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Successful Shih Tzu Adoptions
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(Adopted Dec. 20/06)
Female/spayed/shots current
17 months old
11 lbs

Dear Roxy in her previous home, just got forgotten, busy work schedules, teenagers too busy with their life, so Roxy spent over 12 hours each day alone, and when people were home, they were too busy to pay attention to her.  She appears fine with other dogs, but is a tad overwhelmed sometimes, since I am sure she did not get as much socialization as a pup should.  She is reserved until she knows you better.  All in all I do see a playful imp emerging.  She does not like  young kids, since her interaction with them was negative, so an ADULT home only.

Residing in Birch Bay, WA with a great family, and Bootsie

(Adopted Jan.14/07)
Frayla (nka Daisy)
Shih Tzu/Pomeranian
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 2 years old
6 lbs

Oh be still my heart...yup you will say that when you meet this extraordinary girl...

Daisy has a wonderful new Mom, happily residing in Portland, Oregon

(Adopted Jan.28/07)
Shih Tzu/Chihuahua (Shi-Chi)
4 lbs
16 weeks old

This adorable tiny baby will win your heart, he like Obi sometimes can be shy, but as most puppies that doesn't last long, he is tiny boy, ...just a sweetheart, he would also love to have a playmate to romp with.
He is so much cuter then his pictures, black dogs are hard to take pictures of.
This baby will be available after his vetting/neutering on Jan. 22/07

Saki now lives with a Mom, Dad and beautiful Pug, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Feb.3/07)
Picasso (nka Toby)
Male neutered/shots current
9 years "young"
12 lbs

Picasso is the sweetest dog, true to ST lore.  He is crate trained and will "kennel up" right now when asked.  He likes the crate, even if it isn't his.  He is accommodating.  He loves to play with squeaky toys and pull toys.  He likes to play with other dogs his size and he lived with a rotty and Chihuahua before coming into rescue, so is used to dogs of all sizes.  He eats well.  He is not grabby or aggressive with food, he shares well with others.

Picasso loves people and will sit at your feet or side and let you pet him all day long.  There is not a thing wrong with this 9 year young dog.  He runs to greet you and is great on walks and in the car.  He is active, but not overly active.  He obviously has never been mistreated and seems very well adjusted for a dog who spent all his years with the same family, but is now uprooted.  He will tolerate young children, but has no interest in their rough play, and will walk away.  He grew up in a child care environment, so understands how to treat children (as long as the children know how to treat him).  He would fit in almost any home.  He deserves a nice home.  He is a GREAT dog.

Toby has a super Mom, and a beautiful Sheltie to romp with, residing in Poulsbo, WA

(Adopted Feb.3/07)
Shih Tzu/Chihuahua (Shi-Chi)
8 lbs
16 weeks old

This is one striking looking baby, and yes he has one blue eye, reminds me of Merle Australian Shepherd in unusual.  He is a puppy with all the puppyish you could want, he would  love to have a playmate, as all puppy do.  He can be a tiny bit shy sometimes, when a stranger meets him, but he warms up quickly, too inquisitive to hold back.
This baby will be available after his vetting/neutering on Jan. 22/07

Obi has a new Dad residing happily in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Feb.18/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
15 lbs

Kobe is a sweet loving boy who loves to be next to you or with you all of the time.  He is housebroken and will also use potty pads by the door.  He will ask to go outside when you are home.  He is crate trained and walks very well on a leash.  He loves car rides and play time.  Play, play, play!!  Kobe does not like kitties and can be protective of his owner when other dogs come around.  He may benefit from further socializing to help with that issue.  He would also do best in an adult home and perhaps older children.
Residing so very happily in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Feb.18/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
12 months old
9 lbs

Brew is your typical lil puppy, mischievous, fun loving, exuberant and loving.  He is very barky and unsure when new people come into the home, but he warms up pretty quickly.  He loves to play with toys, loves to lay on his back and have his tummy rubbed, falls asleep in your arms..he loves to be loved.  He likes car rides, walks, playing with other dogs.  He will kennel up, if you tell him to (not real happy but he does it).  He needs more one one one with potty training.
This boy is a keeper, and cute as cute can be.  A small boy, who won't get any bigger (course wider is up to you).  He is being treated for an ear infection at present.  My thoughts are also he tends to be an allergy dog, not exhibiting any real problems now, but ones that can be prevented with proper allergy food, which he is on now.

Brewster has a wonderful new Mom, residing in Sedro Woolley, WA

(Adopted Feb.24/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 5 years old?
14 lbs
*this darling boy passed to the bridge from congestive heart failure Feb.24/17*

I enjoy this lil boy, he has spunk.  He is a real lover, greets everyone with a tail wag, happy happy boy...loves to play with people.  He is such a character.  He had me concerned when he first arrived, he would growl if you moved him, or to another person if in your lap, but I found out, it is his personality, he never does anything but wag his tail...and stare at you with his lil tongue hanging out (which is pretty much all the time)..he has a zest and a love for life.  I adore ST with big personalities, individuals, that have all the love of a ST, but have unique endearing qualities, that just makes you adore them.

This boy is adding such joy to his new Mom's life, and she is spoiling him, as he deserves, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Feb.25/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
15 lbs

Gadget is a darling young fellow who has lost his home because his previous owners worked too many hours away from home.  He is quite a character and has lots of energy.  He loves to sit on laps, go for walks, play and go for car rides.  Gadget gets along wonderfully with people and other dogs, but he does not like kitties.  He would also probably do well playing with older children.  He is crate trained and we are currently working on housebreaking reminders.  Gadget would love his spot on the sofa to watch movies with you, a good play romp and his own forever human to bond with.  Forever and ever!  He bonds quickly and loves to give kisses.
Gadget has a great new Mom and Dad, residing in New Westminster, B.C. Canada

(Adopted March 12/07)
Male/neutered, shots current
4 years old
16 lbs
*sadly this adorable boy passed from Cancer Nov.29/16*

Muttley is a most handsome fellow who has found himself in rescue because of his issues with small children.  He is terrified of them and will run and hide when they come near.  With adults he is one of the most loving dogs you could ever ask for and he bonds very quickly.  He will require a home with no children and if children come to visit, he will need to be crated.  He does crate very well so that is not a problem.  Muttley loves to play, go for walks and car rides.  He can bounce waist high when he's excited to see you!  But mostly though, Muttley wishes to be near his human as much as possible.  He does very well with other dogs, but does bark at kitties.  We are currently working on housebreaking reminders.  If you are seeking a fuzzy snuggle bug, Muttley is your man!

Muttley is a happy boy now, with his wonderful family, residing in Sammamish, WA




(Adopted March/07)
Males neutered/shots current/microchipped
18 and 20 lbs
2 years old

Two Wild and Crazzzy Guys!

These boisterous boys will certainly keep your home and hearth hopping! Two brothers, bonded and bouncy, must remain together in their new home. Polar and Forrest are active youngsters, full of fun loving high jinx and almost constant activity. They thoroughly enjoy each other's company and get along well with other small dogs. Both love meeting people and want to please everyone.

They learned quickly to use the doggy door and now have no indoor mishaps. A well fenced yard is required, as these guys will get involved in play and go wherever it leads. They LOVE toys, pull ropes, healthy chews and whirlwind chases. A home that is dedicated to working with further basic training of each dog is HIGHLY recommended, to reinforce good behavior and to further develop their separate personalities. Otherwise they can outsmart us two leggeds, as if they are saying "I didn't do it, HE did it!" And get away with whatever mischief they were up to, while we stand there scratching our heads. The boys do have some food sensitive's, so a low allergy diet is necessary to ensure their good health as well as attention paid to their big brown eyes so they stay in tip top condition.  

Polar and Forrest can make a bit of a din, giving complaint to being left alone when they don't want to be, by barking and yowling, though they do settle down. A home that can withstand some ruckus and noise would be best for them, so think more than twice if you are in a close living situation like an apartment or townhouse. Everyone wants their pets to be a positive experience for themselves and their neighbors, we hope!

You will have to look far and wide for two sweeter dogs with absolutely cream puff dispositions destined to be cuddle bugs extraordinaire. Polar and Forrest LOVE to be loved and are ready to find their special furever home. 

These two boys, have a wonderful home in Everett, WA

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