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(Adopted Feb. 26/11)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old ?
11 lbs

My life did not start out very good, I was removed from a abusive place by the police.  These horrid people also debarked me, so my foster home is guessing it was probably a miller or something very similar, I know the answer, but everyone can only guess.  I am a sweet, sweet lil fellow, whose tail never stops wagging.  I do need a quiet home, with another lil furfriend, cause I watch and follow their cues, so I am more comfortable running up to my foster Mom and showing her, I so want to be loved, touched and brushed.

I am  unsure about being picked up, hopefully though you will have some time and patience to guide me, to be the sweet lil boy, I really am.

The other day, when my foster Mom came home, I was so excited I actually jumped up on the furniture (like the resident dogs did) to greet her so happily.  I am learning basics, I will poop outside, but need more time understanding peeing outside.  I just need some time and patience.

I am willing to give you the key to my heart, just unlock it, I promise you will love me.

Living a happy life now, in Sammamish, WA

(Adopted Feb.27/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
7 lbs

No, I'm not wearing make up!!!! I know, I know, it looks like I have perfectly applied mascara and facial make up but I'm just naturally ready to be a model. In fact, I have a very petite figure, all 7 pounds of me, making me easy to carry. 

I am trained to use "wee wee pads" indoors so I could be a good little traveling companion once I'm used to the big wide world that I hear is out there. You see, my life started out with a very sweet elderly woman who wasn't able to show me the outside world but she made sure I was very well taken care of all along. I just didn't get to see what the world was like out there. I hear it's pretty interesting. 

I am very affectionate and have a sweet disposition. I love my stuffy toys and I love to be held but I can't jump up so you'll have to pick me up to hold me. But that also means I won't jump up on your furniture like many dogs do. I don't know how to climb stairs either. In fact, I'm not sure what they are since I've never been around them although I think that's what someone carries me up to get into this house. But remember, I'm not heavy. I weigh less than a gallon of milk!!!!! 
*update as of this am, hop hop hop, up the two stairs I came*

Anyway, I've been dubbed an angel in my foster home. I'd really like to find a new forever home with someone sweet and loving and we'll just dote on one another. 

I have wonderful parents now, and new brother Duggie, residing in Sequim, WA

(Adopted March 11/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
11 lbs

Sophie is a lovely female Shih Tzu who has lived quietly with two adults all of her life.  When they went into an assisted care living facility Sophie got to go with them but all of the constant noises and comings and goings was over stimulating and she started barking at every noise.  It was definitely noise overload for her.

She moved into temporary foster care with Scotties and a Cairn who terrorized her forcing her to hide in her crate all day long.  Luckily that only lasted a couple of days and she got moved into a very quiet home with two quiet adults and one quiet female dog and a cat.  At first she was very frightened and skittish and stayed under the dining room table.  Very quickly, though, she became comfortable enough to come out from under the table to greet her foster mom when she got home.

She is a sweet girl just a little shell shocked from having to leave her family behind and start over a new.

Sophie is reliably housebroken, pretty quiet, easy to get along with, and would do really well in a home with a more confident dog to help bring her out of her shell.  She’s adorable, gentle, and lovely to have around.

I have a lovely new Mom, happily residing in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada 

(Adopted March 17/11)
Female spayed/shots current
12 months old
9 lbs

Chiqui is a young and pint sized little sweetheart who lost her home and it’s thrown her for a loop.  She is a very shy little dog and losing her home and dad have really challenged her self confidence. 

She has only ever been with one other dog (Abigail below) and she is comfortable with her but any other dogs and she becomes completely unhinged if they start barking at her or threatening her in any way.  We feel that because she is young that she has an excellent chance of evolving and blossoming into a sweet little dear who will be comfortable around dogs.  Currently, she shakes in terror while being examined at the vet’s, being groomed, or just being transported in her crate.

She got spayed, lived in a cone for two weeks, and was a dream having her stitches removed.  She had to be away from her companion for a couple of days and she seemed fine during this separation.  She’s already made improvements such as being comfortable going in and out of the back door for potty  and exploration time.  She has been pee pad trained in just a few weeks so she’s a smart little girl. 

She needs a quiet loving home with an understanding owner with the desire to nurture and help this little girl.  She is fine being left alone during the work day.  She mostly stays in her crate or bed and makes use of pee pads if necessary.  She’s very lean and needs encouragement to eat.  We would like to put a couple of pounds on her.

After her stitches were removed she finally got a lovely bubbly bath and a hand scissored groom.  She needed her body shaved, though, and required a lot of sculpting of the matted hair in between her pads.  She seems to feel much better after having this beauty treatment and is acting much more frolicky and puppy like.

Chiqui is a nice little dog looking for a pair of warm and loving arms to welcome her.

Great Mom, for a great lil girl, residing in Blaine, WA

(Adopted March 26/11)

Frankie & Jonnie
Male/neutered Female/spayed
15 lbs & 11 lbs
2-3 years old

Tightly Bonded "Toy-aholics" Need New Home

Hi everyone,  

Our names are Frankie (the reddish/brown dude) and I'm Jonnie (the gorgeous black and white lady). Guess who is writing this description and showing absolutely no prejudice? Hehe!! 

We applied for work at Pets R Us but Frankie wouldn't stay out of the toy aisle and tend to the interview so we were sent on our way. I mean there's evidence right there in the pictures that he can't tend to business. Look how he's surrounded by toys and one stuck in his mouth.  My goodness, if I didn't love him so much I'd turn him over to the toy police but what's a girl to do when she's been tightly bonded to a guy for so long.  *sighhhhhhh* 

Seriously folks, we do have to stay together. We've been referred to as two peas in a pod which basically means if one of us gets up, the other follows suit. We are sweet and loving and happy and are learning that treats are like Christmas. Wow!!!! I can't believe we lived  without ever knowing about treats. We've been accused of lighting up the room when someone walks in. Well why not if we're treated nicely?  We're learning all about love, cuddles and affection and we REALLY would like more of that. We're quiet and I guess that means something like we're not barkers. We're pretty naive when it comes to all of these terms and statements so I hope you know what I'm talking about. 

Our foster parents have been great about getting us cleaned up and taking care of all of our health needs. We never knew life could be so good and we're told if we find our forever home, it could get better yet. Wow!!! 

One last little note - we will need a bit of help in the house training area and now that winter is nearly over, it's not a big chore to take us outside on a schedule and allow us to learn quickly. We want to be loved so badly and are so appreciative that we'll do whatever we have to for our new forever human(s). You can even change our names if you want. We're just delighted to be loved and cared for. 

Frankie and Jonnie were lovers 
Oh lordy, how they could love 
Swore to be true to each other 
Just as true as the stars above

These two sweeties, have a wonderful home, residing in Birch Bay, WA

(Adopted March 27/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
12 months old
11 lbs

Abigail is an active and curious little girl who has been living with excruciating eye pain all of her 12 months.  She never let on that she was in pain and was always stoic, cheery, and loving. 

While she was vetted we found an umbilical hernia to repair which allowed us to confirm that she had been spayed.  But her physical revealed the necessity to make an appointment with a veterinarian ophthalmologist for detailed diagnostics.  We learned that she needed to have three eye surgeries; Ectopic cilia removal, Cryoepilation  to correct level one distichia, and Canthoplasty to shorten an eyelid.  All of these were necessary for her comfort but also to prevent eye damage which would have led to blindness.  She looks like she got into a rough bar fight but in a couple of weeks she will look better than before she had her surgery.  The cryosurgery froze skin and it will take a few months for the pigment to return but she should look better than ever and a new owner will never have to worry about any future eye issues related to these ailments.

Once her medication wore off, she was running around, happily greeting all of the dogs in her foster home.  She had been away for three days and she really missed the activity and wanted to know what everyone had been up to.

Abigail can move right into most any home and be comfortable with the current dogs suffice they be kind towards her.  She doesn’t seem to bother cats.  She has never tried to bite, snap, or growl when we have tried to forcefully administer treatment to her so she should have perfect behavior in a normal home setting.

She is doing very well with her potty training, is very enthusiastic to get leashed up for a walk.  She uses pee pads, as well.  She seems like a dog who can be left alone during a work day.  She’s definitely a companion dog.  Don’t even think about this one if you aren’t looking for a constant companion.

  She just had her eye surgeries on March 11th and will get her stitches removed on  March 23rd.  Abigail had her recheck, stitches removed, and she is perfect...ready for her new home.

Abby has a great Mom, and two girls to dote on her, residing in Olympia, WA

(Adopted April 1/11)
Oscar & Heidi
5 years old
13 & 16 lbs
*sadly Oscar passed to the bridge Oct./15*

Sorry folks, we have no cute stories for these two dogs because they are just too cute all by themselves. No cute story could do them justice. 

Often when two dogs come in to rescue, it's difficult to tell the male from the female but we think that Maggie definitely has a feminine look to her face. If you can't see it, just remember that when that little pink tongue sticks out it looks like lipstick, thus it's Maggie. 

These are great little dogs. They need a home where they can learn to play with toys...or better yet with their human. They love chews but please check with your vet as to which ones are safe for dogs this size. Your vet will probably suggest that each dog lose a pound or two and with summer approaching (we hope) just a daily walk could help these two a lot.

The foster mother says there are no negatives to these two dogs. She's heard no barking to date. Heidi makes her wishes known by a little whine. Both love to smother humans with love and kisses. They love to be petted and they honor their humans with good house training skills. Can't get much better than that! 

There's not much more to write when you have a good pair of dogs. 

These two lil rascals have two great parents, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted April 13/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
11 lbs

Gigi is a petite jet black Shih Tzu.  She acts like a frolicky puppy and loves life in her foster home.  She wants to play with the cats so will try to engage them and cutely bark at them.  She does fine with the cats she is living with because they are dog savvy but Gigi might do better in a non cat home unless the cat(s) are tougher than she is.

She loves to play ball, go for walks, run run run like the wind, and socialize with everyone that comes to visit.  She lived her entire life in a crate but is catching on very quickly to “potty outside” especially on a leash and since she loves taking a walk, she has made great progress. 

  She sleeps through the night and prefers to sleep with you though she tolerates being crated at night.  Sometimes 7 little dogs on the bed is a bit much and it’s safer for everyone to have their own bed at these times!!  Gigi is a precious little angel and her foster mom wishes she had the photographic skills to capture the way Gigi's eyes melt your heart.  She has a very soft little snore when she’s really “out like a light”. 

Gigi is pretty young still but she had entropion repair surgery awhile back so she comes to you with no worries about having to give eye drops.  Her eyes don’t hurt any longer and by having the surgery she may well avoid damage, dry eye, and blindness.  That’s a pretty terrific guarantee for a breed prone to all of these issues.

She’s such a perfect size that sometimes she hops into her foster mom’s purse and they do errands together.  They like to play “secret agent” and see if anyone notices the presence of a little black dog.

Now since Gigi has been out of a crate and in a normal living environment she is showing some jealousy towards other smaller dogs so while we see her evolving in many ways, we believe she would be a more successful adoption in an only dog home. 

Gigi has two doting parents, residing in Olga, WA

(Adopted April 14/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
15 lbs
8 years old

This is Mitzi.  She is of the genre “bunny slipper” Shih Tzu.  There is no other way to describe her.  She is a roly poly little sweetheart who wouldn’t hurt even a flea.  Not that she has any.  She was found wandering around one of the local islands filthy and overgrown.  Furbaby found out that her owners became too ill to care for her and took her into our rescue.  Her foster mom loves the bunny slipper Shih Tzu. 

Mitzi had a full physical, a blood work up, got microchipped, brand new vaccinations, had her teeth cleaned and polished, and had several baths and a brand new hairdo.  She is one of the easiest dogs to please and to have around.  She’s quiet, she likes to go on little walks, enjoys a good meal, sleeps on the floor though sometimes she will choose a bed on which to sleep.  She walks around a lot and is very social with the resident dogs in her foster home.  She loves everyone.  She’s fine on car rides.  Being so agreeable there really isn’t a lot she doesn’t tolerate or enjoy.  She even stood still to have blood taken from her.

Mitzi  is a perfect companion dog who would be fine as the only dog, she would be great with a special needs dog like a blind or deaf dog, just because of her easy and even temperament.  Her foster mom isn’t in any hurry to find her a home because she’s just so perfect  that  she’s very little extra work and so loveable.
PS will try to get a picture showing her eyes, hard with her lil black face.

Mitzi is adored by her new family, residing in Redmond, WA

(Adopted April 17/11)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
9 lbs

"I am one of the cutest dogs you will ever see, just look at me!  But, I need someone who isn't just interested in my good looks.  You see, I've had people betray me in the past and have a few trust issues I need to work through as a result.  Nothing major, but I do need someone who is patient and committed to me.  I need an advocate who will set me up for success by making sure people don't pet me until I know them really well.  I may growl at people otherwise, and not everyone understands what I've gone through.  If you reassure me that you will never abandon or hurt me, I will love you unconditionally and be the best friend you've ever had.

I am a charming little companion!  Once I learn I can trust you, you will be rewarded by a bouncy, affectionate little girl who will follow you everywhere.  I'm pretty independent and not very needy, but I would love to jump on your lap to snuggle!  I have great house manners; I am quiet and potty trained. My foster parents think I am the easiest of all of the dogs to take care of, and say that I make them laugh every day. 

I am a ball of energy and I love to play with my toys!  If you aren't around to throw a toy for me, I'll throw it in the air for myself to catch!  I would love to play with other dogs, but I sometimes am misunderstood because when I play, I growl because it makes me feel so tough to grab a toy in my mouth.  It just makes me unique but I mean nothing malicious by it!  I would love to accompany you on your daily walks.  I will never pull on the leash, but I do tend to bark at others walking by.  My foster mom finds it easiest to pick me up since I'm so little, but some leash training would probably help as well.  Speaking of being so little, I shouldn't go to a home with children under 10 years old because I could get hurt easily. 

  I do have some environmental allergies, which make my skin a little itchy.  I require some allergy serum shots a couple of times a month, but they are no big deal once you get the hang of it!  Someone will show you how to do it, and Furbaby provides all of the supplies.  Keeping me on a good diet will also help, and I am definitely not a picky eater!

I’m living with my incredible foster mom, dad, cat, and two male dogs.  It’s a pretty full house but everyone has been so welcoming to me, and we all get along very well.  They have shown me that people really can be kind, and I am now ready to find my own forever home who will love me for the rest of my life. Are you that special person?  I promise you that I am worth it!”

Nina has a sweet loving Mom, residing in Burnaby, B.C. Canada

(Adopted April 22/11)
11 lbs
11 years young

I might be "Gabby" but I really don't gab all the time or even gossip. I won't tell your neighbors if you have an extra helping of dessert. Of course, a doggie treat here and there would be like insurance that I don't "gab". 

Seriously, folks, I'm about as easy as they come. My report from the foster mom says I'm calm until you head to the kitchen and then I get a bit excited. Well, who wouldn't? I mean the kitchen usually means food, right? I'm playful, sleep in my own dog bed, am very well potty trained and when someone opens the door and I'm supposed to go out, I go! What more could anyone ask for? 


Now, there's one thing bugging me and that is that people are questioning my age. Someone seems to think I'm 11 years old. Well, I'm here to tell you that no one should ask a lady her age but I understand that there is a possible need to know in some cases. So what if I am eleven? No one believes that's true by my actions. So if I've been drinking out of the fountain of youth and I don't act old, does it really matter? And what if I'm years younger? Or perhaps I've had a doggy facelift?  Naw!!!! Facelifts only make you look younger, not act younger. The vet can guess my age and plan my care accordingly. I still have LOTS of years to how about if we start working on building a new relationship? My youthful actions just might be contagious. 

Oh, one last thing - I could share a home with another dog my size or I can be an only child. 

Gabby was swept away by two adoring parents, residing in Coupeville, WA


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