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Successful Shih Tzu Adoptions
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(Adopted Sept.6/07)
14 lbs
11 years young

Mature male with excellent manners, a love of travel, enjoys long quiet walks seeks stable, affection filled relationship. Young for my years, I still have my get up and go and enjoy ball games whenever possible. I will croon softly in your ear, love cuddling and being held, hugs and kisses. HW proportionate, brown eyes, great smile, faithful. I want to share your life and warm bed.

Mikey had one dad from the time he was a young puppy. They lived a wonderful, active life together, going for walks, playing fetch, entertaining the neighborhood children and just being close, best buddies. Dad went into assisted living and wanted his canine companion to have a safe, loving home. The first few weeks were a time of sadness and adjustment for poor Mikey. He missed his dad and their life together so much, but he did come to appreciate living in his foster home and having many other doggy friends.

He enjoys pig hide chews, playing ball (the years melt off him as he chases that tennis ball), patrolling his foster home's back yard (sounding an alert bark when he thinks its needed), curling up on the recliner with whomever will cuddle, sitting up for treats, just about anything. Mikey is an easy going dog that faithfully uses the doggy door to attend to his own needs. He does have some food sensitivities, so should be maintained on his present duck and potato kibble with limited approved treats. Mikey gets along well with the other fosters and is happy to meet any person, anytime, anywhere. A wonderful fellow that just wants to be appreciated.

UTD with vaccinations, microchipped, dental already done, Mikey is ready and waiting for his new home.

Mikey has a wonderful new Dad and extended family:-) residing in Bothell, WA

(Adopted Sept.6/07)
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
11 lbs

Darling Baby, or as she was affectionately called by the groomer "Firecracker" she is loving, happy, easy going, and a lil pistol all rolled into one.  She loves men, adores women..has even lived with cats.  She is a doll, and someone will be lucky to have this tenacious lil girl as part of their family.  Baby also tends to suffer a bit from allergies, but does well on Duck and Potato kibble, and natural treats...she is housetrained, but she also uses the dog door, so without that, she may revert, and would need an adjustment period...great lil one, for that special family.

Baby got a very special family, residing with her new big sister Emmie-Lou in Tacoma, WA

(Adopted Sept.11/07)
Sinbad (nka Teddy)
Male/neutered/shots current
20 months old
14 lbs

Right dog, wrong time

Sinbad is a outgoing, playful, precious little boy.  His ex-Mom bought this wonderful puppy, but her job and life changed drastically.  Sinbad was left for 16 hours a day, he was not receiving the attention and time needed.  His Mom knew this was not a good situation for him, and wanted a better life for him.  This is a great puppy, he loves his toys, will fetch, and play as long as you want...or he will crawl into your lap and heart.  He will do best if he had another similar breed of dog and a playful one and someone who can instill good house manners...he is doing excellent here...he loves his chews, loves to love..and if you cannot see, he is the most gorgeous red (Cavalier red)..and once his coat grows out more will be showstopping gorgeous.

Great home for a great fellow, living  now with another of our former rescues, Ben happily in Birch Bay, WA

(Adopted Sept.8/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
15 lbs
App. 6 years old

I am a sweet, devoted and beautiful lil boy.  I will follow you from room to room, love to lay on your lap, or beside you (and don't forget to give me a tummy rub)...I would love to sleep with you, but I suppose if that wasn't possible, I would like to sleep in a dog bed next to you...I have my funny lil ways, of growling when you pick me up, but I don't do anything...just grumbling.  I get along with other small dogs (cats and big dogs unknown)...I like carrides and walks..I would be so happy to have a home, who could dote on me, I am generally a quiet lil fellow, who just wants to be loved.

I do have dry eye, which I need daily eye meds for, but I am so worth it.
I am said to be reactive if startled, the foster home has not seen this behavior, but it has happened.

Adult home only

Now residing in Bellevue, WA

(Adopted Sept.11/07)
*in deep sorrow Romy passed to the bridge May 21/08 from complications with kidney stones*
Romy (Romeo)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
14 lbs

This wonderful lil boy found just the right home immediately, happily residing with a kind retired couple in Lynden, WA

(Adopted Sept.16/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
10 lbs
*with great sadness lil Billy passed away Aug/11*

Here's my story, sad but true.  I had a Dad, and life was good.  Dad remarried "new Mom" Mom really did not like me much, maybe cause she had her "own" two dogs.  I got severe allergies, lost my hair, and was a mess.  I was taken to the vet, and the nice vet lady, told them what needed to be done, change diets, antibiotics for the infections  and a few other things.  Well they did not even  try.  A little later, "new" Mom marched me into the vet, and said "euthanize me"...the nice vet lady, said NO NO NO..and she convinced "new" Mom to release me to her...(thank goodness) this nice vet now did all the things to help me back to health, and called Furbaby Rescue. " Can we  help dear sweet Billy" of course we can!!!.  I am doing so much better now, my fur is coming back in, I don't scratch anymore..and my "foster" Mom put me on a weird diet, that I love...I repay her for her kindness, by following her everywhere, being just a good little boy, bark when I think something good is coming my way, quiet and loving..I am a sweetheart, and my foster Mom promised me, she will find a good home, who likes a sweet laid back lil fellow, and keep me on just the right diet so I will not suffer again...

So I am waiting to love someone again, devote myself to you, I am really am so little trouble, won't you come and love me, cause I promise to love you.

Beautiful home, great people, happily residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Sept.22/07)
Shih Tzu/Poodle
Male neutered/shots current
9 months old

Can you see the impish look on my face?  That's me, I am a happy, outgoing puppy.   I love to play with toys, play fetch, go for walks, run outside "love to have a playmate" love everyone.  I have the build, docked tail, intelligence, energy and pleasing nature of the poodle, and the warm cuddle bug side of the Shih Tzu.  I will sleep in my crate at night, and this is just as well, cause I am not perfect yet for housetraining...though I am on the right track.
I will be a great puppy for an active family, who really wants me to be a member, and do things together.

Update: Since the moment Vader walked into my home, he has been a wonderful fun loving puppy, whose housemanners are almost perfect.  What I have found is when strangers come to the house, he is very unsettled, barking and worrisome.  It proves he has not been well socialized to people coming and going...this can be easily worked with, but most likely on meeting him, you will not get to see the wonderful puppy I know and love.

Adorable Vader, now has a little older doggie friend, great Mom and Dad, residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted Oct. 6/07)

Hannah and Caleb
Female and Male (both altered/shots current)
6 & 4 years old
*both these sweet dollbabies have gone to the bridge in 2010, Caleb developed severe heart problems, and Hannah shortly after got cancer, but waiting at the bridge now for their families*

These are DELIGHTFUL babies...warm, loving, happy pair...Caleb is still all puppy, you often see him running around with glee, but he is so happy to be with you, and will crawl into your lap in a second if allowed.  Hannah is just a darling, she will sit quietly like a chipmunk for a goodie...very well behaved and loving dogs.

They had a wonderful Daddy, but he sadly passed away, and their Mom was unable to take care of them any longer.  Both babies got so matted and neglected it was so sad...but they will find another great home, who will dote on them once again.

The longer I live with them, they absolutely steal my heart.  Caleb loves his foster Dad, he loves foster Mom too, but he lights up when foster Dad is around, running to bring him a toy and cover him with kisses.  Hannah loves to follow you around, she just looks at you with her beguiling eyes..."please love me" or her lil woofs trying to tell you something or dashing through the house playing with Caleb...wonderful babies.

These two extra-ordinary babies, are now living with a wonderful family, in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Oct.9/07)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
7 lbs

Hi my name is Lulu or sometimes Lucy.  I am a very shy lil girl, and if you want to meet me, I will be coy and shy, but if you give me a few days in a home filled with love you will see me change.  My tail will be up, playing with toys, chasing or playing with another dog...I will follow you everywhere.  I am a sweetheart, but you won't see that the minute you meet me, but I promise you I am.

I am shy on walks also, I get afraid easily, I simply was not socialized very much...

Because of my shy personality, I am best suited for an adult home.

LuLu has a fabulous new Mom, and she will never want for anything..wonderful home, residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted Oct.28/07)
Female/spayed/shots current
12 months old
8 lbs

My name is now Amy, I have had a horrible beginning in life.  I was dumped in the shelter, in horrendous condition with the note "do not meet behavioral needs".  I was so matted and stinky, the shelter tried to clean me up, but I went hysterical...what they found later, was my eye had sunk in, and pus pouring from it.  I was sedated, shaved down and my eye was removed.  But sadly I can hardly see out of my remaining eye.  
They said I used to live in a run with a Doberman, but I am the only one who knows what happened to me, and my vision.  I have never been held, I get scared if I am held...but as the days pass in foster care, I am changing every day.  I never run into anything...I am learning:

1.  To run through the house in glee, grabbing my foster Mom's slippers and having fun.
2.  I am learning that there is a warm large fluffy bed by the fireplace, and I love to soak in the heat, and feel wonderful.
3.  I am learning how to play with the resident Sheltie, gosh I love to do that, if she would not run off, and I can't see where she went.
4.  I am learning, I do not have to be afraid another dog will take my food, it is always there, and I don't have to go hungry.
5.  I am learning that I love to be petted, and have my bum scratched.
6.  I am learning how to listen for sound and voices, this is taking me awhile to focus on where the noise comes from.
7.  I am learning to keep my crate clean at night.
8.  I am learning to be happy.

I have a ways to go, to become a normal, happy puppy, but I will learn as much as I can in foster care...and then I will need my own home, where I will be cherished, but you have to promise to give me time and patience...cause for my 1st year of life, I did not learn anything...

I am such a lucky lil girl, I have a new Mom and a Grandma, and I am cherished...her new families words were: "I love dandelions, because of all the wishes, and today because of Furbaby Rescue, my wish came true" adored and residing in Bothell, WA

(Adopted Nov.29/07)
(Shih Tzu Poodle Mix)
13 lbs (a little chunky)
*sweet adorable Chico flew with the angels Dec. 23/17*


Are you looking for the love of your life? Look no further!  I'm Chico and VERY sweet and loving boy. I was surrendered to the local shelter because my family was moving and did not want to deal with me anymore... can you imagine such a thing!  Well... the shelter knew to call those loving people over at Furbaby Rescue so I could get the best home ever!

I just got groomed by Pampered Pets Grooming in Bellingham, WA. I originally came in as one big mat! and full of fleas! But now I am flea free and feeling so much better.

I love taking walks and I enjoy other dogs.  I have experience with kids and am great with strangers. I would love to snuggle up on the  couch with you and read a good book... anything you have in mind I am up for!

Chico has such a great new home, wonderful parents, now residing in Mt. Vernon, WA


(Adopted Dec.9/07)
* in sorrow, Rosie passed to the bridge Sept/09 in an unfortunate accident*
Jolie (nka Rosie)
App. 4 years old
10 lbs

I know I don't look real pretty right now, but boy I look better than the picture here: skin was so inflamed, fur missing, ears and eyes infected.  I got a bunch of tests done, for thyroid, and they did skin scrapings (in case I had mites, but I do not)...I do have low thyroid, so I am on medication for that (which is cheap) I was put on antibiotics for my skin and eye and ear meds.  In my foster home, I am on an allergy diet, cause she said she wanted to ensure it was not a combination of allergies and thryoid that put me in such a mess.  And I was on ear, eye meds also...soon I will be a beautiful outside as I am inside.  I have another trip to the vet soon, cause I am not spayed.  But they wanted me to heal a bit from all my I will be going there in the next week.  I am a SWEET SWEET lil girl, I like to play with toys, and I follow my foster Mom everywhere (just in case she gets lost)...I would love a home where one of my people is around a lot, but I have learned that it is ok when my foster Mom goes to work, cause I learned she does come home.
So if you are looking for a precious lil girl, who will need thyroid meds for life, and don't mind knowing I have to get retested occasionally, and keep me  on a good diet...I will win your heart.

Rosie went to live with Rudy, now happily residing in a great home in Poulsbo, WA


(Adopted Dec.9/07)
Misha (nka Piper)
Female (spay date Dec.4/07)
12 weeks old
Shots current

Oh My Goodness, she is absolutely adorable...but remember puppies, have an agenda, play, eat, poop/pee..and sleep...Misha is a fantastic lil girl, she is social, happy, playful, wants love and cuddles all the time, easily walked into a home with adult dogs, and understood "back off in doggie language"..., she is one sweet dollbaby, cute as a button inside and out.

Darling lil Piper, now lives with a lovely family on Camano Island, WA

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