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(Adopted Sept. 9/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
15 lbs

Truman is a great lil boy, once he knows you.  He bonds very deeply with his person, he is housetrained, playful and loving.  About one year ago, he had a playdate with a Lab, unfortunately an accident happened and his eye was damaged.  He is now blind in his right eye, but you would never know it, by looking at him or his actions.  Truman knows how to sit, his favorite snacks are peanut butter, cream cheese, string cheese, applies, bananas and spoon-sized shredded wheat.  Truman can be barky when a stranger comes into the home, but if you give him a minute, he is usually fine, and will respond to loving.
Truman loves to lounge on the couch with you, or would prefer to cuddle close to you for sleeping.  Since his accident, Truman is not suited for a home with children, fast movement on his right side can make him edgy.
Adult home only.
Darling Truman, has a very special new Mom, living happily with his new brother, Bailey(fka Moki) Bothell, WA

(Adopted Sept.10/06)
Nissa (nka Nessy)
Female/spayed/shots current
10 lbs
5-7 years old

Now I don't want everyone to feel sorry for me, I want you to be happy for me.  You see I am the "lucky one", from now on my life is going to be great.  I was completely shaved down because my fur was so matted it was causing sores on my tiny body, my nails had grown into and through my pads, were finally cut, and I could finally start to walk again.  My glands were so impacted and infected, and they have been taken care of, and now I can sit down without wincing in pain.  The fur was cut away from my eyes, that had sealed them shut, now I have drops to stop the dry soreness, to help bring my sight back.  My large umbilical hernia was repaired, I was spayed, and I was in heat, so I will not have to go through that suffering again.  I have been given soothing medicated baths, to heal my itchy sore skin.  Antibiotics to cure the staph infection because my skin could not breath.  Dental to make my teeth feel better.  Thyroid and complete blood work to ensure nothing else was wrong. Great food to fill my tummy, and love..and more love.  My life starts today, and I hope you can fill my life with tomorrows.  I am a quiet loving lil girl, with a tail wag that says "thank-you" so don't feel sorry, feel happy that I am safe:-)

P.S. Nissa does have dry eye, which will require tacrolimus drops for life.  Thyroid was ruled out, since dogs with dry eye can be linked to this.

Nessy now lives with a great couple who just dote on her, happily residing in Ferndale, WA

(Adopted Aug.23/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
20 lbs

Ajay is a pure delight.  He is easily delighted by
anything.  He loves snuggling next to you on the couch, as close as possible, but not on your lap.  He loves his Bunny.  He bounces out of bed, gets his bunny and drops him at your feet to play.  He comes when called-well 90% of the time.  He loves to look out the window at the world.  He loves his walks.  He loves bones, cheese, chicken, cooked (not raw) vegetables.  He loves to be on the bed, he loves to shadow you.  He is mostly pretty mellow.  He is equally happy playing or resting.  He does chase a ball, but prefers toys.  He does retrieve his toy and brings it back to be thrown again.  He is bright, attentive, sweet, eager to please.

This is who this boy is, though he has had a very rough life once, it was only for a short time, but this boy was horribly abused by a man, who did very cruel things to him.  So he is left with some memory of this, if a man is too quick around him, or startles him, he will react...and if you knew what this boy had endured, it is very understandable...

This charming boy has two super parents, a lovely lil friend for him, residing in Yuma, Arizona

(Adopted Sept/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
19 lbs

Happy, bouncy, affectionate, smart, loyal. Why on earth would Pugsley wind up as a discarded dog in a shelter, so matted he could hardly walk, suffering from a skin fungus that made him absolutely miserable? Not ONE time, but THREE times!

Because of owner neglect. Grooming? They didn't care that Shih Tzu, like other long haired breeds, have to be brushed daily, bathed and kept clean and healthy. They never bothered to neuter Pugsley and did not make SURE they had an escape proof yard to contain an intact male. Each time they reclaimed him from the shelter, they returned to the same pattern of neglect. The third time, they decided Pugsley was just too much trouble (plus they'd have to pay a hefty fine to bail him a 3rd time from the shelter) so the owners surrendered him.

Was Pugsley to blame? No, he was following natural male instincts that could have cost him his life under a car's tire or the like. Neutering a male dog helps curb the desire to wander, reduces the drive to mark territory and can help prevent serious problems like testicular cancer as the dog ages. It also keeps unwanted litters from happening. Most of the 8 MILLION dogs euthanized each year in the United States are from casual, unplanned dog pregnancies.

Pugsley is happily over his skin problem and is neutered. He doesn't try to wander or escape from his fenced foster yard, he is content to be near his foster Mom and Dad or play with the other dogs. Pugsley is quick to learn, you can almost see the wheels turn in his head, thinking and problem solving. He would be a GREAT candidate for obedience training, a chance to use his brain and direct his energy. Pugsley is crate trained, even returns to it for naps or a bedtime, though he would MUCH rather sleep on the bed with his own humans. He uses a doggy door to take care of his needs outside at his foster home.

Since he received medicated baths every other day for several weeks, Pugsley is good about being bathed and enjoys a brushing. He is somewhat sensitive about having his feet groomed. Most of the time he gruffs and grumbles to let you know that you are bugging him, but he has never followed thru with a nip or bite. Pugsley would do best with a person experienced with self assured Shih Tzus or Lhasas or someone downsizing from a bigger breed. His tolerance of cats is unknown but he gets along well with other small dogs. An adult home with a fenced yard would be just right for Pugsley.

If you want a dog that will happily follow you everywhere, worship you and keep your feet warm at night, Pugsley is a great choice. Just keep him clean, brushed and matt free, he'll thank you for it with licks, kisses and nonstop tailwagging.


Happily residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Sept.22/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
11 months old

I know there are a lot of people who monitor my site, and every once in awhile, some of us do get on a soap box.  We get angry about the abuse, neglect and stupidity of puppymills, byb's and owners.  Bobby is another reason to vent.  If there is someone out there that can tell me, WHY, you would buy a puppy to give to a 92 year old gentleman, please let me know your logic.  I believe completely, that senior citizens, should have a pet in their life.  Nothing better to curl up, read a book, watch TV, or just have a friend to talk to..but not a puppy, who has 16 or more years ahead of them.  And this is Bobby's plight, he was given to this gentleman when his beloved wife passed away, because he was so lonely.   I will go along with part of this, but then the responsibility must lie with a family member, that Bobby should be taken care of.  I do not care how active or healthy someone is, when they are 92, they are not going to live till they are 108 ( chances are  slim to none)  As you can guess the rest of the story, his Dad passed away, and no one in the family wanted Bobby.  
Bobby is shy, he is unsocialized...he is not sure what to make of the other dogs here, he is getting used to them, and what I would really like to see, is to find the puppy back in him, he should be running around at full steam, jumping and enjoying life, but right now, he acts like he doesn't know how to do that...he will, he is a sweetheart, he will crawl into your arms and ask to be will take just a little bit of time, but he will get there...
He is a sweet, gentle lil soul, who will be a wonderful friend to the right home..

Fostered in Blaine, WA contact Furbaby Rescue for application.

Dear Furbaby Rescue,
I am one of those people who monitor your website. Reading the success stories and watching the words "Adopted" appear beneath the pictures brighten my days. I am also one of those who get angry and can't even begin to understand the neglect that so many dogs receive which is evidenced by matted fur and bad health. I will never understand why a human can't relinquish an animal much sooner if they don't care enough to deal with health and cleanliness issues. As a youngster I learned that our pets are totally dependent on we humans, even more so than our children because our children can speak. Our pets can't speak to us other than with the look in their eyes.
I recently adopted a puppy from Furbaby Rescue that was one of three puppies purchased by a couple in their 70's. I am almost 58 years old and every day I wonder how that older couple dealt with three puppies at their ages when I feel the energy going out that is required to properly train just one puppy. Bless their hearts, they knew they had more than they could handle and they relinquished two of the puppies. They admit they were overtaken by the cute little puppy faces and never really considered the work involved in raising puppies. I say shame on the breeder who was so money hungry and eager to sell three puppies that the sale even happened. Obviously the almighty dollar was more important than the puppies future. I have a hunch that the AKC (American Kennel Club) would not approve of the sales of puppies with average lifespans of 15 years to much older people.
Bobby is no different. Intentions at the time were most likely the best but emotions took over with Bobby's cute little face and the good intentions of wanting to ease the loneliness of an elderly person. Perhaps even the lack of realizing that an animal can mourn at the loss of their human entered into this. My other dog is a 10 year old German Shepherd. We were talking with her breeder this past week and heard about another German Shepherd that came back to them when the owner died which is what they as breeders request. The returned GSD is in excellent condition in every way but in a very deep depression over the loss of her human owner. So yes, animals grieve, too, for the loss of their humans and how sad is that because they can't begin to understand the reasons whether it be by death or relinquishment. They just know the most important human in their life is gone.
I can't change anyone but myself but I know I have learned a valuable lesson. As I turn 58 this November I have promised myself that when other animals enter my life, they will be older ones which can be just as precious as any puppy. I wouldn't give up having our precious ST puppy for anything but I also recognize my life stages are such that older dogs would be better choices from now on.  I also have two rescue cats who were older when I got them and I believe they know they were rescued at an older age and are so appreciative that they have become exceptional pets.
Thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts on older people adopting puppies since I am rapidly approaching the legal description of "Senior Citizen." Some already attach that label once we reach age 55. One last thought - Even at 55 years old if we add 15 years average dog life - we're at 70 years old!!!
We all dream of still being healthy and incredibly active at 70 years old but if you get realistic...............


 It was brought to my attention, that what I wrote about Bobby was hurtful to the family.  My intentions is never to be hurtful, but to educate.  In the years I have been doing rescue, I sometimes forget the human element, as I am a spokesman for the dogs.  One member of the family really wanted this boy, but others  did not.  Since my posting, Bobby has been adopted to the family member who adored him, with the blessing of her husband. 
I spoke for Bobby, and he is home now...where he belongs

(Adopted Oct. 7/06)
Female/spayed/shots current
10-12 months old
7 lbs

My tiny lil body was crawling with fleas, they were crawling all over me, I was stinky, matted and suffering..but not anymore, my coat had to be all shaved away, feces and mud coated my body, I stunk so bad..but not I am perky, happy, and mostly I want to crawl into your arms.  I have a way of making everyone go "awe" since I am so tiny, and petite, and I look at you with my lovely lil face, and you will pick me up, and cradle me, and I cradle real well.  I am a baby, who never got to be just a I need a Mom, Dad or both, to adore foster Dad, the minute he saw me, walked around with me forever, cause I have a way of walking right into your heart.

(Adopted Oct. 7/06)
Rizzo (nka Dozer)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 5-6 years old
15 lbs

*passed away May/13*

Sadly I came into rescue from the same place as Grace, I too was so coated with fleas, my body stank and on fire.  Fleas all gone now, my ears were on fire also, with a raging ear infection, so bad the vet put me on ear medication and oral antibiotics to clear up this mess.  I am a nice little boy, who would love someone to dote on me.  I do have a cataract on my right eye, looks like I had a very old eye injury.  But I see just fine, and my other eye is perfect. Like lil  Gracie I am looking for a great forever home, where I will not sleep outside in the cold, good food , warm beds, and lots of love...come meet me, I am a nice boy who deserves so much more then the life I was given before.
Dozer and Grace were adopted together, and I was delighted, a family that all love these babies, and members who adopted from us previously...great home, great people...lucky lil living in Everett, WA

(Adopted Oct/2006)

Snuggles (nka Bayle)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 3 years old
12 lbs

This lil girl, loves to Snuggle, and her favorite pastime is having her tummy rubbed.  One of the most loving lil girls ever created.  And she had the perfect home waiting for her..thank you Kim and Mike for providing such a loving home for this special girl, now residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted Oct.20/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years YOUNG

I am absolutely 7 years foster Mom says I am 7 going on 1. I love to play with toys, jump with glee, play with any dog who will listen.  I am loving, intelligent, inquisitive and just a hoot.  My foster Mom says only because she has papers that state my age, she would not believe it..."can I play, please, please...woof woof, won't someone play with me" that is my motto, and I am sticking to it.  I am housetrained, and so happy...
I do have dry eye, which I will now need daily medication for, but my eyes are already getting better.  I am going to have my thyroid tested, as my foster Mom knows that dry eye can be related to thyroid, and will find out the results next week.  I also seem to have slight allergies, so I need to be on a good natural diet...I want you to see my shelter picture, and see already the difference in what I was, to what I can be...I will also crawl so deeply in your heart, you will love me do you have another dog I can play with, or do you have some time to play with me, and just love me, and keep my eyes feeling good, and my heart will belong to you.

* At this time, darling Rudy, along with 3 other rescues have come down with pneumonia, they are at my vets being treated.  The guess is that two of the dogs just released from Spokane shelter, had it, and came in contact with Rudy and Kia (Lhasa) that had just come from the Oregon shelter.  We are positive they will all be fine, but for now are being aggressively treated at Kulshan Vet. hospital.
So keep prayers for a speedy recover to health.  
Please meet the other three babies, who have been very sick, all have come home, except Rudy.  

Rudy is now living with a wonderful couple, who just adore him, residing in Poulsbo, WA

Ford (Adopted Oct.23/06)

Kia (adopted Oct. 14/06)

Chevy (adopted Oct. 22/06)

Chevy and Ford are approximately 1.5-2.5 years old, Chevy weighs 9 lbs and Ford weighs 14 lbs.  We have absolutely no history on these babies.  They were put into the "night box" at the Spokane Shelter, retrieved in the morning.  Kia was found as a stray in Seaside, Oregon.  Her hair was matted so badly over her eyes, she could not see.  She was transported to the Warrenton, Shelter in Oregon.  Rudy was an owner release from Tillamook, Oregon.  With notation "no finances to care for dog"
Chevy and Ford were the first to come down with pneumonia, and since they were all housed together in foster care, Kia and Rudy became sick as well.  All dogs were in isolation for 9 days at the vets.  Antibiotic cocktails were given, along with round the clock medical care.  If you haven't guessed Kia is a Lhasa girl, but put her on this page, as we are asking again for help.  These dogs to date have cost in excess of $1600, and we are not finished.  Rudy is still in hospital care...both Ford and Chevy still have to be neutered, once they are well, along with some kind of tidy up groom.  Shots and microchipping also will need to be done.  Their total bills will be well over $2000
These are all fantastic dogs, ironically Kia and Rudy have dry eye, and all of them have allergies.
*  Oct. 3/06 Update: Rudy is still in isolation at the vet's.  His bloodwork has improved, but still very congested.  Unable to return home, since he is still very contagious, and cannot risk the health of the dogs in my home.  I am praying he is ready by the end of the week.
Oct. 6/06: Rudy is still not home, good news is my vet believes he is finally on the upswing.  He has been nebulizated to try and get the crud out of his lungs.  He has not been eating well, so I know he has lost weight.  
Oct.9/06...Rudy is home..he acts like he was never even sick.
He will go in for a recheck on Monday Oct.16/06..and if all is well, which I am sure it is now, he is ready for a new forever home.  To date Rudy's bills have exceeded $1000 :-(

Ford (nka Baxter)has a wonderful home with two doting parents, residing in Port Coquitlam, B.C. Canada

Chevy(nka Bernie) has two parents, who are "GREAT" and an adorable lil sister, Lily,  a pug mix, who Bernie adores, residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Kia (nka Chelsea)..has such a generous and gracious new Mom, also living with Bigguns, her older Lhasa boy...residing in Tacoma, WA

Furbaby Rescue would like to Thank the following people for their kindness and generosity to help these babies:

Karen Dreyer, Tasha and Heidi, Camano Island, WA
Nicole Oswald, Buddy fka Finnegan, Vernon, B.C. Canada
Pamela Reed, Biggun (and hopefully Kia's new Mom), Tacoma, WA
Lana Lymbruner, Rilee &Tucker (fka Snuffles), Stanwood, WA
Fiona O'Donoghue, Abbotsford, B.C. Canada
Billie Marquiss, Virginia, Ellensburg, WA
Anna Hiatt, Brier, WA
Emily Helton, Seattle, WA
Carol Eells, Abby, Grants Pass, Oregon
(PS Carol thank you for the wonderful letter, and beautiful picture of Abby
In memory of Alton Eells)
Odean Cusack, "a special friend and rescuer" Plymouth Meeting, PA
Joan Lesman, Tuff Tuff and in memory of Cookie, Aberdeen, WA
Steve & Elaine Roebuck, Teddie and Chelsea, Edmonton, Alberta
Linda Morrell, Megan & Cody, Seattle, WA
Barbara Niro, Margautsville, Nova Scotia, Canada

(Adopted Nov.10/06)
Cookie (nka Sookie)
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years 
16 lbs

My Mommy had to go into a nursing home, and her son took me, but he hated me, he said that his Mom loved me better than him, so he wasn't nice to me at all.  I don't understand, I am just a sweet darling lil girl, who never would hurt anyone.  I loved my Mommy very much, and the next thing I knew "he" took me to the shelter.  They called someone right away, cause they were worried about how scared I was..and well the rest is history.  I am here now, safe and not scared.  I am just a sweetheart, who wants another Mommy or Daddy to love me again.

Cookie was loved in her previous home, but something's were overlooked.  She does have dry eye, her ears were filled with yeast infection, and she had so much stinky dander on her.  Several power washes, and ear cleaning, she is much better...

Cookie had her day at the vet.  Her ears are very infected, anal glands, extremely full.  Urine test showed bladder infection.  Eye exam, she has marginal dry eye, and her eyes are inflamed.  She came home with oral antibiotics for her bladder infection.  Two types of eye medication.  Ear medication.  She should be feeling great soon...

Cookie is a darling girl, she loves men and women equally, is housetrained...very undemanding, but loving lil girl...

Cookie has a great new Mommy now, who I think needs her as much as the Mom needs Cookie...residing in Lynden, WA

(Adopted Dec. 9/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
17 chubby lbs

Payton went to the bridge in 09

Can I tell you my wish?  My wish is to be home for the holidays.  I had a good home, nice Mom and Dad, but eventually babies were born, and I just did not like the toddlers playing in my food, and I got upset.  Mom and Dad tried, but as my foster Mom said, lil dogs and toddlers are not always a good match, we just don't have a lot of tolerance for lil fingers.  With grown ups, I have no problems at all.  I am generally a quiet lil boy, who only wants to be by you, follow you from room to room.  Sleep cuddled next to you...oh and if I can't be, wherever you are, I will cry..a sorrowful howl, that says, please let me be by you.  I am used to my previous Mom and Dad working, so I guess I can tolerate that...but if I had a choice, which all dogs would chose, they would love for you to always be around.  I am an easy boy to live with, I don't really ask for much, I do get animated when I hear a squeaky toy.  My only medical problems, I do have dry eye, which need daily drops, and I need to stay on an allergy diet.

So what do you say...can I be home for Christmas?
I am home for Christmas, I even got my own stocking. I now live with my little brother Blue (age not size LOL) and have a wonderful family, residing in Saanichton, B.C. Canada

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