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Successful Shih Tzu Adoptions
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(Adopted April 5/08)
Male/neutered/shots current
13 lbs
4 years old

Raz just doesn't have good luck.  Originally he was bought by an older lady, who ended up in assisted living. His next home was a family and I do not know why they did not keep him.  But a very loving and kind woman took this baby.  She adored him, he was her constant friend and companion.  Sadly she became ill, and now also has to go into assisted living, and cannot care for him any longer.
Raz is doing pretty good with all the changes.  He needs to get used to always using the outside, as his Mom would put down wee wee pads, and if he was unable to get outside he would use those, so he needs a bit of retraining...unless of course you want him to use pads.  Raz does fine with other dogs of his size, big dogs and cats unknown.  He likes to follow you around, and can be very playful. Loves to also sleep with you, or be very near. 
Raz does have allergies, and needs a strict diet, which is simple.  He is eating Duck and Potato and likes it.  He also likes carrots and celery...and he loves 100% chicken strips.
Presently he is being treated for an ear infection, he is not real happy about having drops in his ears.
Raz would now like his last forever if you are out there, come and meet lil Raz, he is a nice boy.

Raz has two doting parents who adore him, residing in Coupeville, WA

(Adopted April 16/08)
*sweet Wrigley passed to the bridge in March/12 from heart failure, his parents adored him*
Kirby(nka Wrigley)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
16 lbs

Do you want a calm, easy going furbaby.  Kirby's only request is to be by your feet, go for short walks, sleep close to you, and just be a calm and endearing lil friend.  The groomer was unable to save his long gorgeous fur on his ears, as they were so matted from an ear infection..but it kind of looks cute anyway.  Kirby does have dry eye, and will need daily drops.  
Kirby is such an easy boy to live with, his demands are little, just want to be loved and be by you.
I do want to add, Kirby does have spirit, and he can get animated, and he sure lets you know when he wants up on the couch, or outside, he has us well trained.

Happily residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted May1/08)
Happy (nka Sparky)
Male /neutered/shots current
22 months old
13 lbs

Happy is as his name states, he is such a happy, playful loving lil imp.  As you can see in the pictures, he has hair loss caused by allergies.  He has been in our care for a couple of weeks, and his improvement has been drastic, gone from the fiery red to normal skin color.  He needs still, consistent allergy free food, at present he has been put on raw food, which we find really helps jumpstart to get his allergies under control.  Also he is getting malasab baths.  He is doing excellent.  So his new forever home must be diligent on his diet.  If so, you will have one sweetheart baby, who follows you everywhere, would love to have a friend to play with, but mostly he just wants to be your best friend, and he makes that so easy.  The first day he came into rescue, he was so scared, but that lasted only about an hour, when he saw other lil furry doggies just like him, great food, and loving arms...he is just a doll.
As for housetraining he appears to be doing excellent, finding the dogdoor in the first day.

Absolutely adored by his new Mom, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted May 5/08)
Mylie (nka Daisy)
Shih Tzu/cocker
Female /spayed/shots current
8 months old
15 lbs

Miley is a happy outgoing puppy who has never met anyone she doesn’t like. Her favorite things are chasing after her squeaky ball and playing with her doggy friend. She is great in a car (very quiet and well behaved). Miley has lived happily with big and little dogs, kids and cats. Her mom had to go back to work and felt Miley would do better where she could get more attention. If you have the time and space for an energetic little puppy girl Miley would love to fill your life with doggy love.

Daisy has a super family, she adores the human lil girl, and is the delight of everyone, residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted May 17/08)
Female /spayed/shots current
6 years old
13 lbs
*sweet Sasha passed away early 2017*

  I will follow you everywhere.  I will talk to you when I want up on your lap.  I will insist on sleeping close to you (promise I don't make a peep all night long).  I will potty outside once I know where I am suppose to go.  I will travel in a crate in the car, very quietly.  I will fuss at the groomers, cause I wasn't taught "grooming rules" but I can learn.  I will get along with other doggies.  I will love men or women.  I will be so cute you won't be able to resist me. So what will you do for me? will you promise to love me forever, cause I promise to love you forever.

Sasha lost her home because of divorce.  She lost her life companion, who was another very sick Shih Tzu.  She lost everything.  She tends to be very close to you, because she is afraid to lose again.

A super Mom for a very special girl, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted May 23/08)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
16 lbs

I am a loving little boy who has had a hard past.  I am very loving and love to take care of the other dogs I am with. I love to wash other lil doggies. I enjoy cuddling up to you in your bed and also any time I get the chance to  cuddle on your lap. I am a scared of fast moving thing such as little kids . I want to play but unsure how but in time I will learn how much fun it could be.  I working on my coping skills with the grooming I did not ever have much of it in my past so it is all new and scary to me.

I would love to come warm your heart and let you show me how great life can really be.

Adult home only

Great home for this little boy, in Seattle, WA

(Adopted May 23/08)
Shih Tzu/ Poodle (we think)
Male/neutered/shots current
15 lbs
12-18 months old

Mario is a bright, energetic little dog who’s favorite things are playing fetch and tug with his rope toy, trying to convince his foster brothers to tussle with him, and napping as close to me as he can get (beside me on the couch is good, on my lap is better).  He performs an excellent “sit,” and has a very soft mouth when it comes to taking treats.  When playing, Mario tends to get excited and will need patient training to help him learn the soft mouth technique in these situations, too.  Mario loves to go on walks, and does well on a leash.  He has lots of puppy still in him!  A home with a yard where he can race around and chase sticks and toys would suit this little boy perfectly.  Mario is housebroken, although with his new family he’ll need help understanding what’s expected of him.  Quickly establishing a routine for walks or backyard visits will go a long way toward teaching him the rules – he’s a quick learner.  Mario seems to get along with other dogs, although there have been a few signs of leash aggression.  Don’t know how he might fare with cats.  Mario is a confident, sweet, affectionate little dog who will make a wonderful lifetime companion for someone who wants to give a lot of love and receive a lot of love in return.

This boy has a fabulous home in Seattle, WA

(Adopted June 1/08)
Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
18 lbs

Rusty is a wonderful dollbaby.  He was rescued from a very neglectful situation along with his son Benny by some very caring Ladies.  Once he was cleaned up, we found he had damage to his eye, and sadly it had to be removed.  Rusty has no trouble at all adjusting, he long since lost sight in the eye already.
He loves people, walks, and is just a endearing lil boy.

Rusty is now living with a very kind couple, and in memory of Romy, residing in Lynden, WA

(Adopted June 11/08)
Shih Tzu/Pomeranian
Male/neutered/shots current
16 months old
11 lbs

Are you are ready for me?  Boy I am ready for you...I am SO playful, full of live, love and vigor.  The Shih Tzu part of me, is my gorgeous eyes, my beautiful coat, and pretty tail (I know you can't see that). (oops yes you can)

 The Pom is my longer legs, my ability to leap small buildings in a single bound.  And yup my bark, it is pure Pom...I alert to strangers, and I bark when I play...and oh did I tell how much I like to play...well I have fun with puppies, and anyone...I also love to play with toys, run with my chews, and generally have a blast.  My housemanners  are pretty darn good, if you get me out in a timely manner.  I have lived with cats, though I think they are there to play with.  They say I am smart, of course I am, I know how to win anyone's heart, once I am introduced to you...I am a keeper, if you want a lively little love in your life, what are you waiting for...come on down

Great home was found for this boy, living a very happy life with a great gentleman, residing in Issaquah, WA

(Adopted June 14/08)
Shih Tzu/ Lhasa Apso
Male/neutered/shots current
18 months
16 lbs

Benny is a sweet young boy. He loves to play with other dogs, loves carrides and powerwalks. He is sweet and endearing, and will make a wonderful companion to the right home. He would love to have a buddy, if not someone who can spend time and take him for long walks, play and just have a real little friend.
Benny was taken from a very neglectful situation, horrible matted and not cared for. He has left his past behind, and wants only to be loved and have fun.

Benny has a great new family, residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted June 26/08)
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
16 lbs

*sadly this precious girl crossed the bridge in 2016*

Amelia is a happy girl who loves to be petted and to cuddle. She is very happy to meet people and loves to be held. She came from a puppy mill in California so she also loves to be with other dogs. She runs in the yard and is learning to play with toys. She plays and tumbles with her doggy friends especially with Jude and Eden who we suspect are her babies.

Amelia walks on a lead and likes car rides. She has done very well with house training. Because of her background, Amelia will do best in a home with another dog. And she would love to have a yard to run in. This loving girl can’t wait to find her forever family. 

Amelia has an amazing family, two wonderful Moms, an adorable male Shih Tzu (Rufus) and in memory of one special girl, Victoria, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted July 19/08)
Matt (nka Kirby)
Male/neutered/shots current
14 months old

Ok...Clearly you see I only have one eye... let me explain.  When animal control found me I was ONE BIG MATT (hence my name, no.. they were not very creative at the shelter!) I was so matted they did not know my breed or even if I was a boy or a girl! So they shaved me down, when they got to my face the lids of my right eye were sealed shut. My right eye was very diseased, the vet says probably due to my lashes growing inward and making  perpetual abrasions and scarring on my eye.  My eye might of been saved if someone helped me sooner- but who knows how long I was living on the streets like that.

So, of course, Furbaby Rescue came to help me!

I went right to the vet and had my eye surgically removed.  I am so happy that I have no pain anymore!  The nice people at Pampered Pets Grooming took some time and made me look beautiful!

People even tell me I am cute now!

I really enjoy other dogs and I get to go to Doggie Day Care sometimes to play. 

In my foster home I live with another dog and do very well with her. 

My foster mom says sometimes, no always,  I can bark at other dogs/people when I am on a leash,  but I am getting some training to deal with that, so I can be a good boy.

So I guess I want you to know I have had a tough life, but I don't hold it against people... I know there  is someone out there who is wanting me for their forever boy...someone who will look past my "short comings" and know I only need one eye to see the love they will have for me.

Kirby is such a lucky baby, he has one of the greatest Moms and other adorable doggies to play with, residing in Seattle, WA

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