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Successful Shih Tzu Adoptions
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(Adopted Dec.26/08)
Chiqui (pronounced Cheeky)
Female/spayed/shots current
15 lbs
6 years old

What a sweet lil girl,  she is quiet, endearing, loves to follow you, asks for very little (except she can beg at times) and sits up like a chipmunk hoping for a treat.   She is a great dog, she loves kids, she loves to play, she loves the park.  Sometimes she can chose to ignore you, but easily forgets why she is, and returns to her happy, faithful lil self.
She is housetrained.  I will not adopt her to a home with toddlers, only for one reason, she has allergies, and she is used to eating things that are not good for her, and she would most likely take whatever a toddler has.  But she sure would be great with visiting kids.
She needs a strict allergy diet, so she can feel as good as her personality.

Chiqui got the perfect home, fun, love, kids everything she wanted, residing in Clyde Hill, WA

(Adopted Dec.26/08)
Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise
Male/neutered/shots current
12 months old
17 lbs
* in deep sorrow, sweet Ramsey passed away Nov/13*

Sweet endearing lil Ramsey, was rescued from a hoarder situation.  He was such a mess when he arrived, matted fur, soaked in mud...but with the help of a wonderful lady, he was helped and brought to our rescue.

( this picture is after  baths had been done, but he still stunk, till we got him to the groomer, to shave all the stinky matted fur off)

Ramsey adores playing with other dogs of similar size...he is easily intimidated by bully dogs, and will scurry away.  He attaches to his person extremely quickly, but he is very shy, unsure of this new happy world he has entered.  Even when he is scared and hurries to a corner, he will still try to cover you with kisses.  He doesn't have a mean bone in his lil body.  He attaches quicker to a woman then a man, but if you are willing to give him time, and have some patience, you will have the most devoted lil angel enter your heart.

Housetraining does need work, I have been getting some success, but it will still take some time.

If you are want an angel, Ramsey is waiting for you.
He is best suited to a home with another dog, and someone who can be with him for the next while, while he is being trained.

Perfect home for this boy, another Bichon to relate to, and girls to dote on him, residing in Woodinville, WA

(Adopted Dec.28/08)
Female /spayed/shots current
12 lbs
App. 3 years old

Well this absolutely endearing lil girl was found running down a VERY busy interstate.  Thankfully someone scooped her up, before she would have been killed.  After many days at the shelter, no one came to find her.  She was in a horrible mess, covered in fleas, tape worms, inflammed skin, infected years...but that did not stop this lil girl from wagging her tail, and giving you a kiss.
She is now on antibiotics for her skin and ears.  She is another allergy dog, and needs a strict allergy diet.
She loves to follow you around, is housetrained, and she is delightful.  She may look a lil sad in the picture, but she isn't she is happy and vivacious. She just wants someone to dote and love her.
She is a special lil girl.

Lulu got a special Mom, residing in Federal Way, WA

(Adopted Jan.7/09)
Maggie and Charlie
Shots current

Maggie is a wonderful full figured lil gal, weighing in at 20 lbs.  She is 5 years old.  Maggie can be really shy at first, but it doesn't last long, especially when she has her friend Charlie by her side.  Maggie does well with other dogs.  She would love to be your personal warming buddy.  She is very treat motivated, and learns quickly.  She is fantastic to groom, she just soaks up the attention.  Maggie is very attached to Charlie, wants to be where he is most of the time but she can be independent of him at times.

Charlie is a comical lil boy, he is 4 years old, and weighs 12 lbs.  He loves his girlfriend Maggie, he is very attached to her but you can find him sleeping on the sofa by himself.  He is a good boy who loves treats, car rides, going for walks.  When Charlie first came into foster care he was very shy, now he is finding out how good it can be to meet new people.  He will get up on their lap and let them know he wants some loving.  He is doing well with pottying outside.  As for grooming, hmmm, not as good as his friend Maggie.  He needs time to get to know the groomer and learn trust, or needs his person to stay with him.

He knows sit/wait and is an all around good lil boy, considering all the changes he has gone through before coming into rescue.


Charlie and Maggie will make a wonderful pair of furkids, we will ONLY adopt them together.

These babies got two great parents, Mom and Dad who adore them, residing in Kent, WA

(Adopted Jan.11/08)
Moonriver (nka Robbie)
Male/neutered/shots current
18 months old
4 lbs

After 44 pictures, my foster mom, said I "give" I keep closing my eyes..but I think you can still see, I am ADORABLE.  And yes you read that right I weigh 4 (four) pounds.  I am a itty bitty lil boy...but don't let my size fool you, besides being a total lover, I am not afraid of anything, people, other dogs, I am Mr. Little Personality.  I love to lay in your arms, and just fall asleep...I fall asleep so easily, the groomer had to have someone hold me, as I just closed my eyes, and dreamed of fluffy pillows, and someone petting me.

I would love to have someone to play with, another dog of similar breed would be nice, I don't expect to find a tiny Shih Tzu, but I am fine with full sized ones LOL

I am a delight, I am cute, loving and endearing...and you will be so lucky when you find me.  I do need work on potty training...

Love River

Now he is little brother to Sammy, having living in Gig Harbor, WA

(Adopted Feb.16/09)
Shih Tzu/Lhasa
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
22 lbs
*Wonderful Cooper passed away July 18/16, he is so missed by his wonderful parents*

My foster mom says I have to stop playing with my toys to tell you about myself!  Well... that is just silly.

Toys are so great I hate to stop, but I will so you can learn about me.

My name is Cooper, I was originally brought in to the our local shelter because my family got a human baby and dumped me... They had me since I was a baby but did not socialize me with tiny kids and then were surprised when I growled at one!  Gee Wiz! What did they expect!

Well, I am happy in my foster home,  I am relaxed, pretty quiet and potty trained.  I like other dogs and enjoy meeting new people.  Did I mention I love toys!  I like to hold toys on my mouth and wiggly on the floor on my back. My foster mom says they have seen some mild resource guarding around food,  so they are working hard on that. I am getting daily training sessions to work on removing that behavior. Because of that  I should be adopted to an experienced home with no kids.  I enjoy going on walks and having fun.  I hope we can meet,  because I am a good guy who needs another chance.

Cooper has a great life now, chasing the sunshine, travelling in an RV with two adoring parents...part time residing in Vancouver, WA

(Adopted Feb18/09)

Lucky's story
Update: Lucky nka Harry has been adopted.  Thank you everyone for your support.  

residing with two wonderful parents, two adorable sister Shih Tzu in Medino, WA

(Adopted March 10/09)
Baby Bear
Shih Tzu mix
Male/neutered/shots current
17 lbs

Baby Bear is one of our special seniors.  He was found on the streets several months ago hairless, starved and near death.  Our wonderful foster mom's nursed him back to the healthy state that he is in now.  He is now looking for his forever home and a place in your heart.  He likes to spend most of his time resting by the fireplace. However, if youíre in one place long enough he enjoys finding you and watching you do your household activities.  Better yet! He loves to relax beside you when youíre relaxing.  He is a true gentleman, but with a touch of silliness.  For instance, if youíre eating something he thinks he might like to try he'll bark at you and on every bark a back leg kicks out.  Quite a crowd pleaser!  But don't worry, he isn't excessive with anything. (Except maybe his rest!)
  Baby Bear is true to his name, a cuddly friend wanting to enrich your life with his company and to enjoy the company and care a "forever" home can offer. He does require medication on a regular basis.  Affection is complimentary!

Wonderful Mom who wanted a senior baby to give him a happy place for the rest of his residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted March 29/09)
Female/spayed/shots current
8-9 years young
17 (chubby lbs)
*sweet Sissy passed away Aug.7/15*

My mom could no longer care for me so the wonderful people at Furbaby came to my rescue. I am the sweetest girl who just wants to be loved. Sometimes I can be a little timid but every day I am learning to be more confident. I love walks and am starting to play more and more everyday. I also love food and squeaky toys!


I am super easy to have around and would be perfect for someone who could take me to work or was home a lot but I am also fine with staying home as my foster parents leave me at home when they go to work. I would do better in a quiet home that isnít too active. I am good with other dogs and love people.

Sissy does have food allergies, so she must stay on an allergy diet, when she arrived at Furbaby, she had infected skin, ears and eyes...all of that has been addressed, so keep her on allergy food, and she does need ointment for her eyes for dry eye.  You will not regret taking this girl into your home, she is about as sweet as they come.

This special girl got a very special home, has a new Mommy and Daddy and beautiful lil Shih Tzu mix to follow around, now residing in Lacy, WA

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