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(Adopted Sept.13/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
2.5 years old
20 lbs
*with deep sorrow, Bucky passed to the bridge, Aug.9/09 from an autoimmune disease, his parents are devastated but their life was enriched by his sprit and the time they shared*

Buckwheat is a beautiful Lhasa boy,he is actually much prettier than his pictures... Buckwheat does fine with other dogs, and gets along well with people, he can be barky when someone first arrives, but than just follows them around till they acknowledge him... He seems to be pretty easy going, sometimes can be guardy around the food bowl, when too many dogs are around. He know some commands, sit/down/shake/dance..he does like to lounge outside on a nice day, so a fenced yard would be a bonus. Adult home only

Buckwheat is now living with his new Mom in B.C. who just adores him.

(Adopted Sept.25/04)
Male/neutered/shots currents/micro-chipped
6 years old
19 lbs

Buzz is a healthy, happy Lhasa recently surrendered for adoption in Washington.  He has a calm, independent personality, and he loves walking on his leash and being brushed.  He has done well with his foster family's pets and knows basic obedience commands.  Buzz will be content to curl up at your feet while you read or watch TV, but don't forget to give him his favorite scratch behind his ears!  Buzz will be a wonderful companion to a household without too much chaos.  Buzz also has been debarked.  Adult home only
Buzz was lucky to find such a caring home in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Oct.3/04)
Male/neutered/shots current

Taylor is so adored by his new family...lucky Taylor:-)

(Adopted Oct. 9/04)
Male/neutered/shots current

Charlie is a very loving boy who is happiest when he is by your side.  He is very calm and quiet.  Sweet lil Charlie wasn't very well cared for before he came into Rescue, but that is all changed now.  Unfortunately, because of the medical issues that weren't addressed in his previous life, his eyesight is not as good as it should be and his foster Mom believes he is deaf.  He walks slowly and carefully but always knows where you are and wants to be by your side.  He will need eye drops every day, but that's all.  Because he does move cautiously, due to his compromised eyesight (which has improved greatly since being treated) it's hard to estimate Charlie's age.  Foster Mom and Dad say he is one of the sweetest and most loving Lhasa they have ever known.  Once Charlie looks at you with those big brown eyes, you can't help but fall in love with him.  That's all he asks--to be loved and to be with you.  Is there someone out there that needs a best friend named Charlie?
Well Charlie found this home...he is adored

(Adopted Oct. 31/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
Lhasa/Shih Tzu
App. 5-6 years old
15 lbs
*Sadly Scooter passed away in 09*

Maybe I have many lives, cause I have lived through many already, I was found as stray two years ago, and was imprisoned in the shelter.  Upon medical check up, it was discovered that most likely my top teeth have been kicked out, and I have a few lumps, where I am sporting bee bees...I was adopted by a very nice family, but this family is a foster home for small children, I did show I have a great deal of patience, but I could only take so much, and I had to let them know it was time to back off...I am really a very gentle dog, love to play with toys, and I love to have a Mommy, I just got tired of too many little kids, not understanding my boundaries...I am now here with other doggie friends, who look just like me, I have a tail wag, and a very happy disposition, and love to housemanners are good.  I need my very own home, with a doting Mom, and a Dad is alright too...this time, no kids, it is time for me, to just enjoy life, no fingers or prodding...share your life with me, and I will love you foster Mom thinks I may have some food allergies, she doesn't like the way my hair feels, and a tad itchy...but here I will be on allergy food, and I should be just fine...and yes I have a crooked nose, but not my fault, someone was mean to me once...but I have forgiven you humans...just love me now, and I will be happy...
And please no cats, I am naughty, I will chase them...
Scooter, has a wonderful new Mom, living in Lynden, WA

(Adopted Dec. 28/04)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
14 lbs

Lilo is an independent little girl. She loves playing with toys and with the other dogs in her foster home. She races up for pets and treats but then tears off on her own business. She doesnít mind bathes and brushing (and is going to have beautiful brindle markings when her coat grows out) but she is not a girly girl and canít wait to get down and get on with business. Lilo is a very sweet Lhasa with very little Lhasa attitude. She has lived with children and seems to do OK with them. She likes riding in the car and walks well on a leash. She has good house manners and but needs a little attention paid to her house training. Lilo will be a joyful addition to the right home. Lilo got a fabulous home, now living with wonderful Elton and in memory of Mops and Gizzie...residing in Sea Tac, WA

(Adopted Jan.1/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
22 lbs

Wally has been a sweetheart from the moment I met him. We became friends almost immediately. He was clingy for a couple of days, but now he is very relaxed and happy. He has the exuberance of a 6 month old. Wally wants to play, play, play and snuggle, snuggle, snuggle. In the morning he flops himself on your chest or arm or whatever is close and gives you a big smooch to say good morning. He loves his stuffed toys and most of them in my house are in the toy emergency room because of chewed off ears, noses, tails, etc. He loves to chase the toys when I throw them and he never gets tired. He is very well behaved when it comes to going potty. Wally learned how to use the doggy door the first night in my house. We had two poop accidents in the first couple of days and then he had it all figured out. Wally walks very well on a leash now, and knows how to sit when told. I have let him off leash a few times within a couple of hundred feet of my home and he loves to race me to the door. He can run like the wind and I am embarrassed to say that he can outrun me. BUT he needs training in manners. Like a toddler it's always me, me, me, me, especially when it comes to food. I have been working with him on "No Bark", "Back Off", "Down" and "Leave It". He learns quickly, but will need formal training and lots of love. Wally would like a doggie obedience class and probably ace it.  My other boys have been putting him in his place and taught him some manners. It's hard for Wally, because he wants the others to play with him and they are not playful dogs.

Wally needs a home with a younger dog, who likes to play and keep up with him. He likes to grab your shoe as you are walking by and entices you to stop what you are doing and play with him. Wally stays near my feet when I am on the computer and snuggles right up to me when we are watching a movie. He does not well being left alone for long periods of time and he is still hesitant when I tell him to get in the car and very afraid of the carrier. I believe Wally is afraid that he will get dumped in a shelter again.

Like any good Lhasa, Wally is very watchful and does not warm up to strangers easily. He seems especially weary of men, but once someone takes his time with him and doesn't push him, Wally comes around nicely. When one of my neighbors came up to talk to me Wally put himself between the neighbor and me to protect any potential assailant. Once I reassured Wally that it was okay, he relaxed, but kept an eye out for me.
My boy, who will always remain in my heart, as he tried to warn me of danger on Nov. 30/04, has one of the best Moms now, a compassionate and caring woman, who will always be there for him, he also has two playmates to romp with, he is adored, residing in University Place, WA

Thank you Danielle for Everything:-)

(Adopted Jan/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 10 years old
*Sweet Cuddles passed to the bridge Oct./11 complications of old age, he is so missed by his wonderful parents*

When Tammy heard of Cuddles who was being fostered in Portland, she knew he was meant for her heart.  In the spring of '04 this wonderful home had adopted Munsin, and she wanted again to have the joy of owning another blind dog, knowing how difficult it is to find just the right home, and she already had found out, that being blind is not a disability but a treasure, to watch as these babies unfold themselves into these wonderful friends.  We can never say thank you enough to special people like Tammy and her husband..
Once Cuddles entered her home, he was taken to an ophthalmologist, who removed both of Cuddles eyes, the damage that had been done to them, after years of neglect was horrible.  Cuddles went through a couple of very difficult weeks, with the pain, but Tammy gave this boy all her love and energy to make him Cuddles is a happy loving lil soul...residing forever in Spokane, WA

(Adopted Jan.28/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 5 years old
23 lbs

Hi, my name is Bradley, I have a wonderful little underbite and  very crooked front lil legs, all which will just endear me to you even more.  My family left for the Ivory Coast in Africa to do missionary work, and with very heavy heart had to leave me behind.  They thought they found me a great home, and they did,  they loved me, and took care of me, unfortunately their lives changed and I needed to be rehomed again.  Finally I went to a really special home, but this was to be temporary also, since they train dogs for less fortunate people with hearing and sight problems, and they are big dogs, and I don't like big dogs, I bark at them, and they make me uncomfortable...they loved me also, but knew it would not work out.  My foster Mom says, I am the reason she adores Lhasa, like her Sydney girl, I have the gayety, endearing personality, loyalness, and sweetness, only a good Lhasa can possess... I have perfect housemanners...I am a treasure.  I would love my own Mom and/or Dad, a doggie friend that is small would be wonderful, as I really like dogs my size or smaller...and I love to sleep under the bed, it is my little don't be disappointed if I don't sleep on the bed....
I am a wonderful soul, looking for the perfect home, I know you are out there.  Bradley found his forever, wonderful home, and as fate has it, his parents are also Missionaries, but his Mom stays home now, and takes her boy everywhere with her...residing happily in Birch Bay, WA

(Adopted Feb.1/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
1.5 years old
21 lbs

I am a stunning boy, and I am a good dog, but I need someone to make me a GREAT dog.  I can be apprehensive when I meet new people, but gosh if you get me out for a walk, or in your car, I become just a dollbaby.  I am loving and sweet, though I can be protective of my food at times, and certain toys, it just depends on how valuable they are to me.  I am like a child that wasn't taught limits or boundaries.  I was owned by a very elderly couple, who probably never said "no" but thought I was just a cute toy...well I am not a toy, I need to be taught manners...but if you have time to spend with me...I will be a great companion.  Foster home is also working on housetraining...I am not always good with that, but believes firmly that if a home, will be consistent with me, gives me lots of praise when I am a good will get me on track.
I was excellent at the vets, and almost a dream dog to groom..little fussy with the paws....
A Lhasa experienced home would be very beneficial..
Adult home only
This boy found two very caring parents, and now happily residing in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada


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