benign, that removal of them was curative, we were so relieved.

We forgot to mention that this little girl was so popular at the hospital that one of our favorite staff members asked if she could be Annie’s foster mom through all of this. 

She finally got her consultation with the dental specialist and he thought she was such a wonderful little dog that he is very tempted to adopt her.  After many years of being so tempted, he’s very good at keeping his heart closed to the special dogs he sees, but this one was tough for him.

The next day Annie got her stitches out and she is waiting to have her big dental surgery after the July holiday, and I think we may just have to throw a party for her after that.  She, will need liquids and soft food, of course!

If you are looking for a real trooper of a dog, one with a great story to tell, and one who hopes to make wonderful memories with a family who loves her, please ask us about Annie. 

Annie has a wonderful new home in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Aug.2/12)
Henry & Hailey
Henry "Shih Tzu) Hailey (Shih Tzu/Lhasa)
Male & Female
4 & 3 years old
15 & 17 lbs

It's always sad when an owner must move and the dogs can't go along and there are no other family members able to keep the dogs in the family for various reasons and in the best interest of the dogs. But fortunately, this time, we have two dogs that are adapting beautifully to foster care and should easily adjust to a new home. They are a bit like teenagers are these days when they say "Whatever!!!"

Henry and Hailey actually remind me of many marriages. Henry loves to watch TV like so many husbands but so far he isn't in command of the remote. Hailey prefers to be on your lap and cuddle just like many wives curl up with a romance novel while sports are controlling the choices on the TV. But all of that is OK because given a chance to go outdoors, Henry and Hailey love it! Now, if you absolutely have no yard, you could consider daily walks and romps at a doggy park. These two do well on a leash and love to get out on walks to check out the rest of the world. 

Henry loves to run and chaise Hailey and he has his moments at being a snuggle bunny, too. He rarely barks but will do so just to alert you that he has spotted another dog or he might bark when he sees another person as his way of asking if they want to play. So you can consider that barking is not an issue and we've seen no other bad habits. 

If you know how to give tummy rubs, hand out treats, and aren't afraid to talk to your pets and receive adoring looks in return, this little boy and girl might be just what you've been waiting for. 

They are absolutely two of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet and will ONLY be adopted together.

These two dolls now happily reside in Port Haddock, WA

(Adopted Aug.5/12)
Lilly and Bailey
Lilly (Shih Tzu/Cockapoo) Bailey (Shih Tzu)   
Females/spayed/shots current
Lilly 20 lbs
Bailey 16 lbs
7 years old
*darling Bailey passed to the bridge June/18*

Love-Muffin Alert!

Bailey and Lilly came into Furbaby Rescue after their Mommy died of pancreatic cancer.  Their Mommy’s dying wish was that her girls would come into foster care with Furbaby and get adopted out as a pair.  Both girls were with their Mommy when she took her last breath and they seem to have an understanding that they are now entering the next phase of their lives.  It has taken them a little bit of time to adjust to a household with 4 other small dogs and a cat…but they seem quite settled in now!   Both Lilly and Bailey are just the sweetest little dogs and they have their own, very unique, adorable personalities.  Their Mommy truly left us with two little angels!

Lilly (Shih Tzu/Cock-a-Poo) is very sensitive and has the most gentle, soulful eyes.  She is always striving to do the right things and never wants to get into trouble!   She is the definition of stoic and takes things quite seriously!   Oh my, what a good natured dog!  She loves to sleep on the bed and loves to be on the couch right next to her foster Mom.  

I could say that Lilly is a little bit country and that Bailey is a little bit Rock-N-roll!

 Bailey (Shih Tzu) is quite the little silly-willy and loves to frolic and prance around your ankles!   She is such a beautiful little sweetheart and has all of the wonderful attributes of a Shih Tzu.  She loves to be near Lilly almost all of the time…they are a wonderfully bonded pair and complement each other in many ways.  They are similar in temperament, but have different personalities.  Bailey seems to be somewhat hearing impaired…but to what extent, I am not quite sure.  She certainly seems to hear loud noises, but I’m not sure that she can hear me speaking.   She follows her sister around almost all of the time, so whether she can hear or not does not hold her back at all!

Silently, one by one,
In the infinite meadows of the heaven,
Blossomed the lovely stars,
The forget-me-nots of the angels.

~~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

There is no doubt that these little furbabies are also the forget-me-nots of the angels!  Could you be their next Mommy and/or Daddy?  I would love for you to meet them!

We hope Cheryl is looking down, and happy to see her babies in a great home, now residing in Orting, WA


(Adopted Aug. 11/2012)
Shih Tzu/Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
13 lbs

Are you looking for the sweet face and disposition of a Shih Tzu with the longer legs of a poodle to keep up with you walks?  I might be just that special dog for you!  Now, of course you understand that that also means that I can jump.  So I hope you like someone jumping into your arms.

I really am looking for someone who wants a companion and faithful side kick in life.  I don’t like to be alone, it makes me sad. 

I’m a little needy.  I need to be with you, going with you, doing whatever you are doing.  I don’t much care if you are sitting and reading, cooking dinner, or sweeping the porch.  I will walk with you, I will ride in the car with you, and I’m an absolute angel.

I’m gorgeous, soft, friendly, loveable, easy to groom, and will be a wonderful friend and companion to you.  With my high stepping legs I can even keep up with you!

Oh and by the way, I’m called “Curly” because when my hair is natural, it’s a little curly.  Right now I just had a groom and a blow out so you don’t see the curl so much but it’s there.

Curly has a super Mom residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Sept.18/12)
Chrissy "nka Lucy" (Shih Tzu mix) Stevie (Shih Tzu/peke)
(Adopted Nov.29/12)
Female and Male
Altered/shots current
App. 4 and 2 years old
10 lbs

Have you ever had one insect bite that itched like crazy and nearly drove you nuts? Have you ever been bitten by several mosquitoes or even been stung in a patch of nettles? Do you remember how it felt like it would never stop itching but you had help from some medicines? Well, that's how we've been living except we had massive flea bites plus other infections resulting from not being cared for and no one ever loved us enough to help make us feel better. BUT THEN came our rescuers!!! AND THEN came our super heroes in the form of a very special veterinarian, Dr. Christine Stevens. Because we are so incredibly grateful to her for literally saving our lives, we asked to be named after her thus we are now Chrissy and Stevie. Pretty neat, huh? Our second option was everyone was referring to us as a trainwreck. Gosh, I'm doubly grateful for that vet because otherwise we could have been named Loco and Caboose. Hah!! Now you know we're at least feeling better because we're trying to be comedians.

Here are the facts: The dogs are around 2 and 4 and possibly either mother and son. It really doesn't matter because they get along beautifully. Both literally inhale their food but given time and the right new home, they'll learn that there will always be food. Speaking of food they are currently on a grain free diet to deal with the skin issues. Oh yes, Stevie has one small eye that he was born with and it only adds to the heartwarming feeling that you may experience as you meet these two with such a horrid beginning in life.

Both are proving to be good at housetraining. In their foster home when placed in the doggie bedroom for the night they are quiet. We're hoping they will be adopted together so they have one another and being together continues to contribute to comforting behavior. Because of their background, Chrissy and Stevie most likely will be a little bit shy in the beginning but once they know they're home forever and cared for, you'll see them going after chews and treats like any normal dog. Right now they already are feeling better and love to run and play.

One very important thing to remember with these dogs is they need to stay on a grain free/allergy diet. That's not at all that difficult and truly no more expensive than feeding them the wrong food and then dealing with medical issues. If you are interested and have questions, please just click on the link below and ask anything and everything you want to know in order to meet Chrissy and Stevie. There's almost always more information available than what we can write in these stories.

We have decided they can be adopted if interested in either or..

Chrissy (Lucy) has a fantastic home, residing in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada
Stevie also has a fabulous home, residing in Blaine, WA


Female/spayed/shots current
10 years young
13 lbs

Update on Zoe Anne


Due to the development of a bacterial infection on Zoe Anne’s skin, we are going to pull her from our adoptive list.  She is going to need topical, oral, and injectable antibiotics to help with this infection and it could take several months.

She came to us with a long standing and painful infection which responded very well to treatment.  It is disappointing that she still has more work to do but it is not unexpected.

Thank you so much for your interest and support of this sweet dog.

*sadly after a few months in care, Zoe-Anne succumbed to an auto-immune problem, she sadly crossed the bridge"


Hello everyone!

Are you looking  for a half” active” and half” sleeps a bit” kind of little doggie? 

You might think about me.  I love to play with toys, throw them in the air, and chase them around.  I think taking a walk is a great time but I don’t demand a long hard walk.  My needs are a little gentler on your body than some dogs.  No one knows how old I am because they assume I’m very young.

I’m a very sweet little girl doggie who has been looking for a home and someone to love me for quite some time.  I know there is the perfect someone out there just for me.

I can proudly say that every inch of my body has been examined and we know that my blood, skin, innards, everything is in great shape.  Oh and my mouth, too.  I have a little dry eye like a lot of Shih Tzu but you just give me drops and I’m good.  I don’t mind them.  My foster mom says that very few dogs can make that claim.

I’m a sweet little girl.  I’ve never bitten anyone.  I like everyone.  I wonder if you would like ME?


(Adopted Oct.23/12)

*Finley passed away from multiple illness, heart, cancer, and finally a seizure took his life on May 13/15
he was adored for the short time his wonderful Dad had him, enjoying many adventures*

Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old ?

Does anyone know my name?  I was completely discarded, abandoned, and kicked by the curb. 

I was found alone, ill, and afraid.  I was put into a cage with another dog and a big sign that said” Medical Waiver” and “Waylon” were put on my kennel card. 

Foster mom Michele appeared in the kennel area with a hand full of harnesses and leashes  looking all of us over, and I got picked.  I got picked!  I heard her say a name that I did not know “Waylon” and heard her say “oh crum he’s got a heart murmur”.

All I could think about was how scared I was and how badly my mouth, face, and gums hurt. 

I kept waiting to be put back into my cage but nope….I got to go out into the sunshine and into her car.  I was so happy I just jumped right in the back seat, sat down, was silent, and didn’t move a muscle the long trip home.

I went to a hospital where they had to take a chance that my heart murmur was not serious and that I would survive the anesthesia to remove the rotten teeth.  They couldn’t remove the lower teeth without breaking my jaw so I will be going to a dentist to have that properly taken care of.  My anesthesia went off without the slightest hitch.

I heard today that I’m going to visit a cardiologist on October 10th so that we can find out what is going on with my heart.  So, I think that means I get to stay.  No one has given up on me.

I have a really nice place to live.  I barked one time but was so afraid that I wouldn’t get to stay so I never have done it again.  No one even mentioned it other than to praise me for having such a beautiful voice but I’m just so afraid I’ll be abandoned because of this thing going on with my heart.

Foster mom Michele says we will find out what is going on exactly and I might be able to have a special medicine to help me.  But she said that no matter what I’m not going anywhere unless it’s to a home of my own.

She decided to name me Finn and then Auntie Eleni thought Finley would be cute and I like both of those names and now when I hear them I come running.  I am not a dog without a name any longer.  I’m learning a routine in my house, learning to go potty outside, I’m sweet, cute, quiet and now I just need a home of my own.

Furbaby Rescue:  Finn is scheduled for an echocardiogram and cardio work up on October 10th.  Since he did amazingly well under anesthesia we are not too concerned  about putting him under again when he sees the dentist.  His dentist is in Woodinville and it would probably be more convenient for an adopter  to wait until that work  has been done and obviously we would like to know what is going on with his heart before adopting him out.  Finley has a grade 3 heart murmur.  That’s 3 out of 6.  Normally when it’s even a two, we don’t worry.  His heart is slightly enlarged on the left side which may simply be attributed to an aging mitral valve.  Many dogs live long lives with this condition.  He does cough and wheeze sometimes making us believe there could be something else going on.

Our webmistress will be away from her computer for a few weeks and we wanted to make sure that he was up before she left.  If you are interested in updates please inquire. 

Finley has a great Dad, residing in Graham, WA

(Adopted Oct.31/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
12 lbs

Obi is one of our newer dogs and he is such an adorable sweetheart that of course his foster mom hopes he finds his forever home before she becomes too enamored of him.


He’s perfect.  He’s sweet.  He’s quiet.  He minds you.  He comes and moves and jumps and goes when he’s called.  He’s potty trained.  He’s just absolutely adorable and one of the nicest little dogs you could hope to meet.

Obi comes from a very loving home.  There is no drama or sad story to write about with him.  The only sad part is that his owner had to give him up and he had to leave his brother. 

For a dog that has been with us such a short amount of time and having lost so much, he has settled in very nicely and is quite content in his foster home. 

He has a perky little personality but is calm and easy going.  He has a normal and sophisticated  energy.  He’s a love bug you will want to scoop up in your arms and cuddle.

This sweetie has a new furbaby brother and great Dad, residing in Richmond, B.C. Canada


(Adopted Nov.1/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old (B.D. Nov.22/2006)
7 lbs
*beautiful lil Tessa passed away Nov.2/17*

No, she is not wearing a Halloween mask….she really does look just like her picture.  Huge soulful eyes filled with hope and trust.

This little girl lost her home because her owner was moving and did not take her with the family.

She is very petite and her tail is nearly as long as her body.  Since she hardly ever stops wagging that tail we understand how she has kept such a svelte body .  She is actually quite lean and could use to add a few ounces here and there.

Tessa is soft, silky, kind, obedient and very energetic .  If you can keep up with this little fireball please apply today!

This lil girl hit the jackpot with a doting Mom, Dad and new furbaby brother, residing in Burlington, WA

(Adopted Nov.3/12)

Moe and Boo
Shih Tzu brothers
Males/neutered/shots current
14 pounds


What’s better than a sweet and loveable Shih Tzu ? 

Answer:  A wonderfully bonded pair with double the sweet, double the love, and double the fun!

Boo and Moe are wonderful little boys just aching for their own family.


Boo and Moe are two adorable Shih Tzu which were left behind, alone in an abandoned home.  Their owner moved out and just left them.  Fortunately the kindly landlady found them and took them in until she could get them into a rescue group.

They were a little dirty, scared, and full of fleas but we soon took care of those small issues and they felt much better.

They were vetted and were in a bit of a holding pattern because we found that both dogs have heart murmurs.  Heart murmurs can be nothing to worry about or something indicative of a more serious condition requiring medication.

Both dogs had full cardio work ups including echocardiograms.  Boo was found to have a mild to moderate heart disease but does not need to take any medication.  He has been through anesthesia twice and sailed through both times.  He had his teeth cleaned by the veterinarian but had those tricky lower teeth which only a dental specialist can extract.  He got that taken care of and is doing great!

Boo had some fluid around his heart so was put on lasix and within 24 hours was jumping around and acting like a happy puppy.  He will have a quick visit to the dental specialist, as well.

These dogs are best friends and take care of one another.  They are lovely traveling companions, enjoyable to have around, are eager to please and simply wonderful  little doggies. 

A lot of diagnostics have gone into these dogs so that we could be assured of their health status.  That means no surprises or big vet bills for an adopter.    They come with a nice looking medical file that any veterinarian would be delighted to have on file.

Initially we had considered Moe to be the more self confident of the two but now that Boo is on medication; he’s just as confident just slightly less assertive.

We love these little guys so much which is why we were able to put them through so many diagnostics to make sure they were healthy and adoptable .

Happily residing in Leavenworth, WA


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