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(Adopted June/06)
Elly-May & Jethro

Elly-May is the Mom, she is a purebred Chihuahua, and her son Jethro is a Shi-Chi, he is 5 weeks old and his Daddy is a Shih Tzu

*Jethro (known as Bandit) sadly passed to the bridge Jan.2/16*

Elly-May is 12 months old, Jethro is 5 weeks old..Jethro will NOT be available for a new home, until he is neutered...
I am just getting to know Elly, she is a great Mom, she is loving to her person, so far a typical Chihuahua, the pictures do not do her justice..
More information as we get to know these precious babies..
Both babies have WONDERFUL new homes and Moms, living in Victoria and Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada...doted on and spoiled

Tommy finally succumbed to Cushings, and passed to the bridge, Oct./06...his foster Mom misses his sweet lil spirit..

Tommy the Tzu
Neutered male

(Tommy will remain in foster care in Issaquah, for whatever time he has left)

This is the kind of story that breaks your heart! Tommy was released to rescue by his elderly mom just a short time ago. He has been with her since he was a tiny puppy. She was moving into an assisted living facility and could not take Tommy with her. A relative contacted Furbaby Rescue hoping we could take this old fellow into our rescue. And we did.

All his life Tommy has been loved and taken care of, that is certain. His skin and hair are in very good condition, his ears clean and healthy (but age has made him deaf). Tommy has dry eye but daily care and medication keeps him comfortable and improves his vision. He is cooperative with his eye care regime. Tommy is a little slow and stiff when he walks, but anyone over 50 can sympathize with him...after all, his age is equivalent to a human 112 years old!

Tommy underwent a check up and senior blood panel last week at his foster mom’s vet. The tests showed that Tommy has Cushing’s Disease, a condition many older dogs develop. This disease can respond to medication, so the dog with Cushing’s may enjoy a good quality life. Tommy is in a short test period of medication to evaluate whether it is effective or not. If the medication works for Tommy, he will have to take a small amount two to three times a week for the rest of his life.

He needs a quiet home without confusion or high activity levels that young children create. Tommy accepts other dogs but doesn’t interact with them; he goes his own way and does his own thing. Access to a small fenced yard and doggy door would suit him, as he learned to use one while in foster and takes care of his outside needs quite well. Tommy enjoys riding in a car and looking out the windows from a booster doggy seat. He’s quite the accomplished travel companion!

This is a quiet, old dog that just needs a quiet corner, a soft bed, decent food, clean water and someone who can love and comfort him in his remaining time, be it long or short, we never really know.

Is your heart and home big enough to include Tommy the Tzu? 

(Adopted July 8/06)        
4 years 10 months
12 lbs
*Sunny passed away from congestive heart failure several years later*

When Sunny came into rescue she had been suffering from bladder stones since '04, she was in agony, she would try and try to potty, with blood pouring from her.  She had the surgery June 16 and is doing remarkable better already.  She is on two kinds of antibiotics as she had a raging infection as well.  This girl has suffered a great deal.  Also when she was examined a heart murmur was discovered.  My vet is confident she has years ahead of her.  And if all of that isn't enough, she has a reaction to shots, at this time while she is recovering, we have opted not to give her any.  We will discuss this further when she goes for her urine recheck.  I am waiting for the results of the stones, to see what diet will be best suited for her.

Sunny is a very sweet girl, but her life has been very different, she has been taught not to jump on furniture, and since 04, she was locked in the kitchen, with only a towel to sleep on..that is all she has had for 2  years.  She is starved for affection, and will cuddle close into your arms, but I am finding she is just relearning how to be a family member, not isolated.  She will be a very devoted lil girl, who would be thrilled to belong to someone who will dote on her. It is her time to be loved !!!
Sunny is now adopted to a very caring home, and I pray has a lifetime of joy ahead of her.  Residing in Kirkland, WA

(Adopted July 9/06)
Tommie (nka Toby)
Shih Tzu/poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
7 months old
12 lbs

Tommie has had a real tough go in life so far, and just now relearning to be a puppy again.  I believe he has been way overcorrected for puppy biting/mouthing and really doesn't understand limits.  I correct him, but have to be careful on being firm but not harsh.  From the way he looked when he arrived:

I don't believe he ever was groomed, and he shows it, he became hysterical, so his groom is a best can do (not happy with it) he will need lots of one on one to get him over being scared.  He definitely has been manhandled by young children and had to learn at a much too young an age to defend himself.

Tommie appears pretty much housetrained, he knows sit, I was trying a few other commands, but one of my dogs kept interrupting us and showing his knowledge:-)

He has his little puppy ways, attaching himself to your feet or pantleg, or gosh don't let him get the roll of toilet paper, or you will see a white streak running full tilt through your house, he is playing with toys.  Tommie loves to be in your lap, and give kisses.  He can be quite a barker and evasive when new people come to the house, but I find picking him up and letting him relax works well.

Toby has a wonderful new life, with a great young couple, who are working hard at getting him over his fears, and learning to be a puppy again.  Residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted July 16/06)
Bunny (nka Tasha)
Female/spayed/shots current
12 weeks old
4 lbs

Can you say cute, I swear she is one of the cutest lil girls, and in person even cuter.  She is an outgoing, spirited lil soul, who actually did fantastic for her first grooming session.  She will steal your heart, she has stolen mine.

What can one say, when you meet the perfect home, except "wish you would adopt more babies"  Tasha has an extraordinary Mom, and great Dad to spoil her, and her big sister Heidi, residing in Camano Island,  WA

(Adopted July 17/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
13 lbs 
App. 7-8 years old

Yes, Sir, No Sir...Sir is a VERY sweet little Shih Tzu. He is compact fellow about 13lbs, 11 inches tall. Sir loves one on one attention, sleeping on the bed (but he has a crate at night which he is fine with if put into it) He is a quiet dog except if he detects something awry outside, then he gives a hearty alarm bark or if he is feeling blue, he will wimper quietly to get your attention. Most of the time, he is satisfied being curled up on a chair for a nap. Be warned, he is smart enough to figure out that a kitchen or dining room chair can get him up to cruise for goodies on a table, the little imp! Perhaps this comes from being a stray, fending for himself out on the streets.

Sir is most likely 7 or 8 years in age. Adopters will have to faithfully keep up on flea treatments for Sir, he came in badly neglected, matted and covered with many, many flea bites, so he has developed a sensitivity to their bites. Sir is too not sure about being bathed but tolerates it. He still hates getting his nails and feet groomed, but we are working on that with him in foster. Neutered recently, Sir uses a doggy door, but still occasionally does a leg lift indoors. Its not a serious problem if a belly band is used along with frequent outings, until his hormones diminish and he completes acquiring good indoor manners. The adopter will need to continue working on his house training, but he has come a long way in a very short time.

Sir is a very enjoyable Shih Tzu. He would be best in an adult household or one with older teen children since he can be very shy and hide from commotion and noise. Please respect his nature and don't apply if you have small children or grandchildren, they are just too active for him to live with. Sir needs someone who will cuddle and interact with him. Tolerance of cats is unknown, he does fine with small dogs but seems to prefer to do his own thing rather than join in with the other dogs. Perhaps a quiet, also laid back dog friend would be suitable, but Sir is not an outgoing companion for other dogs at this time. 

All in all, Sir is a great little guy, ready to be spoiled and treasured! UTD on all his vaccinations, microchipped and waiting for the right it yours?

Sir has a great new home, residing in Federal Way, WA

(Adopted Aug.2/06)
Shih Tzu/Schnauzer?
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
13 lbs

This is a very sweet endearing lil boy.  He is quite shy, but slowly coming out of his shell.  He just got neutered, and it is bothering him something terrible.  Once he recovers from that, more of his true personality will unfold.  He seems unsure (but not afraid) of the other dogs here.  He just wants to love you, and you will find him putting his sweet lil head on your lap asking for pats.
Adult Home Only
Shaggy has a new Mom and Dad, who needed a new furbaby after their beloved Chad passed to the bridge in May/06.  Residing happily in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Aug.4/06)
Yorkie/Shih Tzu
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
10 lbs

(after grooming)
Bella is a very sweet, outgoing lil girl.  She lost her home because of a divorce, and her Mom was unable to care for her in the way that she felt this precious angel deserved.  It was with a very heavy heart and many tears that she was released to our rescue.  Bella is housetrained, likes other dogs, loves to perch on top of couches, loves to sleep with you.  Is crated trained.  She would now love to regain the love she once had, and have a home where she gets the attention and love she so deserves.
Bella got a wonderful home with a doting Mom, who takes her to work and just adores her.  Residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted Aug.7/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
17 lbs

Davey has proven himself to be a pretty nice lil fellow, he loves to toss toys, chase around with the other dogs, steal your shoes.  He is best suited for an adult only home, as he sometimes likes to be in charge, but he is so easy to work with, and love...he can be barky when a stranger comes to the home, but he will settle down quickly and enjoy attention and pats.  He likes walks, but if he decides he isn't moving, he lays flat, and does best if walked wearing a halter...he can be stubborn at times.  
Davey got a great home, where he is being worked with, enrolled in obedience, and trying hard to make him be the best he can be.  Residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Aug.20/06)
Shih Tzu/American Eskimo "Shih-Mo"
Female/spayed/shots current
8 months old

Suki's Mom passed away, and her nephew promised her, that Suki would always have the best home.  This kind, young man tried to provide that home to her, but after 4 months, realized he was not the best place for her.  He worked long hours, and she lacked so much attention, he just wanted a better home for her.  He was very upset at letting this girl go into rescue, but I assured him the "best" home will be found.
Suki is a energetic, outgoing lil girl.  She adores playing with other dogs, and people.  She is best suited for a home with a fenced yard, so she can run outside and play, love to have another playmate.  She is going to mature into a fantastic lil friend...

SuSu (as she was affectionately called) has a super family, lovely children to romp with, a stay at home Mom to dote on her..she has a wonderful new life, and I know her Mom is looking down and smiling.  Residing in Langley, B.C. Canada

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