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(Adopted Feb.29/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
14 lbs

Callie went to a wonderful new home, and was not in rescue very long...she is now residing happily in Bellevue, WA

(Adopted March 2/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
13 lbs

I got dumped in a shelter but my tail still wags! 
I meet other dogs and my tail wags! 
Cuddle with me and my tail wags! 
Give me a toy and my tail will wag! 
I'm housebroken which will make YOUR tail wag! 
If I can be with you everywhere my tail will wag! 

Play with me and you'll think I'm laughing and smiling at you! Truly~! Just look at my photos~! 

Everything else is just a glowing report about me, too. My fur is so soft that it's better than angora or mink. Speaking of mink, I'm all black with not so much as one speck of white. 

Oops - I nearly forgot and my foster mom said I have to be 100% truthful so your tail will continue to wag like mine. I am just a bit possessive with my chews. I guess she doesn't get it that maybe I haven't had a whole lot of them and/or they were taken away from me but I'll learn to not do that, I promise! There's also a hint of timidness when someone approaches me. As an example, I'll flatten down when someone comes to pick me up. Someone wasn't very nice to me at some point but GUESS WHAT?!?! My tail's still wagging so I can get over it and I know it feels pretty darn good to cuddle so I'm very willing to give a new owner a fresh start and forget about the past in short order. 

I'm all up to date on my veterinarian care including dental. I lost 10 teeth. *sigh* Can you believe that at my young age? Some people just don't understand about the right foods and things to give a dog. But my foster mom, who is the greatest, can tell you all about what needs to be done to protect the rest of my teeth if you don't already know. 

Ohhhh! The most important thing of all - you don't have to have a tail to adopt me. I don't need to see a tail wagging on my human. Just look at me with love in your eyes, hold me gently, let me be with you and I'll know that IF you had a tail it would wag so hard that you'd sweep us both off our feet. Besides, I got enough tail wagging in me for the both of us. Now how about clicking the link and ask to meet me so my tail can wag some more? 

Ben has wonderful parents, and in memory of Billy residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted March 24/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years "young"
20 lbs

Hi everyone, 

My name is KOKO. No, I'm not a radio or TV station! I'm Koko, the very sweet Shih Tzu.  Reportedly I am a delight to have in the home just like some of the radio stations with that nice soothing music are nice to have playing in your home. I'm not into the rap, hip hip and noisy stuff and I don't behave that way either. I get along with all of the foster dogs so I'm pretty sure I could get along quite well in your home if you have other dogs. I love going for walks and car rides. I even like to have my own booster seat in the car and if there's a large sided crate in your home, I'd really enjoy that. Did you notice how I worked that word "large" into this write up? That's my discreet way of letting you know I'm a bit larger than the average Shih Tzu. I mean I'm not obese.....just larger than the average bear...I mean dog of my breed. 

I just got groomed so I could look my best for you. The groomer raved about me and how well I behaved except for when it came to my feet. I wanted to tell her my feet are ticklish. I'll bet I couldn't mess with her feet either without her getting jumpy! 

I'll eat without being fussy and I love good treats. Who doesn't? I do have some allergic skin issues but again, that's always easily remedied with the right kind of diet. My foster mom or the rescue lady can help you understand all about the right allergy free foods and it's never that much more expensive. In fact, it's often cheaper than buying every different kind of junk food. 

Please give me a second thought as you look around through the dogs. I'm a little bigger but that's just a bit more to love and a bit more love for me to give back to you. 


KoKo is happily residing with his new Mom, in Seattle, WA and in memory of Pepper and Corky

(Adopted March 30/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
8 years old
13 lbs

Wonderful, bouncing, spinning in circles- Betty.  How much you are loved.

We do not know much about your past but we suspect you must have been dearly loved and treated well because you are such a kind dog and learned to trust your foster mom and family very quickly.

We do know that you ended up in a shelter during the summer of 2010, were adopted by a woman who took you to the vet for the works including an extensive dental with extractions.  We know that this woman passed away from breast cancer and you were staying with someone temporarily.

You had some eye issues which we have been treating and they have been responding well to the medication so we are hopeful that you will soon be on a  simple maintenance program to supplement tear production.  You had some ulcers and we worked on getting those healed up before you were taken in for a dental.

Since you had had a dental less than two years ago it should have been a pretty simple procedure and on one side of your mouth, it was.  Tartar and one tooth needed extracting. 

When the veterinary staff started in on your other side they were shocked and horrified to see a broken jaw lined with broken teeth.  Jaws can break with severe periodontal disease but teeth donít shave off like that.  We suspect that someone either kicked you in the face or hit you with something hard.  You definitely experienced an abusive trauma.  We donít know when this happened or how.

What is so surprising is that with all of this going on in your little mouth you never let on you were in pain.  As often happens with broken teeth your gums were severely infected with disease and now your blood panel makes sense to us.

You are lying in the hospital hooked up to an IV for fluid intake and medication administration.  You are too nauseous to be able to hold anything down to help you with your pain or infections.  You are being given injections when possible.  We hope you donít lose too much weight during this time because you are already a petite little girl.

The veterinary staff  love you just as much as they did when they first met you.  They are impressed with your joy and sweetness.  You are not the first dog they have seen in pain and misery who never let on.  They see that a lot.  They never cease to marvel at the stoicism of so many dogs.

Your foster mom misses you and canít wait for you to come home but she wants you to take advantage of medical help and palliative care so you will come home and once again be bouncing and spinning around in circles. 

Get well, Betty!

Betty has sweet and kind new parents, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted April 21/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
12 lbs

Marley jumped into my arms and cuddled with me in our first few moments together .  He is an absolutely sweet and adorable little angel.  He is a young fellow but has a very congenial demeanor and relatively calm and quiet energy level. 

Heís submissive towards other dogs who try to bully him as he isnít looking for trouble and just wants to get along with everyone.  He loves the cats (in a friendly way).  He is welcoming when children, teens, and adults come to the door and wander through the house.

He is a wonderful companion, loves to travel in the car, and  thinks walks are great fun. 

Marley is pretty much how you would think he is.  Look at that sweet face.  It melts your heart. 

Thatís our Marley.  Heís an unusually wonderful little dog with no issues to contend with.

Marley has a fantastic new home, now residing in New Westminister, B.C. Canada

(Adopted May 6/12)
Betty and Butch (nka Molly and Mikey)
Female & Male/both altered/shots current
App. 3 years old
14 & 16 lbs

Sometimes dogs are far cuter than any story that could be written about them and this is one of those situations. So if you can tear your eyes away from the photos of this very cute duo long enough to read about them, we will share their history. 

 Because these two dogs have been together their entire lives, they must be adopted together .  Being together helps them adjust to a new home with total ease . They even love to be crated together when they go for car rides and do well crated at night together. As always, we strongly recommend being crated during car rides for safety reasons. Betty and Butch love to play together and are excited about everything in life so they would love to be part of a happy household. They will do fine with either men, women or both and older children.

The ONLY requirement in their new humans is that the humans understand that a routine must be established and followed. As an example, when Betty and Butch arrive in their new home you must show them how you want them to go outside to "do their business". Don't expect them to know it with just one or two tries. Consistency, brings perfection. A good diet is necessary so their weight can  be where it should be for good health. Butch and Betty are at the age when they really turn the corner into being more adult than puppy, too, which is great when the adult part is in the behavior and the puppy part remains in the playing. 

If you want to meet this adorable duo, take time to click on the link, complete an application and make the "meet and greet" appointment. Their foster mom can share even more information about Butch and Betty or Betty and Butch, whichever you prefer. 

These babies have such an awesome home, now happily residing in Pasco, WA with a new Mom and Dad and older lil sister Gidget

(Adopted June 14/12)
Katie and Kodee
Female and Male/altered/shots
10 lbs
6 & 7 years old

If you love Shih Tzu then there isnít anything cuter than a pair of sweet little bright eyed puppies darting in and around your legs.

-Unless they are adults which look and ACT like puppies in some ways but are very adult in other ways.

Katie and Kodee are not related but are a tightly bonded pair which will bring great joy and life to your home.  Name anything you love about a Shih Tzu and chances are this pair has it all.  They are easy.  They travel well, they mind you, they follow you, they entertain themselves, they babysit one another so are great dogs for folks who work away from home.  They are not barky or annoying.

Katie is the dominant one and she is the leader.  She is still very submissive, though.  Kodee is shy and uncertain so hangs back behind Katie. 

When we take them anyplace, Katie gets all of the attention.  She looks practically identical to Kodee (heís just a pound heavier) but Kodee gets ignored. 

We are looking for a home which will appreciate the sum of the two and the unique qualities of the individuals.  We donít want Kodee to be adopted on Katieís coat tails.  He needs someone to love and dote on him, too and heís very deserving of that kind of attention.

They are tiny, beautiful, well mannered, really fun, affectionate, and a joy.  They love walks, they love car rides, and they are open for anything.  And they come with a best friend and companion.  What more could any adopter want?

Residing happily together, with their new Mom and Dad in Kenmore, WA

(Adopted June 17/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
12 lbs

ďWhen did I fall in love with this little fellow?Ē  Probably just after his cherry eye surgery when he had to endure the Elizabethan collar and frequent eye drop application and did not like either.

This little fellow has blossomed and changed so much since first coming into his foster home. 

He came from a home where he was strangled by human hands.  This seems an unthinkable act but the human was suffering from Alzheimerís and didnít realize her actions were hurtful Ė we can only assume.

Scooter was fearful but stuck to his foster mom like Velcro and would not let her out of his sight.

Initially he chased the cats and growled at the other dogs but over time he got used to both and seemed much more sociable.  He insists on sleeping in bed with you.  He used to sleep right next to his foster momís head but now that heís developed more self confidence he is comfortable sleeping at the foot of the bed and in fact is very silly rolling and kicking in the covers.  He has started to play with toys, too!

He is in terrific health.  He developed the cherry eye out of the blue one day.  This is a common ailment of Shih Tzu and though he didnít come in with one, it appeared one day.  Itís a pretty simple procedure and he has a great ophthalmologist who slicked him right up!

Recently, he got stuck with farm duty.  At first he followed the tractor everywhere.  After three hours of this excellent exercise he figured out that maybe it would be okay to sit in the shade of a deep porch.  By the end of the week end he was going off exploring on his own.  He did not mind the horses or cows but a blue farm device became his bitter enemy and he would not stop barking at it until asked to do so.

Heís been doing a lot of car riding and where he used to have trouble with this and sometimes vomited, now he is happy to get into a vehicle (truck or car) and go for a ride.  Heís able to relax some during road trips though he does like to keep a vigilant awareness and experience the route. 

His foster mom calls him Scootie which is a common sign that he has endeared himself  - he has a silly nickname and he responds to it.  Heís funny, cuddable, and just a sweetheart of a little dog.

What a long way he has come in more ways than one.

Happily residing with awesome parents in Surrey, B.C. Canada

(Adopted June 29/12)
Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise (Shichon)
Female/spayed/shots current
18 months old
14 lbs

Hi everyone, 

I am going to be Chloe's spokesperson because she is very shy. Even more so, she was afraid that people would see her name, Chloe, and mistake her for one of the Kardashians. "Oh my, no!!",  I assured her. That could never happen because this Chloe, the Shichon, is too sweet and polite for being a Hollywood personality. "Besides,", I told Chloe, "the Kardashians misspelled their daughter's name (Khloe) so anyone who is loving enough to give you the new forever home would never mistake you for that person." 

All silliness aside, Chloe is being rehomed with many gallons of tears because her human dad had to relocate to Hawaii for career purposes. When Chloe's human mom found out that there was a 4 month isolation quarantine for a pet to enter Hawaii, she didn't have the heart to do that to Chloe. Four months of quarantine seems like eternity to a human even when they can understand the explanation why it needs to happen but we can't make our pets understand why they are put into quarantine for any amount of time. So choosing between relinquishing Chloe or four months "locked up", it seems a better choice to allow Chloe to find a new home and forever person. 

While Chloe is very shy, she is loving and wanting to cuddle next to her human and that's even been the case with the foster mom so we know she'll adjust in your home with patience and love. 

She loves tummy rubs. Her new home cannot have children or big dogs. Older small dogs or easy going young doggie, should work out fine. Chloe sleeps in her kennel at night for those people who don't care to share their bed with anything that has four legs or more.

With the years of experience with rehoming dogs, the foster mom thinks once Chloe is comfortable in a new home (probably1-2 weeks), a new owner should sign up for "shy dog class" It is not a class to teach sit, stay, is to help them with their shyness. (Foster mom can help you locate such a class). Just as some children are born very shy and others are born to talk your ear off, Chloe was just born shy. There's been no abuse and she's had the best of care so there aren't those issues to overcome which is great news. 

Chloe is a lap dog that will turn on the spunk to go chase balls with you in the yard at playtime. She'll sit politely at your feet while you eat and be off for a walk with you any time you wish. Once these shy dogs turn the corner, you'll be amazed at the transition and wonder if it's the same dog. I know. I have one who was the same and now I need to change her name to Miss Amazing because she's just that. 

How about taking time to contact the foster mom about Chloe and learn the remaining details about Chloe? 

Very caring and dedicated new parents residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted July 6/12)
Jo Jo
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
13 lbs

Hello! Hello-o-o-o-o!!!! Anyone out there who wants the impishness of a puppy but the maturity of a two year old? OK, so two years old isn't all that mature but they do say that two is the "magic" age when puppies start turning into adults. In my case, you probably should consider it adolescence because I'm like a few other puppies who just want to extend their puppyishness for another year or two. And it could be fun for both of us to play, play, play like kids and pups for a few years longer. But here's the deal, I was a puppy mill baby that went into a home very early on in life and then was sold again because they didn't have time for me. Now I could have been a real brat and become a pouter about that but with my bubbly personality, I chose not to be. Life dealt me another low blow but I survived that, too, and spent the last year with a wonderful lady who treated me so well. She made sure I was groomed every month and that I had appropriate vet visits. But recently she fell and broke her left arm and left ankle. Dang!!! At 78 years old she really had no choice but to let me find another home. I REALLY WANT AND NEED my FOREVER HOME. Forever meaning, never having to be rehomed ever again. Three times is enough and if I move in with you, I won't consider that a fourth move. I'll just call it my FINAL move to a forever home.

So enough of that sad chat. My attributes are I am busy, active and I like to know exactly what's going on at all times. I'll keep you informed of the neighborhood gossip if you want because I don't miss a thing and that's actually pretty good in case some thief starts snooping around the area. I really don't want to be left home alone for long hours, and my foster mom says she probably wouldn't approve that scenario. I really need someone around to play with me or walk with me. Of course, if you have to work, you could ask foster mom about using a doggy day care for me or perhaps you have another lil dog I can have fun with. I can't promise she'll approve that, but it's a possibility.  I've done my share of alone and changes. I deserve to be around my forever human as much as possible.

Oh yeah, one last thing. Everyone always he housetrained? Yup! I am!!! And I also have a note on my file about my sweet disposition.

Wanna meet me? Wanna play? Wanna teach me good grammar and that I should be writing "want to meet me" instead of "wanna", etc.  Yup, I have a sense of humor, too. I look forward to reading your application. I know you'll be perfect and my answer for never having to leave a home ever again.

This adorable boy has a great new Mom, residing in Sedro Woolley, WA

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