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(Adopted Oct. 20/13)

Luna and Ruby
Females/spayed/shots current
2 and 4 years old
12 and 9 lbs

Silly, silly woman who writes these stories. I told her my name was Luna Be Love (Luna for short) and she says "Ohhhh, I just love Luna protein bars so I bet you'd be good, too." *sigh* Well, she's correct on part of her statement. I am good. I am so very good that I even have AKC pedigree papers whatever those are. I thought I was done with papers as soon as I learned how to go outside to go potty. Then there's my friend, Ruby True Grace (Ruby for short) and we won't even discuss what the silly, silly woman who writes these stories said about that name. Names are just names, right? So - the important thing is, we must stay together. Luna and Ruby forever. 

We're good little girls and are loving to everyone. The groomer who spruced us up said we were very good looking Shih Tzus and behaved well. Of course, we did. We know when we're in a good place and we're not going to mess that up. Let me tell you though that Ruby is the active one and she'll do whatever to get her way. She pushes me out of the way to get to the humans, the food, whatever she wants. But I just let her think she's the top dog because she's my very dear friend. We sleep together in a very large wire crate at night so if you don't really care for dogs on your bed, we'd be a great choice for your home. When we're out and about we make up for that by cherishing a lot of snuggling and petting from anyone who wants to make us feel special. 

Two hints and a comment.   HINT ONE - even though we go outside to go potty in the best of fashion, every dog in a new home needs a patient owner who shows the dog which door, how to ask, a schedule and a treat for doing a "good job." HINT TWO - we do best on duck and potato food. No fish or chicken. Our foster mom figured that out so you just reach for the duck and potato and we'll be the healthiest little rascals around. COMMENT - While it is Furbaby Rescue's policy that we cannot be adopted to a home with young children, we did have some young children treat us badly and we do forgive them but we don't want to be put in that position ever again. Please protect us from the youngsters who don't know how to treat dogs nicely. 

Have a wonderful home, residing in Coupeville, WA


(Adopted Oct.22/13)
Tootsie and Lollipop
“The Lollies”
Females/spayed/shots current
10 years old
12 & 7 lbs
*sweet Lollipop (gold and white) passed to the bridge Nov.6/17*


When you meet the Lollies you will be enchanted.  They will make you smile and your heart may cramp just a little as your reaction will undoubtedly tug a bit on your “heart strings”.

They do everything together and like many a bonded pair, it’s easier to have these two, than just one other dog.  They take care of one another, they entertain each other, they make do all on their own.

When we heard that they were a pair of sisters, actual siblings, who loved one another?  We were pretty shocked.  Though we see many a bonded pair, sisters from the same litter, don’t always get along as well as the Lollies.

These dogs are SWEET.  If we could only use one word to describe them it would be sweet.  Are they sweet because they are so naturally good natured?  (How could they not be?)  Are they sweet because they were loved and cared for fondly?  (The answer to that is a definite ‘yes’)  Do they get along so well because they have had to really lean on one another during their owner’s illness?  (Could be).

Tootsie and Lollipop have been homeless for the past year or so.  Their owner has dementia and fell and broke her hip and somehow lost her home in the process.  They have been living in a crate at night which is small and offers tight quarters.  During the day they have been living in a larger metal cage.  A relative has tried to walk them during the day but she works, has a family, has dogs of her own, and has been kept quite busy trying to help her mother, manage the paper work morass of social medical care and trying to find a place for her mom to be safe and cared for.  She is to be commended and has done a good job under dire circumstances.  We know many people reading this have been through some version of this with their own family members.  It’s a tough gig; tragic, frustrating, and so very sad.

Meanwhile what about the dogs?  Tootsie and Lollipop lost their loving pets and kisses, a warm lap, a home, their human, and the sense of security that should come with being in a family.

They are now in a foster home and are adjusting very well.  They were at ease from day one.  At first the wide open back yard was of no interest to them.  They quickly realized how much fun it was to have such freedom on lovely autumn days.  Lollipop, in particular, likes to explore on her own.  She loves to play with the cats and the angora bunnies.  Does she think the bunnies are fluffy versions of her? 

Both Tootsie and Lollipop enjoy running, frolicking, rolling in the leaves, and being together.  They come when they are called.  They sleep wrapped up in the shape of a “c”.  They are always happy and filled with joy.  They are so small that their foster home shifts between calling the “The Littles” and “The Lollies”.  These little girls are angels and don’t forget, very sweet!

These sweethearts are now residing in Brownsville, Oregon.

(Adopted Nov.9/13)
Cha Cha and Tango
Female and Male/altered/shots current
12 lbs
6 years old

Are YOU ready to dance?

We sure are!  We know two dances; the Tango and the Cha Cha – that’s how we got our names.  That’s right…we are light on our feet and we have the moves DOWN !

We are half brother and sister, born a week apart 6 years ago.  We have the same dad but each have a different mom.  We are fun loving, best friends, we love to go for walks and are good on the leashes.  We have been in the car to go to the groomers and that was fun and we are all pretty again.  We are crate trained, sleep in our crates at night and like it.  Our foster parents keep our crates in the bedroom and if they stay up too late, we both will let them know its time for us to go bed.    Cha cha did not have the best potty manners in our past home and that was a big reason she was given up. After adjusting to her foster home, she is doing better going potty outside and using pee pads, but still working on training to “ask” to go out.  We were separated for a bit, Cha Cha got a dental so she’s got a really healthy mouth and she’s already with her super duper foster family down in Lacey.  It was hard for us, as we are best buddies to be apart from each other.     Our humans we had have health issues now and we are just a bit too much for them.  They had thought that they could manage one of us but when they saw how depressed Tango was to have lost his best friend they couldn’t bear to keep us separated. Tango stayed with a family in Kirkland and got all checked out and is good shape and joined Cha Cha in Lacey.

We are happy to be back together.  We like to play with each other, chase each other around or curl up on a bed or blanket together. 

We love being around our foster family, and they are helping us get back in the habit of going outside to go potty.  Our foster parents have pee pads out and they are happy we are remembering to use those when we don’t go outside.

Tango really likes to follow Cha cha around and likes to snuggle with the man in the house in his recliner.  He will come put his paws on the man and when invited with a touch of the head he will crawl into his lap and snuggle in. 

Cha Cha is very adorable and has an attitude about her that she knows she is adorable.  She can be a little independent and ignore the humans when they really want her to go outside or do something.  She likes to “talk” and her foster parents are still trying to figure out what she is trying to say.  Sometimes its she’s hungry, sometimes its she wants to go out, or go to bed, and even sometimes she just wants to cuddle in a lap, but will not do so uninvited.  We are in a foster home with 3 other Shih Tzu’s and enjoy our friends here.  Everyone is really nice and loving and we love the attention. 

Put out the word that we are looking for a home, and really are very loveable and beautiful companions.  We really would like to stay together as we have been all our life.  We need a human(s) who have the time and patience to work on our training, maybe even a class or two.  We also need a fenced yard.

In the meantime, we are keeping busy giving dance lessons to the other Shih Tzu’s in our foster home.  They are a lot of fun!  We know…it’s crazy!  

The dancing duo are happily residing in Lacey, WA...fantastic home.


(Adopted Dec.31/13)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
14 lbs

Minnie is a beautiful, warm, sweet dog who loves her humans.  She greets you with enthusiasm and when you kneel down to her, she will put her paws on either side of your neck and lean in, she is hugging you:-)  She loves to be held and goes limp when you hold and pet her.

She will sometimes sleep in her own bed, but much prefers to be close to her loved ones.  She is definitely more of a people dog, than a dog's dog.  She is living with 3 other dogs in foster care, but really would prefer to be the one and only.  She is not really social with them, and the resident Lhasa did have to put her in her place.  So if looking for a second dog, chances are she will not be their best friend, so may not be the right choice.

As for cats,  she is living with one in foster care, but that is only working, because the cat is very dog savvy , and doesn't run or get intimated by her, so  if cats in the house, they must be dog savvy, or it will not work, and Minnie listens quite well, to the stern NO and to leave the cat alone...though the cat is just sitting and glaring at her.

She is a great lil girl, loyal, loving and spunky, and will bring a lot of joy to the right family.

Minnie has a great home, residing in Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada


(Adopted Jan.11/14)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
13 lbs

My Name is Willie!  My foster Mom calls me Will-I-AM, Willie Monster, William, Willameena and Willy Wonka!  Those sure are a lot of nicknames!  My foster Mom sure is funny!  I am an interesting little Shih Tzu and that is for sure!  I am a high energy dog and I love to play and tease.  I am the type of dog who likes to take your shoes, put them on my bed or on the couch and chew on the laces….or maybe even the fluffy part if there is a fluffy part -- like on slippers!  Yep, I’m just that type!  I think that everything is pretty much fun, so you’ll have to have a fun-loving, laid back kind of an attitude if I am to be all yours!  I like to go running with my foster Mommy and for 3 entire miles, I like to trot along and look up at her and smile really big!  I just have so much fun and adore my guardian!  My best friend here is Zilly, the Havanese, and I would really love it if I could go wherever she does.  I understand if I can’t, but we are BFFs and we have the same energy level and we play for hours and hours every day!  We sleep together too!  I probably shouldn’t be an only dog in my new home because I would probably get way too lonely.  If I can’t go with Zilly, my new brother or sister will have to have the same kind of energy level  as I do and this dog must not be easily intimidated by me…I can be a little overbearing to the elder dogs in my foster home.  I am pretty well house trained, but would benefit greatly from a set schedule of walks and potty times!   Oh, one more thing…I tend to corner the big fat cat here, so a cat-free home would also be best for me.  I am not mean to cats, I am just overly fascinated by them and obsess about where they are! 

I already made a wish list for Santa and this is what it said:

Dear Santa, I would like a new Mommy or Daddy and I would also like to stay with Zilly.  I’ve been a really good boy, Santa…I promise!



Willie was adopted with Zilly to a wonderful couple, residing in Clinton, WA


(Adopted Feb.3/2014)
Male/neutered/shots current
12 years old
11 lbs

Hi!  My name is Gizmo, but I am also called Gizzie and MoMo by my foster Mommy and I like all three of my names!  I am a sweet little dude but can be a little bit grumpy when I don’t want to do something…like…hmmmm…I don’t like getting my feet and legs messed with too much!  My foster Mom says that I remind her of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in the movie, “Grumpy Old Men.”  That’s OK, she says, because she loves that movie and those grumpy old men were simply the best of the best—just like meeeeeee!  I love to be wherever my foster Mommy is, and, as she dictates this, I am lying right by her side on the couch.  You see, I love to be really close to my person and sometimes I like to be on a lap, but I like all of those things to be on my terms.  Why, you ask?  Because I know what I like and what I don’t!  I’m 12, after all, and I’ve been around the block a time or two!  I am house trained and I really like spending my time wandering around in the backyard when it is warm and sunny outside!  My foster Mom says that the rain is coming so that I should soak up those extra rays while I can!  I sleep in the bed and I will require some high quality food but my foster Mom will tell you all about that when you come to meet me!  If you’re looking for a more mature and independent type of adorable Shih Tzu, I may just be the one for you!


Gizzie was adopted by a lovely lady, who only adopts seniors, happily residing in Renton, WA

(Adopted Feb.8/2014)
Male/neutered/shots current
12 lbs (should be 9)
10 years young
*in great sorrow Simba passed from congestive heart failure in 2017*

Simba is an awesome lil fellow.  He was adopted from our rescue in 2009, but sadly his wonderful Mommy was another victim of CANCER, and has passed away and this lovely lil boy returned to our rescue.  Simba was the second Shih Tzu she had adopted from us, after her first one passed away.  
Simba did not lack love or compassion, but now he is left alone once again.

Simba is a small boy, presently he is a bit overweight, cause he does love his food:-)  Do not let his age scare you away, from enjoying and loving this lil fellow into your life.  Shih Tzu at this age can still live many years, as my own dogs have, presently have one who is 17, and my last one passed at 18.
He loves walks, and man can he power walk for such a short lil fellow.

He is generally quiet in the house, napping the day away, but he can be up and fun and animated if you want him to.  He has absolutely no problems being around other small dogs (large dogs unknown) and no issue with cats...the resident cat just walks past him, and he could care less.

Simba is a darling, and deserves another chance at happiness and a forever home.

This adorable lil rascal, got two adoring parents, now residing in Belfair, WA

(Adopted Feb.12/2014)
Male/neutered/shots current
15 lbs
*sweet wonderful Harley passed to the bridge Jan.27/17*

I don't know how to type out the expression for when you stick out your tongue and make a noise as if to say "Phooey on that!" Yup, my tongue is out in the photo because I'm poo-pooing being 10 years old. That's nothing, absolutely nothing these days. Read on and you'll possibly understand why. 

I was owned by a sweet elderly lady who took me to assisted living with her but then she couldn't care for me anymore. The rules were that she had to be able to take me outdoors, etc. and she couldn't handle those tasks. It broke both of our hearts to be separated but I want you to note that I was able to get out and go on with life and am looking for someone to help me have many more years. So phooey-phooey on my age being too old. Give me a chance to prove it to you and if I don't succeed, I do promise you that whatever is left will be the best years of both of our lives because I have already earned the reputation of being "Without a doubt, the sweetest, quietest, most easy going little soul." Who could ask for more especially when you add in all of the rest of my traits. 

Ohhhhh - you still want to know more about the rest of those wonderful traits? OK - you asked for it. I had really bad allergies and probably didn't have the wisest choice in treatments but all of my bloodwork came back absolutely wonderful. Got that? WONDERFUL!!!! My knees and hips are fine. How's that? So I can go for lots of walks and play, play, play. I did lose a bit of muscle mass in my back legs but the vet and foster mom said that can be undone with just a wee bit of exercise. Hooray - because I plan on going for another ten years! 

So here's all I need from my new human. Be very diligent about acknowledging I need a very strict anti-allergy diet and that is SOOOOO easy and SOOOOOO affordable compared to vet bills for scratching. Foster mom can already tell you which food to get me and which to avoid. She's a marvel at understanding those foods and all that information comes at no additional charge when you adopt me. You'll also get for no additional charge, a wonderful, good looking boy who does whatever you ask of him AND I tend to my "business" outside. Nothing better than being housebroken, right? I get along with any dog and someone pointed to a critter and said "that's a cat" and I truly could have cared less. 

Just call me laid back and adorable. I'll prove to you that truer words were never spoken. 

Thank you for having a heart big enough to overlook my age and just feel blessed with whatever is left whether it's 2 years or another 10 years. That could be the situation with any human, too. Just take every minute you have together and cherish it. 

One last thing, please. Talk to foster mom for all of the other details and be sure that I never have to leave another home. It's really rough but I know I'll have another special someone out there. Thank you for giving me a fair chance, another chance at loving my human(s).   

Harley got two very caring parents, now residing in Blaine, WA


(Adopted Feb.25/14)

Chloe Marie Sunshine
Female/spayed/shots current
Born 10/24/11
12 pounds 

“Got cute?”

  “We do!”

If you are looking for a very young dog, potty trained, cuter than anything, cuddly, funny as heck to watch play, adorable, and loveable, then we have that right here in Kirkland Washington.

As we are getting to know her we are really enjoying looking up her pedigree.  Wondering where does she get the impish personality from.  Could it have been from Great grandmamma “Eileen’s Dangerous Liaison?”  Who contributed her spunky personality that gives her the courage to walk up to a giant Old English Sheepdog known for taking down Shih Tzu?  Ah….that might have been Paternal Great Grandpapa “Red Rocket”.

From whom does she get her sunny disposition?  Hmmm.  Paternal Grandmother “Sunny’s Poco Daisy” or Maternal Grandmother “Solo’s Sunshine”. 

She comes with a fancy name but she goes by “Chloe” and she loves colors, laughter, flowers, grass, walks, rides, and people.  She is getting along wonderfully with other dogs.

Chloe was born into love, raised in love, but unfortunately, fell victim to divorce and it was with tears and love, that she was given to us to care for until we can find the right home.

(Foster mom has been a little reticent to put her up for adoption because she knows from experience that the race will be ON…..because SHE has “Cute”)

Great family, now living with Boo  and in memory of Ramsey


(Adopted March 15/14)
Missy and Larry
Female/Male/altered/shots current
13 & 18 lbs
2 years old

Just like using Super Glue on anything, Larry and Missy are "stuck together". Well, they don't consider it being "stuck" with each other. They WANT and NEED to be together so please look upon this as adopting a brother and sister. 


The foster mom provided the greatest of information on these two dogs so we're just going to supply facts. Foster mom writes: 

"Missy is the most cuddliest, loving little dog. She longs to be in your lap and arms and likes to cover you with kisses.  She is the curious and outgoing one and is friendly when meetings strangers. Missy loves toys, walks, car rides, and she will want to sleep with you, right next to Larry.  She has turned out to be a sassy girl, full of herself which surprised me because she was the one hiding behind Larry when they arrived. Instead Missy has turned out to be a gregarious, outgoing little piece of life and joy.  

Larry, is much more Lhasa like. When meeting strangers he is shy or perhaps it's the gentlemanly protection mode that he wants to be 100% sure of someone in order to protect Missy. Regardless of the motive, it turns out well. It will take Larry a day or two in a new home, to blossom, and when he does…he, too, is extremely loving, happy, playful dog although not as confident as Missy. Self confidence can grow over time as dogs learn to trust and feel that they have found their forever. The key with Larry and Missy is that they stay together. 

If you own a cat, have a chat with the foster mom about how that's worked in her home. It probably depends totally upon your cat's personality and we are willing to talk with you. Never forget that Furbaby Rescue wants any adoption to work out as beautifully as you do so we're always here for you. 

Super family for super dogs, happily residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada



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