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(Adopted Nov. 4/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
13 lbs
*sweet Nady passed to the bridge Nov.21/16*

Nady is so sweet, he seems to love anyone who pays attention to him.  I have found no issues with this boy, wonderful representation of a true Shih Tzu.  He is fine with other dogs, once he is comfortable he will walk around with a toy in his mouth...just a great boy.  He lost his home, due to divorce, he came from the same home as the Yorkie boys. 
He is so much cuter than these pictures..and he has the most gorgeous flowing coat.
Since Nady has only lived with Adults, adult home only.  Visiting children should not be a problem. 

Nady has delightful new Mom and Dad, a big brother Greyhound, and is adored in Redmond, WA

(Adopted Nov. 5/05)
Bobbie (aka Charlie)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 5 years old
15 lbs

I received a call from our local shelter to help this stray boy.  As always when a Shih Tzu comes in, I never hesitate.  Ironically I found out his true story from the lady who I took to groom him.  She knew this dog, and he was not a stray but dumped at the shelter.  His original owner had died, and they took the dog, but dumped him.  He is a sweet endearing soul, very quiet, maybe just waiting for his real Mom to come back.  
He does have a heart murmur, and after much thought from my vet decided to put him on medication.  He deserves a nice home, with someone who would love a quiet loving furbaby.
This sweetheart, got a great Mom, who adopted another Charlie in Oct/04 residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Nov. 6/05)
App. 1.5 years old

Parker quickly found his home, with a wonderful couple, and I mean wonderful couple in Port Townsend, WA

(Adopted Nov.8/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
4.5 years old

Baxter is a perfect boy who has stolen everyone’s hearts!  He is a 4 ½ year old Shih Tzu who loves to cuddle, play, lay on your lap and love you.  Baxter does like to be with his “human” but he also like to play with other dogs.  Baxter was half of a bonded pair that was, unfortunately, separated when the two were put up for adoption by another Rescue.  For that reason, Baxter needs to go to a home that has another dog in residence.  He loves to play ball and tug-a rope and tag!  He loves to go for walks and struts his stuff while on a leash.  This boy loves to be the center of attention, but mostly is happy being cuddled.  His “foster folks” have thoroughly evaluated him and have pronounced him “PERFECT” in every way.  He does insist on sleeping with “his people”, and will wake you up with a kiss on the nose (and a mischievous look in his eye! LOL)  Baxter is a perfect little companion who needs a new forever home.  Are YOU looking for a Baxter in your life?
Baxter has a wonderful new home in Everett, WA

(Adopted Nov.9/05)

Miss Elizebeth (aka Miss Lizzy)
Spayed female
10 inches|
Approximately 1 year old
*sadly Lizzy passed to the bridge Nov.16*


Miss Lizzy was found running down a road, in the middle of nowhere, outside of a small rural town. Luckily she was picked up by a dog lover and kept safe while her owners were searched for. Weeks passed and no one inquired about her. Fortunately Miss Lizzy was able to get another chance at a safe and long life. She's a tiny Tzu who wags her tail and loves to meet everyone. Miss Lizzy is a kisser, a cuddler, a lap baby par excellence with a fun loving spirit. Lizzy will mournfully wail VERY loudly if she thinks she is abandoned least until someone calls out her name, then she trots back to the house or out for another lap around the back yard, happy and content. She has learned that playing with other young dogs is a funfilled past time at her foster home. 

This little girl is totally adorable, with an outgoing, friendly nature. A wonderful companion, friendly, loving, who walks on a leash nicely. 

Miss Lizzy found her new Mom and Dad and is joyfully being spoiled in Bellingham, WA.

(Adopted Dec/05)
With deep regret Mikey passed to the bridge April 29/09

Male/neutered/shots current
14 lbs
11 inches


Please read thru the ENTIRE bio and consider HIS special needs


Mikey is a melt-your-heart dog. His soft, expressive eyes touch deep. An affectionate, loving boy, he will grab your heart in a minute. Mikey came into an Idaho shelter as a stray. A wonderful rescue friend saw him and realized there was little chance of his being adopted. Mikey had great difficulty urinating, he needed more vetting and care than the shelter could provide. So he came to foster with Furbaby Rescue. Mikey was immediately taken in for a through examination and testing to determine what his problems were. FIFTEEN stones were found to be lodged in his urinary tract!!!! You can imagine the pain and discomfort this poor boy was in, but sweet Mikey suffered quietly, wanting to please and have any attention paid to him. Even with his pain, he went outside to potty and work at passing any urine he could. Never an accident in the house, bless him!

Surgery was preformed and all but one of the stones were removed. The last one was too far up the urethra to be reached but back flushing into the bladder was an option. The day after his operation, the lodged stone was successfully backflushed to join a stone that was present in the bladder. Samples of the stones removed were sent for analysis, hoping that they would be the common calcium based stones, a type that could be dissolved and passed if Mikey was on a recommended diet. Mikey returned to his foster home and seemed to enjoy joining the other dogs outside for a painfree piddle. Later that week, the test results on the stones came back and it was not the best news. Mikey's stones were composed of a mineral that did not dissolve. He would have to return for a second surgery, this time on his bladder to remove the two remaining stones. Poor little Mikey!

Mikey underwent the second surgery in less than a two week period and did well. He was now stone free and healed quickly. Due to the nature  of his biochemistry, Mikey MUST be on a prescription food FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. He CANNOT have treats, chews, anything besides his prescribed feed. THINK CAREFULLY about whether you can provide the care for him and SAFEGUARD his dietary needs so that he DOES NOT build the urinary stones again. It will take a dedicated, special home to make sure that Mikey does not get food scraps, doggy biscuits, yummy chews, even nutritious treats, all the things that most owners give (or sneak) their pets. He can have a small portion of fried egg, prepared with NO oil, once in a while as an EXTRA SPECIAL treat. That's about the extent of his other than UD kibble or canned diet.

Since he has such a limited diet, a home without children would be best. It will be hard enough for adults to resist giving him "a little something", much less children and their friends, not realizing the long term consequences. But Mikey will fill your heart and life with love, cuddles and deep rooted affection in return for the added effort, some expense and diligence needed for his well-being. Also he should be an ONLY dog unless his new fried is also on a prescription UD exclusive diet.

This is NOT a dog to apply for because of his heart touching look, his sweet temperament or the usual things. Mikey truly needs a SPECIAL home, one that will put HIM foremost in their attention and care. Fostered in Issaquah, WA.
Mikey has a fantastic home now...thank you everyone
We are also asking if anyone can reach into their heart and pocketbook to help Furbaby with Mikey's very expensive surgeries , his costs exceed $1400...Mikey and Furbaby thanks you
Our thanks to these wonderful people for your support:
Elaine & Stephen Roebuck, Teddie, Edmonton, Alberta
John & Eileen Ratchford, Miko, Port Townsend, WA
Bill and Billie Marquisss, Ginny, Ellensburg, WA
Jill Hermansen, Seattle, WA
Linda Morrell, Seattle, WA
Susanne Gillespie, Seattle, WA


(Adopted Dec.4/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
App 1.5 years old
19 lbs

I was found as a stray by animal control.  I was infested with fleas and sores all over my body.  I itched so bad.  Once in the shelter they took me right to the vet, to get some relief from my itching.  I have patches of fur missing all over me.  Once in foster care, I got flea bathed, advantage put on me, cleaned up and groomed.  My foster Mom wanted me to be shaved down closely so she could tend to my sores.  And than off to Mr. Vet man for neutering, he put me on three weeks of antibiotics, so I would not get any infection.  He wanted me on prednisone too (which my foster Mom always cringes at) but found after one day, my tummy did not like this.  So she just used benedryl to help me feel better.  My skin is cleared up now, but I still want to fuss at myself a bit and neuter area, so she keeps a cone on me for awhile longer.  
Now do you want to hear about my personality, well I am the greatest, I am loving, sweet, appear housetrained, love to toss toys, chew on chews, play with other dogs.  I have a great, and I mean great personality.  I am a lover, and I get so excited when Mom comes home, I want to take her slippers and toss them.  I am going to need to be on an allergy diet, besides that I am so allergic to fleas, it seems I do have some food allergies too...I tried the raw diet, but that was just about the time I got real sick to my tummy, and now I won't eat it.  But I love the duck and potato I will stick with that...
Here you can see me, loving the lil 2 lb baby poodle, that is being fostered with me.  I love playing with him.

Yoshi and Helix
Yoshi now has a doting Mom, who adores her boy, residing in Bellevue, WA

(Adopted Dec. 10/05)
Teddy & Bear
Males/neutered/shots current
3 years old

Have you seen Nady, Angus and Kirby?...well these are their friends Teddy and Bear, all coming from the same home, because of divorce, sadly all of these babies lost their home.  
Now are you ready for two absolutely adorable furbabies, meet Teddy and Bear, they love each other as much as they love people.  Fantastic, happy go lucky boys, who MUST be adopted together.  Because they have each other, they will probably do fine if their person works.  Would probably be alright in an apartment setting, as they prefer indoors, and are quiet, but you can find them also playing outside on a nice day.
Their foster home describes them as cute, cuddly and sweet.
They do not seem to have a lot of housetraining, they will go on pads, so if wanting them to go outside, they will need work and relearning...
They were a bit messy when they came into rescue, as you can see below:

A caring great home was found for these two to stay together.

(Adopted Dec. 16/05)
Shih Tzu/Maltese
Male neutered/shots current
9 months old
15 lbs
*With the greatest sadness, Buzz lost his life to cancer, so young to die, he crossed the bridge March 7/09*

Buzz (as in Buzz Lightyear)

Buzz is a LOVER. Buzz loves everyone; from the animal control officer who called for help for him, to the groomer, and even the mailman. If Buzz can reach your face he will give you kisses; if not, he will kiss your hand or even your shoes. Buzz has never been abused; he has known nothing but love. Buzz loves to play and chew and cuddle. He loves to ride in cars and wants to be with you but can also curl up and sleep while you are gone.

His owner was a college student who could not afford the veterinary treatment Buzz needed. He brought Buzz into the shelter and asked for help. Buzz was at the shelter for less than 3 hours before he came into foster care. Buzz has food allergies and because they were not treated he developed a mild case of demodectic mange (this is the non-contagious type that dogs get when their immune systems are very low). Buzz has been on medication for this condition which has cleared up totally but he will need to continue on a hypo allergic diet and will have to be careful what he eats. This may be a little hard because Buzz is a boy who loves his food and he is so cute he is hard to resist.

Buzz gets along well with other dogs and is mostly house trained. His biggest "problem" behavior is that he likes to run away when it is time to come in. He would love to have a doggy brother or sister to play with but he will not go to a home with young children because it is too hard to keep him on his diet with "little ones" around. Buzz can't wait to find his new family; are you the right one for this little bundle of love?

Buzz is just delighted with his new Mom, Taylor, a lovely young woman who adores her boy, and he has playmates as well..residing happily in 
Lakewood, WA

(Adopted Jan. 13/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 4-5 years old
20 chubby lil lbs

Now don't laugh at my rolls, they make me look cute and cuddly.  Perhaps I lost a lot of weight quickly to get these love handle rolls, no one knows the answer but me.  I was found as a stray, and I was a mess, and had to be shaved all down.  I have such a big bark, goes with my big self assured personality.  I just walk into a home, and I belong, or at least I decide I do.  I have no problem with other dogs, to me, they are just there, maybe in time I would play with someone, if someone would play with me.  I worship the foster Daddy, maybe I had a Dad once...I think my foster Mom is great too.  I am happy and friendly to anyone I meet, have no fear of anyone or anything.  
I do have allergies, I have been put on raw diet, antihistamines, and baths, and I am doing excellent.  So a allergy diet is a must for me.  I am improving daily, and will be able to switch to an allergy kibble, foster Mom just likes to jump start my system to get rid of the itches.
I really am adorable with a great personality.  Hubble's great personality won the hearts, of a wonderful couple, he walked right into their hearts.  Spoiled rotten, residing in Birch Bay, WA
This couple turned their back on Hubble when he became older and needed medical attention.  We took him back into our rescue, where he remained for one year, till his time.
Passed to the bridge June 24/13

(Adopted Jan 14/06)
App. 2 years old

Toby is a darling little boy, with definite puppy mannerisms!  He adores playing with toys, balls, tug-a-ropes and anything else he can find. He is learning what "no bites!" means when he gets a little too playful. He has absolutely no intention of hurting--he just needs to learn acceptable "play" behavior.

He gets along just great with his foster brother doggies.  We don't know how he is around cats.  He's friendly and happy around strangers.

Toby would be a wonderful little companion for someone that had time to spend with him.  He is somewhat energetic, but he is always right there by your side and loves to cuddle on your lap or in bed.  He just wants to play and be loved.  He is learning more manners every day.  He's very smart!  He has already tried to type e-mails on foster mom's new computer......he still needs a few lessons on THAT!

Foster mom thinks that, after being neutered,  he is 99% housetrained.  He has to be reminded every 2 hours or so, but will always go when asked.  Again, his new family will need to continue with this positive training.

Toby will not be adopted to a family with young children or that have young children stay with them frequently.  Please don't ask to be the exception.  Toby has been evaluated and we feel this is the correct decision for him.  A brother or sister doggie would be terrific for him, though, and give him someone to play with.

A wonderful new home with loving new parents is Toby's Christmas wish this year.  Is Santa whispering to you to be part of Toby's new life?   Listen closely!   He brings a lifetime of love along with him, and expects to receive no less from you.   
Toby got his wish, with fantastic couple who adopted Stanley residing in Everett, WA


(Adopted Jan.15/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 3 years old
17 lbs

Chai is an unusual boy, both in coloring and temperament.  He is liver coloring, as Shih Tzu should have black around their eyes, and black noses...and every once in awhile one has this coloring.  Chai was found as a stray, and was put in the shelter in Port Townsend, no one could get near this boy.  A wonderful lady named Debbie, who has adopted from Furbaby could not get him off of her mind, so with her help and one of the volunteers, we decided he deserved a chance, and we are so glad we did.  Chai will bond very easily to a person, he wants to be near someone and be their friend.  What one needs to understand about him, he reminds me of a cat, a cat purrs when petted, or held, while Chai growls, and makes all sorts of noise, that if you don't know this dog, it can be unsettling, but Chai is just being vocal.  So if you come and meet this boy, and he growls, he is just saying "Hi"...there is a lot to this boy, and he has been through hell, he deserves a wonderful and understanding home.  
And Chai got that wonderful and understanding home where he is adored, residing in Squamish, B.C. Canada

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