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(Adopted March 24/07)
Miles (nka Bear)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 5-6 years old
13 lbs
*sweet Miles crossed the bridge, his body shut down from strokes and organ failure Feb.17/15*

They found me tied to a post outside of a shelter .  The shelter staff thought I was unadoptable, because I looked so terrible.  My once beautiful coat, matted and filthy, my eyes shut together, my teeth black.  So I quickly came into rescue.  Once cleaned up, my teeth are now pearly white, my sore eyes got medication..and once my coat grows back, I will be so foster Mom, says I am already beautiful, with my perky smile...I walked right into my foster home, happy, loving, full of life.  I love to follow you everywhere.

I do not know why you had to leave me outside in the freezing rain, tied up...could you not have waited till morning and at least allowed me to be warm?  I want "you" to know I am very happy now. I get wonderful food, treats, toys, and love.  I wish I could say I miss you, but I don' see I am going to get a great life now, cause my foster home promised me.

Miles is a wonderful lil boy, he does have dry eye, which will need daily medication.  Other than that he is healthy, happy and looking for the home, that will NOT turn their back on him.  He is playful, fun and a real character..he will bring great joy into your home.

Bear has a fantastic home with his new brother Nady

(Adopted May 13/07)
Male neutered/shots current
7-8 years old
18 lbs

*Lil Boo lost his battle with congestive heart failure on Dec. 27/11, his parents will forever miss his feisty in peace Boo*

My Mommy died 2 years ago "gosh I miss her" my Dad took care of me, but he worked all the time, and thought I would be better off somewhere else...really I would have been happy staying with Daddy.  I am now in foster care, for the most part I am a good boy, I like to cock my head when you talk to me, I sit up cute for treats..I like to sit close to you, follow you from room to room.  But I do need to trust you, so if you try to pick me up, when I am not willing I will get snappy.  I am not a good dog for kids, but I can be a devoted companion to the right adult home, so I hope you will consider letting me have a new Mom and or Dad again.   I do have allergies, and need to stay on a good allergy diet.  
Hopefully my foster Mom will be able to get my face groomed properly, I need a "in charge" groomer for that, cause I don't like it, and what a shame, cause I have the most gorgeous ST eyes, and darling face, but you can't see that now.

Well, dear Boo was a foster failure, now living forever with my crazy, loving good friends as well as Daisy-Mae, Sugar and Teddie in Portland, Oregon

(Adopted June/07)
8 years old

By Jimmynie, Its Countess Cricket!


Several months ago, Cricket came into our care due to relocation overseas of her owners. She was shy, intimidated by humans and dogs alike, growly and protective of herself, obviously not at all comfortable with noise or things that were unfamiliar. This sheltered, indulged little 8year old girl had been loved though, arriving with bed, basket, carrier, food, treats, numerous toys and an extensive wardrobe complete with regal dress and princess hat sporting a glittering, flowing scarf!


And Princess she has indeed turned out to be! Her Ladyship, Cricket commands us to now scour the countryside and find a suitable home for her to reside in. One that has previous experience living with a temperamental but sweet Shih Tzu. She wishes to be the center of attention and affection, so Her Eminence would favor a home without small children. A secure fenced yard maintained by one or two humans would suffice for her outside playtimes, coupled with her own warm bed indoors for times she wishes to slumber. Cricket may choose to retire at night onto the larger, human bed or remain on her own cushion, thus Her Highness prefers a home that would not challenge her desire to dream upon the living room couch, favorite recliners or master beds.


Still a bit wary upon first meeting unfamiliar people in unfamiliar surroundings, Her Eminence can act ungracious and cantankerous, perhaps seeking to discourage commoners with a nip from picking up or holding the Royal Self. Once comfortable and secure with her abode, Cricket warms up and delights in adoration from her court after a few days, accepting visitors that are not familiar to her with much better manners. Cricket voices cheer and welcome with boisterous yips and yaps the return of her handmaidens and vassals from their time of labor or work in the fields.


Walks on a daily basis are prescribed by the royal physicians, as Her Highness may otherwise feel discomfort and stiffness of the Imperial Limbs. A kindly canine playmate is totally acceptable as long as they respect the Royal Personage. Aloof and standoffish when she first arrived, snarling and snapping at any other dog who might dare to approach Her Highness, Cricket now runs and romps happily with the pack, yapping and bouncing, cajoling others to play, be they common cur or princely purebred.


Her Highness suffers from pesky allergies and demands to be fed a wholesome diet to ward off any irritation or itching that might damage the Regal Fur Coat. She happily partakes of dry Duck and Potato kibble and enjoys healthy non-allergy treats bestowed in a manner that maintains her curvaceous figure in fine form.Many fresh fruits and vegetables find favor with her and are devoured with relish.


Cricket has a great new home:-)

(Adopted June 10/07)
Shih Tzu/Poodle
12 months old
15 lbs

  This gorgeous young fellow sadly lost his home because his previous owner had to be moved into a nursing home.  She did an excellent job in training Frankie and I'm sure she misses him dearly.  Frankie is housebroken and walks very well on a leash.  So far, he has great house manners and has not been destructive in any way.  He displays mostly Poodle qualities thus far and is nothing but a doll.  Frankie can be a bit shy upon first meeting him, but then quickly warms up and wants to be at your side constantly!!  When Frankie gets excited, he does a wonderful happy dance and bounces waist high with a big grin on his cute little face.  It makes me laugh!  His new owners will want to continue with his basic training and I would suggest puppy classes to help socialize him further.  We don't think he got out much in his previous home.  Frankie is simply delightful and such a pleasure to have in my home.  He will also need a new forever home with children over the age of 12 yrs old.  If you are seeking a darling curly furbaby to keep you in constant company, please apply within! 

Frankie got a great Mom, a wonderful new doggie brother, residing in Shoreline, WA

(Adopted June 22/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 5 years old
17 lbs

I'm adorable, my foster parents can't say this enough.  I am so sweet, I follow you from room to room..happy to cuddle on your lap, or find a comfortable place to hang when you are reading or watching T.V.  I am housetrained, good on car rides, walking,  my tail wags when I meet strange dogs, or people.  I get along with everyone.  Yes my lil tongue hangs out, now doesn't that give me character, it just makes you love me more.  

I was found as a stray in Seattle, did my time with animal control, everyone there LOVED me, but felt I needed to go to rescue, so my eyes could be taken care of, I do have dry eye...I also had horribly infected ears, and well my coat was a mess...but all of these things have been taken care of in rescue...I am now healthy, happy, and waiting for a home that will enjoy me, as much as I will enjoy you.

This angel boy is has a wonderful home with doting parents, residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted July 24/07)
Crumpets (nka Charlie)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
13 lbs

Tea and Crumpets anyone?  Crumpets is a fine lil fellow, I have found in foster care, he needs his space for a couple of days, he just was so upset after losing his home, and being confused.  Once you give him some time to get used to his new home, and new dog friends, he becomes a sweetheart.  He loves to follow you around, big smile and tail wag when you come home.  Loves car rides, loves walks...all in all a good lil soul, who would love new parent(s)...he actually warms up to men a bit quicker then women, but he accepts both.  In his former home, his Dad used to take him on his garage sale he would love someone to take him out with them.
I have also found out that Crumpet is leash reactive...meaning he becomes overprotective on walks, when encountering other pets or people...something that was not known, since I live very rural...this will need to be worked on, if intending to take him for walks in a busy environment.
Adult home only
Charlie has a wonderful new Mom (thank you Joye) residing in Lynden, WA

These pictures will break your heart
(Domino and Pepper Adopted Aug.2/07)

I know my heart broke 
After many hours of shaving/cutting 

Male/neutered/shots current
App. 7 years ?
14 lbs

Pepper is just a dollbaby, and he is cuter than this picture, the sty is now removed, he will be picked up from the vet tomorrow (July 24)..he really needed dental.  
He is a good good boy, who wags his tail constantly, he is a delight, he is yearning to make himself someone's cherished friend.

App. 7 years ?
12 lbs

Domino is just a DOLL, she is loving, playful and a delight.  She appears very attached to Pepper...she will be an added joy to some lucky family.  She just loves to leap in your lap, and cuddle deep into your neck...she is just a sweetheart...both of these dogs are, just wonderful, kind loving babies.

To see this kind of neglect is totally heartbreaking.  They WERE worse then puppymill dogs, yet they came from a home.  This story is also sad, the previous owner died from cancer a few weeks ago, but these dogs had been in dire straights for a LONG time.  The mats entwined around Pepper's penis, made it impossible for him to relieve himself, except into his mats.  Domino could not walk properly, once the mats were painstakingly cut and shaved off, she didn't know how to put her foot down properly.  Their nails were so long

even without the mats, these babies could not walk properly.
Both dogs will be vetted on July 23/07.  Pepper is missing an eye, he also has a sty on his remaining eye, that will need to be removed.  Both appear to need dental.  In their after pictures, they are still red from all the shaving, but gosh they feel good now.  Both babies covered in fleas, and sores from the mats.
These dogs are absolute sweethearts, their tails never stop wagging...we are so glad they are now on the road to a better new life...and remember they will be beautiful once again, once their coats start to grow back, but as you can see, there was no options, except to be completely shaved down.
I will update after their vet visits..
Both babies have been to the vet.  Pepper will have the sty removed, and dental, other then dental he is in pretty good shape.  Domino, needs dental...other then that in good shape.
Both babies did very well, Domino had extensive dental, her shots etc...she is doing well.  Pepper had extensive dental, sty removed from his eye, cyst removed from his cheek, and his impacted anal glands expressed....
Wonderful home who adores these babies, happily residing in Chehalis, WA

Shih Tzu/Lhasa

3 1/2 years
Neutered male
14 pounds

Henri is a very shy sweetheart who almost lost his life due to a small cosmetic flaw! He has a slightly droopy lower eyelid that exposes, on and off, the cartilage that covers the third eyelid and lacrimal gland. The out of area shelter knew that they would not be able to adopt him out, so they contacted us. What a wonderful little guy he is...quiet, well mannered, getting the use of a doggy door down fast, playful with other small dogs, just a marvelous dog.

He needs a home without a lot of noise and ruckus, so older children or teens may be ok. Henri does best if not pressured to interact, he soon warms up and you can see that he craves hugs and cuddles. But if pushed to interact too much, too quickly ,his shyness can surface and he will hide or do a growly thing to let you know he is unsure and not comfortable with the situation. He would love a gentle, playful doggy companion and appreciate someone who works from home so he can cuddle and enjoy his human's company. Henri would be miserable waiting long days for interaction with his person, once he comes out of his shy shell, its follow, lap and cuddle time as much as possible.

This is a truly lovable dog that will make the right adopter a great companion. Neutered, UTD on vaccinations, microchipped.


(Adopted Aug.26/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 lbs
3 years old
*darling lil Jakey passed from congestive heart failure, May 16/14, he has now joined his Daddy Ron in heaven*

Yes Little Jacob is 4 lbs..tiny lil boy.  Jacob needs a VERY quiet home WITHOUT children.  He loves to play with his soccer ball, get tummy rubs, go for walks and just plain cuddle.  He walks very good on a leash, and he knows some obedience commands.  He is totally housetrained.  This little guy is so very loving and sweet, he has manners plus.  But we cannot stress enough, he needs a mellow family and no children.

This lil boy has so much to give the right home.  To know Jacob is to love him.  He deserves nothing but the best home.  He will adapt very quickly to the right family and steal your heart away.  What a little gentleman.  His foster Mom cannot praise him enough.  If there are other pets in the home, Jacob needs slow introduction.


Jacob has now been evaluated by a trainer and he does have some specific needs that need to be worked on.  As previously stated, Jacob can NOT be placed in a home with children or teenagers.  Because he was never socialized properly as a puppy, Jacob does not like strangers approaching to pet him and he will curl his lip to let you know he is not pleased.  He will nip if pushed beyond his comfort zone.  He is, otherwise, truly a dear with many wonderful qualities.  His new owners will fall in love instantly, but must understand it is going to take much time and patience to work with his socialization issues.  Jacob will only be placed with a family who has prior dog experience!  If you want to love Jacob, can you provide experience, patience, protection from strangers approaching him and absolutely no exposure to children unless in a supervised situation.  He will need a slow, slow introduction to new surroundings!  All Jacob asks is that you respect his space while he learns new things!  To know him is to love him.  He is indeed one special little guy with character plus! 

Now living the perfect life in one of the best homes we could have dreamed about...residing in Portland, Oregon

(Adopted Aug.31/07)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
14 lbs

I am not looking my best, but believe me I look SO SO much better then when I first came into rescue

See what I mean, I had SEVERE flea and food allergies.  In foster care my foster Mom is working hard at making me better, and I am doing so well...she was surprised to see that I am going to be a gorgeous red and white girl...I am just a doll, I am playful, I sit up like a chipmunk and BEG...oh yes I beg, so you have to be stern with me...this is what probably got me in trouble with my allergies, eating crap...course all those fleas crawling over me didn't help much.  I can do the high five..I appear housetrained, though I do like you to be out there with me...I am a fun girl looking for love and happiness...but remember to keep me healthy, I need an allergy diet...

Angel has a awesome Mom and Dad, who are just delighted with their girl, now residing in Ferndale, WA

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