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(Adopted July 16/03)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 7 years old
24 lbs
*with the deepest sorrow, sweet Murphy passed Dec.10/13, he was so loved*

Aren't I cute!!!! My Mom had to go into assisted living, and could not take me with her.  I was put in the shelter and adopted for a couple of weeks, but they said I barked at strangers...well folks if you do not understand a Lhasa, that is our  job.  I am very friendly, happy boy, will play with other dogs, I am still a bit heavy, but much better than the 32lbs I used to be...
I am not the easiest boy to groom, but a little patience and I should be alright...My foster Mom's groomer said I will do fine, in the right far I have been a good boy, not wary of strangers, easy to get along with...I will be a fabulous companion....
Murphy is now a therapy dog, so to speak, he is living in Bellingham, WA helping developmentally disabled women to enhance their live, with a great little furbaby.

(Adopted June 29/03)
Lhasa X
Male/neutered/shots current
9 months old
16 lbs...

Hi, do you want an absolute lovebug, well don't look much further, cause Wes is it...he is active, playful, happy, a little whirlwind at times, but that is because he is a baby, a baby who wants you to love him, he will run up to anyone who looks his way, love me, and boy I will overwhelm you with my love for you.
Once he settles down, he does very well in a car, he does pull on the lead, but will get the hang of that, he is doing pretty good in the housetraining department, but will need some one on one for a bit, to totally get it...I do not believe this boy has had any real training...he will be an such fun companion..everyone who has met him, loves better apply quickly...
Westin went to a great home in Delta, B.C. and thank you B.J. for your great sense of humor!

(Adopted June 29/03)

I remember living with a nice person a while back, but they got a chair with wheels and then got too tired all the time to have any time for me. I loved them, but someone took me away. I didnít like the next place I was in for a long time...too many dogs and too much noise. I didnít feel good either.

  A lady who looks at tiny dogs with big fluffy ears saw me laying and feeling ill. Boy, was I a mess! My skin was all oily and scaley, I smelled bad, I had a wart on my eyelid that rubbed all the time and a BIG hurty thing on my brow. I thought I heard them say something about me going to sleep soon, but I wasnít really paying attention to that, I sleep alot anyways.

  That lady contacted Furbaby and next thing I knew, I was riding south with her. Another nice lady let me sleep at her house one night,  but boy, did we get up EARLY to leave again. We drove some more, then I got to hang out with Trish and The Tiger Mountain Pack in Issaquah.

  A gentle vet let me sleep some at his place and I woke up feeling MUCH better. My head itches some, but it doesnt hurt now. My one eye feels a little funny when I blink still. EVERYONE tells me I am a HANDSOME BOY now...WOW! Shows what a good nightís sleep can do!

  I want my OWN home now. The Pack is nice, but I really want just one or two special people to be with, maybe a dog or cat. They have to have a soft pillow on the floor for me, I donít sleep on beds or furniture. I do like the doggy door that is in my foster home, I can go out when I need to. But I do wait till FosterMom gets home if it is closed. I  sit nice for my eye meds and I donít mind the weekly bath. Just make sure I am REALLY dry...I even have a sweater while my hair is short for when it is cold.

  I just want a quiet special person or two to love. And I will love them back. PROMISE!

  CharleyBarley is a LhasaX, about 10yrs of age. He sees well, hears well and even LISTENS to basic commands. His 24lb, 13Ē is suitable for house, condo or medium sized apartment. CharleyBarley needs eyedrops daily now and possibly for the rest of his life. He also needs a bath weekly with a special medicated shampoo to keep his skin healthy. CharleyBarley is an alert, happy, calm guy. He likes walks, drives and sleeping on the floor near you. He takes just a bit more love but in return he will love you with all his heart! 
Charley now has a wonderful new life...thanks Tori of B.C. for helping with this are right rescues need to work together, and together we can help more:-)

(Adopted Sept. 4/03)
Male neutered/shots current
App. 4 years old

Lucas is an absolutely wonderful furbaby, he loves to play with other doggies, and would like a home where he would have a friend. Lucas indeed is a special boy, and got a fabulous home with two great doting Cle Elum, WA

(Adopted Oct. 4/03)
Lhasa Apso/Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
6 months old
14 lbs
*adorable Fess passed away Jan/16*

Fess is a whirlwind of fun..he loves to play, toss toys, and most of all loves to play with other doggie pals.  He is loving, kind and a great dog.  He does need continued socialization, the home he needs is with another dog, so he can continue to play, no young children, older kids will be fine, but I want him to be the wonderful happy puppy he can be, and taken places, and continue the emotional growth that will make him a fabulous dog. Fess now has that great family, who have already enrolled him in obedience, so they and him can learn together..also he has a darling furbaby sister Lady, residing in Poulso, WA

(Adopted Oct. 22/03)
Before & After
* with extreme sorrow, this darling boy passed to the bridge from cancer Oct. 16/07, he touched everyone he knew with his wonderful spirit, his Mom will mourn his passing for a long time*

Male/neutered/shots current
18 lbs
App. 8 years old

Walk beside me , I will walk with you, I will stroll along and ask for very little, a pat on the head, a smile on your face, a warm bed, a bowl of food.  I have a spirit that envelopes you, I only ask to be loved, I only ask that you care, and in return I will always be by your side, I have a kind and gracious spirit, and if you allow me into your heart, I will always be there for you.  Please look at me, my hearing is dim, from too many infections left untreated, my eyes are dry from lack of care, my teeth were rotten because no one loved me enough to keep me healthy.  I am healthy now, with all my dental done, drops for my eyes, antibiotics for my ears and body...and I am now whole again, my spirit never tainted, because I always see the good in people, I don't understand why they did not see the beauty in me..
this is one wondrous boy, such a gentle soul...he forgave his neglect, we certainly can learn a lesson from such a companion.
Marilyn saw his beauty, and knew he needed to come home and be spoiled by her, special dog for a special lady...thank you..happily residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted by Foster Mom in Nov/03)
Sugar Bear
Female/Spayed/Shots Current
Approximately 5 years old
22 lbs

My story is sad and even sadder when you know my circumstances.  I was given up to a sanctuary because I was labeled a biter.  A bad man had been very mean to me because I would nip at him when I felt bad. The man at the sanctuary tried to help me, but he didnít understand either, and he was a man too, so I was passed on to my new foster mom.  She took one look at me and knew there was something wrong.  I guess she could see it in my eyes.  We Lhasaís have very expressive eyes you know.  She took me to the vet right away to see what was bothering me, and sure enough, I was a very sick girl.  I had a very bad bladder infection and possibly bladder stones.  The vet said it had been going on for a long time, and that I was probably in a lot of pain.  My foster mom got me some medicine and took me home, but I wasnít getting better. The next day she had to rush me back to the vet because I was crying when I would try to go to the bathroom.  It hurt a lot, and all that came was blood. I had a high fever and was feeling awful.  I had surgery and there were lots and lots of stones Ė no wonder I was crabby.  It turns out the only time I bit was when people would try to pick me up, or touch me where it hurt.  My foster mom understood this and is working with me to help me trust again.

Sugar Bear is a very sweet dog.  She just needed someone to understand her.  I have come to know her as a loving and loyal dog who responds well to love and patience.  At first she was tentative and afraid, but I took it slow with her, and she has decided I will not hurt her.  Now she greets me with hugs and kisses, she loves to sleep with me, wakes me with lots of kisses and wants tummy rubs.  She is allowing me to give her meds and lets me touch her anywhere I want. I have learned to always take it slow and let her know what I want to do. Whoever owned this precious girl did not understand Lhasaís and poor Sugar Bear suffered for it.  Sugar has bonded with me in a dramatic way.  She has the true Lhasa temperament; she is a watchdog, faithful, and protective of her human.  Her life has just been an endless series of misunderstanding, and a lack of proper care.  In my home she is blossoming into a wonderful, well-adjusted dog.  She has a bit of Lhasa tude, yet, but she has a deep spirit and a loving soul.  In the right home, she will flourish.

Sugar Bear must go to someone who is able to work with a dog with Lhasa tude.  She can be nippy, unless she learns to know and trust you.  No children, adult home only, and only one that is willing to allow her space, time and love. If you have a big heart and are willing to go the extra mile it takes, she will surprise you. Residing now in Palouse with Jan and her entourage:-)

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