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(Adopted Sept.30/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
15 years "young"
15 lbs
*sweet Lily passed to the bridge March/14, from old age related illness*

滴ello.  Today is my first day in Washington and I must say I am feeling very welcomed.  People, dogs, cats, and weather have all been great.

First thing is I want you to know that I think someone has made a BIG mistake in putting my age at 15 because I am more agile and active than the 8 year olds I知 bunking in with. 

My human family is no longer able to care for me.  My mom is ill and the rest of the family have challenges of their own and rather than euthanizing me they tried very hard to find a good situation for me because I have a lot of life and love left to give.

There is a new program in Portland which is organized and run by social workers; who really care about their patients and their pets and that is how I came to come into Furbaby Rescue. 

If you believe that I知 15 then you know I probably only have 3 years left.  I don稚 understand how I can feel so great and then somehow magically in just those few years start to fade but that痴 what they tell me.  So I am looking for the most special of all adopters.  I am looking for someone who wants to give me a good life for as long as I get to have one. 

I知 told that I have an auto immune disease but lots of people have those these days and it doesn稚 seem to affect anything about me except that I have little red feet from licking them.  I see a lot of white dogs with the same thing.  I知 really loving being in a big place with room to run and I bet my feet will start looking whiter soon.  I知 sharing a room with a 5 year old Westie whose feet look worse than mine.  I知 not supposed to have vaccinations either.  We don稚 know what the name of my disease is ; the records have been purged from the clinic where I was last seen.  So we will start over sleuthing. 

I知 easy, I知 quiet, I知 happy to do whatever you feel like doing with me.  I can be left alone, I like to be in the car, I知 great on a walk, I like other dogs.  I知 not sure what else I can tell you about myself. 

Update:  Hi everyone!  Just wanted to let you all know that I am back living the life my mom would have wanted for me.  I知 with a terrific, compassionate, loving, and super fun lady who adores me.  I already have a friend in the neighborhoodhe痴 a bigger dog but loves to play and so do I!  I知 being 澱abysat by this fantastic woman so I have a home with her .  I haven稚 asked her yet but maybe forever?  I better wait and see what she thinks of me after she痴 had me around  for awhile.  You know what they say about houseguests.  Just like fish they go bad in a few days.  But I知 a Lily, fresh and fragrant so I知 hoping she will want me around as a companion and friend. 

Living with a wonderful woman who dotes on her:-)

(Adopted Sept.28/12)
Butterscotch (nka Pixie)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
12 lbs
"Sweet Pixie lost her life to cancer Oct.19/16"

This little girl痴 name is lost to all and though the shelter slapped 鼎urly on her kennel, we didn稚 think she was very curly and when still dirty, matted, and overgrown, looked a little butterscotch so her foster home decided just to call her Butterscotch.  She does not answer to it so any new adopter can feel free to rename her whatever they think she should be.

This little girl was just dumped by the curb and we have no idea why.  She is such a nice dog that we expect she lived with someone who moved away was left homeless and someone turned her in to remove her from the home.

She had not been groomed recently though it looked like she had probably only missed three or four grooming.

She jumped for joy when she got harnessed up and sprung from 鍍he joint.  She leapt into the back seat of the car and settled down.  She was sure ready and confident enough that the foster mom was 都afe.

Butterscotch got right into the veterinarian for blood work, a physical, and the works.  She is in perfect health from all reports.  She had severe dental disease which was surprising for a 4 year old and had 13 teeth removed.  She was sweet and kind when her mouth and head hurt.  She was sweet and gentle when her gums were sore from all of that pulling and cleaning.  She was filled with joy and gratitude when she came 塗ome. 

She had a nice day at the salon and got cleaned up and trimmed.  She is looking a little choppy at this point because evening her hair was a challenge.  She already looks like a lovely little Lhasa and in another 3 months her coat should be gorgeous.  She痴 a beautiful color.

Since she doesn稚 yet know her name she needs to be looked at for direction and when I look at her to tell her she doesn稚 need to bark  at the intruder at the door, she stops.

She loves car rides, loves walks, she gets along with so many other dogs, though we would not want her pushed around by a serious alpha female.  She does not like a crate, she wants to be with you, she appears to be potty trained and is starting to use pee pads.  We don稚 know her cues for potty.  It痴 all new for us and for her and these things take time but so far no accidents in the house that we have seen and that is remarkable.

This little girl is aching for a new home.  She must have been loved at one time because she shows us nothing but gentle kindness.  She is camera shy and we apologize for the lack of clear pictures.  The picture of her rolling in the grass says it all 的知 free, I知 cared for, I知 happy.wheeeee.

Great couple for this precious girl, residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted Feb.14/13)

Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old (4 in March B.D. 3/12/09)
26 lbs

I know, I know, my nose is crooked but at least I didn't get it by sticking my nose in other people's business. Quite the contrary, I was the perfect dog in a perfect home and then that little bit of life happened where a baby arrived in the home and a new baby and a small dog just didn't quite work for that family. Thus my nose is bent. OK - small exaggeration there. I confess. Back to my first family.  They had always given me the best of care and when they realized it just wasn't going to work with a new baby and a dog they asked Furbaby Rescue to find me a new home so I could be in a home where I was the baby. Well, actually I'd prefer to be thought of as a big boy like my name indicates. sophisticated, so grown up and deserving. And don't be offended if Furbaby Rescue says I can't go to a home with small children. It's their policy and also it's a "been there, done that" scenario for me.  I want to be spoiled rotten. 

In addition to my great coloring, I am perfectly potty trained. Did you read that word right? P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y potty trained. Just show me where you want me to do it and consider it done especially if you happen to have a doggie door which I know how to use quite well. (Am I good enough to be considered by you yet?) If you need more information to prove I'm a really good choice, keep reading. I really like sleeping next to my human and once I'm snuggled in I'd really prefer to not be moved. Let's see what else can I add to this. Oh yes, I like taking walks and riding in the car. I would like it if you'd use a doggie seat or crate so I'm safe though. While I'd prefer to always be with you I could be left home alone for reasonable amounts of time.

And finally, I'm at that perfect age of nearly four years old. I beyond the puppy accidents and the puppy nuisance behaviors but I've retained the puppy spunk and have many years ahead of me.....I mean a lot of years ahead of US!! Do you want to be the other person that turns me into a "we" again? I'll have lots of puppy kisses for that person. 

Frankie has a great home, residing in Delta, B.C. Canada

(Adopted June 7/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
19 lbs

Are you surprised that there's FINALLY a Lhasa available for adoption at Furbaby Rescue? It's been  long while, hasn't it. We are few and far between and even more so to get one as perfect as I am. My transitional foster mom reports that I am trustworthy, easy, pretty predictable, and that I just want to make people happy. She called me an angel. *blush* 

I have lived in a variety of homes and living situations in a short time and while it痴 been very confusing, I致e handled it all well so no psychiatrists are needed for me.  My last home didn稚 have any time for me and they knew I needed to get into Furbaby Rescue.  Don't tell anyone but they thought I was a Shih Tzu but the head foster mom knew right away that I was all Lhasa.  I hope that痴 a good thing because I love who I am. More reinforcement that I don't need a shrink. I'm just all around OK - better than OK, in fact. 

I知 an easy going, lovable, cuddly, friendly, sweetheart of a fellow.    I am saying my doggy prayers that I might have a home with some stability and security.  I would love to have another dog to play with.  I want to be able to get outside and frolic on the grass, feel the sun on my skin, and let the breeze fluff up my lustrous Lhasa coat.

If you aren't frantically looking for the link where you can apply for me, something is amiss. If you still have questions about me, although I can't imagine what they'd be, feel free to contact Furbaby at the link below and ask anything you'd like. 

Mr. Murphy here...signing off...until we meet in person. 

Happily residing in Bellingham, WA with very caring new Mom and Dad

Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old
17 lbs

Lindsay was adopted from the shelter and returned for chasing the cat.  She came into our rescue, and she is just the sweetest girl ever.  She was immediately adopted by the foster homes neighbor, who was looking for just the right lil girl to enter their family.

Happily residing in Tenino, WA


(Adopted Aug.4/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
15 lbs

Hmmmwellmy foster Mommy says that I have to write up my profile, so here it goes!  My name is Ricky and I am 6 years old.  I am a Lhasa Apso and I have big feet.  As you can see from my pictures, I am tremendously handsome and I am a lover extraordinaire.  I will follow you all over the place, snuggle with you on the couch (even put my head on your lap), sleep in the bed (I love to sleep in the bed!) and be your best friend forever.  BFF.  Yep, that痴 what I知 looking for!  If you like my pictures and my well written profile, please email  After that, you can call me and we can set up a date!

Notes from my foster Mommy:  I love, love, love, love, love Ricky the Lhasa!  He is extraordinary.  This perfect Lhasa will need to be matched with the perfect person or couple!  Ricky needs to go to an 殿dult only home where he will be an only dog.  Absolutely no exceptions since he doesn稚 like to share his guardian human!  Who could blame him? 

Ricky has it all.  Not only is he Mr. Adorable but he is also Mr. Personality with just the right amount of Lhasa-tude!  Whenever I take Ricky out, everyone always comments on how handsome and well behaved he is.  He is a gentleman in public places and he is such a sweetheart!  Ricky has a great personality and just wants to love and be loved.  In my eyes, he is absolute doggy perfection! 

Adult Home Only
Dog Experienced Home
No other dogs
Not suited for an apartment


Ricky has a awesome new home, now residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted Aug.16/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
21 lbs

*Pudie left us way too soon, he passed late 2013*

Pudie is on an adventure.  He is looking for a new family.  He had a family and was an unwilling victim of divorce and discontent in his family and he ended up living in a crate most of the time.  His caregiver knew that this was not right and let Pudie come to Furbaby Rescue while a new home was found.

Like all furbabies, Pudie had a veterinary exam and checked out with high marks.  Even his full blood panel was incredible.  Nothing stirring behind the scenes with this fellow.  He did need his teeth cleaned (who doesn稚, really?) and some vaccinations but that痴 it.  He didn稚 even need a groom.

Pudie has been loved and you can see this in his face, eyes, and his adoring and trusting personality. 

We have NO idea where his name came from or what it means.  There is a cartoon of a car named Pewdiepie and perhaps there was a child in Pudie痴 past.  (Readers please correct us on this if you are more current with the cartoon world.) 

Like all dogs, though, his name is part of his identity.  We don稚 always get dogs whose names we DO know, so are happy to know this one痴.

Pudie is a lover but don稚 be under the impression that he痴 a push over.  He痴 a LHASA, remember.  He痴 smart, he痴 got his own ideas about some things, and he is a wonderful presence in the household.  He痴 not too thrilled with having his 菟resence messed with too much.  Grooming and vetting should be quick to his way of thinking and not long drawn out affairs.    He is also dignified and quite considerate of others.  Pudie is polite and has wonderful manners.  He is a good boy and a good dog and will make you a wonderful companion.

After two failed adoptions, Pudie made it clear, he loved his foster Dad, so they decided to stay together:-)
Happily residing in Kirkland, WA


(Adopted Oct.16/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
25 lbs

Freddie is a sweet sweet sweet Lhasa fellow who missed class the day they taught 斗hasa tude because he doesn稚 have any of it nor is he aware that it exists.  He is quite handsome and a sturdy fellow.  He is not a delicately framed Lhasa.  He痴 much more of the old fashioned style Lhasa. 

He is a mellow, low riding, sweetheart.  His main focus in life is a human companion.  He gets along fine with other dogs but doesn稚 care whether he has a canine companion or not.  He wants to sit on your lap, go on walks, help you in the garden, watch TV, he even enjoys spinning bunny fur with his foster mom.  That痴 a little boring for a dog but he痴 content to watch it anyway.

His owner loves him dearly but the family decided it was in Freddie痴 best interest to be re-homed to a younger family.  His owner is a bit wobbly on her feet now and can no longer walk Freddie which he needs.  He has been using the adjacent deck for pottying .  In his foster home he keeps looking for 鍍he deck but voids just fine outside on a walk or in the yard.  However, he was starting to have issues with peeing in the house.  Keeping him in belly bands will help this until he gets used to being on a regular walking and going outside schedule again. 

He was initially walked regularly, was house trained, and a dream dog.  It then fell to him to go outside on the deck and he spent the rest of the day in his owner痴 lap, which he enjoyed very much.  He痴 a bit larger than the average lap dog but they made it work.  A family member has been walking him 3 times a day when she can make the time. 

Freddie痴 medical history, albeit a short one, is a bit spotty so we decided we had best start at the beginning.  He is in good health overall but needs to have his teeth cleaned which we are now going to be taking care of.  Additionally, it appears that he has a heart murmur which may be a  4 out of 6.  Sometimes there is reason to believe that a full cardio workup is necessary in order to safely put a dog with a higher grade heart murmur  under anesthesia for a full dental including X-rays, but there is no such concern with Freddie.  The dental schedule at our clinic is packed but we are hoping to work him in on Tuesday September 24th.  Since his dental grade is a 2 out of a 4 we are not expecting a lot of extractions just cleaning and flushing out any bacteria.  It should be very straight forward and he should be able to come home that evening.  Please feel free to check in on his progress.

Freddie is very gentle and unassuming but he is pining for a human to call his own.  Can you hear him calling for you?

(Adopted Nov.7/13)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
19 lbs

I usually manage to create a really cute, get your attention story for dogs going up on this site. However, this time as I read the information my heart ached. I didn't think it could ache anymore until I saw Lizzie's eyes . Her sweet soul and current broken heart is so evident in those eyes. This sweet dog needs an extra kind soul to look beyond the bad haircut and help heal a broken heart from losing her first human. 

Lizzie's former owner (Mom) had a stroke. A family member attempted to take Lizzie in and keep her but due to other responsibilities in the family, that just didn't work out. Lizzie was loved so very much by her "mom" that she had home cooked meals but she is being transitioned to a good quality kibble. Her long overdue dental work has been brought up to date and she's recovering from that at present. 

Lizzie is perfectly house trained and uses a doggy door. Lhasa's do take change hard sometimes and Lizzie is no exception but she has moved towards playing with toys, sitting on laps, giving kisses and being happy again. She does well with other dogs and can take them or leave them. She accepts men and women both but her heartache of losing her first mom is still reflected in how she clings to you for life, wrapping her paws around you if you pick her up. Lizzie seems willing to sleep on the floor, on a doggy bed or on the bed with you. She's definitely not demanding. 

We truly believe that once acclimated to her new home and with a little extra cuddling and reassuring that Lizzie could be the prefect little Lhasa girl. 

Darling Lizzie got the best home ever, doting family, and in memory of Wishbone, residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada


(Adopted March 28/14)
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old
16 lbs

*Wonderful Roxy passed to the bridge from renal failure Nov.6/15*

Hi Everyone! 

My name is Roxy and my foster Mommy says that I am a fancy little Lhasa Apso girl!  She also says that I am a show stopper and a stunning blonde!  Wow!  Those are really nice things to say and I am sooooo flattered!  My entire history is unknown to my foster Mom, but she knows that I didn稚 originally come from a nice place預nd I sure didn稚.  Along my journey into wellness, Furbaby Rescue found out that my jaw had once been broken and that I had probably been kicked around some.  My foster Mommy promised me that this will never happen again because my forever home will have guardians who are as sweet and kind to me as I am to them!   I am a very good girl all the time!  I even know how to tell my guardian what I need and what I want!  I知 very smart!  I will be looking for a home that has a fenced in back yard would where I can frolic, play and lie in the sunshine!  I would probably not do very well in an apartment or condo because of the outside noises.  I am house trained and I love to sleep in the bed with my human!  As my foster Mom writes this, I am sitting right next to her and I am cozy and content! 

There are a lot of dogs in my foster Mom痴 house right now because there are so many dogs in need.  I am doing very well in this environment, but I long for a little more peace and quiet.  I would do best in a quiet household and I would really, really love to be the only doggie where I can be doted on like the princess of a girl that I am! 

Please keep in mind that I am a Lhasa girl which is quite different from a Shih Tzu girl.  Lhasa痴 are more headstrong and sassy than Shih Tzu痴 please don稚 get us confused! 

I can稚 wait for my foster Mommy to tell me all about my prospective new guardians, so please send in your application for me as soon as you can!

With love and licks,


Residing in Sequim, WA and in memory of Poochie.


(Adopted June 14/2014)
3 years old

Lily quickly was adopted to the BEST home ever...happily residing on Camano Island, WA


(Adopted Oct.7/14)
Koko and Penny
Male & Female/altered/shots current
8 years old
16 lbs

We can make you smile as you learn about these two incredible Lhasa Apso dogs who must be adopted together. As you read more, you値l understand why. 

You will smile when you quickly learn that KoKo and Penny listen to you when they are called. Talk about quiet and easy going or they are until you come home and they are ecstatic to see you. Don稚 we all like to be greeted and made to feel that we池e sure glad we came home? KoKo and Penny will surely accomplish that feat for you. Reports are that both dogs are good in the car. There痴 another smile on your face. They like walks and at night they sleep quietly in their crate.together because they want to be together. No sharing your bed. KoKo and Penny simply ask that their crate be large enough for them to stretch out together and snooze. Did you just find yourself smiling again about these two stunning red and white Lhasa? 

KoKo and Penny are gentle, happy dogs, great with other dogs, and will fill your life with smiles and joy. Both dogs love being near you but have no problems going off and snoozing elsewhere as long as they know where you are. 

In the foster home it has been learned that the house training habits are just fine. Both dogs love the fenced yard and roaming freely about the grass. They値l go outside to take care of personal needs and then seem to be fascinated with rolling around in the yard. Are you smiling again? Are imagining yourself owning these two great dogs and perhaps romping in your yard with them? We would hope for a fenced yard for these two deserving Furbabies. 

KoKo and Penny originally lost their home because the Mom became ill and they haven稚 had much stability since. The foster mom who is very experienced with dogs, believes that these two will adjust quickly to the person who smiles at them and asks 展ould you be willing to come home with me for the rest of our lives? Be prepared to see two very cute smiling faces looking back at you. If you don稚 believe dogs can smile - just wait until you meet KoKo and Penny. 

If you have more questions just click on the link and ask whatever you wish. ONE CAUTION!!! Once you meet Koko and Penny, be prepared to not be able to wipe the smile from your face. 


These two precious souls have a wonderful new life, residing in Mill Creek, WA

(Adopted Dec.7/14)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
14 lbs

Molly is a lucky girl, former adopters learned about her, and home she went.  What a wonderful lil girl, now happily residing in Victoria, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Jan.10/15)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
18 lbs

If you池e reading this I have to wonder if you really got everything you wanted for Christmas? No? Well, guess what! Neither did I!!! I wanted a new forever home so badly but I致e heard that due to all of the confusion and festivities that Christmas is not the best time to introduce a new pet into the home anyway. Well, guess what again!!! New Year痴 IS an ideal time. Let痴 ring in the New Year together. What a concept!  You can wear the silly hat and blow that horn and I値l just make noise by playing with the squeaky toys I love. Yes, I would treasure having an endless supply of squeaky toys. When I wear myself out playing then I enjoy curling up next to my humans on the couch while they relax, read or watch TV. Now that doesn稚 mean I知 a clingy or needy dog in case you池e not real fond of that type. I知 quite independent which goes with my breed. If you aren稚 totally familiar with my breed feel free to ask more questions about Lhasa Apsos. 

At foster mom痴 I致e made her proud by staying in my crate while she goes to work but it really would be awesome if I had a stay at home person. I知 potty trained so no worries there but remember, you do need to let me know your preferences for when and how I go out. Other great traits I have to offer you are I am most comfortable in my own bed on the floor in the same room with you so if you aren稚 one who wants to share your bed with a four legged furry creature you may have just found your dream dog. PLUS - get this - I will even arrive with my own blanket and pillow unless you want to spoil me just a little with a new one. 

In my first home I was an only dog and in my foster home there have been 7 other dogs. I壇 REALLY prefer going back to being an only dog or maybe just one other dog in the home. Can we discuss that? I ADORE having a fenced back yard to play in, too. I never had one in my first home and at the foster home it痴 been AWESOME having that space to run and romp in. It痴 not a deal breaker if you don稚 have a fenced yard but perhaps we could have some dog park time or visit a friend with a fenced yard on a regular basis? 

Last but not least..and please don稚 panic..I have a daily med to take which is very inexpensive and if you put it into a treat there will be no fuss on my part taking it. Please don稚 let that scare you away from adopting me and loving me. I will give back to you 1,000 times more in love, devotion and happy times. 

Makana has a wonderful home, residing in Port Orchard, WA

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