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(Adopted Nov.13/11)
Male/neutered/shots current
13 years old
15 lbs

UhhhÖHellloooo!  My name is Cody and you might think that my age is something to worry about, but let me tell you a little about cute, lilí ole ME!  I am a VERY healthy 13 year oldÖand, did you know that a Shih Tzu can live to be 20 years old?  I am planning on living to the age of 20 (I have always been a well cared for chap) and then, from there, I will live forever in your heart!!  I am sweet and mellow and I really donít have any hang-ups.  I am working diligently on my potty manners (I just needed a little refresher) and, just so you know, I can go up and down the steps to the back yard just fine!  I donít take any medications and I am not very picky about food!  Whew Hoo!  My teefies, I mean, my teeth, just got cleaned and I had some extractions so my mouth should not need any major care for a couple of years!  My foster Mommy says that I am a sweet, mellow little dude and what is so spectacular about me is that I am low maintenanceÖ.did you hear that?  LOW maintenance!!!  I am not a dude who needs many walks and, for some people, this is GREAT!  I love to sleep on the couch and in the bed (but please donít let me jump off of the bedÖthatís not so good for my joints!).  I am good with other dogs (I am living in a herd of 6) and I donít mind cats at all.  I have a silly little under bite and I am a very happy little dog!


Here are some comments from my foster Mommy:  I believe that Cody can hear a little bit which is typical of a dog who is 13.  Other than hearing loss, Cody is in great health!  His blood panel came back looking very good, he handled his anesthesia with no problems whatsoever, his heart beat seems great, he has normal sinus rhythm and no heart murmur.  Personally, I really enjoy having little old dogs.  I believe that Shih Tzus become even better with ageÖtheir personalities become a little more exaggerated and they usually develop some really cute behaviors that you will simply never forget!  Please consider adopting an older dogÖCody is an example of a healthy, older, well adjusted dogÖhe is a pleasure to have in my home.  His owners died and he is looking for his second set of parents to love and dote on him!  He is a super adorable little old man!

Cody has a nice new Mommy, residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted Nov. 15/11)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 months old 
12 lbs

I know my name is hard to pronounce, but honestly you get used to it. It means "Bliss" and I am not far from that meaning, or at least my foster Mom says that, she smiles, when she talks about me, cause she thinks I am unique and very special.  I make her laugh, and I like doing that.  I am such a great little puppy.  I am smart, intuitive, easy learner...oh ok I do silly things, like jump all over you in glee, take your slippers, all things my foster Mom smiles at, and says, gosh it is fun to live with a pup again.

A bit about me, besides my adorableness and cuteness.  I have been to puppy class, and was the "star".  I want another doggie to play with, I have tried everything in my foster home, but they are senior doggies, and they don't think I am fun, so I make my own fun.  I cover you with kisses, and when not kissing and running, I find toys and chews...I am AWESOME.  I sleep happily in a crate at night, not saying a peep, so you can get your beauty rest.  What more can you ask for.

Sammy hit the jackpot with his Mommy, and new lil sister Bichon, residing in Qualicum Beach, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Nov.28/11)
Channelle (nka Nellie)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 7 years old
8 lbs
*adorable Nellie passed away from heart failure Feb.15/15*

Hey, have you ever had a bad hair day?  Boy I sure did.  I had to be groomed really short, to get me all cleaned up.  See, someone didn't take care of me, and I became infested with those pesky little fleas.  In fact, on my tush, I have even thinner hair.  Ohhhh, don't let that worry you, because it will grow back.  My foster Mom said I was as cute as can be right now, so I can only get cuter.  Hmmm, being cuter isn't so bad, right?  Too cute, too cute, I am going to be too cute!!!!

I heard someone say I'm about 7 years old so I got a lot of livin' left to do but I need a new forever human to share it with. I was told I'm a tiny li'l doll baby at "8 pounds drippin' wet" so I won't take up much room no matter where I go with you. Did you catch that part? I can go anywhere with you because I have very good crate manners and I know a crate in the car is the absolute safest way to travel. I love to go for a walk on the leash. You'll be proud of me as I prance along beside you and your neighbors will be envious. 

I peeked over my foster Mom's shoulder as she wrote out a report on me.  She stated that someone found out I have a heart murmur, but it really is no big deal and there are no clinical signs, whatever that means.  I may never need meds for it.  Foster Mom has another dog who was diagnosed at 10 years old with a heart murmur and he did not go on meds for years.  He is now 18 and finally on meds, so you see, I still have a lot of years left to live and love you.  We just felt you had a right to know that there is no cause for concern.

Now back to my spying on what foster Mom wrote about me -   "She cracks you up when she barks, it is deep..she is not a barker though, she was just telling me she had to go outside.  She absolutely lights up when you praise her or pay attention to her. She does a little dance, and it is as cute as can be.  For the most part she is a pretty quiet little girl who likes to hang with you but don't be surprised if you find her elsewhere sometimes, cuddled up.  She will play with toys, when you play with her.  She loves her treats and that's another time she will light up.  She has no interest in the other dogs, could care less...I have seen nothing but a darling, adorable, sweet little one...  No problem with house training, she easily trots outside." 

So that's what foster mom had to report about me. I wonder if peeking over her shoulder qualifies as spying and if I could get a job in that field? Naw....I just want to be a good dog with a great forever home. I just want to be loved and kept clean and free of fleas so I can grow out my hair. My goodness, I'm a little girl who wants to have beautiful hair, not a guy dog who needs a butch haircut. Let's face it, Channelle is an exquisite French name and anyone named that deserves to look at least elegant, don't you agree? Of course, I'd be totally happy to look just normal and you could give me a less elegant name. Channelle is a pretty big name for such a little dog as I. Personally, I like something like Twinkle and there will be a twinkle in my eyes if you adopt me, and let me look like the dog I should but most of all, just love me, love me, love me and I'll return every bit of it to you. 

Wonderful new parents and God parents (thank you Billie) now residing in Ellensburg, WA


(Adopted Dec.3/11)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 8 years old
13 lbs
*dear Gavin passed away from congestive heart failure Jan.16*

Welsh meaning ďlittle falconĒ

Gavin has positively blossomed in the short time heís been in his foster home.  He is confident and comfortable and so easy to have around. He is friendly, affectionate, and so adorable.  He had positioned himself in the downstairs entry but just recently started coming upstairs to sleep with the main dogs and his foster mom. 

Foster mom calls him her little GavieÖ.heís as cute as a button and as fluffy as a little lamb.

He loves to go on walks, is thrilled over the moon to get to go in the car, and now moves inside and outside with the wave of dogs which his foster mom always feels is a sign that a dog has settled in and feels secure. 

We donít feel that he needs to have another dog.  He gets along with the other dogs just fine but is more person oriented.  He seems very much potty trained when kept on a schedule.  He is usually a pretty quiet dog but occasionally something will cause him to bark or stand at red alert. 

Heís a very easy going little dog, easy to groom, not too picky about his food, and just happy.

His tail only stops wagging during sleep and rest.  He isĒ joyĒ incarnate and absolutely precious.

Gavin is happily residing in Lynnwood, WA


(Adopted Dec. 14/11)
Shaylee (nka Bonnie Lassie)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
10 lbs

What do you get when you have a sweet little black and white panda colored Shih Tzu girl with an active and energetic personality, an inquisitive sense of her world, and heart as big as you can find?

You get Miss Shaylee!

After spending some time with her , and really getting to know and understand the kind of home she needs, we can spell it out for you quite clearly.

She needs to have someone home to keep her company and engaged.  She will not do well in an empty house.  She is positively enamored with cats but not in a good way.  She pesters them to the point of obsession, so a cat free home is a must for her.  She is living with a ďtow the lineĒ kind of Scottie Dog and that is going well but she would really and truly love to be the only dog. 

So, while many Furbabies must go to a home with another dog, Shaylee is one for the home that really prefers to have just one dog and will be very successful in such a family.  She is a LOT of fun and kisses in a tiny little package, too.  She definitely considers herself to be a big dog.  

This darling girl is adored and residing in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Dec. 17/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
11-12 years old?

*sadly Lucy passed to the bridge in May/13*

Can you keep up with me?  Iím told that we more mature gals are supposed to start slowing down, keeping a slower pace when we walk, and just take it easy.  Iím all for a good nightís sleep and I DO sleep pretty soundly, though occasionally I snore.  I like a nap as much as any gal.  We all need our beauty sleep, after all.


But when I hear my leash coming off the holderÖ.Iím right there waiting for you to tether me up.  I love to go for walks.  Lately at night (which comes early) I canít wait to head outside to get to the houses with all of the pretty lights and displays.  I especially love to stop at one house which has a lighted angel out front.  She reminds me of myself.


Iím an easy dog.  I love to go in the car, I donít mind cats or other dogs, donít get into any trouble, I just want to share my life with you.  Iím looking for someone who doesnít feel I should be given up on just because Iím no longer a pup.  My human loved me well for many years but she became ill and had no place to take me except the shelter.

I was in the bin marked ď$30.00Ē and it was Wednesday so I would have been half price and still no one wanted me.  Iím not ready to give up.  I should have a few years of good living left in me. 

Itís hard for me to look at the picture of me now,  all shaved down.  I still remember how I looked when I was younger, so beautiful and regal  (do you know the feeling?) and I know once my coat comes back in Iíll be gorgeous again. On the inside Iím still gorgeous and youthful and full of fun and spirit.  Iíve sewed my oats.  Iím a genteel lady with a lot of spunk.

Lucy has a special home, residing with Chiqui and Gracie in Clyde Hill, WA

(Adopted Jan.1/12)
Shih Tzu/Pomeranian
Male/neutered/shots current
14 lbs
8 years old

"Hang on Schnoopi, Schnoopi hang on
Hang on Schnoopi, Schnoopi hang on

Schnoopi now lives in a foster home in town
after somebody just didn't care and made him frown.  
Schnoopi I don't care what happened to you 
Cuz you know Schnoopi, boy, I'm in love with you

and so I say now

Hang on Schnoopi, Schnoopi hang on
Hang on Schnoopi, Schnoopi hang on?"

OK - I'm not going to keep singing for you because then you'll have to tell me I can't carry a tune. Actually, in addition to not being a singer, I'm not a barker but I will respond to weird noises and that just may alert you to something that you need to know about. I'm house-trained - YAY!!! That's a real plus but don't forget you'll need to show me the door you want me to use and all that jazz when we arrive in your home 'cuz I may be good but I don't read minds. 

I'm an all around charming guy but I probably will be a little tentative at first and it will take me time to learn to trust again. I hope you have the patience and time to let me learn about you because once I know you're my new forever person, you'll be stuck with me. I'll follow you everywhere and will want to sit by you on the couch. I definitely want to be near you at night so that I know I'm not going to be dumped again. And, just one last thing.......while you're petting my nice soft coat, encourage me to roll over and I'll LET you rub and scratch my tummy. Did you get that? I'll LET you do it. That's a sneaky way of begging you to do it because I adore that!!! Hmmmmm - I can feel it now. My new forever person helping me to enjoy life again and scratching my tummy. If I was a cat, I'd purr, but since I'm a dog, I'll just wag my tail right off my cute little body. 

This boy has a great home, residing in Aloha, Oregon


(Adopted Jan.7/12)
Tira (short for Tiramisu)
Shih Tzu/poodle
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
10 lbs

Meet Adorable Tira!

She needs: 

*A GENTLE owner who sees the smile on my face . 
*Someone to dote on her and love her. 
*Someone who stays home much of the time. 
*Someone who loves to play fetch with her and go on walks. 
*Someone with a fenced yard so she can romp and run. 
*Someone willing to let her share your bed at night. (Note that she doesn't take up much room.)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Trained to respond to a clicker. Has excellent house manners. Is a bit shy at first but after a day or two she'll be stuck to you like glue. 

WILLING TO GIVE IN RETURN: She'll worship you and be more devoted than you could ever imagine. Along that same line, Tira has no interest in other dogs and will be 200% (that's not a typo) devoted to her human.Tira loves men but has no problem loving women, too. Expect her to cuddle and always let you know that you are the most important person in her life. 

This darling girl is happily living with two wonderful parents and her younger brother Dooger, residing in Nooksack, WA

(Adopted Feb.12/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
20 lbs

Please donít put a bag over my head because my face is a little crooked.  I was born with something called a cleft nose and though you canít see much by looking at me from the outside you can tell that I have a crooked little smile.  I also am missing a canine which contributes to the asymmetry.  I have no vision in one very small shaped eye. 


Even though I am not the prettiest of Shih Tzu, my owners have always loved me and socialized me very well.  Iím cuddly, affectionate, obedient, trusting, and a really good dog.  Iím also one of the old fashioned large Shih Tzu like we all were in the old days.  I think we tend to be a little more laid back than the smaller ones.  Iím like a big teddy bear with soft hair.

I had a nice life until a few years ago.  Unfortunately, my tenure as the family pet did not survive a divorce, remarriage, or young owner moving out on her own, and I have suffered some benign neglect because of it. 


It was pretty sad for me to lose all of these homes one after another but Iím pretty even tempered and well adjusted so Iím doing great in my foster home.  Iím happy here.  I know I canít stay here forever and am really hoping someone will ask to at least meet me.  I donít want you to feel sorry for me because I look a little funny because Iím very confident and beautiful on the inside.  I know that I can be a wonderful pet and companion because Iíve done that most of my life.  Iím living in Seattle now but Iíve lived in lots of places before and any place where Iíll just be loved is just fine with me.

Gysmo is happily residing in Redmond, WA

(Adopted Feb.22/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
12 lbs
*in deepest sorrow Bugsy passed away from a stomach tumor Dec.30/15, what a dollbaby he was*

Buggy is an adorable little rolling and romping ball of joy.  He is so well mannered that he goes right into his crate at night or during the day.  But he doesnít like being incarcerated very much and ends up panting so much that his foster mom thought he might pass out or have a vascular event so she let him out and he bounced along after her, jumped up on her bed, and cuddled next to her.

AwwwÖ.we love dogs like this!

Heís potty trained pretty well and scampers out the door when you tell him itís time for potty.  He becomes ecstatic at meal time.   Heís a great little traveler.

Before coming to us he had been in a stressful environment and is still a little shy sometimes but heís adjusting very quickly.  His first stop was in a home with a lot of dogs and kids and he was happy and very chatty.  

His first stop was to get a physical,  a full blood panel done, and to get up to date with his vaccinations.  Next stop was the groomer.  Then to the vet to be neutered.  He will be moving into his ďrealĒ foster home once he comes out of the hospital which should be today, Thursday February 16th.  His real foster home is quiet with just one other little female doggie so we should learn more about him as he gets a lot of personal attention and close observation. 

Heís sure a lot of fun with an absolutely adorable face.  Itís hard to capture on film, of course, because his face is dark.  You will just have to see him in person.

This sweet boy has a great home, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Feb.23/12)
Maltese/Shih Tzu
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
13 lbs

Take a look into these gorgeous deep dark eyes and you will want to cuddle with this sweet little girl, pop her into the car to head off on errands, go for a walk in the park, and come home and have a loving sleeping companion.

Some things you should know about Lily.  She is housetrained.  We have not seen her have any accidents.  Thatís a little unusual for a new dog coming into a large dog populated foster home.  So what gives her foster mom has been wondering?

AhÖ.she is very smart and super stubborn.  Lily likes her ďdigsĒ to be tidy.

She will not tolerate being crated so donít even think about taking her on if you plan on crating her.  She has a high pitched little bark and when she wants something her way she pushes that ďstubbornĒ button,  and does not take her paw off of it until she gets what she wants. 

Lily probably will not do well in an apartment just because she is so vocal and the neighbors might complain.  Vocal dogs are more successful when they are allowed to make noise and chat when they wish.

Lily came from a home of love and good care.  She had some medical issues as a puppy and the vet records indicate that she was cared for on a regular basis.  But then babies came along who turned into toddlers and little dogs and little children rarely are a good fit.  Lily was given up because having her was no longer compatible with the household.  Itís a pretty crummy way to lose oneís home but unfortunately, it happens and thatís why Lily came to Furbaby Rescue!

Lily has been overly stimulated with small children and is hesitant upon approach just a smidge.  This may go away once sheís more comfortable and shakes off the past of being pestered and smothered by children.  

Her first night, she did not want to be in a crate, she did not want to be in a gated room with other dogs in front of a warm fire, she was too excited to eat dinner, but when allowed access to the upstairs Ė she ran up all flights, jumped up onto the bed, curled up next to her foster momís pillow and slept a sound and quiet sleep.

So, really, she just wants someone to love, a companion, and eventually a nice meal.

Lily is being adored, residing in Powell River, B.C. and in memory of


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