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(Adopted Nov.10/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
13 lbs

Wookie is another recent Furbaby Rescue addition that does not come with a sad story.  He was loved by the same woman his entire life.  She loved her little Wookie boy very much but has health issues now and is facing change of life circumstances and did the best she could for this little guy.

He came to his foster home a little scared but settled right in, chose where he wanted to sleep, who his dog friends would be, and heís just been an angel. 

He was neutered recently.  His teeth were in excellent shape except oddly just one.  So it was scaled and polished and heís ready to find his forever home.

Wookie is very sweet, relaxed, loves to roll on his back and paw the air with his front paws and be a little silly.  He has very good manners for us here. 

He and Obi came in around the same time and became fast friends, probably because they were the new furkids, but also because they have very similar personalities.

Wookie loves walks, is great in the car, wonít go in a crate, is friendly with everyone,  and is very easy maintenance. 

He should transition into a new home very nicely.

Wookie is adored by his new family residing in Gig Harbor, WA 


(Adopted Nov.17/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old?
14 lbs
*with extreme sadness, adorable Jack passed to the bridge April/13 from Meningo-encephalitis*

OK everyone, you better rush to apply for me because everyone wants a dog with a tongue that sticks out most of the time and those dogs don't come along very often. That's part of my charm, right? Well, some people think so. 

I have to tell you that I won the most adorable award when I was at the Vet's Office for my care before being available for adoption. I was ADORED. Got that? Absolutely adored!!! Oops, there go some more people wanting to apply for me. 

Mind you, too, that 8 years old is no big thing especially when foster mom says I act like I'm two because I love playing with my toys, being in your lap. romping around with other dogs and I behave while doing so. I make foster mom chuckle, too, because I can sit like a chipmunk when someone offers me a treat. Imagine this - a little chipmunk begging for a treat with their tongue hanging out. 

You want to know about my history? Well, foster mom can tell you more about my background than there is room to write here. Basically, I developed some allergies that are very easy to treat but in this crummy economic times, my senior owners couldn't afford the little bit extra for the quality non-allergenic food. Plus it was discovered I will need eye drops for the remainder of my life and thyroid meds, both of which are not that expensive. All the analysis has been done and vet records can be transferred to your vet so it's just matter of keeping up that which resolved the issues and have me checked once a year. Foster mom wanted me to remind you that you a good quality hypo allergenic food can prevent a lot of vet bills so it's actually less expensive in the long run. I want to remind you that with the right food and care, I'm going to be a priceless companion for you. I promise to love, honor and obey....and we won't need a marriage license for that to happen. 

Want to meet me? Just contact foster mom and ask all the questions you have, fill it out the application, and let's have a meet and greet date. I'll have my bags packed, my tongue sticking out and ready to go home with you. 

Jack loves his new Mom and his Mom loves him, residing in Olalla, WA

(Adopted Dec.17/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old


Little Daisy came to us with no name (her foster mom thinks all little girl dogs should be named Daisy), no identity, no idea how to be a dog Ė perhaps she was afraid to BE a dog.  She had been terribly neglected and she melted our hearts when we heard she needed to be rescued.

She is living with a giant dog also named Daisy and it makes things confusing when foster mom calls out ďDaisyĒ because the giant dog comes running, trampling little Daisy, and she retreats.  To avoid confusion she is now called ďlittle baby shih tzu daisyĒ and ďDaisyĒ responds well to this.

She is a sweetheart of a little dog.  It takes her some time to warm up but once she does, she is such fun, very entertaining, galloping and spinning in circles.  She makes her OWN fun!

Daisy currently sleeps in her own bed away from the other big dogs, eats in the pantry so she can eat undisturbed, and is uncomfortable going outside when the bigger dogs are out.  She would love a home with no dogs, small dogs, or one sedate larger dog.

She loves to go in the car and for walks.  Both are good fun for her.  Daisy needs someone to love her and give her a wonderful forever home.  She is very patient and appreciative of every little thing.  She is in great physical health after having received some very good medical care. 

Oh, and one more thing; she doesnít seem interested in chasing cats!  Thatís always a plus in a dog.

Daisy has a great new home, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Dec.29/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
15 lbs
*sadly Charlie passed away March/19*

Why do all of my pictures make me look stiff and unapproachable?  Inside I have a marshmallow heart, a warm personality, a sense of fun, and Iím happy.  Why canít the camera lady show that side of me?  Well, if you are thinking Iím not a wonderful and loving little doggy; please blame the photographer.

I am an obedient, quiet (though I do have a voice), well mannered fellow.  I get along with everyone.

I couldnít understand why I have had a headache for so long until the doctor found out that I had some rotten teeth.  I got those taken care of and now my head doesnít hurt.  Wow, life is way more enjoyable when you arenít in pain, I can tell you that.

Because the doctor detected a heart murmur she made me go through a full cardiology work up and the doctor said I had just a trivial heart issue.  So, no meds, no treatment, and I was able to go under anesthesia. 

This is a good thing to know about me and Iím glad my doctor is very thorough.  You donít need to worry about me thoughÖIím great!  I just need a home of my own.

Charlie stole everyone's heart, now has stolen his new owner's, happily residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Dec.30/12)
KoKo and Penny
Male/female/altered/shots current
7 years old
13 lbs

If you have ever tried finding a Red and White Shih Tzu, you know that we are hard to come by.  But thatís what we are.  Not only that, but we are brother and sister, we are very close and take care of one another, and we are wonderful dogs.  We are sweet, loving, easy going, and mostly quiet, though we definitely can bark and we do whenever there is chaos just because we are so social and love to join in!

We have good potty habits, arenít too picky about our chow as long as itís nutritionally sound, are healthy, and in excellent shape.  We really like getting in the car and going for a ride just as much as we like to go for a walk or explore the out of doors on our own.  We are pretty easy keepers. 

We donít mind being crated when itís necessary for the schedule but we have to be together, is all.  We arenít destructive and we would love to be in a home that wants us to sleep with them but itís not necessary.  We would be okay without that.

We get along with children, cats, all sorts of dog breeds. 

If you are wondering what our life was like before, we should tell you that we lived with our owner, a lady, until she became unable to care for us.  Then we lived with a nice family for two years. 

What happened?  Well, our second family are missionaries and they were called to move to Africa and we could not go along.  It would not have been safe for us.  It was pretty sad but because we have one another we can weather disappointments and sad events pretty well.

We needed a home during the Thanksgiving holiday so we were in a big foster family until we got vetted and our current foster family could bring us in.  We had heard that it would be incredible and worth the wait.  We have our own park in which to run and explore.  There are three Schnauzers who are super nice to us and were very welcoming.  The man and woman, our new foster family are so sweet to us.  They are active, youthful, and really fun and we love it here. 

Itís a really terrific place for us to live while we wait for someone to fall in love with us.  We mind, we do what is asked of us, and we are really happy dogs.  We will make YOU happy, too!

These two precious imps are now residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Dec.31/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
9 years old
18 lbs

*wonderful lil Cappy lost his life Dec.16/14 after multiple health problems, he was their baby, and we so regret his loss, but he was so loved for the time he had with these fantastic adopters"

Sweet little Cappy.  He came to us very smelly and matted but so joyful and loving.  A scrub in the tub and a pair of scissors put him to rights again. 

Cappy has a very sad past but you would never know it.  He is brimming with confidence, he is kind to all of the animals, even children, and one look at those eyes and your heart melts.

He had a very infected mouth and had an extensive dental, removing over 20 teeth.  His gums are healing and the infection is nearly gone from his body.  Now that he feels so much better heís even more active and playful.

Cappy loves life and he will love life with a wonderful owner.  He has a history of minor seizures so does take Phenobarbital twice a day.  This is  a minor expense, we calculated that it may cost 8 dollars a month.  He is somewhat deaf and gets scared sometimes and shakes.  All you need do is rest your hand on his head or shoulders and he feels safe.

He is in great shape.  He had a full senior panel done when he came to us.  He loves company, loves rides, loves walks now that heís learned how.  Since he has such a fantastic foster family he will be anticipating an equally amazing adopter.  Could you be that amazing person?

A special dog for a very special owner, now residing with Chiqui , Gracie  and Lucy in Clyde Hill, WA

(Adopted Jan.6/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
8 years old
24 (chubby lbs)

* in deep sorrow, this precious lil girl passed to the bridge unexpected July/13*

Meet princess Zoe. One look into those big eyes and you will fall in love with this sweetheart. She is a young 8-year-old shih tzu. She has no issues riding in the car and was excellent for her groomer. She likes children, plays fetch, and loves being next to her special person. She is not afraid use her dog voice when she needs something. She is housetrained and seems to tolerate other dogs. She walks fine on a leash and could use more walks to help get her regain her girlish figure. She currently weighs approximately 24lbs. (she already has lost 2 lbs:-)

Because of her past, she seems to prefer females to males. ZoŽ is looking for someone to snuggle with and someone she can love forever. She is currently being fostered and adored in Gig Harbor, WA.

Zoe has a fantastic home, residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted Jan.7/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
16 lbs

Got room in your bed for Ted?? There's not a lot of information about Ted but we know he is very personable...and cute. When taken to the vet, he trotted off nicely with the staff member, behaving like a perfect gentleman. He does like to sleep on the bed and seems to always select the same spot each night. Ted wouldn't mind having another small doggy friend in his new home and would play nicely sharing his toys. Another doggy in the home should allow you to leave Ted for small periods of time at home in situations where the weather is too hot for him to be left in a vehicle. He is very good in the car which probably says that's where he prefers to be  - with his human. Due to transitioning from home to home his housebreaking could stand some tweaking. A dog just needs each new human to take the time to teach the "when and where" in each new home and then it's all fine and good. Ted has a good appetite and as with all dogs, we encourage you to buy top quality food to prevent health issues and consequently related vet bills. Good food does pay off in the long run. 

Ted foster Mom says, that whoever adopts this boy, will be very lucky indeed, he is a doll.

Ted is happily living with his new Mom and Dad in Belfair, WA

(Adopted Jan.22/13)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 4-5 years old
12 lbs
*sadly this sweet imp passed away July 21/17*

I am one of those adorable lil girls who is not terribly photogenic, with my dark/silver/black
coloring, but I am so cute when you see me in person.

We don't know Jade's story, Jade was in the shelter, and no story came with her.  We
can tell at one time she had puppies.

Regardless of her story, she is sweet sweet sweet, did I say SWEET...she makes you laugh as she runs
through the house with a toy or chew in her mouth, or her attempt at walking away with
Foster Dad's slipper.  The vets estimated her at 5 years of age, but at times she is
so puppyish in her antics.  For sure she is not older, and perhaps younger.

Jade is one of the many who has allergies also, her fur is coarse and dull, but foster Mom
has got her on a great diet, and she is doing wonderful, and in no time, she will have her
gorgeous coat back.

Jade will bring love, warmth and laughter into your life, and oh yes lots of cuddles.

Lil Jadey has the sweetest new Mom and Dad, residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted Jan.26/13)
Dwight (nka Ozzie)
Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso
Male/neutered/shots current
16 months old
18 lbs

I am two great breeds rolled into one.  I have the heart, and endearment of the Shih Tzu, and the
devotion, gaiety and goofiness of the Lhasa.  I adore to play, with anyone, anytime, I can leap
through the air, to catch a toy, or gallop through the house, I am fun, smart and endearing.

I don't look as great as I can be, as I do suffer from allergies, but my foster Mom has got
a great handle on this, I am eating grain free dog food/treats, and great herbs recommended
by the holistic I am on the road to recovery, and as long as you are strict with my diet, I will
be awesome...and in no time, I will have the beautiful coat that my breeds are known for.

I would love to have a friend to play with, and oh yes, I do like to sleep with you, and cuddle,
so I hope you don't mind...I am great fun, and if you are active, I certainly can fit that
bill.  I am built like a Lhasa, with the long body and long long walks or runs are not
a problem for me:-)

Great new Moms, adorable lil sister ST, Piper, happily residing in Mill Bay, B.C. Canada

(Adopted March 9/13)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old ?
17 lbs
*adorable and sweet Mochi passed June 24/17 from congestive heart failure*

Meet Mochi!

I am so excited because a couple of weeks ago there was a doggie that looked a lot like me. Her tongue was hanging out all the time. She was adopted so quickly that her tongue started hanging out the opposite side of her mouth. There were people waiting in line for her and I'm hoping those who missed out on her will now want me. Let's face it, the tongue hanging out is a conversation piece or do you humans call it being a "babe magnet" or "chick magnet"? Think about it. There we are out walking all around and my tongue is hanging out and everyone stops to say "How cute" or to ask if I need a drink of water. Think of all the new friends you can make because of me. What do I get out of it? I get my new forever person. Yup! A new forever home. What a good idea this is. 

You probably are curious as to why my tongue hangs out. It's because I was born with a crooked jaw. Heck, what's the big deal? I still eat as a normal dog. In fact, I had been eating too well so foster mom has been helping me get my weight down to a healthier level. Foster mom has taken such very good care of me that I'd really like to stay here but I know there are other dogs needing her help, too, so it's best if I'm adopted and happily taken to my new forever home and then she can go on and help the next little furbaby. Is that what is called a win-win situation?

If you want all my information in brief, foster mom reports that: 

* I'm the sweetest, most loyal dog on the planet. 

* I love to eat. Yup, I do, I do. However, if you love me there will be meal restrictions and one particular food only. Foster mom has all that information for you so we can start out just right and you don't     have to stand in front of the pet food shelves trying to decide which one to buy. Now don't panic! It's not expensive food but there's only one food and we can't risk cheating. Unfortunately that means no treats unless there are absolutely no allergens so don't let me charm you into it. Just think about the money you'll save on cheap treats and on vet bills. 

* I am great with other dogs. 

* I am cat friendly. 

* I am super friendly to everyone.

* I am not on medications and it can probably stay that way if you talk with foster mom so you know my history and what foods are ideal for me. I am so grateful that foster mom loved me enough to learn everything she did about me. She's so special even if her tongue doesn't hang out. 

* I prefer to sleep in bed with my human. I'm hoping that's what you want, too, and it's not a deal breaker. Just don't be upset if once in awhile I prefer to sleep in a doggie bed on the floor but I still want to be near my human. 

* And last but not least, I need some help learning how to enjoy baths and I'll be requesting a special shampoo. Foster mom can tell you more about that, too. What would I have done without foster mom?


If you have more questions contact foster mom and ask away. She knows me from head to tail. 


Great new parents residing in Fircrest, WA


(Adopted March 24/13)

Lan Lan
Female/spayed/shots current
9 years old
15 lbs

Hi everyone, my name is Lan Lan (pronounced Lon Lon) my foster Mom calls me Loni.  My name means
Orchid, and as you can see I am as pretty as that flower.  I was owned by wonderful people, my
Dad used to walk me everyday, and I just loved that, but when he was 87 he passed away.  My Mom and 
I missed him so much.  My Mom is elderly, and she found she could no longer care for me, and now I
am in foster care...its fine, I am treated like a queen, but I so miss, the one on one I used to get.

I would like a quiet home, since that is what I have been used to.  Another doggie would probably be fine, but
in foster care I do fine with several,  but some of them are so bouncy *ah the young and carefree*.

My wish is to find another loving home, one where I can have walks, and I must insist on laps, and beds.
I am so sweet, I only have love in my heart for a person or persons to love and dote on me again.

I am in excellent health, my teeth were cleaned recently, all my shots are current, I am microchipped, and ready to be loved

I did have a couple of warts removed (sigh) but they were getting in the way of grooming.  I could use a really good
diet, like I get here, as my coat is not as thick as it could be...


Come and meet me, I might pretend to be a bit shy, but once you know me, I will be your constant, and I mean
constant companion.

Loni has a sweet new Mom, all to herself, residing in Federal Way, WA


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