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(Adopted Oct.18/14)
Sadie and Mojo
Female and Male/altered/shots
6 and 7 years old
13 lbs
*sadly Sadie went to the bridge Dec/17*

Weíre looking for that very rare and special person(s) who will understand that these two great dogs MUST be adopted together. They are bonded tighter than ticksÖÖbut they donít have ticksÖ.or fleasÖ.or anything else bad. They only have charm and much love to give. Consider this - the definition of Mojo is ďa magic charm, talisman, or spellĒ. Yup, thatís Mojo all right. And Sadie means ďPrincessĒ in some languages. Yup, thatís our Sadie. Put them together and youíll have the most loving two dogs anyone could ask for. 


In addition youíll have two dogs with great bathroom habits. If you donít have a securely fenced backyard for them to romp about in, then they would adore you for taking them on walks or to a doggy park. The sleep together on a doggy bed at night unless you happen to cherish having your furbabies on the bed with you. Itís your choice, not theirs. 


You know, itís not always about appearances or initial impressions. Itís whatís inside that counts and the Seattle Mariners arenít they only one with Mojo. You could have this Mojo times two with Sadie. We truly donít think youíd ever be sorry. 

 Fantastic home, residing in Coupeville, WA

(Adopted Jan.14/15)
Spark Plug
Male/neutered/shots current
9 years old?
12 lbs
*this sweet boy passed to the bridge Feb/17*

Have you noticed your car engine is missing here and there? Iíll bet anything you need new spark plugs. Is something missing from your life? Again, you may need just a single Spark Plug and that would be ME!!!! 

What I remember about my life so far is I was rescued from a shelter several years ago. Not sure why I ended up there but a nice fellow came along and adopted me. Then his dad went into assisted living so I moved with ďGrandpaĒ to help him adjust to the changes in his life and kept him company for five years. When Grandpa died another lady in the facility took me and cared for me but she died a year later. I LOVED giving those seniors love and companionship but it had to come to a halt for some reason so I returned to the manís home who rescued me from the shelter. However, sadly, his life had changed, too, and now everyone in that home is working full time so no oneís home, the kids are gone, and I had to just sit in the yard and wait for someone to come home. Once again, that man realized it wasnít an ideal life for me and he sought out Furbaby Rescue to help me find my forever home and hopefully my last home ever. Iím not one to pout and Iím ready to find my special home where I can continue to give joy and have companionship hopefully full time. 

I tend to have back legs that are a little bit like a penguin. Itís actually my feet. The vet checked me out from nose to tail and all is good, even my knees. Foster mom thinks I may have been born that way, possibly squished in the womb but it doesnít hold me back at all other than it is suggested that I not move to a multi-level home. A couple of stairs would be fine but not a whole flight of stairs unless you carry me with you when you go up and down. And the vet suggests a joint supplement for helping with arthritis that might occur as I age. 

I heard Foster Mom telling someone about how quiet I am. Sheís not even heard me bark yet. She said I do fine with all of the other dogs in the foster home and itís the other dogs that were being a pain in the patoot to me. I wonder what a patoot is? She said I eat fine and reinforced that I just want to be in the same room with someone. I happily sleep on a doggie bed as long as itís in the room with you. And during car rides I am super quiet while safely tucked away in my crate. See, if I can be with you, Iím an angel. Well, Iím an angel when alone, too, but I just prefer to not be alone.

In a nutshell, I donít need a lot to be content. I simply want to be with someone who wants me and I want to be with you as much as possible whether itís watching TV, talking walks, or changing the spark plug in your car. While Iím very anxious to help fix whatever is missing in your life, just please, donít mistake me for that other kind of spark plug and leave me under the hood of your car. 

Ready for a tune up in your life? 

Could not be happier for Sparks, residing in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada


(Adopted Feb.13/15)
Buddy and Charlie
Males/neutered/shots current
6 & 7 years old
15 & 12 lbs

Meet Charlie - the spokesman of this lovely duo. 

Hi folks! Do I have a story to tell you! In fact, if I was a betting dog (which Iím not), Iíd bet that youíd never believe this. Ready? 

First of all, we cannot be split up. We MUST be adopted together. You really wouldnít want one of us without the other anyway. Weíve been together forever. We are half brothers. Our father, well, he ďgot aroundĒ, I guess you could say. He fathered me with my mom and then I guess he found another cutie dog and he moved on to her and wouldnít you know there was another litter of puppies. But Iím glad because thatís when Buddy came into my life. Before I tell you the story of how we came to need a new forever home, let me gloat a bit that we had our vet check up right after coming into rescue and we found out we are perfectly healthy, our weight is perfect, our teeth are perfect and weíre really wondering if our names should be changed to Perfect One and Perfect Two.  Just kidding!!!! Weíre happy with who we are now. Iím only sharing that vet report with you so you know we have had good care and you could be getting two perfect dogs. 

Now here comes the unbelievable. Buddy has an eye conditionÖ.and PLEASE donít stop reading now and give up on us because itís going to get fixed before weíre adopted .Those doggy eye specialists call it Eptopic Cilia. I canít pronounce it but if youíre curious you can look it up on that fancy thing you call a computer. It was explained to Buddy and I that Eptopic Cilia are hairs that grow down through the inside of the eyelid and because they rub on the eyeball it becomes very irritating and can damage the cornea. It can be surgically corrected but our former owners just couldnít afford it. In fact, they were so shook up at the diagnosis and the price that they were considering putting Buddy to sleepÖÖfor good.  I couldnít believe my cute little doggy ears but maybe I wasnít supposed to hear that. I just couldnít let that happen, not to my Buddy! So I got down on my doggy knees, not just two of them but all four knees and asked for a miracle. Itís no easy task getting down on all four knees when youíre a dog but it was so worth it because a miracle DID happen.  Friends for Life learned of Buddyís plight and they agreed to take us both and take care of Buddyís expenses for the eye surgery. And then there was a super nice lady named Michelle at Rebeccaís Rainbows who took custody of us and she told me she wasnít surprised at our miracle. She knows miracles happen often but unfortunately they donít always happen for every animal that needs help but Buddy is going to get his eye surgery and I get to keep my brother and we both hope to find the perfect home where we never again have to worry about scary decisions. 

So hereís the deal. Buddyís surgery is on the 4th and he needs to recover for a week. Then he needs to have a recheck in a month but that doesnít need to postpone our adoption for a month. There are two options for that recheck and our foster mom will explain those to you if you apply to adopt us and you are approved as the best home ever for us. I need to stay with Buddy until heís ready to make the move to a new home. He needs me and I need to know heís doing OK. Buddy is a sweet, kind and loving little guy even when heís in pain. He loves to play with me and I know heíll love playing with his new forever humans. We both love to play with toys but I especially like to chase shadows or beams of light. Yeah, well, we all have one little quirk or another, donít we? Weíre house trained. That always gets extra points. We both walk well on leashes and we like car rides but I get a little edgy at first in my own crate so perhaps having a crate big enough for Buddy and I together or strap us into a car seat would work. Just never let any dogs ride loose in a car. That can be very dangerous for everyone. We can both sleep in a doggy bed at night but I have to be honest, it would be awesome if someoneÖahemÖ.you had a bed big enough and youíd allow us to sleep up on it with you so we knew we were safe for the rest of our lives. 

There is one other stipulation for our new home. Please understand that like many dogs we are not comfortable around small children, or big dogs, and weíre very sensitive to fireworks, sirens and other loud startling noises. I was told I had to mention that to you so you knew everything up front but honestly, I think only deaf dogs get along fine with those loud noises. Foster mom just said I could tell you, too, that Buddy and I are easy, easy and loving dogs. And weíre pretty good looking, too, wouldnít you say? So thank you to Friends for Life for not only paying for Buddyís eye surgery but for saving his life. Thank you Rebeccaís Rainbow for assuring us that all is going to be OK and weíre going to have an awesome new home. Thank you to our special Doggy God, for the miracle. 
Buddy had his recheck on Feb.9/15, he is doing awesome, eyes have healed, now ready for a new home with his adorable brother.


Lovely home for two awesome boys, residing in Shoreline, WA


(Adopted Feb.16/15)
Shih Tzu mix
Female/spayed/shots current
7 lbs
6 years old

When a former adopter let us know her beloved Bridgett had crossed the bridge, and to let her know if another sweet soul needed her, we mentioned Pixie, and the rest is history, great home for this adorable girl.

Residing in Aldergrove, B.C. Canada


(Adopted March 9/15)
Samantha (Sammi)
Female/spayed/shots current
8 years old
9 lbs

Are you lonely? I am even though Iím in a great foster home. My human mommy died and I just feel lost. Iím trying to make myself feel better by adding a title to my name. ďPrincess Sammi". Howís that? Yes, I like a princess lifestyle or I should say Iíd like to try one. Letís see, what would that include? 

Well, Princesses seem to get all the medical and dental help they need so they stay healthy and gorgeous. I was a bit out of date but Rebecca's Rainbow &Furbaby Rescue saved the day. Iím up to date on my shots, bloodwork, x-rays, dental and Iíve been microchipped so Iím ready to live royally in a new home. 

My new royal lifestyle would include (and please donít think Iím being snobbish): 

*Snuggling in your lap and curling up in bed with you. 

*Joining you on car trips in the royal carriage and never being left alone or at least as little as possible. 

*Walking with you on a princess leash at a slow royal pace. (Iím not real speedy.)

*Regular grooming so I can look princess like and I do behave for those sessions. And I donít mind being brushed at home by someone I know and trust.

*Royal tummy rubs and Iím not shy about rolling over for those. 

*Someone who wants me around but lets me be my royal self which means I donít need to be smothered but Iím not afraid to seek you out when Iím ready for cuddle times.

Thatís not so bad, is it?  So hereís the final bit of information. I donít need a ďroyal throneĒ.  Let me outside and Iíll do what needs to be done. I prefer to be an only dog. I will require a soft diet due to some teeth extractions. Foster Mom will share all of that information with you and answer any questions you may have. Other than that, Iím just a pretty little girl who is hoping for a new home very soon so I can quit being lonely. OhÖtrue confessions time. I donít need to be a princess. I just need to be loved by YOU!
Great repeat adopters, residing in Hoodsport, WA


(Adopted May 31/15)
Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
14 lbs

Hello!  My name is foster Mommy calls me Marvelous Mimi because she thinks that Iím simply Maaa-va-lous! 


Itís so hard to describe oneís self, but I know that I am respectful, so Iíve got that down!  Oh geez, thatís a pretty serious word!  I am respectful of my foster Mommyís boundaries and I am also respectful of the other dogs in my foster family.  I am even an awesome playmate to a very exuberant foster Iím respectful there too!  I have been told that I have very good manners and that I am polite!  I can share my food and water and I can even share my foster Mom even though I enjoy having her all to myself for just a couple of minutes during the day (I usually like to give her some snuggles right before we go to bed)!  I am fun-loving, yet sensible and, just like my foster Mommy, I donít like crowds or a whole lot of noise, so a quieter household (without children) would be best for me!  I am not confident around children because they pull and prod me and try to hug me and smoosh my face and stuff which makes me feel uncomfortable and anxious.  I donít like to feel these things because I am not my best Marvelous Me when I do and I really like to be Marvelous Me  --  soooooo your job as my guardian will be to understand all of these things and keep me safe and sound at all times!  My foster Mom says that all of this is A.-O.K. because there are a lot of people out there who will keep me safe, happy and marvelous!  I would love to have a doggie companion who is fun-loving but also laid back with other dogs just like me! 

I know that there is someone out there who will be Marvelous with me!

With lots of licks and love,

Special parents for a special girl, residing in Ellensburg, WA



(Adopted June 28/15)
Tasha and Pepsi
Tasha (Lhasa Apso)
Female/spayed/shots current 10 years old
Pepsi (Shih Tzu)
Male/neutered/shots current 3 years old

Welcome to Cougarville! Youíve heard of cougars, havenít you? No, not the kind of cougar that will chase you and have you for dinner. Iím talking about the wonderful older female who likes much younger male companionship. Thatís me and my name is Tasha and Iím a 10 year old Lhasa Apso. I am so very loving and young at heart that I knew I needed a younger and more spirited male for a companion. I found that in Pepsi, a very handsome, 3 year old Shih Tzu. He is perfect and was attracted to my beauty. He also tells me I am perfect. How good is that? 

Want to know more? Well, letís see, Pepsi is current on vaccinations, heís microchipped (I didnít want to ever lose him) and his teeth look great.  Personality wise Pepsi is gentle and playful. Foster mom says Pepsi is perfect. Shoot, I knew that or I wouldnít have chosen him. My health is good and all records are available. 

If you look at my photo and wonder what happened, well I got a haircut that was a bit too short but once it grows out a bit more, you will see why this cougar lady won Pepsiís heart over those younger babesÖ.I mean dogs. Because of my breed (Lhasa) it might take me just a wee bit longer to warm up to you than it will for Pepsi but it will happen and then Iíll be so loving and devoted. 

As for us BOTH - we are housetrained. No problems there. We both do well on a leash and in the car. No problems there. Pepsi and I love being together. We sleep together, play together, eat together. We can be in your lap or beside you. We can share your bed or be together in our own doggy bed. Whatever you prefer. We get along fine with men and women so whether youíre male, female, a couple, or a cougar couple, please consider applying for us. Our only request to you is please provide us with grain free dog food to prevent allergies. Foster mom can tell you more if needed but trust me, itís no big deal to buy grain free dog food and so worth it. 

Did you just ask why weíre available for adoption if weíre so special and as perfect as two dogs can be? Our former human owners reached the age where they couldnít care for us. It was a very sad day to leave them but we so appreciate the fact that they loved us enough to ask Furbaby Rescue to rehome us rather than risk our care being compromised as they further aged and had more serious difficulties. 

Want to know more? 

Sweet dogs, for two kind ladies, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted July 5/15)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
10 lbs

ď While plenty of people are complaining about the heat, I and my dog friends are licking ice cubes in our water dishes, under the shade of a Maple Tree.  Itís a very nice way to pass these long hot days.  We recently went on a car ride to the groomer but the air conditioning was on the whole time so it was not bad.  I love a car ride anyway and always enjoy going someplace new and meeting people and other dogs.

I am a young dog but have been misunderstood by my past owners.  Luckily, I am in a new place now where I AM understood and Iím free to be myself and worry free.  I am not a toy to be dressed and rough housed with.

I am an easy going little guy with lots of enthusiasm.  I am potty trained, crate trained, enjoy a good meal, and am healthy.  I donít even have dry eye.  I am sweet, friendly, and get along with everyone in my foster home.  My foster mom kisses me on the head and I try to sneak in my tongue when I can for a REAL kiss.  She loves me truly, madly, and deeply and finds me funny, spunky, and sweet as pie, she says.

I am looking for a home with adult humans, another dog is fine, a cat is probably fine, too, and I want someone who will care for me and give me a wonderful home.  I am a pretty wonderful dog so think I deserve such a home.

 I would prefer to live with fun humans who have a good sense of humor and warm personalities.  I got yelled at by a man before so when I first met my foster dad I growled and ran away from him but that was just the first time.  I trust him and know that he is safe for me to be around.  So, if you are a male human, we might just take things easy at first, and you let me come to YOU rather than the other way around.  I really do worry that being with children will bring back horrible memories for me.  I feel that Iíve put that behind me but I AM just a dog after all so who knows how I might react?

I am as cute as a button and can help you pass these long hot days, as Iíve quickly learned how to get through them.Ē


Residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted July 13/15)
Female/spayed/shots current
11 years old
20 very (chubby lbs)

*Susie just had a bladder stone removed July7th, and will be available once she is healed*

Susie is an adorable sweetie pie.  She has the best manners.  She is good with other dogs, wonderful with people, doesnít bother cats, rabbits, or fowl, and she doesnít have a snappish bone in her body.

She comes when you call her, she loves her food, she has had very good potty habits in her foster home.  She is happy all of the time and just a sweetheart.  She is a beautiful white and tan Shih Tzu with expressive eyes and a fluffy tail that hardly ever stops wagging.

Her owner went into a nursing home and the family didnít want Susie but they wanted her to have a loving home and that is how we came to have Susie with us.  So there is no drama, no sad stories of neglect or abuse.  She is simple a dear little angel who is still loved and has won over the hearts of everyone she has met.

The owner took very good care of her and she even came to us with a decent groom, recent blood work, and a dental.  We just needed to give her a Bordatella vaccine and took her in to have her face trimmed up a bit.

Susie has one failing which will eliminate many adopters, though.  She does not know how to walk on a leash.  She is a smart dog and we are confident she can learn but she was not walked before.  In her foster home she toodles around a big yard with other small dogs and loves being out of doors but that leash is just foreign to her.  So, she will not be a good candidate for someone living in an apartment.  She really needs a secured yard.  She will be happiest there.  Meanwhile she still has a few good years in her and she can probably learn how to walk on a leash with just a bit of work and patience and possibly some healthy treats.  She loves carrots.

If you have been looking for a snuggly cuddle bug you may not need to look any further.

Susie is now residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted July 24/15)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 4 years old
12 lbs

To know this precious girl, you simply fall in love.  She found an awesome home with previous adopters, now residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted July 25/15)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
16 lbs

Jaeger is a dear fellow whose life has been turned upside down.  His human mom bred him and he lived with her, his sire and dam, and a whole loving and wonderful family.  For reasons unclear to anyone, the human and his dam moved away.  He and his sire were left with the rest of the family trying to pick up the pieces.  Unfortunately, now the human dad has double duty as breadwinner, caregiver of his children, sports coach for youth activities.  They get home late at night and the dogs are alone for many hours each day.  Poor Jaeger even lost his sire who was re-homed with friends.

Heís a sturdy fellow with a good attitude, a loyal and trusting  heart, and is looking for a loving home.

Heís not been socialized with other dogs but is getting ďSocial Boot CampĒ in his foster home or ďTrial by FireĒ as is sometimes said. 

He is a very protective dog and lets you know when the door opens, firecrackers go off (which they still are in Kirkland..ahem), dogs come in and out, or there is action which he feels compelled to point out.

No apartments, no condos, no mobile home communities.  

He lived with children but these are grown up young men and women.  He does not like his mouth messed with and only his human mom and dad have ever been able to freely stick their fingers in his mouth without him reacting .  SOÖ.we do not want him in a household with children who will be tempted to mess with his mouth.  In the first day in foster care, he is happy to come to you on his own terms, wag his tail, and jump up on your legs for attention.  Heís very sweet.

When he first meets strange dogs he feels the need to bark at them and challenge them a little.  In his foster home, all of the dogs he met just looked at him while  rolling their eyes and walking away.  That cooled his jets but he may think he is the Alpha dog and that his efforts to challenge were successful.  SOÖ.he is probably going to do best as the only dog or with dogs which are submissive.  If you have an Alpha Lhasa Female?  Itís not going to work at this point.

Social Boot Camp might be just the thing for him, though, and he may learn that he is safe with other dogs so please check in to see how he might be improving in this area. 

He does have his AKC tag and we are hoping to receive his papers in the near future. 

Alas, Jaeger is not an issue free dog but definitely one which will be a wonderful addition to the right family.  (We havenít noticed him going after rabbits, cats, OR annoying Mary Grace the 6 pound Pomeranian who barks her fool head off at the slightest of noises.)

It broke the hearts of the splintered and devastated family which brought him to his foster home and many tears have been spilled over the decision to re-home him and they are counting on someone loving and patient to love him as they have done.

Residing in Port Angeles, WA


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