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(Adopted Dec. 21/03)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
17 lbs

Well if Jake's eyes don't grab your heart, his wonderful loving personality will.  This boy has succeeded in wrapping his paws around both myself and hubby's heart.  When he looks at you with his "eyes" he crawls into your heart.  He takes a couple of days to start to feel comfortable, he does like other small furbabies, and is initiating playtime.  He is an absolute delight, he may act shy in the beginning, but what he has in store for you is years of love, kindness and a wonderful companion...when he first puts his paws on you, you will be a goner,  living now with a great couple, who believed they got the best Christmas present ever, happily residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted Dec. 29/03)
Female/spayed/shots current
App 8 years?
Lizzie  was in our care last her story, sadly for her, the home was not right for this girl, Lizzie seems to bond easier with men, she can bond with a woman, it just takes a little longer, we have found also, that she probably does not have the best sight left in her remaining eye, and her hearing is dim, this poor pretty little girl, really has not had it easy.  She has been also put on KD diet, her tests were just a little below normal, she does not have kidney disease, just a precaution to help in this stage of her life.  Lizzie got a fabulous home, their daughter Bethany, had asked her Dad to please bring Lizzie home, and he did, a special little girl, now residing with a very kind family in Auburn, WA  

(Adopted Jan. 9/04)
Shih Tzu/Bichon ?
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 8 years old
19 lbs

This gentle soul lost his home due to our failing economic system.  His parents, in bad health, loss of job, and moving, have forced them to release this boy, as they could not afford to take care of him.
Yeager has luxating patellas, and should not be jumping up and down off of high areas.  Otherwise this baby gets around just fine.  He wants to be able to sleep in your bed.  He loves to sit by you, and just be wherever you are.  He loves to run on the beach and chase sea gulls, he will chase/play with cats, but never catches them.  He has not been around small kids, and he will nip at them, if they pull on him, or make a lot of sudden moves, but does like for kids to gently pet him.  He loves riding in a car.  He is fine with other dogs.  He is very loving and wants to be in the same room with "his person".  Yeager is a very sweet little dog and deserves unconditional love and people who can devote a lot of time to him.  He takes with him, his exowners everlasting love and has made a place in their hearts that no other pet will ever fill.
Residing with another great family and new dog friend in Everett, WA

(Adopted Jan.13/04)
Marley (nka Charley)
App. 3 years old
This darling boy, has been to h**l and back, found as a stray, with a leg torn up, left unattended, pray he will not lose it, he is such a darling boy...once healthy, we can worry about his much needed grooming.
Well I couldn't stand it, so had to groom his face...just so you can see how absolutely adorable he is

Marley did not lose his leg, it has successfully healed, his shoulder has some atrophy from non use, he may always have a slight limp, but doesn't stop him from playing and living life to the fullest now.
And he will, he has Charlene and Jim, who live in Blaine, WA...I thank Charlene so much, she has adopted three of my foster babies now, and I wish there were more homes like her...Charley now lives with Peanut (nka QTip) and Suzie


(Adopted Jan. 31/04)
"Darling lil Scrabble went to the bridge almost one year after adoption, he had a hard life before finding his wonderful forever home, he had the best year of his life and is greatly missed by his wonderful home"
Scrappy (nka Scrabble)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 8-9 years old
14 lbs

I was in my cage, I was an hour from death, when I was wrapped in a blanket and shoved into this lady's arms...I felt the warmth of her arms, and saw the tear trickle down her cheek, "Hon I'll take care of you" I was so messy, my eyes, ears and skin on fire, my teeth rotting , I went to the vet, and my foster Mom left with a ton of stuff and (I did lose all my teeth but one)I feel so good now, a month of love, good food, treats, and care, I had this once before, but something happened, and I don't know how to tell her, but I show her, I wag my tail all the time, I love to meet people, love car rides, and I even love going to the vet, I just love to be anywhere you are...I love going for walks, sometimes I get a little nervous and shake when I don't understand stuff, but maybe that is long ago bad memories.....I will lay by you, wherever you are, in the shower, I will wait, by your feet on the puter, I am such a good eyes are not the best, but foster Mom, says neither are hers:-)
I will be happy as an only dog, or I can be happy with another dog, I am just so easy, just love me, that is my only request, I have a huge heart for loving, and I love my foster Mom...
This wonderful happy boy, went to such a great home in Oregon, as Joyce said Scrappy could not have found one better...two wonderful ladies, a home filled with love, to give Scrappy what he deserved the most...

(Adopted Feb.2/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
15 lbs
6 years old

I was dumped in the shelter, with fur matted to my eyes, and my body so matted and dirty.  Once my fur was finally removed, my eyes were in terrible  shape, but they are great now, but I do have dry eye, and will need drops everyday...but I am a good boy, and allow foster Mommy to do whatever she needs.  
I have a couple of requests, I am easy going, I do not want to be a VEGETARIAN, my ex people tried to make me one, and my fur lost its gleam, and if I see anything or smell anything that looks like meat, I turn myself inside out...after a couple of days of being spoiled, I eat good dry kibble now.  I am really not much trouble, watch my cues get me outside for pottying, I love to sleep cuddled in a soft doggie bed.  When you first met me, I really want to be in your lap for security, but once I know that I am taken care of, my demands are less for that, but hope you don't mind me in your lap for the first while, and hope I can continue from time to time, cause we are lap dogs after all.  My nature is gentle, my spirit  is I need my very own home, with a ton of love for me.  The cost for my eye meds, will vary, and again as Mom says, I need only the best eye meds, for 100% vision, which is tacrolimus...thanks and hope to met my new home soon..
Simon is now the constant companion to a wonderful lady, and her husband....Tina had been searching my site for months, waiting for the right baby, and Simon was the one...spoiled as a child, and happy residing in Oak Harbor, WA

(Adopted Feb.6/04)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 3-4 years old
16 lbs

Layla was at my vet (Jan. 13/04) for spaying, ear cleaning, eye testing (the fur was glued to her eye when she came here, and it is infected) so will find out if any damage has been done,  and repair of a very large hernia, once she has recuperated, she will be available.  So far I have found her to be a very delightful girl, loves her treats, does well with all the other furfriends here, appears housetrained, and I believe will be an excellent companion...more details as I know them...she is fostered with Furbaby, in Blaine, WA
*Update, Jan 15/04, Layla returned after a long day of surgery, her uterus was actually pushed up inside of her hernia, no wonder she was a little testy when her tummy was messed with.  Both of her ears were flushed and badly infected.  Her one eye that had the fur glued to it, has dry eye,, the other is infected, but normal.  At present she is on antibiotics, ear meds, and two kinds of eye medication.  Once Layla has recuperated, the only thing she will require will be daily drops in her one eye.  Normal cost will be about $20 month.  I only recommend the tacrolimus, which is given now by some vets, and all ophthalmologists, in one day, her eye already looks fabulous....
Layla will be ready for a new home, around the 29th, I will keep her here, till she is rechecked and positive her hernia surgery was successful, and everything else is back to normal. Layla is doing fabulous, she eats well, starting to play, and loves her treats, feeling so much better...and she is absolutely housetrained...she will be a delightful companion...
Layla has a wonderful new Mom and Dad, kind loving people who will spoil her to death, and this girl deserves nothing less...residing in Carnation, WA

(Adopted Feb.8/04)
Barkley (nka Miko)
Male/neutered/shots current
13.8 lbs
4 years old
*Miko crossed the bridge May 31/15 he had awesome parents, run free lil one*

I am too cute....and you will not be disappointed if you adopt children, adult home only. This absolutely wonderful boy, has a home, that I wished all my babies went to.  I know that Barkley's journey to me, was fate, I knew a wonderful couple who had just lost their beloved dog to renal failure, their pain was overwhelming,  the hole in their heart without their beloved dog was too much to bear.  I knew who would fill their heart, and I told them he is sitting here waiting for them.  They came over, and Barkley laid in their arms like a baby, and gave them kisses...yes he was meant to enter their home, and take away the pain and fill their house once again with joy and happiness...Thank you John and Eileen, and in memory of Pepe...Pepe is smiling from the bridge, knowing another life was saved, because of the love and compassion of two special people...
Residing as one spoiled little boy in Port Townsend, WA...
Barkley has been renamed Miko, in honor of my dog...a true honor indeed....

(Adopted Feb. 14/04)
Mike & Ike
3-4 years old
Neutered/shots current

Mike and Ike are wonderful little boys, but they have been tossed around a bit over the last year, so the home they go to MUST be forever, and stable. Mike is playful and likes attention, and once he gets to know you will be the first to jump in your lap. Ike is very loyal, but a bit more stand offish.  Both simply need someone to take the time to love them and be with them.  Both dogs need a bit of work on their house-training.  Mike will sometimes get up during the night and wet, both will go on newspapers if left alone all day.  
All they need is attention to training and they will learn quickly. At my house, they are already learning.  These dogs would do best in a situation where someone is home more often than not. 
These two boys have a wonderful new family, residing in Issaquah, WA


(Adopted Feb. 14/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 4 years old
14 lbs

Fisher is an absolute doll baby, he is perfectly housetrained, loves to be loved...he is not happy around big dogs, and would do best as an only dog or one of two small dogs.  He does not do well with young children.... I took Fisher to the vet, because I was convinced he had luxating patellas, since his right rear leg seemed to bend at an odd angle when he walked.  I was wrong.  The vet gave him anesthesia and checked his legs thoroughly.  He does not have luxating patellas, instead, he has decreased joint space in his metatarsal joints (those are the 5 little bones in the ankle).  It seems that at one time, Fishers left ankle was worse than his right, but his body is fusing these bones together to compensate.  The left is almost totally fused, and he walks normally on it, the right is in the process of fusing.  The vet feels that since Fisher does not seem to be bothered by it, since he is a light weight, non-athletic breed, he will be fine as long as he gets regular exercise, his weight is kept normal and at some point he is given joint supplements to stave off any arthritis.  Fisher is a very friendly dog, he is happy and loves people. 

Fisher has a wonderful new Mom and Dad, residing in Puyallup, WA

(Adopted Feb.18/04)
Virginia (Ginny)
Keep loving thoughts for this girl, yes her eye looks like that, it is a cataract, but has sight.  She will be going in soon for mammary tumor removal, spaying and dental, she is on antibiotics and special shampoo, for her horrendous staph infection...pray she will be alright.  Ginny finally had all her surgeries, and did wonderfully, and she was watched by one very special lady, who adopted her the minute she was ready...thank you Billie, Billie had just lost her darling girl Cinderella, to complications with her heart, and wanted someone to again fill their home, residing in Ellensburg, WA
PS...Ginny's tumors were NOT CANCER :-)

With deep sorrow, Ginny passed away March/07..she was such a lucky girl to have the best doggie parents ever...I am so sorry Billie

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