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(Adopted April 11/06)
Kioshi (nka Bandit)
An adorable baby Shih Tzu
This baby needs your prayers, he is only 14 weeks old and weighs 6 lbs.  He was a stray in Idaho and no one claimed this absolutely darling imp.  70% of the margin of his  left upper eye lid is missing, also the eye is ulcerated, he cannot close his eye.  Will the wonders of today's vet be able to save it?  I do not know yet, he has vision in that eye, but he may have to lose it. My vet will be talking to the ophthalmologist. What happened, we will never know..this sweet adorable baby, so much pain for one so young.
  He is a true Shih Tzu, full of himself and as he now named Kioshi "one who knows his own mind"..and he does...

Sadly the news is Ki will lose his eye, the ophthalmologist believes that with the damage done, reconstruction surgery will only hold off the inevitable, and he will endure more surgery and pain.  
He will be going for his grooming April 5  and his surgery for eye removal will be April 6...he will be available for his forever home app. April 20th..and you will not regret adopting this very very special boy.

Well darling imp was groomed today,(April 5) but as any puppy, he was a wiggly it was a best can do...he will get it, everything just scared him....he will have an astounding coat when he grows up..
Kioshi is home after his surgery, and doing excellent...he is a wonderful wonderful lil boy.

Now living a very spoiled life with his sister Ciara, and Mom and Dad, residing in Ferndale, WA

(Adopted April 21/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
15 lbs

Fonzie would like to tell you a few things about himself:
I am starting to show my true personality, and as I knew I am delighting my foster home, with my very personable ways.  I love to sit up like a chipmunk hoping for a wonderful treat.  I like to burrow under the blankets, and show how cute I am with just my little face and big eyes peering out, looking like an owl.  I love to talk to you, I have many different vocal tones, as I have much to say.  I love to sit perched on top of the couch, and alert my home that there are squirrels or birds invading the yard.  I love to give kisses, and will share my love easily.  I think other dogs are fine, I just had to spend some time getting used to a multi dog home, and since they all look like me, except this silly Sheltie girl, I am starting to fit in pretty good.  I love to play with my foster parents, being vocal and having so much fun.
As my name in character, the Fonz, pretends he is tough, but he has a heart, a spirit that envelopes you...a lover, a giver, a dollbaby.

Fonzie does have food allergies, and must continue on an allergy diet, he is doing wonderfully right now, on the raw diet, his tummy, pads of his feet were fiery red, and now is turning to the nice pink it should be...

Fonzie has a wonderful new Dad and Mom, who absolutely adore him, residing in Poulsbo, WA

Megan (nka Cosi)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 7-8 years old
This adoring lil girl went onto her "next home at the bridge" July 08, she was so adored by her Moms.

Megan was a stray, she was adopted from the shelter and returned because after consulting a vet, the new owner felt overwhelmed with what she needed.  So Furbaby took her, got her medical done which included dental, xray for heart, and many other things.  She is a sweet endearing girl, who deserved to have another chance at a good life, ironically prior adopters had met this girl the one night she was adopted at a bbq, and once they found out she was returned to the shelter and in my rescue, they rushed to bring her home, to enter their hearts and life...thank you ladies.  Now the new Sister to Bunky,  spoiled and loved in Coupeville, WA

(Adopted April 29/06)
Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier ?
Female /spayed/shots current
App 2 years old
12 lbs

I am only guessing at what her real breed is..she has the delicate cute pointed nose of a yorkie, the coloring of a Shih Tzu, the long body like a doxie...she also sheds somewhat..
Britney is an extremely devoted dog when she bonds with her person, she is quiet, intelligent and housetrained.
She is reserved when she does not know you.
She will be an awesome companion to the right home.  She does appear to devote herself more to the foster Mom, but again I am home most of the time.  She is fine with the foster Dad.
Britney is now being doted on by two nice people residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted April 30/06)
Archie (nka Mochi)
Male/neutered/shots current
1 year old
11 lbs

Meet Archie, the most darling  lil fellow that walks on 4 legs, he is mush in your hands, devoted beyond belief, a charmer that makes you smile.  You cannot help but laugh with fondness, as you look at his adorable lil face, and his cute lil tongue hanging out.  You want to hold and love on him, and he will fall asleep while you caress him.  He is a kick, a charmer, a comedian.  Give your time to this boy, and he will be yours forever.  A gentle soul with a heart as big as the world.  Archie has a crooked mouth, the vet is a little perplexed on the development...but as he said "Archie doesn't care" he delighted the vet staff, everyone who met or touched this boy was in this boy and you will understand.

This dollbaby has a great home, with a very caring compassionate family, residing in Port Townsend, WA

(Adopted May 13/06)
Kitty (nka Benji)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years 10 months old
8 lbs
*darling lil Benji crossed to the bridge Nov.17/12, he was a total joy to his family*

The foster Mom is just in love with this lil boy, who she calls Itty Bitty, no we did name this dog Kitty, he came with the name OJ Kitty.  He likes to paw at you when he wants to appeal to you or is playful.  He also will say "hot dog" when you ask him what he wants.  He is just an awesome, well-behaved lil pooch.  No barking, goes right to the crate at night when you tell him to go to bed.  He comes when called and sleeps when things are quiet.  He makes little whimpering sounds when he wants something, like going out or getting out of the car.  He is just perfect and adorable.  He eats very little and would probably do fine with free feeding.  He gets along fine with the resident dogs.  Kitty is on a CD diet, for his urinary tract, and is doing excellent, but he must only eat this food.

Unfortunately Kitty has been teased by kids, and does not like them, an Adult home only.

This charming lil boy, has one of the sweetest and compassionate Mom and family he could ever want, residing happily in Wilsonville, Oregon



(Adopted May 20/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
14 months old
14 lbs

Where's the ball, huh, huh, where's the ball.?..I love to play with balls, you will see me sprinting through the house with a ball in my mouth, and gosh I would love it, if you would toss it for me too...I am a happy, playful boy, but darn it, I have been passed around and around, no reason, everyone loved me, but they never loved me enough, to finally give me a home I can belong in.  I am fine with other dogs, and even like big dogs (as long as they are nice)...I just need a place to finally hang my hat, are you the home, I promise once you really get to know me you will love me.

Just the right family was waiting for this very special boy, who finally is in his forever home, a Mom who longed for another ST after the passing of her special baby,  a Dad who loves any dog, who enters their home...residing happily in Birch Bay, WA

(Adopted May 27/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
11 lbs

I am a very sweet boy, who likes to sit on your lap when you are watching TV.  I am not a fussy eater, I get along just fine with other doggies, including bossy ones.  I love to take walks.  I love to sleep in bed with my person(s).  I am a very happy dog, have a tail wag for anyone I meet and love to be petted.  The only thing I do not like is being left alone.  I would be a wonderful traveling companion, or have a person to hang with as much as possible.  I really am adorable.

Now living with a great big St. Bernard, Buddy, a Dad who is home a lot to dote on them, and a Mom to spoil them...residing in Mt. Vernon, WA

(Adopted May 31/06)
nka Harley
Male/neutered/shots current
10 months old
16 lbs

Oh I am a little whirlwind when I get playing, I really would love to have another doggie friend to play with, and I would like to have a yard, cause I love running out there, rolling in the grass, and rolling around, jumping and playing...running back in the house, all tousled, with a BIG smile on my face..."yes life can be good"

I actually have been in foster care for awhile, cause when I came in, I got real sick with pneumonia "shelter crud" and was a sick little boy for about a month.  But you would not know it now...I am an energetic, playful imp...but after I play hard, I collapse like all good Shih Tzu do, for a long naptime.  I am generally a happy boy, so come on over, and meet me...I can be a delight to your home and heart.

Harley has entered a new and exciting life with a terrific Mom, residing in Freeland, WA


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