Successful Lhasa Adoptions

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(Adopted June 2/06)
La-Chon "designer name this breed is called"
Bichon Frise/Lhasa Apso
Male/neutered/shots current
1 year old
16 lbs

I have  the attitude and disposition of the Lhasa, the gorgeous, white curly coat of the Bichon...mix them up, and you get Chandler.  I am a boy, who is full of himself, cocky, self assured, who loves to play, loves to love you, but I need some guidance, since I have the traits of a Lhasa, and need to be told that I am not in charge.  Mostly Chandler is a lover and a player.  He likes other dogs, plays well with them but usually decides he is the one in charge...he will do well with someone, who does not allow him to be in charge, and lets him know, he is just a dog that needs love, cuddles and fun.   He loves to play with you, and can be very vocal trying to get your attention.  He loves to sleep with his person.  He will be an awesome dog.  He has changed so dramatically since entering foster care, so if you have the time, he will be an incredible companion.  He has the Lhasatude, but the impishness of a Bichon.
Adult home only
Chandler has wonderful new Mom, residing in Lakewood, WA

(Adopted June 10/06)
Blazey (nka Gracie)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
16 lbs
*with deep regret dear Gracie passed Feb.3/15*

Here I am now, all groomed and beautiful after my very sick weeks...I am now 100% healthy, and I need a home.  I love women, but am a bit shy around men (I guess the right man hasn't flirted with me yet)..I am pretty easy going, love walks, carrides... do fine with other dogs, and heck maybe even play with one, if I did not live with silly doxies right now.  I have had a hard time, from the shelter, to another shelter, to foster home, days at the vet, back to foster care..I feel displaced, and have a bit of separation problem, but foster Mom says I should adjust alright, if you have time.  So if you have love in your heart, I would love to be part of it...
Contact Furbaby Rescue for application...maybe I can come live with you.

This wonderful Lhasa girl came into our rescue on March 31.  Immediately she came down with what we hoped was only kennel cough.  April 3, she was taken to the vet and sent home with many meds, fearing that it may be worse.  In a couple of days it was apparent this girl is not improving, and also as you can see from the photo, she has an ulcer on her right eye.  April 6, she returned to the vet, and spent several days in intensive care, she had full blown pneumonia, her body ravaged with infection, and she was FIGHTING for her life.  I received a few scary phone calls from my vet, that she MAY not make it...but our girl has a will to live. She had numerous bloodwork done, x-rays, antibiotics, nebulizing, and the list goes on, to save her.  On April 14, she finally returned to foster care.  She has lost so much weight, but she is eating well now.  She is on 3 different antibiotics, and special serum drugs for her eye, every two hours, hoping that the eye as well can be saved.  We are now more confident she will make it...she is starting to act pretty normal.  We are holding our breath that she continues to do well.  She will be returning to the vet app. April 22 and will be having many subsequent visits. 
Blazey is a precious soul, and she is only 4 years old, she has many many years ahead of her to be loved and adored.
Her vet bills to date are over $1000, and many more bills to come..if you can find it in your heart to help us pay her bills, please contact
Furbaby Rescue...
Thank you everyone for your wondrous support throughout the years.

Vet appointment on April 22/06 has shown she is almost back to normal, and  her personality is shining through...soon she will be looking for a new if interested please contact us...

With loving thanks for donations to :
Anne Mercer, Florida in memory of Princess
Diana Honeycutt, Port Townsend, WA
Glenna Ashley, Wilsonville, Oregon
Rusti Stockmeyer, Lakewood, WA

Blazey found the perfect home with two fantastic Moms, living happily now in Eugene, Oregon

(Adopted Aug.7/06)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 7 years old
20 lbs

Now, don't judge a book by the cover.  Tori will be a pretty girl once her fur grows back, and her "wookie" teeth aren't as noticeable...most Lhasa shaved down aren't gorgeous.  But what she may not have right now in outward beauty, she has inward beauty.  She is very devoted to her person.  A gentle soul who was picked up by the police and brought to my vet clinic.  She was a mess, they shaved her down, examined her, treated her for a nasty ear infection, and proceeded to try and find her owners, but no one was found.  Victoria was named by the vet who attended to her, he fell in love with her calm and gentle way.  Amused by her going on her walks, trying to find a shelf to lay in..she likes closets:-)  
Tori is perfectly housetrained, is animated when she meets new people, does well with the resident dogs (don't know about cats, or pesky puppies)  She loves the comfort of a soft doggie bed, or a people bed...just loves cushy and soft, as most Lhasa do..

She will be a sweet endearing companion for the right home.

She has a wonderful home with a kind older gentleman, who loves Lhasa, so he should adore this special girl.  Residing in Mt. Vernon, WA


(Adopted Sept./06)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
16 lbs

This amazing boy found a home, where is just adored.  Residing happily in Bellevue, WA

(Adopted Oct. 10/06)
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
21 lbs
*sweet Zoey passed to the bridge Jan/17*

This girl found her home immediately, she was one of the greatest girls I had met in a long long time...what a sweetheart.
Now residing happily as the constant companion to a lovely lady, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Oct/06)
nka Cody
Male/neutered/shots current
11 months old
18 lbs
*sadly Cody passed to the bridge in 2011 from kidney failure*

My Gosh what a dollbaby, sweet, loving, playful and endearing...qualities you pray for, but seldom get in rescue.  The right home, the right people had an application on hand, so one email and phone call, and off he live in a great home with two exceptional Dads, residing in New Westminster, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Oct.8/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 7 years old
16 lbs

Kirby is a gentle, affectionate, undemanding boy. He has traits which clearly indicate past abuse.  He can be timid at times, as if he is waiting for his beating.
He sleeps in a crate at night, and needs to be taken out regularly, or he will be naughty.  He loves his walks.  This poor little boy is afraid to eat.  Clearly abuse somehow connected to  eating.  He can take up to an hour to eat his food, one piece at a time.  He does seem to love freshly cooked chicken.  He doesn't care for treats, sometimes putting a little chicken broth on his food helps him eat better.

Kirby needs a quiet home, cats and dogs are fine.  An older person who is around all day to dote on him would be ideal.  He sleeps a lot during the day, is so little trouble and grateful for all kindness.  He will give gentle little licks when you are particularly attentive.  I think the first part of his life has been hell.  He has the right to a loving home.
 Kirby has a nice home with lady home all day to take him for walks, and cuddle time watching TV...residing in Burnaby, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Nov7/06)
5 years
Neutered male
*with great sadness, Chachi went to the bridge Oct.11*


LONELY MALE seeks adult companionship and long-term commitment. Ethnicity or gender unimportant. I am a good boy, who loves to snuggle and play. Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand and I will greet you every day when you come home; wearing my best Tuxedo. I am not a push-over, I believe good relationships grow over time. Any interest? 

Chachi has a great new home, Lhasa sister, Opal, and a wonderful Mom, residing in Olympia, WA

(Adopted Nov. 11/06)
Male neutered/shots current
App. 5 years old
20 lbs

Single male looking for meaningful long-lasting relationship. I love to play, long walks, warm beds and I like to cozy up right next to you on those long winter nights. I am active too and willing to share your interests. When you come home I will greet you at the front door wearing nothing but what God gave me and I am willing to be devoted to you forever!
Elvis is doing wonderfully in his new home in Concrete, WA

(Adopted Nov.26/06)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
12 lbs

Pumpkin is a friendly happy dog, who will be happiest with someone home most of the time.  She gets upset when left.  She gets very excited when you return.  She took about one day to decide her foster Mom was okay and willing to play and eat.  She initially was homesick, confused about why she was not home.  Her former owner had to leave  her for 10 hours alone and this was not a good situation for Pumpkin and the owner felt it was in her best interest to find another home, where she can get way more attention.  Pumpkin does the "wave" with exuberance.  She likes to play with her toys.  She practically puts on her halter herself  when she thinks it is walk time, this is her favorite activity.  She has the most unusual coat, perhaps the origin of her name.  She looks like pumpkin pie with whipped cream.  Her darker colored coat is straight like a Lhasa and then she has a white saddle that is curly like a poodle.  She has the fine features and build of a poodle and the temperament of a poodle as well.  She is not used to small children, other dogs or men, she has lived with cats.  She knows sit, lie down, be quiet, and no (most of the time) knows "go say hi" and she knows "where's your toy?" and will get it and fetch.  She knows "drop it"
She would make a wonderful longtime companion pet for an adult home, with someone that has more time to spend with her then what she had before.  Pumpkin is housebroken, slim and trim, and active, waiting for the perfect forever home.
Fenced yard is required
Pumpkin has a wonderful new Mom and Dad, happily residing in Richmond, B.C. Canada

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