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(Adopted Nov. 25/02)
Lady (nka Cali)
Lhasa Mix
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 4-5 years old

Lady came from CA...when she arrived in rescue there, you could not even touch her, with time and love she started to come around.  She had obviously been abused.  Lady sat waiting to find a home, but everyone looked the other way.  She came here to me, cleaned her up some more, as the rescue there found it impossible to do so, as she would jump and scream to be done...she did not enjoy it here, but she is not a bitter, just scared.  She has a great deal of love in her heart, she can be afraid of men a bit,   She is a loving girl though.
After so many months in rescue in CA, than finally to Washington, Lady is one lucky girl, her parents are fabulous..absolutely adore their new girl, happily residing in Burlington, WA

(Adopted Dec. 22/02)
*darling Sophie passed away in the spring of 08*

Well, I want to introduce Sophie to you.

    She is approximately 6 years old and has the body of a small Lhasa and the heart and personality of a Shi-Tzu. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her and her adorable little face. She loves people, cats and dogs, but has been caught digging for chocolate morsels in the litterbox.

    She is completely housebroken and gets better and better walking on a leash. Her bark is soft and she is eager to announce to you when someone is at the door. Otherwise she is a quiet little girl, who loves it best when she can snuggle on your lap or listen to your heartbeat. Sophie really enjoys snuggling early in the morning just before it's time to get out of bed.

    She is missing quite a few teeth, but it doesn't stop her from enjoying her dry food as well as her steamed vegetables. Her fur is growing in quickly and very beautifully and she does not itch anymore. Sophie is allergic to fleas and most likely beef products. I cooked some ground turkey for her and the boys and she tolerated it well.

    She has gotten a clean bill of health from the vet and is ready to find her forever home.

Here is Sophie's story as told by her:
I was left in a cardboard box in front of the vet's office early one morning last month. I don't know why my family left me there, I guess to die. I don't know why they didn't keep me clean and my hair cut, I am sure they didn't know any better. I was not feeling too well. My hair was all one big clump and my skin underneath had lots of open sores from the fleabites. I also had a huge infection in my mouth where a tooth used to be. The people at the vet were really nice. They gave me medicine so I could stop itching and chewing on myself and they cut off all that hair and gave me a nice warm bath. They tugged me in a warm blanket and I was getting a good nap. A few days later a lady with a funny accent came by and she took me home with her. I met her boys Cubby and Toby, who she said were distant cousins of mine. Cubby is kind of grumpy, but Toby is very nice to me and even lets me chew on his Lamb&Rice bone. I steal it from him when he isn't looking. My foster mom says I have cataracts and don't see well. Ha, I can always find Toby's bone and of course the kitchen! Mom took me back to the vet to get my teeth fixed and a micro chip put in me. That way, she says, I will never be lost again. My fur is growing back too and when she held me in front of the mirror the other day I had to admit I am looking more like a princess each day. I really like snuggling on her lap and when she holds me close, I listen to her heartbeat. Mom is also teaching me how to walk on a leash. She thinks I don't know any better, but I love to run around her in circles and get her all tangled up with Toby's and Cubby's leashes. Mom tells me that I will have a forever home on my own one day soon. May be even for Christmas. I would love to have a brother or sister and may be someone, who wants me around them all the time. I really like to ride in cars too. I am not sure about little kids, because they might hurt me. But Mom says the right home will know that I belong to them like she knew that Cubby belonged. So now I am waiting for Christmas morning and may be I will be granted this one wish: A family that will love me forever. 
*Note Sophie is being fostered in Puyallup, WA by one of my former adoptees, a wonderful lady, who since we met has been on a crusade to help our beloved Lhasas...I will be taking applications on Sophie, and help Sophie's foster Mom find just the right home....

Sophie was adopted on December 22, 2002. The dog, who had nothing but a cardboard box has now wonderful parents who love her, two furbaby brothers to play with and Pillsbury, the cool cat. She has already taken over the bed and is in the process to conquer every heart in the Shoreline community.

She wants to thank everybody, who showed interest in her and wishes all the potential Mom's and Dad's out there a very Merry Christmas.


(Adopted Jan.12/03)
Male/neutered/shots current
3-4 years old
24 lbs

Do you see the sadness in my eyes, this picture was taken a month ago, and that sadness has disappeared, and it has been replaced with a wiliness to love and be loved.  I am not the furbaby that walked into this home.  I was a street dog, I was afraid, and when I was put into the shelter I became terrified, I was to be put down, but a guardian angel looked upon me, and took me, and in my foster home with my Mom's kindness, my foster Daddies patience, the Grandpa that only saw goodness, when they took all this time with me, the dog who cares, the dog who loves, the dog who wants to be your best friend, slowly came out, I decided I wanted to join this world and belong again.  I want to put all my sorrow, my pain and my abuse behind I am running up to people who come in the house, I am bringing toys to the people who cared about me, I run with them in my mouth, I never have tried to be  aggressive with the other dogs, I am still a bit protective of food, I am slowly understanding that it will always be there, but I was so hungry for such a long time, old painful habits take a bit longer to get over.  I am still uncomfortable on a leash, foster Mom wants to let me walk around with it on, but Clyde and Carina, keep tugging on it...and we all get tangled that doesn't work well here.
People who met me, will like me, I will still need patience from a "new" person, but if I am loved as much as I am here, I will be your best friend...won't you give me a chance? 
Adult home only.... 
Manny finally found his forever home, with a lovely lady, living in Buckley, WA
* Manny unexpectedly crossed to the bridge in June/05..he was special to me, and very saddened by the news.

(Adopted Feb.8/03)
Jackson & Louie
Male/neutered/shots current
1 year old
*Jackson passed to the bridge Oct/13*
*Louie passed to the bridge Jan.2/17*

These wonderful dogs were given up because the Dad had a stroke, and financial problems arose, I was fortunate to be able to rehome these two brothers with a great young couple in Oregon, who think they are just wonderful...Jackson with his easy going ways, and Louie with his special sensitive side, and odd quirks..that endear them both to their family...

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