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* There are more people to thank for donations for Rooty, he did have his surgery, and for the most part it was a success.  He was scheduled to have a little more sculpting on one of his eyes.  But sadly while Rooty was happy playing and being an absolute sweetheart he suddenly collapsed and died instantly from heart failure on June 22/05, I sincerely apologize for not updating his information sooner, as I was in the process of moving, and I am the only one that can update my website.  I thank each and everyone of you, for your thoughts and donations.  Rooty was one of the sweetest and happiest boys, ever to be in foster care.  All that knew him, were touched deeply.

Rooty (short for Root Beer Float)
Male/neutered/shots current
 9 years old
13 lbs

Rooty suffers from endotropion eye lids - this means his eye lids are rolled so that his eye lashes curl into the eye. The eyelashes rub across his eyeballs each and every time he opens or closes his eyes. This condition causes constant pain and irritation. Permanent damage eventually occurs from the abrasion and ongoing eye infections.

If this condition is not corrected by cutting and surgically resculpting his eyelids, Rooty will soon become blind. His eye surgery, medications, and after care will cost about $700. Special care has to be taken before and during his surgery, because Rooty also has a serious heart murmur. He is presently on several medications to help stabilize his heart before his surgery.

This little Shih Tzu is one of the sweetest, gentlest dogs we have ever had in foster care. He comes happily when called, tail always wagging. Even when he knows he has to have pills or have his eyes cleaned and medicated, he comes and lays down, ready and willing. Rooty has a loving spirit that joyfully embraces everyone he meets.

Our Thanks to:

Lynn & Dick Campbell, Mugsy, Kirby and Tootsie, Seattle, WA
Billie Marquiss & Ginny, Ellensburg, WA
R & G Graves, Tualatin, Oregon

Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso
Male/neutered/shots current
9 years old
15 lbs

*Jack passed away in April/06, his Mom and Dad miss this boy so much...Jack you were one special boy, who was adored*

Jack is a sweet gentle low key little boy. He gets along well with other dogs and my cat. He only has one eye and his front right leg is "twisted" and causes him pain. He also has arthritis in his legs and hips. He has been taking Rimadyl and now is on msm supplement, that should start helping him in a couple of weeks.  He rides well in the car. He enjoys being outside in the fenced in yard when the sun is shining. He is well house trained, he drinks a lot of water but we have not seen any accidents. He will sleep in the bed with you or on the floor on a big doggy bed. He may take short walks but because of his legs, he is not a dog for a person who wants to go on long walks or hikes. He is a little skinny and I am trying to fatten him up. He likes doggy treats and really liked some steak he had last night. Jack is not a real active dog. He just enjoys being with people and lying around inside and outside in the sun. He's a sweet little guy that deserves to live out his senior years in a nice warm loving environment.  He just had his teeth cleaned and is current on all his shots.  Jack's foster home felt that he needed them and would do best if he just stayed for his senior years ...he is now adored by his family...thank you Kathleen for taking this boy into your heart and home, happily living in Seattle, WA forever:-)

(Adopted July 26/05)
Female/spayed/shots current
9 lbs
9 years 
* Sweet Sadie passed to the bridge Oct.26/08 from liver failure, sadly missed by her Mom and Dad*

Sweet Sadie really misses her Mom, slowly she is accepting that she is not going home again.  She is a spunky, playful and loving girl, she just needs time to feel love and trust again.  She loves car rides, loves walks, gets so excited when she sees the leash.  She is totally housetrained.  I had her thyroid tested, it was fine,  because her fur is not as it should be, but now know she is suffering from allergies, and needs to be on an allergy diet, which she is on now. Just had her dental done, while she was being spayed...she is in excellent health.  She will be a delightful companion if you give her a chance.  She is used to being left home, while her person works, and has no problem with that.  She has an independence about her..but she does want someone to dote and love her..and let her know she is very special.
Sadie found a wonderful home, with a very gracious lady and her husband, and now has a beautiful sister, named China..happily residing in Port Townsend, WA


(Adopted July 27/05)
Shih Tzu? mix?
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 2-3 years old
10 lbs

This little guy has us stumped, as for his real breed.  He looks Shih Tzu, but there is something very different about him.  I am almost inclined to think he is Affenpinscher mix.  His little upturned nose, his longish body, and crooked peke type legs...he is a bit of a mystery.  Whatever he truly is, he loves to be loved, will cuddle in your arms, sits up for treats, and pets..he is so affectionate.  His one downfall is around the foodbowl with other dogs, he wants it all to be his, whether he wants it or not.  He does not do this with people, can stick your hand in the bowl, take things away...only with dogs...he probably would be best suited as an only dog..and he will be an amazing loving companion.  He needs to be on an allergy diet, as his coat shows that he has not had proper food.
This lil boy, has a great traveling home, seeing the country with his new Mom and Dad..residence unknown from one day to the if you see this lil gremlin, traveling around loving life of the carefree, please say "hi" another furbaby having the great life he should have always had.

(Adopted Aug.2/05)
With very saddened heart, Bo went to the bridge in the summer of 07

Male/neutered/shots current
 approx 8 - 9 years old
16 lbs

Bo is a very sweet boy that came from an overcrowded animal shelter.  His owners had gotten him from a shelter four years ago but they could no longer keep him.  I donít know why they couldnít keep him.  He certainly hasnít been any trouble in his foster home!  He is a happy little guy who loves people and gets along well with cats and other dogs and is totally house trained.  On top of that he is cute as a button and his tail is always wagging!  What more could a person ask for?  He does have flea allergies so his new owner will need to be diligent on keeping him flea free.  Other than that he is very healthy boy.  Bo would love to find a special person to share his life with.  Bo found a VERY special person to live with, he is happily being adored.


(Adopted Aug. 8/05)
Shih Tzu/Maltese
Male/neutered/shots current
1 year 7 months

Hard to believe, but Rambo's Dad was pure Shih Tzu and his Mom was Maltese/peke..he just looks like a Shih Tzu with a longer nose and he has the longer legs like a Maltese.  His fur is like a Shih Tzu, but the silkiness of the Maltese...
So do you want to meet Mr. Personality, full of love, full of life, jumps 3 feet in the air, gives you love and kisses..well here he is.  His one little downfall is he is uncomfortable when he meets men, and will bark and be antsy, but once he gets to know the man, he is great...he instantly loves women and children.  This is a wonderful dog, was great at the groomers, even though he had not been groomed in awhile, allowed his mats to be taken out, without any attitude...he is a dollbaby.
Rambo has a great new Dad and Mom, who are taking him to obedience and adore this lil boy, residing in Milton, WA

(Adopted Aug.26/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
17 lbs.

I would like to introduce myself, I am one very special lil boy.  I can sit, stay, lay down, dance and so much more, but you better have a treat, or I will ignore you.  I am a super lil fellow, and even cuter than my picture.  I have more to tell you, but I will wait till you email my foster Mom...and you HAVE to be pretty special.  I want no kids (that is a story I can tell you later) I want a Mom, and I can be happy with a Dad also..I want love, I want adventure, I want above all to be adored. I want to sleep cuddled on the foot of your bed..I want to be  a big part of your if you are looking for a great lil better get your application in quick.  Wickett has a fantastic new Mom, doggie friend to hang with, being loved in Bellevue, WA

(Adopted Aug. 28/05)
Male neutered/shots current
6 years old
18 lbs
*dear Oreo passed away in 2011 from heart failure*

Oreo is very well trained, house trained, leash trained, responds when you call him, stays by you when leaving the car, total manners.  So if you are looking for a walking buddy, someone who is independent.  Oreo is great, he is a beautiful boy, and is very friendly when you met him, but once he really knows you, he asks that you don't fuss too much with him, he does very well with other small dogs, and perhaps he would be good if he had another dog living in the home, so your expectations of a silly Shih Tzu would not be so strong.

To adopt me, you will need to be dog savvy, understand and work with dogs that have not always had an easy life, please do not have great expectations,  my home will need to give me space, love and kind firmness...
Oreo can be a difficult dog, but his new Mom accepted his different behavior, and adores him.  Living happily in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Sept.2/05)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 3-4 years old
14 lbs

Do you want to meet an absolute sweetheart, met Becca, she has a way of crawling right into your heart.  She would like to have someone around a bit, she loves to have a Daddy, but will be happy with a Mommy, she just NEEDS someone to love her and dote on her, and she will be in heaven.  She appears housetrained, does wonderful with other small dogs, but the most important person in her life is her person(s)...
Becca now has a new sister doggie, and two great parents, residing in Richmond, B.C. Canada


(Adopted Sept.1/05)
Buster (nka Sunny)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
12 lbs
*wonderful Sunny passed to the bridge Jan.5/16*

This sweet adorable dancy boy, does suffer from allergies.  Now in foster care, he has been put on raw diet, omega oils, malaseb baths. A new owner will need to be dedicated and continue with a allergy diet, not necessarily the raw food.  Buster is an incredible dog, if you are feeling down, call Buster, his happy lil self will put a smile on anyone's face.  He would love to play with other dogs, cuddle with you, be by your side, and entertain you will all the love in his heart, that he will share with his new special home. Sunny was such a lucky boy, his parents adore him, and I would like to thank John and Sue for giving this boy such a perfect home.  Residing in Auburn, WA

(Adopted Sept.26/05)
Motita (nka Molly)
Female/spayed/shots current
9 months old
8.5 lbs

Lil Motita, is way cuter than her picture, a petite adorable sweetheart.  Beware if you are not in the mood for paws wrapped around your neck, or kisses, please do not apply...this girl needs to be loved and adored.  At first she can appear to be shy, and shy of new dogs, she needs a little more socialization, but she easily crawls into almost anyone's arms, that will give her love.  She likes to steal shoes, play with dogs once she knows them. She appears totally housetrained, taking herself outside, or asking at the door to go out.  She is an angel who will make an exceptional companion.
Molly went to another exceptional home, with her new sister Mocha (nka Maggie) to be equally adored...again I am thankful for finding extraordinary people to care for these furbabies.  Residing in Anacortes, WA

(Adopted Sept. 30/05)
Rowdy (nka Paris)
Shih Tzu/Lhasa
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
18 lbs

Rowdy is a very smart and playful dog.  He is going to make an awesome companion, he loves other dogs, adores his people, his Lhasa spirit comes out, as he is protective of his home/person.  To meet him, he will most likely bark and not get close, but once he knows you, or like myself took him into my car, he became my best friend.  So just understand he may not jump into your arms, but be wary...but if you get past that, and allow this boy to be part of your life, he will be a great dog.  Taking him to obedience and getting him more socialized is in his best interest, or accept that he will be the watchdog you wanted.
Also while being neutered, he had his cherry eye tacked down, it was not very noticeable, but once he went under for surgery, my vet examined it closer and felt it was best to tack it down, to avoid this in the future.
Rowdy went to live with a special couple, and their beautiful dog Maximus, they adore him, residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Oct. 16/05)
Suzie (nka Zoe)
Female/spayed/shots current
1 year old
10 lbs

"Tap, tap, tap" hmmm what's that sound?
It's me Suzie, I am walking into your heart.
Sweetie, I'm busy right now, trying to find the perfect home.
Mom, tell them, I like to give kisses, I insist on being in your lap, my sweet shyness makes men love me, my spirit makes women adore me. I'm adorable .I am a little shy around a lot of strange dogs, but I bet if I could find a nice friend I would love it. I am also a little shy till I know people, than watch out, cause I will want to be in your arms.

Suzie lost her home, when her Mom, fell down some stairs and was killed, freak accident.  She went to live with the Grandmother, but she was 87 years old, and knew this was not right for such a young girl.

Zoe successfully tapped her way into her new Mom & Dad's heart within one day..they adore their lil princess.  Happily residing in Langley, B.C. Canada



(Adopted Oct.13/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
16 lbs

When relationships fail, marriage destroyed, everyone including our beloved pets suffer.  Tucker's Mom is going through a very hard time.  She no longer could care emotionally or financially for her best friend.  With extreme sadden heart he was released to rescue, so that he could find someone to cherish him, and care for his needs.  Tucker came into my home, and walked into my heart.  He is such a sweet, laid back boy, who only wants to be with you.  Sadly this boy was flea infested, ears infected, full anal glands, and is missing patches of fur on his head, along with a red tummy.  Two things have caused this, one the fleas, and also he probably has slight food allergies.  So if you look at his picture, this is why he is not looking as wonderful as he can be.  I have put him on an allergy diet, he is taking oral antibiotics and ear medication.  He is doing great...whoever adopts this boy, will have a completely devoted friend, he has lived with other dogs, big and small and cats...this is one sweet quiet endearing fellow.
Tucker has the kindest and sweetest new Mom, and adores this darling boy, he is now spoiled with love in Delta, B.C. Canada

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