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(Adopted July 18/04)
Molly & China
Females/spayed/shots current
3-4 years old/8-9 years old
17 lbs/12 lbs

Molly is a sweet, gentle girl with a heart full of love, who was picked up as a stray and shows signs of having been discarded by a puppy mill or an unscrupulous backyard breeder.  Bad conditions along with fleas have caused her to lose most of her hair but she has found that there is life after cheap dry food and is enjoying a special diet which we hope will clear up her skin problems and bring a shine to her coat when it grows back.  Getting rid of her fleas has already helped a great deal.  She also has dry eye in one of her eyes, whch she will need medication for the rest of her life.

Molly doesn't ask for much she just wants to be close to her person and she is okay with men as well as women.  She is a happy girl whose tail doesn't stop wagging, she will need a special home where someone can be with her much of the time to give her the love and attention she deserves.  She would enjoy the company of another dog and she is great with cats.  Molly will be a wonderful friend and companion for the right family.  China (nka Sadie) came in the same day as Molly to the shelter, they went to different foster homes, one in Portland, and one in Vancouver...I had a wonderful application from a couple, wanting two dogs, so united in a shelter to reunited in a home...two souls lost, no connection, now connected forever..wonderful home, residing in Portland, Or


(Adopted Aug.3/04)
Kimo & Jax
Shih Tzu & Maltese
18 lbs & 8 lbs
4 years & 3 years old
Males/neutered/shots current

What is better than having one loving wonderful dog, the answer is 2 loving dogs...Kimo and Jax are bonded, have always been together, and will be adopted together...great buddies, they have lived with cats, like men and women...
So who is out there, who wants two perfect little souls, their Dad had to move to NY, and was unable to bring his friends with him, they are his heart...and I promised they will stay together...
And these babies did stay together, with a wonderful lady, who adores them so much, residing in Spokane, WA

(Adopted Aug.20/04)
Male neutered/shots current
App. 4-5 years old
15 lbs

Timmy is a sweetheart, he is very people orientated, does not seem to have a lot of interest in playing with other dogs, but gets along well with them, he has two agendas, he wants to be in your lap, and cover you with kisses, and if you chose to not pay attention to him, he will find a comfortable spot on your couch...this is a darling boy.  Yes, Timmy has had one of his eyes removed, but do not know why and it certainly doesn't hinder him in the least. Timmy went to a wonderful family, just love this precious soul, residing in Blaine, WA
*Darling Timmy darted out into the road, and was hit, sadly he did not make it, passed away in 06*

(Adopted Sept.1/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
13.5 lbs
App. 7 years old

Charlie went to a wonderful home, in Bellingham, WA...Charlie needed her, as much as she needed him, a good reunion for this lost little soul

(Adopted Aug.31/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
1.5 years old
11.5 lbs

A really nice lady saved me from puppymill "h**l" she took care of me, loved me, and knew that I needed a place to call my own home, so she contacted Furbaby Rescue, so I could get somewhere safe, and make sure I got neutered, my hernia repaired, and find a really good and happy life.  I am kind of shy when you first meet me, and I think because my foster Mom, knows puppymill dogs, that it would be best if I could have a doggie friend, to make me feel more secure, but once I get over my first few days of shyness, I unfold, and you will find a sweet, darling good natured boy, who just wants to be loved....Bo Bo went to a really great home, he came out of his shell, and showed what a wondrous happy boy he is, he forgot that he is shy, with the care and nurturing this family gave him...thank you Susan...residing happily in Covington, WA


(Adopted Oct./04)
With deep sorrow Libby  passed to the bridge in Aug/07
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old

Libby is sitting in the lap of luxury with her new brother Austin, Libby was a frightened and scared little girl, she had been treated horribly.  A wonderful and compassionate lady, wanted to meet her, and hope that Libby would one day trust her.  That trust came very fast indeed, Libby is the light of her heart, along with her wonderful Austin...with the love of her new Mom, and the gentleness of her big brother, Libby is doing more than fantastic...spoiled and adored in Wenatchee, WA
Thank you Teri

(Adopted Oct.24/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
8-9 years old
12 lbs
This wonderful and exceptional lil boy, passed to the bridge March/10

 Open your arms, I'll be there, scratch my ears, rub my tummy, I will fall asleep in bliss, I am the kindest, sweetest lil boy, who loves to be loved.  I was dumped in the shelter, and the true story is not known, my teeth were oozing pus, my dental has been done, I lost six teeth, I am also blind in one eye, but do not let my handicap, hinder you, as it does not hinder me, I am happy, outgoing and about the most loving lil boy, God created...Baggins got a wonderful home, with loving parents, and adorable Golden, and a cat...all living in harmony...thank you Elaine:-)

(Adopted Oct./04)
Female/spayed/shots current

Darling Annie found a home immediately, as this home had wanted to adopt Baggins, but Baggins had found the perfect home, and this home was meant for Annie...she is so adored...thank you Beth, Annie was meant for you, residing happily in Renton, WA

* With deep sorrow, Annie passed to the bridge Nov.25/08 from cancer*
Rest in peace lil one

(Adopted Nov.5/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
15 lbs
With deep sadness, Keibo lost his battle with kidney failure, Dec./07

I lost my Mom, I was her beloved companion, and she has left me, to reside in a nursing home, and no one wanted me...I am a gentle boy, with a wonderful soul...I love to follow foster Mom around, I am very good with other dogs, have a girlfriend here, that I love to play with, I am good will find me a bit quiet and perplexed when you meet me, as I am still having a hard time understanding where my Mom is....can you come and be my new Mom...I like Dad's too...
'cause my Mom was elderly, something's got neglected, my coat had be all shaved off, my glands were terribly full, and I had a lot of fleas..that has all been taken care of, I also just got dental teeth are in excellent shape now...
So could you please come and let me have a forever home this time, I don't want to be left alone again..I promise to snuggle close to you, and if you don't mind, I give kisses...
Keibo was a very lucky boy, once again has a loving Mom, and a wonderful extended family, who care deeply about the welfare of our furbabies...happily residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada


(Adopted Nov.7/04)
Male neutered/shots current
18 lbs

I am such a beautiful boy, and I have been abused,, when you met me, I am very friendly, and ask for love, sometimes though if you fuss on me too much, I become untrusting, and I ask that you back off, I will give a growl...I really want a home that will have patience, and understanding, get me back to the loving dog I am meant to be. Remember all good things come in time, I am great with other dogs, and if there was a playful dog around, I would be happy, once I am comfortable in my surroundings to play.  To adopt me, you will need to be dog savvy, understand and work with dogs that have not always had an easy life, please do not have great expectations, or that I will be a silly easy going Shih Tzu...I want to be that way, but my home will need to give me space, love and kind firmness...
Adult home only. 
I believe that Oreo would do best with a Dad or Dad(s)..he seems much more at ease and affectionate with men.

Oreo was a lucky boy, the right forever family came along, and are having very little problems with him, and adore this beautiful boy, thank you Sean and Bonnie, for opening your hearts to him, residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Nov.5/04))
China "DOLL"
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old?
9 lbs

China was going to be euthanized, because her elderly Mother thought no one would want her, when a wonderful rescue called "Grateful Dog Rescue" from Oregon stepped in.  China is a living and breathing "DOLL" she is the essence of a true Shih Tzu, loving, playful, happy..she makes you laugh, she endears her soul to you...just enough cockiness for you to not be fooled by her tiny size...she is a dream girl...she endears you even more, when you look at her adorable face (the picture absolutely does not do her justice) she has one blue eye, which makes her even more precious...
China is now doted on by two very special Moms, who will adore her...residing in Tacoma, WA

(Adopted Nov. 21/04)
Emmett (nka Mugsy)
Male/neutered/shots current
9 months old
20 lbs
*Mugsy passed to the bridge Oct.2017*

Emmett is one of the largest Shih Tzu I have been around, he is not fat, just tall and long, reminds me of a baby Sheep dog...he is adorable..
Adult home ONLY...
Emmett got a fabulous home, with a very very caring couple, who previously adopted Casey (nka Kirby)
Happily loved and adored in Seattle, WA

(Ewok adopted. thank you everyone)

*sweet adorable Ewok passed to the bridge April/17*
He had 13 amazing years with his fantastic owners.

On Dec. 12, Abra and Ewok went to their forever home, on Dec. 18, Ewok and Abra had access to the outside via the dogdoor, they were still unsure of their surroundings, and changes that had happened to them, and dug under the fence, the new owner managed to get Ewok, but Abra eluded him, and was not able to get her, after many attempts at searching for her was unable to find her again,  the morning of Dec. 19th, Abra was found, she had been hit by a truck, and was instantly killed...I have asked this question to myself a hundred times since this, why was she spared from the hell she came from, and spared again when my house caught on fire, to end up dead...the pain of her death, is more overwhelming to me, than my loss of my home...
I know she died instantly, she will always be in my heart forever...Abra was very very special to me, they all are, but no one except myself and a dear friend of mine (last year) saw her in that place, no one, saw as each day she unfolded into a precious lil girl, with a smile, a tail wag, a desire to love you...she started to open up her heart, she crawled into you, with the way, only a Shih Tzu can do...she had no hatred for her past , for the life she lead, and I had promised her a good life, no more babies, only love, and happiness...and she knew I meant it, and now she is gone....
Ewok has returned to rescue, as he cannot be an only dog, he has lost his Mom, and the strong connection he had to her...he now needs a loving home, with another dog..
The requirements for him:
1. Another dog, sex is irrelevant, only that the dog want to play and is open and friendly...that dog should not be old, young to mid aged, who still wants a friend to hang out with.
2.  A secure fenced yard, and to NEVER leave him unattended outside, fence or not, till he KNOWS he is in a safe place.
3.  Someone with patience to work with his housetraining....
I will be very careful on his rehoming...his Mom is gone, but I will be damned if another life is lost....
For application and information on Ewok, contact Furbaby Rescue

Ewok Nov. 6/04 @ 3pm

Ewok  Nov. 6/04 @ 7pm

Abra Nov.6/04 @ 3 pm

Abra Nov. 6 @ 8 pm

Each day as we suffered, a piece of our soul was taken, you gave us nothing, we did not have fluffy pillows, a warm place to sleep, toys to play with, snacks to savor, we had only each other, but the worst sin you committed, was not giving us love.  We do not know what loving arms are, a lap to lounge on, loving pets, car rides, ice cream, a walk in the park, laughter, happiness.  We know the rain, the cold, snow, heat, no shelter.  We were forgotten...rescue never forgot us, rescue knew of us, prayed for us, we were the other Langley Dogs.  Our friends got to safety, but they kept us, Furbaby begged for us, but to no avail...till the phone call, and we are now safe...we have lived outside for months, our love for each other is all we had, together we found one cared about us, but we cared about each other.  We huddled together in the elements, we ran from strangers, we do not understand what love and kindness is.

Furbaby Rescue arrived to pick up these babies, they were  running in the rain, soaked to the skin, no shelter, scared and frightened babies.  I had to corner them to grab them, I got Abra, and picked her up, she was drenched, shaking, matted to the skin, the smell was so horrendous, and I held her to me.  Ewok, was huddled in the bushes nearby, shaking and hovering, I was asked, "do you want him?" heart broke, my tears contained, this poor defensely boy, hovering like a wild animal, I wanted him with all my heart, I grabbed both and put them in my crate...I was asked if I would find a good home, I could barely speak, I wasn't sure if my anger would take over, or I would scream to God, WHY??? I just got in my car, with tears streaming down my face, how could anyone allow this?...I called my husband, as I drove, almost in hysterics, please call Judy, my groomer and dear friend, to help clean them, please help them...and she did, with hours of work, many baths, they became clean, dry and BEAUTIFUL...
They now have food, fluffy pillows, snacks, chews, and love...and today I saw a tail is the beginning of their new is a good day, never again will they live outside, rain soaking their they will only know warmth, love and happiness

Abra is a female about 7 years old, she weighs 11 lbs,  Ewok is a male, about 2-3 years old, weighs 14 lbs.   Whoever adopts these babies, must have patience.  They do not have a mean bone in their bodies, they need to learn about living with us again, they are shy...but the loving spirit of the Shih Tzu will prevail, if you have the patience to guide these precious souls.
Ewok and Abra will only be adopted together, an adult home only, and a secure fenced yard.

These babies have returned from the vet:
Both needed and received:
Spay and neuter
Ear flush, ears infected, on meds
Impacted anal glands

Ewok has a very special home, with a Mom and Dad, and their wonderful lil Shih, Max...I take this time to thank the Perry's for giving him a such a loving home, I know that darling Abra is watching from the Bridge, smiling that her son is is difficult to completely replace the bond that these two had, but Max is showing Ewok, that a big brother helps to lean on, play with, and they will have a strong bond also, along with the love of their parents.


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