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(Adopted May 5/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
14 lbs

Iím young, Iím healthy, Iím cute as anything, Iím loveable, Iím easy going and love to go places, stay home, go on walks, go in the car, heck I even like going to the vet with the other dogs.  Iím healthy so I donít get to go there for myself but I come along for company.

My foster mom loves me to pieces and never forgets to pet me and kiss me good night.  I look forward to that.  Even with so many animals around she never forgets to tell me that I am loved and special.

I have great house manners, Iím fun, I love meeting new people and stand up so I can reach up as tall as I can to be near them.  Iím a terrific greeter.

We have a busy household with teen aged boys coming and going.  They are all very tall and have giant feet and are noisy but I still love when they come over.  They are all very respectful of me and they also give me pets.

My foster mom says that my great big eyes and adorable face just break her heart and she wishes so much that we could find a home for me. 

Is it possible that there is no dog lover out there who welcomes a loving and adoring best friend and companion?  Surely there is someone lonesome out there just like I am.

I am quiet except when people come to the door or are making noise upstairs.  I let my person know that there is a change going on.  I am protective and loving of my human but I donít like it when other dogs in the household approach my human IF they think my human is also theirs.  Itís hard to explain without making it sound as if I donít like other dogs.  I just want to be the only dog in the household.    I know that there is someone out there for me who has lost a dog and feels a hole in their life.  I can help fill that hole and that someone can fill my own void.

A wonderful and doting Mom, who adores this boy, in memory of Lucky, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted May 13/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
12 lbs
7 years old ?
2006 ?-Oct.24/2013

Wishbone came to our family on May 13th, 2013 and we fell in love with him instantly.  
He had the most wonderful personality and so loved to cuddle and play with his
favorite toy Lamb chop. We felt so lucky to have such a sweet boy in our family.
In mid August we noticed that he was drooling and took him to the vet to have
him checked out. Unfortunately after test, blood work and a biopsy we learned that Wishbone
had a cancerous tumor which had destroyed most of his jaw on the one side. After talking
to the vet about our options which weren't very good we decided to keep Wishbone comfortable
and give him lots of love for his remaining days.  If you had met Wishbone you would
understand that this wasn't hard to do.  

  On October 24th Wishbone passed and is now in doggie heaven.  We so miss our sweet boy every
day and know that we were so very lucky to have had him in our lives if only for five
months.  Love you Wishy.

No one knows my real name, but a kind lady at the vets, decided to name me Wishbone, and it has kind of stuck, but I am sure I will answer to any name eventually.
I am kind, sweet, loving, happy lil boy.  I spend my days either tossing toys, playing with doggie friends, or lounging next to my foster Mom.

I am just a doll, I do not cause any problems, I am easy going....oh and before I forget, I adore tummy rubs.  I go to the door when I have to potty.  I listen to you, when you talk to me, and sometimes I will answer back.  I am quiet for the most part (meaning I am not yappy) but I will let you know if someone is outside, or the noisy neighbor kids get too loud.

I am simply a kind and gentle boy, who would make a wonderful companion to almost anyone.  I love to take walks, and if I meet another dog, I just wag my tail, I greet everyone so nicely.

My foster Mom says whoever is lucky to adopt me, will be very lucky indeed, as she has been around 1000 of dogs in rescue, but when a true lil gem like me walks in the door, she says it isn't often, that a dog without baggage arrives...I had nothing to unpack and was ready for love.

Great family for this lucky lil boy, residing in Surrey, B.C.  Canada

(Adopted June 2/13)
Shih Tzu/Brussells Griffon
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
10 lbs

*sweet Emily has passed, first she survived cancer, and than was diagnosed with COPD, and lost the battle July 31/2016*

Emily is a 5 year old female Shih Tzu/Brussells Griffon.

She spent several years in a breeding facility and was recently taken in by the Humane Society in Everett.  Once she came into rescue, she was spayed, all shots, microchippped, dental etc.  

Despite her challenging beginning she has adapted extremely well to her new environment with her foster mommy in Kirkland WA. 

She is an amazing little girl.  She is very playful and does well with other dogs.  Emily loves attention and would gladly sit in your lap and receive attention all day if she could.  She has the personality of a puppy without all of the unfavourable characteristics (chewing furniture, pottying in the house, etc.).

Emily is well behaved and listens very well.

She hasn't demonstrated any issues other than some allergies to what we believe are fleas .  Her skin is getting better and better every week.

Emily is an amazing and adorable little dog that would be the perfect addition to anyone's household.  She is eager to find her new forever home.  

Wonderful home for this little girl, residing in Allyn, WA




(Adopted July 27/13)
Female/spayed/shots current
9 years old
12 lbs

How does one go about picking the perfect peaches?

Some start with appearance; color, fuzziness, size, shape.

Others go by feel; are they  warm, soft, friendly?

Ultimately, of course, itís about taste; are they sweet?


If  you are looking for the perfect size, shape, and color of a Shih Tzu and you want one which is super sweet; she is here at Furbaby Rescue.

Her name is Peaches and she is adorable.  She is a loving companion, enjoys walks, car rides, being with humans.  She gets along with other dogs just fine.  She is looking forward to a little less chaos in her forever home but has acclimated to a lot of ďcrazyĒ  in her foster home  and done an amazing job.

You wonít , of course, actually want to ďeatĒ this Peach[es] but you will want to kiss her and snuggle with her.


Peach has a wonderful home, residing in Beaverton, Oregon

(Adopted July 28/13)
Guthrie (aka Lucky)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old

You know how I would describe myself?  Fun-loving.  I love squeaky toys.  I love playing in the garden.  Running, rolling, going for walks, going on adventures, and hanging out are my favorite past times.

Unfortunately, I am not photogenic.  I am so cute in person that you canít believe it but my face doesnít catch the light just quite right, or something.  But, I am really cute!  Iím an absolute darling.

I love pretty much everyone.  I am quite social and enjoy meeting new people and dogs. 

I was abandoned because my owner thought I had an ear infection and she would not help me with that.  Then we found out that I had developed a growth in my ear canal.  Who knew?  Sure it hurt like the dickens but I wasnít about to burden anyone with that.  It was great to get that fixed up, though and I have a lot of kind and caring people to thank who donated so I could get this medical care.  I will be forever grateful to every one of them even though I wonít get the chance to meet most of them, if any.

I am a fantastic dog.

Ask yourself if you want an easy going, fun loving, housebroken dog, with excellent manners and enough love to fill an ocean and do you want a young and healthy one, at that?

ThenÖ.I am YOUR dog.


Guthrie is loved and spoiled residing in Monroe, WA

(Adopted Sept.1/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 months old
9 lbs

Well the groomer did her magic, and how adorable am I???  Just want to kiss my tiny lil nose.

I have already been to the vet, I am perfectly healthy, though I did have 7 retained baby teeth that needed to be removed.  So I spent the day there, and would not have even known, I was under anesthesia  or my mouth was sore...ah the joys and resilience of the young.

I lost my home, cause my elderly parents were not able to take care of me.  I am a baby, I need to run, play, walk and be exuberant...cause boy I am full of joy and fun.

I have been to training school, I walk wonderfully on a leash, I know some commands...

My Foster Mom says I am a darling darling lil boy, I enjoy my foster home so much, cause I have friends here to play with such as Kelsey another foster boy, and the resident Lhasa girl (who when I get too silly, knows how to correct my puppy ways)

I would love to be in a home with another small doggie.  I am awesome, you will love me, at least that is what my foster parents say:-)

This sweet adorable boy, now resides with Molly and Murphy in Richland, WA

(Adopted Sept.10/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 18 months
9 lbs

Boo and his companion were surrendered dirty and matted to a shelter, no longer wanted due to a move.

Poor Boo, his friend was adopted, and he was left alone trembling with fear and worry about what his future held.

Boo had a bath and was shaved down.  He was given the extensive assessment test given at the shelter under stressful conditions, and he passed everything but just one.  If given a piece of raw hide (or high value treat), he would growl if someone tried to take it away from him.  We wonder if this was because he was hungry, stressed and didnít understand why anyone would take his treat from him, or if this is just one little blemish on an otherwise terrific record.

When he was brought out to the lobby at the shelter he looked at us with scared and sad eyes and could not stop shaking.  Heís so tiny and it was heart breaking to feel his fear.  He rode home on a lap and snuggled as deeply as he could.

We got him home, picked him up for some pictures, and let him run in a large yard.  He had a great time and a very nice afternoon.  Already we notice that he listens very well, he comes when you call him, stays near you outside (he still must be on a lead when in an unconfined area), and seeks human compassion. 

He gets along very well with other dogs, spent a few hours with some English Angora rabbits, and doesnít seem to mind cats.

Nobody tried to take his food from him so all we saw was a well behaved little dog .  There has been a bit of thunder on his first night in foster care and while some of the other dogs are frightened and making a ruckus, Boo seems okay with it all.  Heís calm and happy. 

Boo is a darling.

Boo has a wonderful new home and new doggie friend Ramsey, residing in Woodinville, WA


(Adopted Sept.12/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
 2 years old
10 lbs

I don't know why Furbaby Rescue insists on a write up about me because I'm handsome enough that I should be adopted in a heartbeat without any "doggie resume". Oh well, a guy does what a guy's gotta do. 

I am not particular about whether I'm adopted by a man, or a woman, or a couple but I do tend to bond with the men just a wee bit better. So ladies, if you want a dog but your husband is a bit undecided, come meet me. I'll win him over and make him think he's the most special one but you need to know that I'll consider you just as special. We'll keep the guy thing between us, OK?

Do you want to know what I do as soon as you come home from someplace and I've been home alone? I'll run as fast as I can and grab one of toys and then bounce around with it begging for you to play. I love, love, love to play with little balls that I can fit in my mouth, too. I can bat them around as if they were a soccer ball. I'm quite entertaining. When I finally tire out you might even catch me using one of my toys for a pillow. I'm really quite adorable at times like those I just described so it's OK to say "Ahhhhhh - Kelsey is so cute. I'm glad he's our doggie." 

My sleeping habits can be interesting. I don't mind sleeping with you but I might just pick out my own place, too, whether it's on the floor or a doggie bed. I like to be flexible otherwise life can get boring. 

The last little details are I'm housebroken. Did you just say "That's perfect. We're going to adopt Kelsey"? Wait, there's more. I'm so happy and well behaved during car rides and walks. I play well with other dogs. I do novel things when offered treats. I notice cats but I don't hurt them. 

So what are you waiting for? Need to know just a wee bit more? Ask my foster mom. 

I really wanted this adorable boy to have a new Dad, well he hit the jackpot with two adoring Dads, and a big brother Zephyr to hang with, spoiled and happy residing in Anacortes, WA




(Adopted Sept.15/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
16 lbs

My cute little name is Haysuus (pronounced Hay-Zeus) and my foster Mommy says that I am something called ďadorbs!Ē  Iím going to guess that that means bee-yond cute!   I love people and I am such a good little doggy around the house and yard.  I love to be close to my people and I even sleep in the bed!  I am a super jumper and love to jump right into your lap!  Thatís when youíre supposed to give me hugs and kisses!  I have the sweetest disposition and I think that, more than anything, I would like another sweet, small dog to be my brother or sister.  My foster Mommy says that I never growl or get bothered by anything.  Iím very easy-going, she says! 

Note from my foster Mommy:  Haysuus is an absolute gem and has been a pleasure to have in my home.  He will, however, require a very diligent guardian since he likes to make a bee-line right out of the front door when you open it.  I put him on a leash before I open my front door just to keep him safe.  He is such a special boy that I would hate for anything to happen to him and this is how I hope you will feel about him as well!  Haysuus is a love-bug and loves to be wherever I am, so you will have to love having this little fur friend follow you around and sleep in the bed with you!  He is super snuggly and he doesnít even snore!  What could be better than that?!! 

Haysuus will require a fenced in back yard.

Haysuus has a great new family, residing in Gig Harbor, WA

(Adopted Sept.15/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
11 lbs

Konnichiwa!  That is how I say hello in Japanese!  My name is Sushi and I am looking for my new forever home! 

My foster Mommy says that I am both easy going and beyond (far beyond, she says) adorable!  I get along with other doggies my size, I donít get upset about very much (if anything at all), I am never the one to pick a fight and I am overall a total sweetheart!  In my foster home, I have a fenced in back yard and I am learning all about being an indoor doggie and how to do my potty outside.  I will need a new forever guardian to help me along in the process which may take me a little time to figure out all the way.  My foster Mom has me wear a belly band while I am in the house in case she doesnít make it to the door in time to let me outside.  I am learning quickly and came from a place where I didnít have to know about how to do this, so my new forever guardian will have to help me become the bestest dog that I can be!

I love to go to the beauty parlor and my groomer said that I was a very good boy and that I was calm too!  Those are very good things for a puppy who needs to go to the beauty parlor every 6 weeks!  I will require a high quality, grain and potato free dog food to keep my skin and my insides healthy, but my foster Mommy will tell you all about that!

Put your application in for me today!  I canít wait to meet you!




Sushi has a wonderful new home, in memory of Charlie and Wilson, residing in Portland, Oregon

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