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Successful Shih Tzu Adoptions
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(Adopted June 25/09)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 lbs
6 years old

Simba is a charming dear little fellow who would like nothing more that to hang out with his human.  He is very sweet and bonds quickly!  Simba does well on the leash and just loves to be with you no matter what you are doing.  He enjoys walks, watching TV on the sofa, helping with chores etc with both is foster mommy and papa.  As long as he can be with you, he is just fine and a dandy little helper indeed.
  Simba's foster family has noticed that he does need to be around his people as much as possible.    Simba will do best in a home with other canine companions of similar size and breed to keep him company while his humans are away.  He will not do well in a home where he is left home by himself all day long.  No, that is not what Simba is wanting for his new life.  Simba was pulled from a breeding situation and we are working very hard on his housebreaking and he is doing very well and we are quite proud of him.  This will take more time and patience, but he's a smart little guy and picking this up quickly.  Good boy Simba! 
  Simba craves companionship and is such a sweetheart!!  He is waiting for his new forever human to love forever and ever!  Are you the one waiting to be absolutely adored by Simba?  He will be watching for your letter!

Adult Home Only

Simba has a new and wonderful life, living in Lynden, WA (and in memory of Scooter)

(Adopted July 6/09)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
10 lbs

DJ is a real people person. He loves to be with his person and likes lots of attention. He loves squeaky toys and sleeping on the bed or cuddling on the couch. He has obviously been loved and is just waiting to walk into his new person's heart.

DJ does fine with other dogs but would just as soon be an "only child". Because DJ has opinions about how he likes to be handled, he will only be placed in an adult home (teens over 16 OK). DJ is a beautiful boy a real traffic stopper and a LOVER , he will be a wonderful addition to his new family.

Fabulous new Moms for this darling boy, residing in Arlington, WA

(Adopted July 9/09)
Shih Tzu/Poodle
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
15 lbs

My name is Lucy (Lulu). My family was too busy and didn't have time for me so they asked Furbaby Rescue to find me my forever home. I am very sweet and love to play. I live with another Shih Tzu/poo named Lucy. Sometimes she gets mad at me because I ask her a little too often to come out and play. I love toys especially ones that squeak. If you ask me if I want to go for a walk I will start to dance around. Walks are one of my favorite things and I am a very good girl on leash.
I don't like to be left alone and whenever my foster mom and dad go out I get very upset and make a fuss. I am shy and a little nervous around new people. Loud noises and things that move quickly scare me. It took me a few days to get used to my foster home. At first I just wanted to hide but once I felt safe I started to run around, play outside and with my toys.

Lulu will do best if she has another playful dog, and someone who can be home a bit, or take to work.

This girl hit the jackpot with her new Moms, a darling Peke brother, residing in Lynnwood, WA and in memory of Meg and Salty.

(Adopted July11/09)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
15 lbs

Ichiro is a special little guy, super smart and very affectionate.  He can be a bit stubborn at times but is a great companion dog with lots of funny quirks and expressions.  This sharp pup knows the following commands: sit, want to outside. down, stay and whoa, off and go lie down as well as how to jump into your arms on command.  He is absolutely devoted to his people and does well with the other dogs in his foster home.

He is house trained and will often scratch at the door to go outside. He loves to go for rides and to hang outside in nice weather, and loves to nibble on fruits and vegetables...and loves long walks. Adult home only.

Ichi is ready to crawl into your lap and be your loving companion.

Ichi is now residing with a very special retired couple, who adore him, living in Mukilteo, WA

(Adopted Aug.5/09)
Rocky Raccoon (nka Kohl)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 3 years old
14 lbs

Rocky was a stray and picked up by animal control.  We do not know his history or background.  He is a mellow lil boy, who loves to trot around the yard, chasing imaginary cars and birds.  He will seek you out, to be by your feet, or happily go for a walk.  
He does fine with the resident dogs, but is food aggressive with them.  He must be fed separately, or as the foster Mom has been doing is hand feeding him.  When you hand feed him, or give him a treat he takes everything very gently.  If he is rehomed with another dog, this will need work, or work around the problem.  He is friendly with most people, but can be decisive if he doesn't care for you.
He will only be suited for an adult home, and someone with dog  experience.

Kohl is one very lucky boy, he found a very special family, who understood and worked with him, and they could not be happier for this special boy to now reside with them in Kingston, WA

(Adopted Sept.4/09)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
18 lbs

Buddy is the sweetest lil boy.  He loves car rides, and would like to be as close as possible to you.  He likes other dogs but we have been informed he will chase cats.  Buddy is a quiet boy that requires very little attention.  He is very affectionate, but not needy.  He will lie at your feet and sleep contented as long as you are still.  He likes toys and hooves to chew on.  He is friendly with people that we have met on walks.  He is fine meeting strange dogs as well.  He barks very little and behaved excellent at the groomers.  True to his breed he needs good food or he becomes itchy.  Buddy knows sit, speak and come on command.  He takes treats very gently and is a wonderful boy.

Buddy does suffer from separation anxiety.  In his previous life he lived with a Rottweiler and when that dog died Buddy became anxious.  They got another dog, and that did help, but still had issues.  He needs to find a home with another dog and someone who is home a lot or can take him with them.

Watch his video, he is too CUTE

Buddy has a wonderful new family, residing in Delta, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Sept. 26/09)
Female/spayed/shots current
7 months old
6 lbs

Oh my, little Tess is a cute as can be.  And she is little, she is just under 7 months old, and weighs just over 6 lbs...she is tiny, petite and adorable.
She has this coy, shyness about her, well for a few minutes, and then you will see her prancing around the house, no problem telling lil boy dogs off, if they become "too personal"...which is so funny to see, as she is so much smaller then they are...doesn't stop this girl.

And when she is finished running around, chewing on a hoof or playing with toys, or other furbabies she will seek you out, to cuddle deep into your arms, and pretend she is this lil dollbaby, that you need to protect...and you will look at her, kiss her tiny nose, and hold her close...yup she knows how to wrap anyone around her lil paws...

SPECIAL REQUEST FROM TESS - "Because I'm still such a baby I would want my new forever person to be just that - my FOREVER person. I plan on living to be 16-18 years old so please add those years to your present age and let me know if I can count on you living to a ripe old age with me. Please don't put me at risk of having to ever live without you." 

Tessi has the greatest home, wonderful Mom and new big brother Yoshi, residing in Bellevue, WA


(Adopted Oct.9/09)
Male/neutered/shots current
 12-18 months old
15 lbs

Kelso is a friendly, sweet little dog who loves everyone he meets. Very personable and trusting.  He loves to be your constant companion. He adores his toys and chews and likes life best when he can be at your feet, or on your lap, or perching behind you on the couch when watching TV. He loves to be with his person and will shadow you from room to room, happily settling in near you. Or when he isn't near you, he is running and tossing toys, enjoying everything or playing with another lil fur friend (he loves Tess)...happy happy boy.

He adores both men and women.  Loves to sit like a chipmunk, hoping for a treat...just a sweet energetic lil boy.

Comment from Kelso 
 "I really am hoping for someone who will love me enough to keep me 
clean and groom me regularly so my coat will grow out and I can strut 
around the block as the best looking dude around."

Kelso has two wonderful parents, residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Oct.31/09)
MuChiChi (nka Teka)
Female /spayed/shots current
12 months old
5 (yes FIVE lbs)

This tiny tiny diminutive lil girl, had NEVER been groomed in 15 months, she was a MESS.  She is a very sweet and loving lil girl, who thinks being on your lap, cuddled in your arms is where she belongs. She also likes to share the pillow with you at night.  Though she really needs to be a dog, and not carried everywhere:-)

She is starting to understand going outside to potty, but you need to stay with her, as she will not do her business left alone.  She BONDS extremely quickly, but slower and shyer with men.  She follows you everywhere, and wants to be by your side constantly...though once she completely settles into her own home, I think that part of her insecurity will ebb.

She is the smallest lil Shih Tzu, I have had in my rescue..makes a normal sized ST look like a giant...

I am not sure if this lil imp could have gotten two more doting parents, now residing in Kamloops, B.C. Canda

Calling all Doggie Angels
We need help for 7 Shih Tzu
Please read about them
All babies have been adopted, we thank you

(Adopted Jan.9/10)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
16 lbs

My foster mom and dad think I am one of the easiest foster pooches they have ever had. Thatís probably because I am very mellow and sweet. All I ask for is good food (I have allergies), yummy treats and to be loved. I am not very demanding and since I am debarked I am a pretty quiet. I love sleeping in a doggie bed, having my tummy rubbed and getting hugs and kisses. I walk well on a leash; my foster mom and sister like to take me along on long walks so I am getting to be a good walker. I like car rides and am good with other dogs. I can be a little possessive of my food so my foster home is working on this. I have been known to be growly and nippy but my foster family has had no problems with me and when I get caught being naughty I roll on my back. 


About a year and a half ago I was found as stray and a lady who worked at a nursing home adopted me and that is where I lived until she left her job. After she was gone, I became overprotective of one of the patients so I ended up back at the doggie shelter.


I hope to find my forever home where I can just hang out and be the easy going loving guy I am.

Barney has a fabulous new home, living in Mukilteo, WA

(Adopted Jan.15/10)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 3 years old
10 lbs

Hi everyone! My name is Holly, probably because I was taken into rescue during the ďholly-dayĒ season.  Hah, hah!!! I think Iím a comedian.

Iíll make you laugh in other ways, too, like when I nearly wag my tail off when I see you and roll over for a belly rub whenever you reach down to pet me.

Then Iím going to show you my mysterious side. For example, why do I rub against your leg at times as if I were a cat? Then you can wonder some more when I get up on the back of the couch (I hope thatís OK with you), which is one of my favorite spots, and youíll notice that my eyes follow you everywhere. Youíll wonder if I was Sherlock Holmesí dog in a previous life and Iím not going to tell you the answer to that!!! Youíll have to figure it out for yourself.

What I can tell you is, I am housetrained. Foster Mom raves that Iíve not had one single accident. Iím pretty proud of myself on that account.

Last, but not least, I am very brave.  You see when the vet saw me after I moved into the rescue home, I had some very serious dental problems. I had 8 teeth extracted at the same time as I was spayed. Iím not feeling quite up to par yet but Iím trying very hard to do the right thing by eating soft food until the stitches come out and Iím healed up properly. I heard my foster mom quietly say my damaged teeth were the result of abuse but Iím trying to forget that. Iíd rather forget the past and look forward to a wonderfully loving new home with someone who laughs at me and with me.

How about it?  May I come sit on your couch so we can laugh together? Life would be better with laughter AND ME, donít you think? 

Holly is living the grand live in Port Orchard, WA with her two new sisters who she adores, Molly and Maggie

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