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(Adopted June 6/11)
Maggie & Jake
Female/spayed Male/neutered
4 & 6 years old

Maggie:  "Hey Jake, I think we should change our names to draw some attention to ourselves. Somehow being the sweetest and most easy going couple of dogs in rescue doesn't draw a lot of attention. It sounds like a sales pitch." 

Jake:  Yawn!!!! "Huh? What? You females are always wanting something new. I always say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But what do you have in mind?" 

Maggie:  "Well, we could be Lucy and Desi but you don't have a Cuban accent so that won't work. How about Mickey and Minnie?" 

Jake:  "Last time I looked our ears weren't big enough to be a big mouse. Maybe my waistline is a bit oversized but not my ears. And I've been working on getting that waistline trimmed down with all those walks that we enjoy so much. 

Maggie: "You're right. Well, how about Superman and Wonder Woman because we can play all day long in the yard? Or Kermit and Miss Piggy?"

Jake: "We do like to play hard and go for long walks but there's our lazy side, too, where we enjoy our naps so I think the super people names are out. AND I'm not green and you aren't pink with a snout for a nose even though you can get a little pushy like Miss Piggy......... Ouch! Don't hit me! I was just teasing." 

Maggie:  "I didn't hit you that hard. It was a love tap because I know we're going to be together forever. Maybe we should just stay Maggie and Jake because our former owner really loved us and chose those names. It's too bad it got so difficult for him to care for us but I guess we all grow old, don't we? We were really luck to be so loved, weren't we?" 

Jake:  YUP!!!! But we still have a lot of life left to live and A LOT OF LOVE to give to another good forever human. So we're going to wait for that special someone to give us our second great home and we're going to surprise them with what a special couple of dogs we are. 

Maggie: You're right, Jake......just like always. *sigh* I hope people will contact our foster mother and listen to all the rave reviews we've gotten.  And our allergy free diet that's required is really far easier than having dogs that eat all kinds of things. Jake, Jake.....are you listening to me?" 

Jake:  ZZZzzzz--z-z-z-z-z- 

These two hit the jackpot with their new Mom, and in memory of Rigby, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted June 16/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old

Frieda is two sides of a coin.  She is perfectly content to be held, sit quietly, and pass the time with you.  But if you leash her up and tell her you are going for a walk; she perks right up, wags her tail, and she becomes very light in her step.  She is curious about the world around her and delights in smelling the roses, as well as reading the local “Pee mail”.    She is also up for a more invigorating tromp through the woods or your neighborhood.

If you have been longing for a Shih Tzu the way they used to breed them; sturdy, strong, and stocky, you might take a closer look at Frieda.  She’s quite interesting to look at.  Her foster mom loves her huge giant feet and calls her two front feet-  her “mitts”. 

Frieda has lived all of her years living outside, never being allowed in the house even during winter.  She missed the creature comforts of a loving home, a cozy evening with someone to love her, and a companion in life.  The story is so sad that it brings tears to our eyes and you can imagine what state we might have found such a dog.

Well, we found a mellow, loving, affectionate, warm, and sweet little girl.  Even with what turned out to be a serious urinary tract infection, and being in full blown heat (two things which can make the kindest of us be a little cranky and on edge), she endured touching, prodding, needles, examining, and extraction of urine without  a growl or snap.  So far she’s pretty bomb proof.

We will get her bathed, spayed, in just a few days; once that infection starts on a downslide, get her up to date with her vaccinations, and have her microchipped, and she will be right as rain again, and ready to find love and kindness with a forever home.

Frieda is now spayed, and all is good.

Frieda has a loving family, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted July 9/11)
Milo (nka Seimei)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
15 lbs

Hello…my name is MILO…as in a MILE-O’  love!  I just turned 4 years old and I am very sweet and smart.  My other Mommy was very sad that she had to work way too many hours (often 6 days a week) and didn’t have enough time to give me the love and attention that I needed.  She knows that Furbaby Rescue will find me the best possible new Mommy and/or Daddy…people who are going to have lots of time for snuggles, love, walks and playing with toys!  I love to play with toys and chew on antler bones!  My foster Mommy has four other small dogs and I have been a perfect gentleman with all of them.  She also has two kitty cats who I kinda like to chase…I think that it’s fun, but there is nooooo way that I would hurt anybody!   I like to go potty outside, but really like to go outside to go potty with my person because I feel more comfortable that way right now.  I am 15 lbs and am such a handsome fellow.  My nose is a little longer than the other Shih Tzus in the house, but I am about as cute as they come!  My hair is silky soft and I am a dream to groom…I love to go to the fluff and puff!!  My new Mommy and/or Daddy can even groom me themselves…that’s how easy going I am!  I love to sit next to you on the couch and be wherever you are.  I am looking for a home where this is OK…I really want to be with my person a lot.  Having another dog in the house to keep me company when you’re gone would probably be pretty cool too!   I’m a Shih Tzu, so of course I also love to sleep in the bed--I am a snuggler extraordinaire!!  Some of my other favorite things are belly rubs and head rubs…I can’t forget to mention those things!

Like most other Shih Tzus, I need to be on an allergy diet and a little Claritin in the Spring and Summer really helps me with my seasonal allergies to all of the grasses and pollen. 

My foster Mommy absolutely adores me…will you please be my new Mommy or Daddy and love me forever?   I promise to love you too!

This lil boy is so lucky, to have been adopted by Steve and Megan, residing in Ashland, Oregon, and in memory of Eddie the Dog (he was a shih Tzu extraordinaire)

(Adopted July 24/11)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
16 lbs

Dear Future Forever  Mommy and/or Daddy,

I’m not sure what happened, but somehow, I ended up at the Animals Shelter!  I am super sweet and I get along with everybody!  My foster Mommy has 4 small dogs and a cat and I have not even growled once—in fact, I never even batted an eyelash!!  I am a super sweet little dog and I have a silly smile on my face most of the time—I have a funny little under bite and my super cute teeth often show!  I am 100% house trained and I feel very comfortable going into the fenced-in back yard to do my business all by myself.  I love to be by my person…I am always where you are…either next to you on the couch, on the bed or by your feet.  OH do I love to be next to you!  I am a good jumper…I can jump up on a very tall bed…even though I shouldn’t…I just get so excited to go to bed!

I am kind of a mellow guy…I’m not terribly interested in bones or squeaky toys…I love to just hang out…as I said…with my person just because my name is BINGO!

I am very good in the car and would make a lovely addition to just about any home…as long as it has a comfy couch with lots of pillows to lie on and a cozy bed to go to sleep on!  I really like to follow my person around, so you must be OK with that!  Oh, I’m also very good to groom, so there are no problems there!



BINGO  (and BINGO is my NAME---OH!!!)

Great family, for this special boy, residing in Bremerton, WA

(Adopted Sept.3/11)
Female/spayed shots current
4 months old (D.O.B. 04/09/11)
6 lbs

Sabrina is a DOLL.  She is typical puppy, happy, happy and more happy.  She adores racing around the yard, playing with toys.  She does well with all small dogs (never exposed to large dogs or cats).  She brings smiles and laughter to anyone who meets her.
She is crate trained, and will sleep quietly all night long.  Her housetraining is doing not too bad, but still has accidents (after all she is a baby)
She is a delight, and anyone will be extremely lucky to have a darling like her join their home.

Sabrina will be a small Shih Tzu, educated guess is 8-9 lbs when she is fully grown.

How I love happy endings, this girl was released to rescue because her Mom was fighting an illness, luck has it, that she is fine now, and she happily returned to her original family...and that is all we hope for in rescue, is for dogs to be able to stay with their families...happy ending for the family and Sabrina, especially when the home had taken such wonderful care of her...

(Adopted Sept.10/11)
Tinkerbelle (Bella)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
19 lbs

Ask Tinkerbelle's foster mom who have been her favorite Shih Tzu’s and she will start a list which is pretty long  but stop herself and say “well, right now, I have Tinkerbell and she’s as wonderful as any of my favorites have been.”

Ask her which dog she has enjoyed spending time with the most and Tinkerbell is number one.

The obvious question, then, is “well…what about her makes you like her so much?”

Tinkerbelle is so absolutely charming, humble, grateful, fun, and agreeable that her foster mom feels like she is spending time with a kindred spirit. 

They go everywhere together.  Tinkerbelle is a very quiet dog.  Though she is normally secured into a car seat when traveling, occasionally they will go for a quick ride and Tinkerbelle gets into the back seat, lies down, and never makes a sound or a move.  Recently Tinkerbelle accompanied a student driver on a 3 hour drive.  The young man had insisted having a dog in the car would be a distraction.  Even he had to admit that he kept forgetting she was even there. 

Tinkerbelle is also a dog that her foster mom refers to as “bomb proof”.  This is an expression used in the horse world reflecting a safe horse for a child or novice to ride or be around.  Tinkerbelle has never nipped, snapped, growled, made any sign that she meant to even warn against something.  She loves getting a bath, is getting better about having her ears cleaned, loves to be rolled around like a roly poly little doll, carried, petted, brushed, and loved upon. 

Tinkerbelle does whatever you ask of her.  She is so happy.  She has no anxiety about being separated from the humans.  She doesn’t bother the cats.  She gets along fine with the other dogs. 

She would probably love to jump up on the bed and the furniture but can’t.  She’s got short little legs and is content to just be at your feet.

If Tinkerbelle were any other color than mostly black with white, she would have been snatched up in a heart beat.  Like most dogs with a black face, you can’t see the sweet expression on her face or the reflection of loving kindness in her eyes, in a photo.  You have to meet her in person.  (And foster mom takes terrible photographs to begin with.)

She came from a situation where she was deeply loved and provided therapy and companionship for her owner who had Alzheimer’s.  Tinkerbelle is used to sharing love and being quiet and gentle.

She loves to go for walks and is great on a leash.  She is content to be inside or outside hanging out with the family.  She could be an only dog, would not need a yard necessarily, and is looking for a best friend.  Tinkerbelle is the third dog foster mom has had this year that she would consider letting go with a family with an older child; with certain parameters met, of course.

Tinkerbelle recently had blood work drawn to find out if she was allergic to anything since she came into rescue very itchy and a little smelly.  She was put on an allergy diet and given frequent baths but was still itching and exhibiting signs of a dog with allergies beyond food or pollens.  Her allergy blood work was returned and she is only slightly responsive to a few pollens and a lot of molds.  We will keep her going with her baths and diet.  She may have been exposed to molds and it’s too soon to see the results of being away from these things.  We would call her an allergy dog but on the very mild end of the range.  Her coat is lovely and full, her skin is only slightly irritated and is improving , and her itching has calmed down quite a bit.   We might decide to get her started on an allergy serum to help Tinkerbelle build up her tolerance of those things she shows a slight irritation to; but that’s to be determined.

 Bella has a great new home, residing in Clarkston, WA

(Adopted Oct.3/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
10 lbs

Minnie just came into our rescue group so we don’t yet have a lot of story to tell about her.  We can say that she’s beautiful, friendly, very sociable, and has an assertive personality when around other small female dogs. 

Minnie was very loved by her owner but Minnie needed to find a new home and her owner found Furbaby to care for her while a new home was found.  She comes with no issues that we yet can see.  She is healthy with good skin and eyes and if you are a lover of the small Shih Tzu you know that they often suffer from allergies which affect both their skin and eyes. 

Minnie is used to living in a small space and really loves to run and play and go for walks.  It’s going to be fun to get to know her. 

Minnie has a wonderful new family, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Oct.7/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
10 lbs

Princess just came into our rescue group so we don’t yet have a lot of story to tell about her.  We can say that she’s adorable, friendly, and is very sweet.  When she had to leave her home, she did stop and appeared to not want to leave.  But after just a couple of seconds she realized she was going on a new adventure and toddled after her foster mom.  After about ten minutes in the car, foster mom realized that Princess had been halting for a different reason.  She needed to go to the bathroom.  Bless her heart.  She did the only thing she could think of to say “let’s walk around some more as I’ve got some unfinished business.”

On the ride home, Princess plopped herself on the right arm of the driver and didn’t mind moving every time the gears needed shifting.  She moved and then plopped right back down on that arm.  That’s the last time her foster mom doesn’t travel without car seats.

She is an absolute sweetheart and we can’t wait to get to learn more about her. 

Happily residing with great parents in University Place, WA

(Adopted Oct.5/11)
Bogie & Lizzie
Male & Female/altered/shots current
8 years old
19 & 10 lbs

Please watch their video
*in deep sadness sweet Lizzie passed to the bridge Aug.18/15*
*Sweet Bogie passed June/17 he will now be with his sister*

Bogie is the most loved dog at the eye doctor’s office.  Everyone wants him, everyone wishes they had room for one more dog, because they want HIM.  He is simply put – Perfect.  He has the kindest heart, the sweetest little face, a brave and devoted spirit, and loyal to the end.  He is another one of the uncommon “bombproof” Shih Tzu.  He asks so little and delights and charms everyone he meets.

His pint sized companion now nicknamed Lizzie, is devoted to him.  She is quite dependent on him.  Apparently she feels he needs to be cleaner and spends a good portion of each day grooming him from tail to head.  Is it love?  Is she a neat freak?  We don’t know. 

All we know is that they are a perfect little team. 

Lizzie is a bit more shy, a little more dynamic and sprightly, but is also adorable.

Both dogs have had eye surgeries to correct little things so they won’t lose their vision down the road.  They have had full dentals and extractions.  Their bloodwork looks excellent.  It’s always nice to be able to know what is going on inside a dog because they can’t always tell us when something is awry or is just fine.

These two are now well housebroken and have learned to use a dog door.  They love to be outside and roam; guarding the perimeter.  The other day a big eagle landed in one of the trees in their back yard and their foster mom ran to make sure Lizzie was tucked safely away. 

Their foster mom loves them both something fierce and will tell you that if you adopt this pair, you are adopting a family.  You are adopting two loving companions who have a unique relationship with one another but share their abundance of love and joy with all.  They take care of one another which makes it really nice for the household.  You can’t beat a truly bonded pair and one that is well socialized and does great with other pets is even a better deal.

Wonderful new Mom who will dote on these babies, residing in Hansfield, WA

(Adopted Oct.11/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
11 lbs

Daisy is tiny, active, sweet and loves just about anything she can take in from the world around her, be it walks, being with other dogs, or snuggling with people.  She wants to be friends with the cats and dogs at her foster home!
She is a little shy and can get nervous when she tries something new, but this could be related to the fact that she's very small for a Shih Tzu.  Once she gains her confidence in something, she does much better the next time.  A little kindness goes a long way with her, too.  Once she realizes how wonderful you are, she falls in love and is a very devoted companion!
She will get so excited to see you and will wiggle around and give you hundreds of kisses!  She really prefers to be with people all the time, but will gladly hang out with other animals when her people leave.
She has experienced some food allergies that result in itchy skin, but we have found some things that really help her.  Along with eating a special diet of high-quality food, she is taking some short-term medication and getting frequent baths.  If she doesn't completely improve, we are committed to doing the blood work necessary to get the allergies under control, even if she is adopted in the meantime.
Daisy is a sweet, gentle and charming little thing.   She is ready to find a lifetime of memories with her forever family!

Daisy has a great new home, in Federal Way, WA

(Adopted Nov.6/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
9 years old
16 lbs
*darling Suki passed away from cancer in 2015*

My name is Suki. I am very sweet and love people and other dogs. I can be a little shy and timid at first and if you scare me I might growl but as soon as I feel comfortable I will sit quietly close to you or on your lap. I am really quiet and easy in fact my foster home sometimes hardly knows I am even there.

Don’t let my age fool you as I am still very playful and love to romp around the yard or play with squeaky toys. I am great on a leash and love walks. If you pick up my leash I will run to the door and wait for you to take me outside.

I lived in a bedroom with my owner for a good part of my life so when I first came to my foster home I wanted to sleep and hang out on their bed. At first I was allowed up on the bed but that is where I wanted to be most of the time and wouldn’t let my foster family take me off the bed. I am now sleeping in a crate and perfectly fine with it. In just a couple of days I learned that I am no longer allowed on the bed and I sleep in a crate or on a dog bed. I am such a good girl that I don’t even complain about not being allowed on the bed.  I quickly learn rules and obey them with no problem.

I am perfectly house broken and will wait until you come home or let me out in the morning. My foster family thinks I am almost perfect.

It has already been a month since I have come to live with my foster family. They love me very much and I love them too. I am doing so well and have settled right in. I sleep through the night in my crate and don’t make a peep until my foster family wakes up and lets me out. They have taken me many new places and I have met many new people and dogs. I get along with everyone even cats! I am getting more and more confident  and not nearly as shy and timid as I used to be.  I am very easy going and don’t mind being bossed around by my foster sister. She likes to be in charge and I am okay with that. I have learned to sit for treats and my breakfast and dinner. I love to cuddle and play with toys especially squeaky ones. Even though I am 9 years old almost every day I go for very long walks and keep a good pace. I am still very playful and sometimes I am even silly.

Suki has a great new Mom, residing with Louie and in memory of Enu, in Blaine, WA


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