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Just a wonderful, playful happy, boy, he was born without eyes, which never stopped him from being a totally darling outgoing boy..he is pictured here with Ginger, his new sister...happily residing in Seattle, with a great Mom and Dad

(Adopted May 27/04)
Sharke (nka Sparky)
Shih Tzu/Maltese
Male/neutered/shots current
1.5 years old
8 lbs
*sadly this special boy passed to the bridge Jan.15/16*

More information soon, but don't wait, this doll is so endearing he will absolutely STEAL your heart, crawl inside, and you will never regret having him join your family.....and he is even cuter than his picture..
Sparky has a wonderful new home, with an incredible Mom, living with another of our rescue Lhasa boy, Chuy..being spoiled rotten in Mount Lake Terrace, WA 



(Adopted May 24/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
12 lbs
5-6 years old
* Darling Munsin passed to the bridge, Nov./11 from complications from dementia, we will always remember this lil blind boy, who could climb any gate, and astonish us with his skills*

I live in a world of darkness, I need a person to open the key to my heart, to open their mind to my disability, my heart is filled with light, will you open your heart and fill me with kindness, understanding and patience.  I am blind, my vision is gone, but I can love you as much if not more than a sighted dog, since you will lead the way, become my protector, my friend...I need you, will you come and find me...

Munsin came to us, with his eye removed, apparently a stick went through his eye,  it was weeping, my vet rechecked his eye, while under sedation and found that the prior vet who did the removal, left tissue etc. that needed to be taken out, his eye is now fixed properly, he has no vision in his other eye, what happened to him, is unknown to us...Munsin will bark when he is unsure of where he is, he needs your voice to guide him, as each day progresses in my home, he does better...when you pick up this darling dog, he will cover you in kisses, he is a sweet boy, who just needs a home to help him adjust to his handicap, a lap to sit in, a bed (yours he prefers) and love to help him...he is a treasure...

He is pictured with two wonderful young ladies, who have followed my website and have visited the dogs, who found Munsin to be a treasure...thank you Tara (left) and Hannah (right) for visiting and showing the dogs such a wonderful time:-)
Munsin is such a lucky boy, he has wonderful new parents, two darling dog friends..and a life he always should have had...thank you Tammy, residing in Spokane, WA

(Adopted June 8/04)
Shih Tzu/Maltese
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 1 year old
6 lbs

As Sampson made his journey from Oregon to Blaine for fostering, people stopped and fell in love with this baby, he is about the cutest little boy you will ever see...but not only does his face capture you, his heart enthralls you...he immediately was adopted by one of my volunteers co-workers...adored forever in Gig Harbor, WA



(Adopted June 12/04)
Marissa (nka Kiara or KiKi)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 1 year old
10 lbs
*Lil Kiki passed away Aug.2017*

Kiara is a darling little girl, who at times liked to have her own way, well the family that said "she's the one" I could not have been happier, if any of you have read Sydney's story, you would understand my delight, when this amazing young lady and her family wanted Kiara to join their family, if all young people could aspire to 1/10th of this girl, no animals again would ever suffer, I give so much credit to her wonderful parents, who brought this young lady up with love and guidance...I was told by her father that I am Tara's inspiration, but Tara is mine...

From left to right, Ellen (Mom) Cuddles (Kiara's new sister) Terry (holding Madison the spoiled cat) Beautiful Tara, holding Kiara...
Rescuing these precious souls brings many heartaches, but also much joy, and one of the greatest joys was to be privileged to meet and visit with this wonderful family...thank you for supporting our babies...

(Adopted June 19/04)
Muffin crossed the bridge July 2/08 from liver failure, her parents are mourning terribly for the loss of their precious lil girl.
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 8 years old
18 (chubby lbs)

This absolutely sweet girl lost her home, as her Mom has Alzheimer's and was put into assisted living, Muffin is so sweet, she only wants to be by you, she insists on sleeping in the same room as you, and is happy to sleep on a dog bed or pillow, but she just wants to be close to you...she loves to watch out the window and see the world, she is so joyous to see you if you have gone out for awhile...she just wants to be loved, she is so little trouble, she likes walks and carrides...and she really needs some walks, as I am sure her previous Mom, spoiled her with too many treats...she would be a lovely companion for someone who just wants to be adored...
Muffin has a wonderful Mom, thank you Debi, it was a joy working with you on this adoption, I love to see the smiles and enthusiasm, and bringing this charming girl into your lives...residing in Port Ludlow, with her new parents, and beautiful Lhasa brother..

(Adopted July 12/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 4-5 years old
12 lbs

I will be staying with Foster Mom for a little while, I have some issues that need to be worked with, I want to attach to someone really really bad, but I have been abused, so Mom is going to let me hang out here, and work with me, so she can tell everyone, the best place for me to live.  I am housetrained, I know a few simple commands, but I do know I am going to need a dog savvy person, no children, and someone who will work with me, and help me through my problems...
Well Ozzie seemed to have gotten the home, who had worked with an abused ST before, who now is the sweetest with a leap of faith, he went to a wonderful couple, who adore this special, sad little boy, and are putting the smile back on his face, happily residing in Sequim, WA

(Adopted July4/04)
Bichon/Shih Tzu
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
12 lbs
*Bridget passed to the bridge Feb.2/15*

I am a perfect little girl, my heart will belong to you in less than a day, if you shower me with love, let me lie by your feet, cuddle in your bed, I will dance for treats, my Foster Mom, says I am perfect, and if you promise to adore me, I will idolize you...I would love to have a Mommy, and a Daddy would be a bonus...I would love to have someone around a lot, take me places, take me for walks, car rides I love...I am obedient, smart, playful, happy...but I was a bit lost when I first came, but I got over that quickly, especially with all the love that got showered on me...
So write to me soon, I am a keeper...I am in rescue, cause my family said they moved around too much...
Her new Mom, Judy, did exactly that, wrote me immediately, wanting to cherish this little girl..she has a great new home, and parents who adore her, residing in Langley, B.C. Canada

(Adopted April '04)

The perfect home for Moe was found immediately, great couple living in B.C. Canada

(Adopted July 2/04)
*lil Georgie sadly passed to the bridge from Cancer May 17/10)
Male/neutered/shots current
16 lbs
4 years old

My Mommy died suddenly and I was left all alone, I am so sweet, I will cuddle deeply in your arms, and need to sleep close to you.  I need a Mommy or Daddy or both, I am going to do best if I have someone around a lot, and can totally devote themselves to me, I have been grieving for my Mom, and when I first came here, I sat by the gate, crying for her, I am better now, but I need someone to just love me...and be with me as much as possible...

George, got two wonderful new Moms, who work mainly from their home, to dote on this special boy...residing in Langley, B.C. Canada

Male/neutered/shots current
13 lbs
Age "unknown" 
(Saylor is not adoptable , he had a stroke, and his outcome, well we hope for the best, he will remain in foster care for the time he has left)
Saylor made his way to the bridge in the summer of 06..he had a couple of wonderful years with his foster Mom, who was his Mom
This gentle soul, was found as a stray in Mission, B.C. his condition, was deplorable, and no one came to claim him, and no one would take him, he has been in foster care for 2 months, to get his health back, he had barely any fur...he has had dental, eye examines, he needs drops for his eyes, and thyroid meds...
This dear boy, only wants to be close to a person, by your feet, in your lap, he asks for very little, only to be with you...he will take up such little room in your home, but you will give him so much by opening your heart to him...he needs someone just to love...
Saylor is living permanently with his foster Mom, well she is his Mom, as he is not a foster, but part of her family...Saylor is doing extremely well at present, all signs of the stroke(s) not whatever time he has left, long or short, he is living in Arizona, as his Mom recently moved there...

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