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(Adopted Jan.6/05)
Libby & Louie
Female & Male
Spayed/neutered/shots current

Libby and Louie were rescued from the Tacoma Pierce County Humane Society. They were not spayed or neutered and filthy dirty and clearly not taken care of. Chances are they were back yard puppy mill dogs.  They were found on the same area as strays, but it is unknown if they lived together. They will only be adopted together because they have come to love, comfort and depend on one another. They are NOT house broken. It is going to take time and patience to teach them. They have come such a long way from when I picked them up off that concrete floor. They are little angels. They are quite and mellow and silly . They love to sleep in the bed with you, they love their doggie beds, they love their treats, and they will sit on your lap or just lie in the kitchen and watch you. Libby has dry eye and will require drops the rest of her life. They both will need professional grooming. I have just fallen in love with these dogs and if I did not have 4 of my own already I would keep them in a heartbeat. They have brought so much happiness into my life for the short time I have had them. They have been spayed and neutered and had there shots and mircro chipped.  These babies have now started a new and happy life, residing in Seabeck, WA.

Moo Shoo
(ADOPTED Feb. 5/05)

Meet Moo Shoo.  Moo Shoo turned 6 years old on January 5th.  Unfortunately it has been a bad birthday for Moo Shoo as he found himself infested with fleas, severely matted and without a home.
  Moo Shoo is a very loving boy.  he adores being pampered, petted and laying beside his person.  He is doing wonderful with his fellow dogs and gets excited when he hears a dog coming (more playtime for him!!!).  The family cat walked by him and he didn't even bat an eye.  Doing well with the kids in the family, is housebroken and let his foster mom take a delicious chewie away from him without a growl!
This little boy is just a doll.  He seems too good to be true and you may be wondering why anyone would ever give this precious guy up.   Well turns out  our little Moo Shoo suffers from separation anxiety.  He dislikes being left alone and wants to be by your side, or able to see you, most of the time.  if he falls asleep on the couch, you walk out of the room and he wakes up he will howl.  Due to this we are looking for a person that is home most of the time or is willing to let Moo Shoo tag along with them.  He loves riding in the car and is a very social little guy.  Moo shoo would love to live with another small doggie friend, and can not live in an apartment setting.
Moo Shoo went to a great new home in Seattle, WA 

(Adopted Jan.29/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 5 years old
13 lbs

Yes I know you all saw a different picture before, (but it did not do me justice, I am too cute) and I was fostered in Issaquah, but I moved to foster care with Furbaby in Birch Bay, WA.  I am the delight of this home, I am endearing, sweet and loving.  I am initially shy, but it really depends on who I meet, it doesn't seem to matter men or women, some I run up to, asking for love, others I stand back, and wonder about you, but I come around.  I really don't understand, but I was crated so much, and I get upset being crated, and I must have been left LONG hours, cause I wore some of my teeth down sitting in the believe me, there are NO crates for me...I have perfect housemanners, am not destructive, so there is NO reason to stick me in one in the house...I am gentle, kind and a good little boy, I would do better if I had a doggie friend, to hang with, if you worked or needed to leave me for a time...if not, I guess I will be ok..but I think I feel more secure if there is a doggie friend around...I am such a good boy, I do like to explore, so a fenced yard is a must, or if you live in an apartment, where I am always taken out on a leash will work also...
I have only lived with adults, so no children please...I am a sweetheart, and I am looking for a great home, which I know I will you just need to find me...I love to cuddle with you on the couch, and I would prefer a place on your bed...

Stanley is such a lucky fellow, two such caring parents, that I just loved..who will always be there for this boy.  Happily residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted Feb.9/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old (almost 4)

Stu is truly a happy go lucky puppy even though he is almost 4yrs old. He bounces, plays and runs about like a youngster, amazed and excited by so many things but willing to be quiet and snooze if its time to do so. Silly, playful, bright- eager eyes and a big smile are his norm. He is one of the sweetest furbabies.

Stu lived with a person that was not familiar with the care and grooming needs of Shih Tzu and surrendered because he needed more care than the average short haired dog. He was badly matted, covered with dozens and dozens of flea bites. Now Stu has food and flea bite allergies that will need lifelong consideration and care. At this time, he gets medicated baths several times a week, an anti-itch spray to settle his skin and is responding wonderfully. BUT he will need to be on a high quality food and special attention paid to his skin and grooming from now on so he stays the gorgeous boy he is developing into. It will cost just a bit more than the "average" dog to keep Stu in tip top shape but the extra investment will give you an incredible canine friend, with looks and personality that are near priceless.

Stu is tolerant of cats, gets along with other small dogs (especially if they like to play!), does well with teenagers and people he meets in general. He is crate trained, housetrained, and learning to use a doggy door as well. He'd LOVE to have a friendly small doggy companion to play with and a home that loves and treasures him like he should be. Microchipped, UTD on vaccinations. His tail rarely stops wagging!  This darling boy, made it in heaven, now the brother to another of our rescues, Sherman, and his wonderful Mom, Lianne...thank you for giving another baby a great home.  Residing happily in Bellevue, WA

(Adopted Feb. 22/05)
3-4 years old
10 lbs

I can't tell you a lot about myself yet, I am one of 38 dogs, that hitched a ride from a shelter in CA...all of us, have been sick, horrible kennel cough...I am fine now with that, but found one of my salivary glands is infected, so I am on a big dose of antibiotics, and Mr. Vet held off giving me any shots yet, till my bloodwork is retested, and they are positive I am 100%.  I am 10 lbs, but I am skinny (as all the dogs were that came from that place)...I need another couple of lbs, which with good food, and TLC that will come on easily enough.  I love to cuddle on the couch, your lap, prance when I see you...but my foster Mom knows I am not feeling totally well yet.  Right now, I would like for you to apply for an application, but I will not be ready for a new home, till foster Mom is absolutely confident I am ready.  I light up when I see my Foster Daddy, but I am very happy with Moms far I have not tried to play with the other dogs here..but maybe I am not feeling totally secure yet...I have good housemanners... Bry got her health back and turned into a sweet endearing lil pistol, that you could not have adored more...she is being so spoiled by her new Daddy Jim, residing in Mt. Vernon, WA

(Adopted Mar.1/05)
Bailey & Baxter
Bailey(female) 15 lbs Baxter (male) 17 lbs
Both altered/shots current
3 years old

Have you ever wanted twins? This happy, playful pair does everything together. When they are fed they both eat out of the same bowl; first Baileys bowl, then they go to Baxter’s bowl. When they chase the ball, Bailey gets the ball (she is the leader, after all) and Baxter grabs Bailey’s tail so she pulls him back with her. If you are petting Baxter, Bailey nibbles at your hand until you pet her too.

Bailey and Baxter have been together since they were born. They belonged to a military family but they did not do very well when their dad had to leave for duty on his ship for weeks at a time and now that mom is pregnant she has less time for them too. The family felt they would do better in a home that had a more settled schedule and more time for them. Do you have room in your heart for these two?
Sometimes we wonder why certain dogs stay in rescue, a little longer, but with these two, the answer became clear.  A wonderful young man had adopted Riley.  These two had a wonderful life, but it was cut short when Riley was diagnosed with kidney failure, and passed to the bridge too soon.  This man, was so devastated from this loss, he was not ready to adopt again, but he kept seeing these babies, and was so drawn to them, and they now joined his life, and the tears he shed for Riley, are replaced with joy of watching these two imps..thank you Kevin and family for being so wonderful, and bringing these babies into your circle of love.

(Adopted Mar.2/05)
Louie & Enu
Shih Tzu and Pug
Males/neutered/shots current
6 & 9 years old
12 & 23 lbs
*sadly Enu went to the bridge in 09*
*Louie passed to the bridge in 2015 he was 17*

"The Odd Couple"

Hi, let us introduce ourselves, our names are Louie and Enu...we are ADORABLE...easy going, fun loving, good natured, housetrained, sweet, endearing, cuddly, playful, we like and love anyone who likes or loves us...our personalities are bigger than life...we are great, Louie just gets better & better, and Enu, just gets you want a couple of sweethearts, well stop reading, and get your application in...we have no faults, the fault we had, was being owned by a family who had a baby, and said "no time for us"...we gave them our love, our soul, and we promised to always be there for them, but they were not there for you have time for us, because we would love to crawl into your arms and heart....just give us the chance...
These two wonderful babies, have a great Mom, who wanted to take them everywhere with her, travel, and enjoy everyone, well these two fit that description to a tee...happily residing in Blaine, WA

(Adopted Mar. 6/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
3-4 years old
11 lbs

Darling Baylee found his perfect Mom and Dad quickly, such an endearing lil soul, residing happily in Kirkland, WA

(Adopted April 2/05)
Choi (nka Jake)
Male neutered/shots current
18 months old
14 lbs.
*darling Jake passed away from bladder cancer 2015*

This precious lil soul, was left all the time in a crate, he laid in his own urine and feces.  His coat was so discolored from laying in this filth, and when he was allowed out, he was taunted and teased.  The people who owned this dog, should live this kind of existence.  Warnings were put on their file, "never allow these people to ever have a dog"..finally Choi did the smart thing, and nipped at the hands that came down to hurt him, and the people dumped him in the shelter...well this boy, will never fear for anything again, he found a wonderful couple, who cherish him, and now give him the life he deserves, so he can play, romp and be free...residing in Puyallup, WA


(Adopted April 4/05)

Shih Tzu
/ Poodle 
Male/neutered/shots current
12 lbs
11 inches
1 year


This boy is working on his housebreaking and doing pretty good but needs his training continued to become an incredible doggy friend. He'd love a home where someone was home at least part time to help him learn his manners and to play as well. Pippin is an affectionate little guy, full of fun and silly as can be, yes he's a real Pip! He loves to play with other dogs his size and has energy to spare. Pippin learned his name in one day, he's very smart! A happy, loving boy who greets everyone with a tail wag and bright eyed smile. He was another great dog that was overlooked in a shelter due to his pregroomed messy looks and need for some basic housemanners.
Pippin has a wonderful family residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted April '05)
App. 8 years old

Sheba never did go up for adoption, she went into foster care with a great lady residing in Stanwood, WA and stayed as a forever baby...Thank you Paula for loving this lil girl.


(Adopted April 29/05)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
10 lbs

I know I look terrible right now, and here is my story.  My owner died awhile ago, and I was given to a family.  By accident my head got slammed into the car door, and my eye popped out.  I was taken to Animal Critical Care, but my new family could not pay to take care of my eye, and asked that I be put down.  The vet there would not hear of it, so she reattached my eye, and called Furbaby Rescue.  Shortly after coming here, my eye looked bad, so my foster Mom rushed me to her vet, and he opened up my eye, and found that my cornea was a mess, and the eye can not be saved...I went home with antibiotics and waited for a couple of days, and than my eye was removed.  I have been in pain, but I am getting better.  My foster Mom is worried about my remaining eye, so I am going to visit an ophthalmologist.  I will not be available for a couple of weeks, till my eye is healed, and the stitches are out. Now let me tell you a bit about my personality, I am the sweetest girl that God created...I have one agenda, I want your lap, I will seek it out, no couch, dogs or anyone will get in my way, to find myself cuddled deeply next to you...I am the most endearing lil girl, if you meet me, you will not be able to put me down, you will fall in love.  I put spells on anyone who walks into my home, oh yes they feel sorry for me, but it is more than that, I make you want to take care of me, and hold me...and I will cover you with kisses...I will follow you everywhere...once I get this stupid cone off my head, stitches out, feeling better...I will be one of the most awesome lil companions you will ever want to meet...
Mandy Mae is being fostered in Blaine, WA..she will be available around the week of April 25th..she also has ear infections, and her skin is not in great condition, but all of these are getting better...wherever she lived before, even prior to the eye damage, this girl WAS NOT very well taken care of...

I am ready now, I went and visited the ophthalmologist, and my good eye needs ointment 2 x is doing great, nice, and clear, with my vision back.  My other eye, has healed good (you can see a lil red lump left, but that is almost all cleared up too) ears are not infected anymore, and my skin looks wonderful...I am ready for my new forever home, I am so loving, and if you love redheads, you will love me..what you cannot see in the picture is the beautiful red color my coat is..I just keep getting prettier everyday.
Mandy now has a wonderful Mom, who will spoil her, like she deserves, residing in Birch Bay, WA

(Adopted June 15/05)
Mocha (nka Maggie)
Shih Tzu/Maltese
Female (spay date June 13/05)
6 lbs
6 Months

I am the sweetest lil baby girl, I will cover you with kisses, want to be in your lap, and want to be a happy happy puppy...I do need more consistency to help me with housetraining, but if you have the time..I will be your everlasting best friend.  I will love you and promise to devote myself to you. 
Maggie got that wonderful home with a loving couple residing in Anacortes, WA 

(Adopted June 13/05)
* August 23/06: Sweetie passed away at 8:15 pm in her owners arms, she is so missed"
Sweetie had a heart condition that took her much too soon.
Female/spayed/shots current
7.5 lbs
8" tall
9-10 years

Sweetie is a quiet girl, who just wants to enjoy the years ahead with someone who knows the joy of a senior dog. No one knew her original name, but we soon knew what she would be called now - everyone who held her for a minute or two wound up saying the same thing "What a sweetie she is!" So she gained her name by just being herself.

Sweetie was almost starved to death, whether by accident or on purpose, we don't know. She weighed only 5 1/2 pounds when she came to us as a foster, so weak from hunger she would lurch and almost fall over when walking. Since her weight was so dangerously low, Sweetie was immediately started on 6 to 8 small meals a day with a nutritional high calorie supplement. Her teeth were horribly crusted thick with tartar, gums red and swollen with infection, so she was given antibiotics to lessen these infections before returning for needed surgery and extractions.

Poor Sweetie had to have 5 different surgical procedures, once she gained sufficent weight and strength, after about two weeks in foster. She had an umbilical hernia repaired, was spayed, had a small tumor removed, and a number of teeth extracted. The bone forming the joint in the middle of her lower jaw was weakened from neglect - from years without good dental care. It was sutured together to keep the jaw stable when she ate. Sweetie's veterinary bills have topped $500, but who could turn away from that bright eyed little face and not do what was needed to give her every opportunity for years more health and life? We couldn't.

She came thru the multiple surgeries well, her heart as strong as her will to live. Almost weighing 8 pounds now, she is a VERY good eater. Sweetie still prefers dry kibble to most softened food but LOVES canned Duck and Potato. We just hope she doesn't turn into a butterball begging treats or trying to talk you into an extra meal! Sweetie loves to sleep in her soft nestlike bed most of the day, she absolutely delights in being lifted up to a bed or couch to cuddle by your feet as you watch TV or read. She comes up to check on you now and then with a nuzzle and a tiny kiss, then goes to make a nest in the covers and snooze a while longer. Sweetie prefers to go to sleep at night with a light on. She looks around a few minutes, then stares at the light a few more minutes, turns around a few times and goes to sleep with a gentle sigh.

She tolerates other small dogs but would rather spend her time with people or napping. She walks politely on a leash (but doesn't like long walks), rides in a car comfortably. She takes herself out the doggy door when she needs to go potty or dances around to let you know when she has to go. She is well behaved during baths and general grooming. Sweetie must have her face kept clean and groomed since her face is very flat, her facial hair will grow, irritate and damage her eyes if not trimmed frequently. Her hearing and vision are good for her age, when she gets excited about food or going outside, she bounces and runs like a youngster!

This is a wonderful gal that just needs a caring home for her retirement years. With her bright eyed look and the tip of her tongue showing, how can anyone resist this little Sweetie Pie?

Sweetie has a fabulous new home in Tacoma, WA


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