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(Adopted Feb. 15/10)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
17 lbs

*sweet Jasper died peacefully from complications with diabetes March/15*

Jasper Needs an Angel

I was interviewed by the doggie secretary who usually writes the very clever stories about all the other dogs on this website. I told her, I just want to tell it like it is and to save the cute stories for other doggies. When I was done telling my story to Ms. Secretary, she agreed that I deserve the very best forever home available and that the angel who adopts me will have an angel dog in return. 

I was surrendered to a shelter in the worst possible condition. I was crawling with fleas and it had been so long since anyone took care of me that the fleas caused me to lose all of my fur from the shoulders on down to my tail. Don't worry though, my fur will grow back and I'll be handsome again. Anyone who really loved me would never have allowed that to happen. My condition was just plain disgusting even to animal control but my personality is one in a million according to my foster mom.  

I was whisked off to the groomer and was I ever a good boy, never saying a word while there. It felt so good to be shampooed, trimmed, and pampered. I could do that for the rest of my life and I want someone who will see to it that I get to a groomer on a regular basis. I deserve it. 

Yes, there is information about my former house. Note I didn't say "home" because it wasn't a real home where people care about every living creature.  It's known that I'm kind, gentle, and quiet. I have lived with cats and even slept with them. I proved my excellent disposition by walking into my foster home with six other dogs and walked among them with the "who cares attitude".  I can be picked up with no problem and I even let my foster mom check out my teeth with no hassles. You'll find I walk well on a leash and travel well in a car. I'm a lover, not a fighter, and no one has broken my spirit despite the lack of care. I'm off to the vet next so that I'll be the absolute best I can be for my new forever home and person. 

May I end by saying that I have spent six years of my life not being cared for very well at all and yet I have held no grudges and I've retained an excellent disposition. I'd love to spend the rest of my life with someone who loves me enough to make up for that. Spoiling me would be just fine and deserved. I'll treasure you forever if you do. 

How soon can I have my very first real HOME? 

Jasper is now happily living with his Dad who dotes on him, residing in Lynden, WA

(Adopted Feb.26/10)
Buddy London
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
26 lbs (yes he is a big boy)

London Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, Falling down.

London Bridge is falling down,
And my heart fell with it.


I couldnít understand what happened when my owners surrendered me to this rescue. What did I do wrong? The other doggies here have told me that Iím in a really good place until I find my new forever home even if I donít understand why this is all necessary.  As my foster mom wiped the tears from my face, she assured me that I did absolutely nothing wrong, that I was very loved and that sometimes things happen and no matter what we do, it canít be changed. My foster mom also told me that Iím so special that Iíll have a new forever person in no time. So Iím drying my tears and hoping my Valentine owner magically appears right away so I can get on with life and love again.

Iím a little larger than your average Shih Tzu but thatís just more to love and a very good reason for us to walk together and pick out healthy treats and food. I did have very good training in my former home so if we agree on a ďwhen to go outĒ habit, there wonít be any accidents in your house.  I like to chew on my own toys and chews, nothing else. Thatís pretty special, isnít it? Iím friendly with people, love playing with other dogs, and Iím not aggressive. I do tend to bark at dogs I see on TV but Iím just inviting them to come play. Remind me itís just a TV and Iíll stop. Silly me!

Any chance you could fall in love with me and help me be able to sing the London Bridge song again without crying? Or maybe we could find a new song that would be just our song. Iíll learn to love again and love you forever. Promise!

Buddy Boy, now has two sister Shih Tzu to hang with, and a great new Mom and Dad, residing in Kent, WA

(Adopted March 11/10)
Georgiana (Georgie) "nka Molly"
Female /spayed/shots current
12-18 months old
12 lbs.
*sadly this sweetie passed March/18*


I prefer a fairly quiet environment. One other little furbaby would be OK so I'd have someone to play with but I don't really want a busy, hustle bustle type home. My foster mom said I'm just a loving, darling little bundle. Isn't that just special? She might also tell you that I can be a bit barky when strangers come into the home but I'm just trying to warn you and keep you safe. What kind of dog would I be if I just kept quiet when a bad guy entered the house? The good news is that I'm trainable. I'll work with you so I'll know that people are OK and then I'll be quiet. 

"My eyes are just perfect even though you may see something in my photos. I am very unique because I was born with just that little bit of loss of pigmentation. My vet said it's like the Husky or Aussie breeds where it's quite common but he's never seen it in a Shih Tzu before. So I may be just one in a zillion but I only want a special one in a million human to love me." 


Great home, for this special girl, now residing in Richland, WA

(Adopted March 21/10)
Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 5-6 years old
13 lbs

T-I-M-O-T-H-YYYYYYY ! Hey, did you just call my name? Huh, huh, huh???? I'll be right there! I'm just chompin' at the bit for my first real forever home. That's FOR EVER as in never dump me.
Yeah, I was dumped like so many others. Some people found me and kept me for awhile but then as in too many cases they decided to send me off to the shelter. Believe me, that's not like the Seven Dwarfs who sing their "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work we go."  It's more like "Oh no, Oh no, It's off to the shelter I go." Blech!

So here's the deal. I'm no spring chicken but I'm not on my last legs either. I'm past that puppy stage where I chew on your shoes. I do LOVE my toys though and I'll be wanting to keep them to myself so if you have other dogs that I need to share the toys with, you'll need to remind me to share. I could probably be the only dog if my humans are around for me the majority of the time. If you got dumped a time or two, you might be edgy, too, when those you love leave you for awhile, not knowing if you'll ever see them again. In time I'll learn that you'll be back for me but for now it's hard to believe I won't be dumped again. My foster mom thinks she's so special because I bonded to her in about 15 minutes. Don't tell her it was only because I'm a lovable little rascal who just wants to be closely attached to someone. I could get attached to my new forever person in 10 minutes and 39 seconds! (That's just to keep my foster mom humble). Oh, one more thing.....I'll go for walks with you and we'll have a grand old time but no one ever cared enough to teach me the proper way to walk on a leash so you'll need some information on how to make us a good walking pair and it can happen and you'll be so proud to strut around the neighborhood with me.

Other than that, I'm just about perfect!

Yup, I did just hear YOU call my name but before I can run into your arms you must apply with Furbaby Rescue. They want the best for me, too.

And if you want to see more pictures of me, please go and watch my slide show, it is awesome.

Adult Home Only

Timmy has a fabulous home, and in memory of Princess Lucky, now residing in Bothell, WA

How could  YOU let this HAPPEN ?!!!!!

1 month later:

2 months later

(Adopted March 28/10)
Alvin (nka Murphy)
Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 18 months old
17 lbs
*sweet Murphy passed away from cancer July/15*

Hi guys! I'm Alvin and with St. Patty's Day approaching I'm hoping the old Blarney Stone brings me good luck in the way of a perfect forever home. 

I'm just an incredibly likable little guy but I was in a horrid state when I was found. I was nearly naked - I mean furless, due to neglect, allergies and mites. I have had the best care from Furbaby Rescue though and my hair is coming back in and I'm looking quite cute. Before I'm adopted I will be tested again just to be sure I'm totally free of those little varmints that made me so ill and furless. Just so you know right up front, I will always need an allergy free diet. You won't be able to think that just once you could give me this or that and it will be OK. I will have problems if I vary from my special diet. But the good news is if you buy the best allergy free dog food right up front, you're going to save on vet bills in the long run. My foster Mom can tell you exactly what I can eat so you don't even have to experiment and waste money on all different kinds of foods.

You'll find that I love everyone and I especially love anyone who provides me with toys and chews. I love life and I know it's better when it's shared with a human or two and with another dog. I am affectionate and very playful but I'll also settle down with you for watching TV, reading, or snoozing.  Just speak to me and my tail wags at an incredible speed. When I go to the groomers they rave about me, how I am so quiet in the bath and hold still for the clipping. Everyone thinks that's because I'm just as good as gold all the way around but after what I've been through, it's just something that feels really good. It's like a gift. Speaking of gifts, would you consider being my gift to you? 
Please watch my slideshow, it is awesome.

Update: March 19/10, Alvin has been retested for those pesky mites, and he is clear, he will need to continue with the ivermectrin another 30 days, as this is normal procedure.  My vet was in awe, at how FABULOUS he looks and feels...

Alvin is happily living with Georgie (nka Molly above) in Richland, WA

(Adopted March 31/10)
Hana & Machi 
Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso
Females/spayed/shots current
3 & 5 years old (Mom and Daughter)
16 & 13 lbs

A very good day to you, kind people, 

Our names are Machi and Hana, graduates of The Doggie Finishing School where we both received honors in how to act like a lady. All the little doggie paws in the audience applauded loudly as we crossed the stage to receive our diplomas.  Hana received a special award for being the most ladylike and I, Machi, received the award for being the most improved. We want to thank our incredible instructors who helped us forget that our lives started out in a puppy mill and taught us how to behave so well that we will be deserving of the very best applicants to have us forever. 

We understand that your credentials will be checked closely when you apply to adopt us so it's only fair that we present ours. Our foster mother reports that we are both very sweet, affectionate ladies. We stay off of her furniture and we tend to stay in one area of the house. At times we'd like to follow you around just to see what you are doing but if you go into the kitchen, you'll find that we will probably retreat to the living room or some other area away from possible kitchen hazards. That's a really good habit for your safety and ours. 

Hana LOVES her squeaky toys and she plays a lot with them and with the foster mom. I'm more reserved when it comes to playing, preferring to really be out in the yard running around checking out all the interesting smells and moving things. That's probably because of a touch of the tomboyishness that the "How to be a Lady" course instructor really worked on with me. I also think it's because when I look in the mirror, I think I look more like a guy dog than a girl dog. Or perhaps it's because it's really true that blondes have more fun at least when it comes to squeaky toys and playing.  But all is well, because I have my certificate that says I'm a real lady now.  *lady-like soft giggle*

We also received A+ in the housebreaking test. On a regular schedule we will go out and "do our thing" in a lady like fashion, of course. We need one advanced course in how to use a doggie door. That weird little door scares us a bit and neither Hana or I really understand why. If we graduated with honors and special awards, then anyone who is special enough to adopt us can surely help us learn about a doggie door. Frankly, I think if someone just stood on the other side of that doggie door with a fist full of the most delectable treats waiting for us to come through, I bet we'd leave our fears behind fairly quickly. In the meantime while we are conquering that little fear, just give us a schedule and be consistent and we'll be just fine. 

One last thing. We MUST be adopted together. We've come through too much together and we are bonded very tightly. Remember, we are so well behaved that two of us, being so ladylike, might be easier than one dog who didn't pass the "Best Behavior Courses".  

Kind regards, 

Machi and Hana, 

ARFFF  graduates

Amazingly Refined Four Footed Females

Lovely home for this special girls, residing in Maple Falls, WA

(Adopted April 3/10)
JJ (nka Ernie)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 2 years old
14 lbs


Tasha -  "Hey, aren't you Justice, also known as JJ?"

JJ - "Yes, I recognize your furry face but when did we meet? My life's been a bit of a blur." 

Tasha - "I met you the day you were rescued from a puppy mill. You were a mess but it wasn't your fault. Later I saw your picture after the foster people cleaned you up and got medical attention for you. You were quite handsome. If I hadn't had a boyfriend at home already, I would have come to take you home for myself. I thought you were adopted! Why are you back? 

JJ -  "Well, you know, sometimes things happen and with this economy a lot of people are struggling and just can't provide what a doggy needs."

 Tasha - "Things like what, JJ?"  

JJ - I have dry eye issues and require drops every day." 

Tasha - "Oh really? I've heard that's pretty simple to deal with and if you get a treat every day after the drops, that's not all bad either."

JJ added  - "I also need an allergy diet and some people get scared off with that because they think it's really expensive." 

Tasha - "Oh no, not really. I have to eat special allergy food but my Mom saves money at the vet's office by feeding me that special allergy free stuff.  I go with my Mom when she buys it and she says that it's so easy to always know exactly what brand and flavor to buy so I don't have problems. She never wastes money trying all the fancy new flavors and brands. She just sticks with what she knows is best for me AND - whenever Mom cooks veggies for her and Dad every night, she makes extra and I get fresh veggies that night and she refrigerates the rest for meals the next day or two. Sometimes she steams a bunch of broccoli or cauliflower and freezes it if she knows she's going to be extra busy or if we're going to take a trip. She also makes sure there's always baby carrots for treats and I REALLY like broccoli stalks to chew on. The only problem is in our house is that other dog that lives with us decided he likes the allergy free kibble and MY vegetables better than his regular food. *Sigh* But I've learned to share. *Sigh again*"

JJ with his head hanging down quietly shares  - "I must admit I kept having accidents in the house too because I couldn't understand the schedule. I wish I could talk human talk so I could have told them that I was just confused."

Tasha replies with a  softened voice - "Oh, dear, JJ, that truly is not your fault. Truly it's not. First you were in a puppy mill where no one even paid attention to you or taught you anything but that doesn't mean you can't learn. The humans need to provide you with a consistent schedule that you can count on and those humans need to realize it's not going to happen the first day or two, or even the first week but it can happen quickly if they are consistent so you totally understand what to expect. At our house I know exactly what times we go outside to do "our thing". Well, actually WE go outside but I do MY thing. Another trick is to be sure you adopt a human who likes the daily walks which makes it easier, too. Just remind them to take doggie bags along. It's really not that hard, JJ. You just need to find the right forever person who understands the doggy ways. 

JJ lifts his tearful eyes and quietly asks  - "Is there really hope that I'll have a forever home and I'll never have to move again?"

Tasha snuggles up to JJ and confidently replies - "Yes, JJ, there is that someone special just for you. Someone who will love you regardless of your needs. Someone who wants to take very good care of you and understands how to help you learn. If anyone can find you the right home, it's Furbaby Rescue. NONE of this was your fault."

JJ is a sweet and loving lil fellow, who follows you around, would love to have a doggie friend, his diet is Natural Balance, Duck and Potato, which is easily bought, eye meds 1 x day...he is doing EXCELLENT for housetraining, it will not take much time, if someone is home and consistent.

Ernie has a new wonderful home, new brother Oscar, and two doting parents, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted April 9/10)
Demi (nka Ebbey)
Female/spayed/shots current
7 lbs
12 months old

Boy, that was a R-E-A-L-L-Y GOOD chocolate bunny but I sure got it all over my face and from ear to ear!!  Hah, hah, fooled you! I know better than to eat chocolate. It's not good for doggies, in fact it's toxic to dogs. I got your attention though, didn't I? 

I'm actually just a little old teddy bear. I look like a cuddly plush bear and I can snuggle just like one, too. But I run much, much faster than any old bear. I can run, jump and sprint. In fact, I'm thinking about preparing for the next Summer Olympics. I'd be a good, energetic little rascal to walk with.  I'm a very petite 7 pounds and every ounce is available for loving. I do like to follow you everywhere just to be sure you're OK.  I promise I won't get underfoot. In fact, once I know you're OK I just might go take a snooze in another room and then check on you once in awhile. You never know these days and you can't be too careful with those that you care about.

So here's the deal. I'm cute and I'm a rather unique looking little Shih Tzu. I'm well behaved and getting glowing reports on my house training. I have no real fear of men or women but I am a bit shy so I would appreciate someone who understands that it may take me a few months to gain my self confidence as a dog. I'm already quite confident as a potential Olympic athlete.  Oh yes, I really do need another small breed dog in the home. It would be nice if that other dog liked to be active too then we could train for the Olympics together. Gosh, I only have two years to get ready for that event so I'm going to say my doggie prayers that the right forever home comes along really soon. 

If you think you're the perfect match for me just contact Furbaby Rescue. Understand that they only want the best for me so please don't be upset with any and all questions that you'll be asked. I'll make you very glad that you  made the effort to take me home. 

Demi has a wonderful Mom, new baby brother Stewie, residing in Blaine, WA

(Adopted April 24/10)
Annie and Emma
Females/spayed/shots current
3 years old
10 lbs
*sadly Annie passed away from congestive heart failure March 24/18*

ANNIE:   I'm cuter than you are, Emma. 
EMMA:   No, you're not! 
ANNIE:   Yes, I am. Yes, I am, YES, I AM!! Just look in the mirror. 
EMMA:    Well you just wait, because I know lots of girls who looked really cute when they were young and then at their high school reunions many years later it was like "Whoa, what happened to you?"     ...and the girls who weren't so cute when younger were gorgeous. So you just wait until we're 5 or 6 years old and we'll see who's cutest then. 
ANNIE:   Maybe so, smartie pants, but I'm also the shyer, quiet and ladylike one between us.
EMMA:   ....but I can talk when I want our humans' attention. Without my little growl woof, we wouldn't get those treats because no one would notice us. 
ANNIE:   Hmmphhh - that little growl woof isn't very feminine. Your just lucky it's a quiet one. 
EMMA:    Well, you know, young lady, because it takes you longer to warm up to people SOMEONE has to get the attention for us. And I have to show you everything like how to jump up onto the couch to snuggle on our humans' lap. It's a good thing I'm older and can take care of you. 
ANNIE:   OK, OK, you're right. So how are we going to get a home so we can stay together? 
EMMA:   Well, our foster mom said she'd be sure we were adopted together - no exceptions. Then we just have to be sure that we get people who buy us LOTS AND LOTS of chewies and toys so we don't get in trouble for chewing on the wrong things. The only other thing we have to do is be sure we listen to our new humans when they tell us what they want us to do for our potty breaks.  We need to try much harder on that and we can do it. We need our new humans to understand it could take us a few days to settle down, too, because we haven't had a normal start in life. Then we only hope that just maybe we'll be able to sleep on the bed with our new humans. So what do you think, Annie? Can we do it? 
ANNIE:   Oh, yes, yes, yes, I know we can do that and have the best home ever. Oh, and Emma - 
EMMA:   Yes???? 
ANNIE:   You are pretty good looking, too, and I'd love you even if you weren't. 

EMMA:   Aw shucks..........

Annie and Emma are darling lil girls, they may be 3, but they act like puppies, they now are learning what a real life is like...

These very special girls have a tremendous new home, two new buddies, Cooper and Mimi to play and cuddle with, now residing in Olympia, WA

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