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(Adopted Feb.24/04)
App. 3 years old
16 lbs
*April 26/12 Duggie left his loving home to wait at the bridge for his wonderful Dad, he suffered a stroke, his Dad loved him so much*

The Shih Tzu with 9 lives...Duggie was found as a puppy almost dead on the side of the road, he was picked up and his life was spared.  He lived with a family for his short years, and a couple of months ago, he was attacked by a Rottweiller, his eye has been reattached, and he lost 6 teeth.  This precious boy has been with me for a few weeks now, with horrible kennel cough, so had not been able to neuter and shots week he will go in,(Feb 3-6/04) he is almost 100 %...when my vet examined him, his left eye, is blind, and bulging, after talking over his options, it is best to remove his eye, now, he needs daily meds, as it is dry and irritates him, in the future he may get glaucoma, so have decided it is best to remove the eye,  and relieve him of any future discomfort...
With his eye removed, this is what he will look like

The beauty of a Shih Tzu, is still there, to me even more so, since I know all what this baby has endured in his short life.  I adore this dog, he is loving, happy, playful, likes other dogs, men and women he is equally fond of, but no children, I was told he got "irritated" with them after his dog attack, that may have been simply because he was not feeling well, since this boy is a charmer...he loves to sleep cuddled in your arms, loves to paw you for affection, and I think he is fabulous...and now he deserves a home that will always protect him....

This baby had his surgery Feb. 5/04, he had a couple of rough days, with his eye removal and neutering, but he is starting to feel better..his poor eye, so bruised and swollen....he will be ready for a new home around the 20th..
Duggie has a really great new Dad, and ST brother to romp with, thank you Jay for giving this very special boy such a great home, residing in Oak Harbor, WA


(Adopted Mar. 6/04)
Sheldon (nka Sir Winston)
Male/neutered/shots current
2l "CHUBBY lbs"
App. 8-9 years old

*with deep sorrow, Winston passed to the bridge in 09, giving his parents 5 wonderful years*

Have you ever wanted a friend that will listen to your stories, and will agree with you, well I will do that, I will listen, but you have to let me interject my thoughts, I will talk back to you, and give you hours of amusement, I can be talkative, or I can listen, your choice, just tell me what is best...I am a chubby boy, who needs a diet, and would like to be taken for walks, to get rid of my large midriff...I will happily be by you, enjoy your company, and be your best friend, I am funny, happy and loving...I am a kick...
Sheldon has a short haircut on his head as he had two warts removed...this is a nice boy..
Winston has great new parents that just adore this boy, residing in Vancouver, B. C. Canada

The Langley Rescue 

The crowds cheered, as some of these babies walked the ring, show dogs, champions, gorgeous long flowing coats...than disaster happened, our person died from Cancer, there were many of us, some living the life as pets, some as show dogs, Regis, Leo  and Roseanna all pranced  around the circuit, beautiful and stunning, Winston was imported from England, all proud and gorgeous dogs, who now lived in a pen of mud, with the cold rain pouring down on them, isolated and forgotten, and these are the lucky ones...


 Leo (nka Charlie)


 (Adopted Mar.18/04)

14 lbs & 13 lbs
Regis went to live with another darling Shih Tzu Maggie, residing happily in Seattle, WA
Leo has a new brother, Wilson, residing happily in Oregon
*sadly Charlie passed to the bridge in 2013*
*Regis passed to the bridge in 2015*

(These girls were adopted Mar. 13/04)
Victoria & Rosanna
15 lbs & 10 lbs
*Rosie was attacked by coyotes in June/07, she lost her life..I cannot stress strong enough, if you live in the country, you owe it to your companions to protect them, and never leave them outside alone, when the dangers of wild animals exist...for this she lost her life too soon.*

Victoria (Tori) has two fabulous Mothers, who dote on her terribly:-) residing in Seattle, WA

* Victoria (Tori) sadly passed away in the Spring of 08"

Rosie has a great new brother, Cooper, and a wonderful Mom, residing in Pacific, WA

(Adopted Mar. 13/04)
*Sweet lil boy passed to the bridge April 12/2018*
6 lbs
4 months old
Shaunessy is a very very lucky puppy, he has two new brothers Sully & Indy, and one of the greatest Mom's a doggie could ever want...thank you Wendy, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Mar. 30/04)
19 lbs

  I have learned a lot about Winston in the couple of weeks he has been with me, he is a fabulous dog, kind, loving, endearing, has started to play with my Lhasa girl, tossing toys, and he has a heart of gold, and he loves to share it with me, by cuddling in my arms, following me everywhere, and he is just a great boy...he took time to get to know, he was very reserved, and he may be reserved with some strangers, but once he opens up, you will find one of the most devoted friends...
One of the things I have discovered, is when he is outside of my home, other dogs frighten him, he will try to hide from them, yet with dogs in the house, and strange dogs coming in all the time, he doesn't care, just when outside of the protection of my home..Winston is a very very special boy, who has got my heart wrapped in his paw forever...

All of the babies are doing really well, all have been altered, shots, chipping, cleaned, wormed, and all needed dental...Winston and Victoria, each have one dry eye, and in just a couple of days their eyes looked fantastic, this medication is tacrolimus, and the cost is about $35 month...both will need this for life...they must have endured an early eye injury...
Regis and Leo are both outgoing boys, along with the two girls, Victoria is a bit more reserved than Rosie, and Winston, is just starting to remember what life as a Shih Tzu is like....Shaunessy is quiet for a puppy, and in time he will start acting like a silly boy. 
Winston has a new home, with a great Dad, it broke my heart to adopt Winston, he had wrapped his paws so tightly in my heart, the one, that we thought would be difficult on first meeting, became the most endearing...I miss him...happily residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada




(Adopted April 26/04)
Males/neutered/shots current
13 & 11 lbs
8 months old

We are brothers, and together we shall stay, Chip is a Shih Tzu, and Piper is a Shih Tzu/poodle...we both have the same birthday, July 20/03, our family could not care for us, so with the help of some great people, our transport from Owen Sound, Ontario, to Grassie Ontario, and with the help of the President of the Canadian ST club, we got on an airplane and flew to Abbotsford, B.C. and finally to WA...we are the most adorable pair, Chip is a bit more reserved, but he is the lover, Piper wants to be the lover, but he has too many things he has to do, he cuddles with you, but off he must go, and explore the world as all puppies need to do...both are wonderful furbabies, who just need to find that perfect home, to cherish, love and enjoy them...they are great babies...a finer pair you will not find...Piper loves to give Chip kisses, and wash his ears, and you will find at the end of the day, both cuddled together and Piper will have his head laying on Chip, bonded very closely together....this dogs will only be adopted together...
PS...Chip does not photograph well, he is so much more beautiful in person...
Both boys came through their neutering just fine, the vet removed Chip back dewclaws, as he had double dewclaws, and they would be a constant source of problems...he little feet are bandaged up, but he is being a good sport...
These boys now reside in Kirkland, WA with a warm wonderful couple...who will dote on them:-)



(Adopted Apr.17/04)

*Darling Dusty passed to the bridge July 3/2013, his Mommy and Tiffy miss him so much*

Dustin wants to know the answer,  you bought me as a cute adorable puppy, and than you got tired of me, so you decided to take me to the shelter, but on the way, someone said "oh he is cute, I want him" you handed me over, you did not care who took me, you did not take their name, you gave me away, without a backward did not care what happened to me, that boy you promised to look above, I know who you are, I remember, not once in a year, was I groomed, or cared for, I was found in an abandoned house, in such horrible condition, my fur stank so bad, my nails curled into my pads, I could not see through my fur..I was suffering so horribly, that when animal control found me, they thought I was an old dog...I am less than 3 years old....I am a baby...thankfully the people knew a place for me to go..I am safe now, I looked at my foster Mom, as I was hiding in a corner, ashamed of the way I looked, my skin on fire, my ears burning, hungry, and foster Mom whisked me away, shaved my fur off, three power washing, and medicated baths...cleaned my ears, cut my nails that were curled into my pads, and soothed my itching skin...I feel so much better now....why did you let this happen? I know your name, I hope your dreams are filled with pain, the pain I had to withstand from the neglect you allowed to happen...

Dustin is as will be three in May...he is neutered, shots are current...he does have a tendency to allergies, and will need a good diet, he is a nice boy, who has been through hell in the last year...his coloring is liver and white, and does not have the black rim around the eyes, or the black nose..which is normal for a ST of this coloring...he weighs 13 lbs...
Dustin had endured one of the worst cases of kennel cough, so sick for a few he is adored by a very special woman, and her other adorable lil Shih girl, in Woodinville, WA

(Adopted April 24/04)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 6 years old
19 "very chubby lbs"

Lacey was said to be a stray, sorry I don't believe that piece of information, Lacey has no desire to stray anywhere.  When she first arrived, I felt she was very depressed, and not used to living in a multi dog home, but as the days progressed, I have found a sweet and loving girl who loves her food.  She is totally housetrained, and would greatly benefit from some exercise and restricted diet, as she needs to lose a couple of pounds.  She is a nice girl just aching for a nice forever home. She has no problems with other dogs, and can be seen with another furbaby cuddled next to her.  Lacey does have dry eye, and will need daily meds for this.  Lacey got a wonderful new Mom and Dad, who can devote all their time to this spirited girl, residing in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

(Adopted April 27/04)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 9 years old
15 lbs

Nugget lost her home, due to her elderly Mom not able to care for her.....she is a sweet girl, who follows you around, and sits pretty for attention.  When she first came to live in my foster care, she was not used to a multi dog household, and had a day of adjustment, she likes most other dogs, and will even engage in play, but she will "absolutely" stand up for herself, if another dog gets nasty with her...Nugget does have dry eye, and will need meds everyday for this, she is a nice girl, just wanting her forever home, and not lose it again.  Nugget just had dental done, she actually has yellow teeth, which is caused from either her Mom, while she was in uterus, was given tetracycline, or while she was a puppy and her teeth were forming she was on this, we will never know the right answer to this.  She also had a fatty cyst removed from her side.  Nugget has a nice older couple to dote on her once again, adored and residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted April 13/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
19 "chubby lbs"

Heck no, I am not grumpy, I just have that kind of face when you take my picture.  To know Simon is to love him, he is a very kind hearted, sweet fellow, he just loves his person, he likes to play with toys, and you had better spell out CAR or CARRIDE or he will be ecstatic...this is one special and nice boy.  Simon does have dry eye, which he needs daily medication for, and a tendency for food allergies, so must be on a good diet.  Simon now has a doting Mom, extended family of two legged brother and sister, spoiled rotten in Eastsound, WA

(Adopted Apr.17/04)
(readopted Oct./04)
Reika (nka Kaluah)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 10 months old
12 lbs

"I am Woman Hear me Roar"

Reika is a very beautiful little girl,  with a big personality, she knows what she wants and goes for it.  She is a lovebug, loves to give kisses, loves to be held, and will jump all over you in glee, is housetrained, loves car rides and does well on a leash.  She is good with other dogs, and would love a playmate, but she is stand up girl, so the other dog better be her match.  She needs a home where she can walk into your heart, but not all over you, she needs to be shown who the "boss" is.  She is very good at listening to you when you set the limits.  She will do best with either an experienced dog owner, or someone willing to so some training.  She is a tiny bundle of vim and vigor...she now has a wonderful new home, in Oregon

(Adopted May 8/04)
Shih Tzu/Terrier X
Female Spayed/shots current
9 months old
12 lbs

They said they had no time for me, said I wasn't housetrained, but admitted they didn't try hard...sorry we don't housetrain ourselves we need story has been heard by rescue, too many times, research the breed, find out what we need, stop buying the cute puppy, and know what to expect....
Wickett has proved herself to be a darling girl, she gets along with the foster Moms other dogs, and likes older children... remember she is a Shih she commands the respect and the knowledge that this breed needs...she is a good girl, and working on housetraining, so far she has been doing well...she will be a delightful companion. Foster Mom, says she is a very sweet girl, doing absolutely fantastic, and her housetraining is almost complete, a joy to take care of.  Wickett is now happily living with a great family and new doggie friend in Seattle, WA

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