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(Adopted May 6/10)
Shih Tzu/Maltese
Male/neutered/shots current
18 months old
13 lbs


Hi everyone, 

I just won the Most Honest Dog of the Year Award. Keep reading and I'll tell you exactly why I won the award. 

Not every dog will admit that he has "issues" but I'm being totally open and honest. So here goes:

Most likely I will hide from a new owner for two weeks or so before I get brave enough to come out from hiding.  I have been known to be a crazy, happy puppy once I get over that hurdle.  When I did come out for my foster mom, I showed her that I play hard and I collect anything I can grab and pile it up in a special spot. Toys, socks, garden gloves, etc. I never know when one of those things might come in handy so I collect anything and everything. You'll need to teach me which items are designated doggy toys and put other things out of my reach but that's no different from any other puppy. 

I can be a cuddlier after I run out of energy. Just remember what Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, says "Exercise, discipline and affection" and in that order. Tire me out with walks and playing, show me the ropes (discipline) and then I'll give and take affection. 

I do bark a lot and someone tried a bark collar on me. That isn't the solution. There are other methods to try that aren't harmful and yet still effective. I do bark at visitors because no one has trained me otherwise. I could go into hiding with visitors, too.  Let's face it, I have a trust issue with humans but I'm not hopeless. 

I sleep in a kennel at night with no problems. You'll want to take advantage of the fact that I'm happy in a kennel at night because otherwise I sleep walk. My foster mom says I just wander all night but it's sleep walking.  *wink* 

I use a doggy door - that's a good thing in my favor, isn't it? 

AND - I need to have at least one other small dog in the home to help me learn proper behavior. 

So here's what I think. I came from an animal shelter and no one every really decided to put me first. I think if you have a lot of patience that I can be an incredible little pal. I think that perhaps WE need to enroll in puppy kindergarten and start from scratch. That will help me build my doggy self-confidence so I'm not so afraid of things. I hate to admit it but since I won the Honesty Award, I must admit that Puppy Kindergarten will teach me who's really in charge and that should be You.  Oooh, that pains me to admit that but since I'm honest......*sigh* 

Will you be my prize for being so honest? Will you work with me, love me, have endless patience, and take me to Puppy Kindergarten and then dog obedience school? Perhaps you'll receive the next award as the Most Patient Adopter of the Year. 

This precious lil boy is now happily residing in a great home, in Edmonds, WA 


(Adopted May 23/10)
Tonka (nka Tommie)
Shih Tzu/Yorkie
Male/neutered/shots current
7 lbs
11 months old

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk - Can you believe that Trace Adkins just called me and said he didn't write that song about me? He said I need to call the Tonka Toy Truck company if I want to find my name sake. Me? A little 6-7 pound dog named after a truck????

Would you also believe that somewhere along the line a Yorkie got mixed up with a Shih Tzu and I am the result. AHAH!!!!! That's where I got the idea that Honky Tonk Badonkadonk was part of my heritage.

OK - in all seriousness let me tell you about myself. I am a busy, busy little guy. And remember that  I am still a puppy so I'll continue to be a busy little rascal for a while yet. I LOVE to play, play, play and then play some more. So unless you have endless hours to do nothing but play with me, it would probably be best if there was another small dog in the home so I had a playmate full time. If I'm busy playing, I'm less likely to get into puppy trouble. Find me some really good chewy items and that will keep me occupied after I'm tired of running marathons. I love being outside with a human to watch over me so I'm safe.

In my foster home I am put into a kennel at night and when the humans have to leave. I don't like it very well so I'm hoping my forever human might consider letting me eventually sleep with them but I understand that I have to earn that right first by proving I'm housebroken. I'll need a little refresher course and instruction on what my new human wants me to do. You know how to do that, don't you? If not, talk to the people at Furbaby Rescue. They'll help you know what to do. I'd also like to have the chance go for rides with my human instead of staying locked up in a kennel at home. Would you consider buying me a doggie seat belt or a little travel kennel for the car and take me with you?

I'm a wild and crazy little boy but I have a lot of potential for the right person. Just not Trace Adkins, I guess. Oh well......his loss.

Super home, in memory of
Caleb & Hannah, residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted May 25/10)
Opie (nka Archie)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 months old
9 lbs

Opie........Opie.....dinner's ready!!!

Boy, let me tell you the food here isn't too bad at all. The toys and chews are plentiful and I have a nice crate that I sleep in at night. Ah sometimes that is, Foster Mom let me sleep with her a couple of times, cause I am so cute, and good. But I'm baffled by this funny thing that the people are calling a TV. It has pictures on it that move and with sound. There's one show that just tickles my fancy. Andy of Mayberry. There's a little boy named Opie, just like my name,  who lives in this town called Mayberry! He even looks a little like me and he has a daddy named Andy. That's why the show is called Andy of Mayberry. Clever, huh? Opie has an Aunt Bee who takes care of the family. I'm not sure where the mommy went. And then there's Barney Fife! What a character! I've been watching that show and I think that's the kind of forever home I'd like to have. Cozy, friendly, loving, good food, toys, but I think a mommy might be nice. Definitely want a Daddy though, I just wuv my foster Dad. If there's someone a little bit goofy, like Barney, that could make life interesting. 

How about sending in an application to adopt me ? I can overlook it if your names aren't Andy, Aunt Bee or Barney but I like those qualities and you'll like my qualities. You just have to remember that at 6 months old I still have a lot of puppy tendencies but boy can we have fun growing up together. 


Gotta go now, dinner's ready! I'll be checking the mailbox and e-mails for your application.

Great couple for this outgoing lil boy, now residing in Coquitlam, B.C. Canada 

(Adopted May 26/10)

Read his story

Jamie got a fantastic home, now residing in Ellensburg, WA and in memory of Ginny & Cinders, 

(Adopted June 7/10)
Dolly (nka Sally)
Female/spayed/shots current
10 months old
15 lbs

My Mommy went to Heaven and left me, but I was lucky and went to live in a great foster home with Furbaby Rescue.  I was so blessed to have a mommy that loved me so much that she made sure I had everything I needed. I hope I can find mommy, or daddy, or both, as good as she was. 

I am sweet, loving and adorable.  I love to snuggle deep in your arms and please excuse that occasional very unladylike snore. 

One of my favorite past times is rooting around in the toy box. I like to take inventory of my toys so I'll spread them around so they're easier to count.  I am not good at picking up after myself but I promise you we can become a really good team when it comes to toy counting and being neat and tidy. I'll spread the toys out and you pick them up, I spread them out, you pick them up. How's that for team work? 

Mom didn't spend a lot of time with housetraining, so I still have accidents, but I am just a baby. I simply need someone who cares enough to be consistent in training and I will learn.  I will make you proud of me!

My best friend here, is a silly doxie boy, so I don't have a real preference on breeds. I just know that a nice little friendly dog to help me count toys would be really nice. 

If you think you fit the bill, please don't hesitate to apply because I am just waiting for a new forever home.  I might write silly stories like up above but there's a big old lonely spot in my heart that needs to be filled with just the right forever person(s). 

Dolly has a wonderful new home, great parents, and sweet lil new doggie boyfriend, residing in Bellevue, WA
(Sally with her new boyfriend)


(Adopted June 18/10)
Spunky & Sturgis
Males/neutered/shots current
5 years old (will be 5 end of June)
19 & 20 lbs

Your Dreams Are About to Come True 


If you're the person who has always wanted a dog or two but you just couldn't see yourself dealing with all the puppy things like house training, chewing on slippers, barking, etc., your dream is about to come true with Sturgis and Spunky. They've got all the right things going for them. EVERYTHING! They are the absolute best behaved dogs that have come to this rescue in a very long time. 


These two boys will enter your life and you'll wonder how you ever enjoyed life without them. They love to be in your lap so be prepared. Spunky is the real lover of the two and will allow you to hold him like a baby while he leans his whole body and head into you. Sturgis can be the same way but he's just a little bit more sensitive and wants to check you out first.  They'll follow you everywhere without being a nuisance. Even if you get up in the middle of the night, one or both will follow you just to be sure you're OK. Speaking of the night, they are as quiet as church mice at night. You couldn't ask for better behavior. 

Sturgis and Spunky would love to walk with you. In fact you can see the joy on their faces when you reach for the leash. And riding in a car - oh my goodness, they are very good at that but a crate or a seat belted harness will be a must so they don't try and cuddle up with you while you're behind the wheel. We want you AND "the boys" to be totally safe in the vehicle. If you just must do something like vacuum the house, they boys will stay quietly at a distance with no issues. They'll play together if you have other things you must do. They even wash each other which shows you how bonded they are and why they MUST be adopted together. 

So what's the one thing that neighbors complain about most when there are dogs in the area? Yup, the barking!!!! These two dogs, if they happen to bark, will immediately be quiet if you simply say "BAD DOG".  Oh how we wish that worked on every dog that comes into our lives. 

You may never find two other dogs who will love you so totally and make it easy for you to love them. They are at the prime of their lives and have so much to offer to someone. 

These fabulous boys are residing happily in Langley, B.C. Canada

(Adopted June 28/10)
Clemy (nka Ming Shu)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
15 lbs

Watch Clemy's video

Oh my darling, oh my darling

Oh my darling, Clemy-tine 

Oops, the wrong song. Drat!  

Now I have to resort plain old words. Sheeesshhhh!!! That's no fun. HOWEVER, if I had my own human we could have some fun running and playing and going for walks. A really nice purple leash would be awesome but I'll be happy with any color except pink because I am definitely a very good BOY dog. No pink for boys!

When you adopt me you get the whole package - loving, cuddling, super soft fur to pet but I don't purr. I'm no cat. I wasn't sure what cats were prior to my foster home so I barked at those funny little creatures and thought maybe they'd play with me but no-o-o-o - they had to prove who was boss and it wasn't me. Now I know that when my foster Mom says "NO KITTY" that it's for my own good and I leave them alone. 

I have only a couple of requests if you want to adopt me. First, I'd prefer a higher quality dog food so I don't develop health issues and you save money on vet bills in the long run. I'm not picky when it comes to food so you'll need to be strong and not toss me human food treats. Second, just until I know the rules since I am definitely a guy, you probably should use a belly band just for the first few days until I'm positive where and when you want me to go outside. It's just a precaution so we start out really loving each other and don't have any misunderstandings the first few days. Third, would you consider letting me sleep on the bed with you? I take up so little space and if you ever slept with a teddy bear as a child, you know you sleep better with a fuzzy little something close by. That "fuzzy little something" could be ME - a darling Clemy-tine.

This adorable boy now has a very doting Mom, and happily residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted July 1/10)
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
14 lbs

Please watch my video, grab a kleenex:-)

Pick me, please, pick me!! 

I'm told I'm pretty cute but if I'm not in your opinion,  I'll put a sack over my head so you don't have to look at me while you learn about all of my great characteristics. Then after you realize what a GREAT dog I am, I'll remove the sack and I'll bet everything will be just fine. 

My foster family says that they have never had a more affectionate dog in their home than me.  However, they have another dog in the house who is either jealous of me or has some problem about me being there so I REALLY need to find someone to adore me and take me home SOON! They also said that they believe once I'm adopted into the right home, that I'll be one of the most devoted dogs that anyone could ever have.

I go on walks every day and behave very nicely. I'm basically just a happy go lucky girl who just wants a chance at life. I started out in a puppy mill, caged every day, so everyone is pretty amazed at how well I've adjusted. I think I even surprised myself. Now if I could just get away from that dog that is jealous of me, I could continue to relax and enjoy life......preferably with YOU!

My foster mom and a few others are recommending that I have the privilege of being the only dog in the home. That's pretty special treatment and I so deserve it by now. 

Any chance you could fall in love with me and take me home before Independence Day so I could celebrate my freedom with you on that day? Of course, remember, ALL pets should be protected from the noise of fireworks on that day so we should probably celebrate indoors. 

What do you think???? Do I need to go get a sack? 

Are you THE ANGEL that Dakota needs? 

A special angel is looking over Dakota, Sophie Ahn of Seattle, donated to help this precious girl...thank you Sophie

Happily residing in Federal Way, WA

(Adopted July 7/10)
Male/neutered/shots current
18-24 months old
18 lbs

Scuttlebutt Tuttle

Scuttlebutt Tuttle.....  Tsk, tsk, tsk  -  I know exactly how you were going to finish that phrase so it would rhyme.  Not so, not with this doggy.  I may look like a Mac truck but I have it on good authority that I'm actually a bit on the thin side. Someone mumbled that they could feel my ribs and I could stand another pound or two. Hmmm, wonder if they were just jealous of my great physique, and happy attitude or if that's really true. I can be very reserved at times, too, but that's just because I'm pondering life, wondering where my true forever home will be and being reserved could mean I'm just doing my meditations at that moment. Being reserved at times isn't all bad. And I won't hound you (pardon the pun with the "hound") for attention but I'll certainly take that tummy rub if you offer it. I like both genders so my forever person(s) just needs to have lots of love and time for me. Oh, I would request permission to  be up on your couch and putting a blankie there is fine by me. I know you need to protect your furniture but I'm a "on top of it" sort of guy. 

I do need a wee bit of fine tuning with the house breaking. I was a stray for awhile and add to that my young age and mistakes will happen but the really good news is those mistakes have been few in my foster home. Reward me with a treat, and I'll do just about anything for you....short of cooking dinner and washing windows. 

So the scuttlebutt here at Furbaby Rescue is that I'm a prime candidate for my forever home. Interested? (if so, I may just cover you with kisses, and wag my tail off)

Tuttle has a great new home, new doggie sister, residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted July 25/10)
Phoenix (nka Phoebe)
Female/spayed/shots current
11 months old (will be a year Aug.6)
7 lbs


My daddy went to sea and my mommy was overwhelmed with two small children, one a newborn, so I'm trying to be brave while Furbaby Rescue finds me the perfect home. Thank goodness I got to come here because I hear that Furbaby Rescue really checks people out so that can't happen to me again. 

Besides being absolutely adorable, I'm a tiny little girl and I'm almost one year old. So I must remind you that I'm basically still a puppy. One year old isn't the magic mark for getting over puppy traits but I'm so worth the effort. I love everyone so far even if my heart did break when I lost my home but you know, Dad had to go do his patriotic duty so what can I really say? 

I'm so small that it wouldn't be a big deal to take me everywhere with you and I'd love that. I promise you that people will look at me and squeal "Ohhhhh - she's so cute."  Can you handle that? 

Please apply for me but only if you can promise that I will never lose my home ever again. 

This special girl has a fabulous new home, great parents, and a older sister ST named Megan, happily residing in Seattle, WA

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