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(Adopted June 17/01)
1-2 years old
17 lbs
Male/neutered, shots current

Casey could be mixed with something else, as his nose is longer than usual.  He has the sweetest temperament, very easy going, likes other dogs.  This boy had to be shaved right down as he was matted very badly. He is also underweight, needs a couple more pounds.
This boy got himself some super nice parents, great Mom and Dad, that adore this boy, happily residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Sept 3/01)

2 years old
Male/neutered/shots current
20 lbs

My name is Mochie (means rice cake) and I am looking for a new forever home.  I have a dream
of what my new home should be like.  First and foremost I want a home where
I will be loved and where I can return my love the best way I know how with
lots of doggy kisses and by being a faithful constant companion.  I have
special things that I love to do, such as sit on the back of the couch to
see what is going on outside.  I especially love to sleep on the bed so I
can be near my loved ones and protect them through the night.  I love to go
on walks, and play with toys.  There are a few things that I don't do so
well with though.  Since I am a little dog and only weigh around 20 pounds,
small children scare me, and the only defense I have is to try to nip them
to keep them from hurting me.  Also since I was kept in a garage where I
wasn't able to signal when I had to go do my business, I may sometimes
forget that I am supposed to tell someone first before shaming myself and
going on the floor.  But the good news is that my foster family has a doggy
door that I can use anytime that I need to and I haven't had one accident
yet!  I also need to go to obedience school since I don't like to come back
when I can finally get out.  But I know if somebody will take the time to
take me I will learn, it will also help when I finally understand that I
won't be locked up all the time making me not want to come back for as long
as I can run away.
Well this is my dream.....if you can help make mine come true, I know that I
can make yours of finding a loving companion come true too

My dreams have come true.....I now have a wonderful forever home.  I would
have been happy if only one or two of my wishes were granted, but I was a
very luck boy and Christmas came early for me.  Not only do I get to sleep
on the bed, sit on the couch, and have a nice yard to play in, I have new
friends to keep me company when my new mom is at work.  I especially like to
sit and watch this funny thing called a bird, and all those colorful fish in
a tank.  I also have 2 great K9 buddies and a couple of felines as well.
The best part is that I may get to go to a school for something called
agility, I don't know what it is yet but it sounds like fun.  Now my days
are spent being happy and loved and the only wish that I can make is that
other forgotten, neglected, or lost dogs can be as lucky as me in finding a
forever home. Now residing in Parkland, Washington...
and thank you Teresa, for fostering, loving and taking care of this wonderful boy....

(Adopted Aug.31/01)

3-4 years old
17 lbs
Male/neutered, shots current

Sneakers, is housetrained, knows a few commands, sit, stay, lay down etc.  He is very friendly and loyal dog.  But he must go to an adult only family, and someone who is able to work with a dog with Lhasa tude.  He will try to be the boss, he has to be dealt with firmly, once he knows the rules, he can and will be fine. He really is a nice boy, has the true Lhasa temperament, watchdog, faithful, but needs reminders of "who is the boss"  He is not a happy camper to groom, he just needs to be shown and he will be fine in time if handled properly.  He will be a wonderful friend to the right home. He is excellent on a lead, and likes to ride in the car. Poor Sneakers he was adopted again, he was fine with the people, but took a dislike to their puppy.  So he was returned.
Sneakers (nka Giovanni) is doing wonderful in his new home, he has a great Mom, and a super daughter, who they say "he knows who is the boss" they adore him, and I pray that this will be his last home, as strong willed a dog as he is, he reminds me, why I love this breed, his strength, and the passion only Lhasas have,  he will always be one of my favorite Lhasas, now residing in Bellevue, WA.

(Adopted Nov.10/01)
Peanut (nka Maxie)
6 years old/ shots current

Anyone who has spent a lot of time around Lhasas, usually can tell you a story or two, on what is affectionately called "Lhasa Tude", Peanuts is a rarity, she doesn't have any, she is the sweetest, gentlest, kindest, most social lil butterfly, she loves everyone, and expects everyone to love her.  She loves kids, people other dogs..  She will require a home with a fenced yard, or dedicated to have her on lead, as she is too social, and will think nothing of going off to visit everyone, because she knows they will love her, impossible not to. She is great in a car, just takes a nap.  She has a slight skin problem, her thyroid has been tested, after taking her to my vet, we went over all her papers, and felt it was in her best interest, to go onto thyroid meds, she will need to be retested in a couple of months.  Her skin should start to improve, along with medicated shampoos for awhile and good diet, Lhasas can be prone to allergies as well, as so much of the dog food out there, is garbage.   Putting her on a high quality food, also help her. 
    Peanut (nka Maxie) got some super parents, and wonderful grandkids to romp with.  Now residing in Mill Creek, WA
"Sadly Maxie passed away in '05, she was so loved and  deeply missed by her wonderful Mom and Dad"

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