Successful Lhasa Adoptions

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(Adopted May 10/10)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
20 lbs


Try saying that ten times in a row! I bet you can't!!! So it's probably just easier to admire my beautiful bubble gum pink tongue. It's so pretty that my foster mom had to go buy a shirt to match my pretty  tongue. Did you notice that in the picture? Of course, she thinks I'm just the most wonderful dog she's ever met so it wouldn't matter if my tongue was purple but thank goodness it's not! How disgusting would that be?  On second thought, I could live with any color tongue since Furbaby Rescue saved me from a shelter. Heaven only knows what could have happened there.  I was completely covered in hair and such a mess. Once I got to the rescue I got a nice bath and then groomed and it felt so-o-o-o good. I think I smelled better, too. 

Rumor has it that I'm always happy and joyful. Why shouldn't I be? I've had it pretty good in this rescue and I'm told a Forever Home can be even better. 

I clean my plate up no matter what you put on it. But if you really care about my health it shouldn't be just anything. A good quality dog food allows me to remain strong and healthy. And no bubble gum! *sigh*

I'm a very honest dog so let me level with you about cats. It's not a good idea to have one in your home because I won't hesitate to prove who's boss and it won't be the cat! I love soft toys but I'll warn you there, too, that I'll be able to suck the batting out of it and you'll need to be careful that I don't manage to extract the squeaker inside and swallow it. You might want to consider giving me some piggy hooves to chew on instead...or big carrots or those broccoli stalks that you don't like to eat. 

I love going for walks and rides. We could go shopping and I could help you pick out the chewies at the pet store. Hint, hint, hint! Then when we get home from shopping all tired out, I'll happily snuggle into your lap and snooze. 

If you're the right person for me, I'll overlook the fact you can't say 'bubble gum tongue' ten times in a row but how about matching pink shirts? 

Mimi has a FANTASTIC home, and new brother Angus residing in N. Vancouver, B.C. Canada


(Adopted May 15/10)
Lhasa Apso/Yorkshire Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
12 months old
15 lbs

BOING ~ BOING ~ BOING - .....and I don't even need a pogo stick. I bounce around just fine all by myself. I'll wave at you while standing on my back two legs when I quit bouncing around. I LOVE everyone I meet which is why I'm so happy and bouncy by nature. Lucky for you, I'm just an active little guy but not hyper. And there's nothing about me not to love. I did have a sad moment or two though when I recently found out I was being surrendered to rescue. See, my Dad was deployed with the Army and I REALLY wanted to enlist and go with him, but they said I was too young. Man, I could have been so good at entertaining those troops and I could have saluted while standing at attention on my back two legs. I just don't know what the Army's problem was but I couldn't go with Dad. However, being the sweet and adorable little guy that I am, I decided that I should probably just stay home with a good attitude and help out Mom with her three very young children. Well, Mom just got totally overwhelmed with such young children and Dad being gone, so once again I was a good boy and told her I understood that she couldn't keep me. That's when I had my doggy bag packed and was ready to head for the circus but thank goodness Mom found this really good rescue. Truthfully, I wouldn't like sleeping in a different place every night with the circus even though I like all kinds of people - men, women, the vet, clowns, you name it. So I'm happy to be here at Furbaby Rescue waiting for that perfect forever home. 

Foster Mom and I have been talking a lot. She told me she could give me good references like I do go outside to do my "business". I get along with dogs my own size and I'd love to have a playmate but it isn't critical. We can discuss that while I smother you with doggy kisses and convince you how lovable I am and promise you that I will adjust easily. All I need from you is lots of activity and a promise to work with me on using the leash so we can go for walks. I'd also REALLY like it if you'd find me a nice perch in your home where I can look out the window at the neighborhood activity when I need some relaxing time. 

There are a couple of other things you need to know. You need to remember that even though I'm a year old, I'm not through the puppy stage. Don't believe people when they say that one year is the magic mark for leaving puppy hood. It could be two or three years so if you think your energy level might not be up to mine, you might want to consider a dog that's past the puppy stage.  Lastly, even though I get along well with children, it is Furbaby Rescue's policy to not place dogs in a home with young children. They can come to visit and I'll be fine but no full time children. That's not my rule but I know that the rescue has that policy for the safety of all their dogs and because they care about young children, too. 

Now I need to know if you'll let me BOUNCE into your life but I'll want to stay there FOREVER! 

I bounced into a great home, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted June 1/10)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
19 lbs


I was so excited when those people came to pick me up and take me home but it just didn't work. They assured me it wasn't my fault. I guess it's a bit like those times when all you want to do is have a date with that certain someone who turns your crank. When you finally get the date, you share a nice dinner but there just isn't a spark or match, so it's better to say good night, shake hands, and move on. After a long discussion we decided why not admit we weren't well matched and give me the chance to find the perfect home? 

With the time that I did spend with my last owners, we decided I probably would be happiest with either a retired couple, or someone who was home all day or at least worked from home. I don't like being alone during the day, I don't cause any problems, just like you around, but I do really well in my crate at night in case you're not into sleeping with a four legged furry creature. Other small dogs in the home would probably be OK, too. I get along with just about everyone especially if they have squeaky toys to share. 

I'm a mellow old boy with an occasional spurt of energy but never super active. In fact, even though I'm great on a leash, I prefer a couple of short walks each day versus the marathon scene. The rest of the time, I love my squeaky toys, as I mentioned. The more squeaky, the better. See, I'm a pretty simple boy, not real demanding in the "extras" department. 

I do have one small issue and that is I'll need an allergy free diet. Actually, every dog would be better off with a quality, allergy free dog food, but I really need it or I scratch a lot. You'll also need to be sure to flea treat me regularly just to be sure I'm not having allergic reactions to flea bites. Those two special needs are actually quite affordable compared to vet bills for more serious conditions which I don't have.

So who's going to give me my forever home and that means you're willing to be my best friend, and I'll be yours, and we'll never part again until we're old and worn out?

Now happily residing in Ferndale, WA

(Adopted July 24/10)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old

 *Yawn*   Ahhhhhh, Guten Morgen  *Yawn* 

Oops, that's a "morgen" all right but spelled differently than my name. I was trying to impress you with my German and say "Good Morning" after the nice restful sleep I had on the bed with my foster Mom. I'm so good at sleeping through the night that she has no problems at all with granting me that privilege. Every morning she tells me what a good boy I am and how gentle and loving I am. How's that for a good way to start each day? 

So now that I'm all rested after that great night's sleep and I've been outside to take care of "business" like a good dog should, I'll have breakfast. Then I'm going out for a nice run. Want to come? I'm good on a leash and I love to walk and run. When we meet other dogs I get my Lhasa excitement in gear and greet them. I don't growl. No, no, no - that's not good but I do get excited to see other canines. 

Let me see what else is on the list for today. Oh good - it's bath and grooming day. I love being groomed and the only thing better than that is a nice warm bath.  It's so relaxing and I smell so good afterwards. Oh look! - there's an open spot on the schedule for time to play ball. You throw and I'll chase and bring it back. I'm really a "cheap date" because as long as I have a ball, I'm happy. I don't need all those other funky toys that so many dogs have. Of course if you wanted to get me several balls in different colors that would be OK. 

One other thing - I will bark at strangers when they come into the house so I'm kind of a furry alarm system but as soon as I know it's OK with you that they're in OUR house, I'll warm right up to whomever it is especially if they play ball. 

I just don't know how you could possibly find a better way to start your day than with me! I'm just waiting for someone to say "Guten Morgen, Morgan. I'm glad you're here to stay forever." 

Morgan has a great new Mom, residing in Auburn, WA

(Adopted Sept.25/10)
Bob Marley
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old


You know when I was named Bob Marley, I said to myself "Oh, please no, because I'll be mistaken for that dog in the movie, Marley and Me."  But I got named that anyway so now I have to convince my new forever human that I'm not as rambunctious and full of the dickens as that big old Marley dog. I do look on life as being about just having fun, fun, fun. HOWEVER, in order for life to be that way, for a dog at least, I must have a human or two who understands how to love and care for a dog. Before I came into foster care I was full of fleas and matted hair and that's NOT how to care for a dog. But I turned a negative into a positive and showed that groomer that I knew how to behave like a gentleman. I was so proud of myself as I listened to those humans compliment me. While I was eavesdropping one other time, I heard my foster Mom say I was the sweetest Lhasa she's ever met! Hmmmm, I think perhaps being just a wee bit shy at first helps me to be quite endearing not to mention just behaving well. 

I get along with my doggie roommates nicely so if you had another dog it would be fine. I LOVE riding in the car but please be sure I'm safe while in the vehicle with either a crate or seatbelt harness. I don't want to go flying around the vehicle if you stop suddenly. I'm not a picky eater and if you happen to drop food in the floor I'll play like Hoover and clean it up for you. How good is that deal? 

So unlike the Marley in the movie, I could be the best thing that has happened to you in a very long time and you could be the best thing that's EVER happened to me. 

Thank you for giving me a second chance at life. 

And a second chance he certainly got with a previous adopter, in memory of darling Baggins
residing in Renton, WA

(Adopted Oct.2/10)

Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
17 lbs

I'm getting a second chance at life and I know there has to be give and take. The list is exactly equal as to what I'll give and what I'm hoping to get so no one is giving more than the other. Do you think you could be my new start in life? 

What I will do for you:
1.  Jump in your lap and cover you with kisses.
2.  Follow you everywhere
3.  Be so loyal, you won't know how you lived without me.
4.  Worship you
5.  Sit on my bottom, like a chipmunk, just to show you how cute I am.
6.  I will show you I have great housemanners, and will do my business outside.
7.  If you give me chews and toys, I promise to respect your furniture.
8.  Most of all I will love you.

What I hope you will do for me: 
1.  Let me sleep in bed with you, or I will whimper at your door, you are too special to me, to be left alone at night.
2.  Allow me to lounge on your couch, chair, or table (whoops, I tried to throw that one in here, but foster Mom caught me typing this, she says NO, I cannot be on the table) so chairs must be pushed in.

*do you think anyone will notice me on here*
3. Love me.
4. Love me
5.  Love me
6.  Love me
7.  Never stop loving me!!!

*Note Abby was adopted from our rescue, to one of the most amazing homes possible, completely doted on by two wonderful people, sadly though the Mom became ill, and Abby had to be returned.  They adored her, and cannot say enough wonderful things about this very special girl.*

Abby got another wonderful home, with a Mom and Chachi, residing in Olympia, WA

*Abby was once again rehomed, in Oct.11 as her next Mom was stricken with cancer, and unable to care for her anymore, but this once again lucky girl has a wonderful home in Orting, WA*

(Adopted Oct. 12/10)
Maria (nka Missy)
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
21 lbs


(Her Queen for a Day is coming!)

Hey!!!!!!  Please don't go clicking on past me to look at other dogs. Please stop and look - PLEASE!!! HAVEN'T YOU EVER HAD A BAD HAIR DAY?   Geeeeessshhhhhh!

I was found as a stray and someone got "really personal" and noticed I wasn't spayed so off I went to the vet to be taken care of. Until the stitches come out I can't be bathed and groomed but that's going to happen very soon. Then I'll have some "after" pictures taken and you're going to see me as a gorgeous lady. Just you wait! 

There's no real history to give you since I've chosen to have selective amnesia. I hated the shelter where I was and I blocked everything out. It was so scary but I'm very glad to be in a nice foster home now. My foster mom keeps telling me that she's going to check every one out and find me the best home ever. A home where I'll be safe, and kept clean and LOVED. I'm very sweet with people and nearly wag my tail right off my tush with joy. I have very good housetraining skills. I do need to be an only dog though which is fine by me because I really wouldn't mind being spoiled rotten.  Perhaps I could interest you in going to some doggy classes and we could learn some refinement skills together so I could be a true Queen for you. 

Keep watching for my "after grooming" picture OR if you like what you've read and love me as I am, then it can only get better. Why wait! I PROMISE I'll be all spiffied up before you take me home. 


Happily residing in Bonney Lake, WA


(Adopted Nov.26/10)
4 years old
15 lbs
*Darling Cookie passed Nov/18*


Unlike most cookies, I don't leave crumbs although I have been known to hide a doggie biscuit when I'm lucky enough to get one of those treats. Some people think I'm too cute for my own good but I really like it when I overhear someone say that I'm a keeper.  Hmmmmm - naw, I don't think I'll prove them wrong. I'll just remain happy go lucky and hope that someone who would REALLY appreciate me will apply to take me home FOREVER. 

I walk well on a leash and I love the car rides. WoooooHeeee - let's go but please don't waste money on those silly doggy coats if we drive to the pet store. I'm not really that crazy about the funny dog clothes but I do like the little doggie toys. I'd like to be groomed regularly, too, and I'll behave very nicely for that. 

I get along with the other dogs really well once I convinced them that just because I'm named Cookie doesn't mean I'm edible. My goodness! I love to lap sit and I only have a very little dog bark. Quite dainty, you know. I am completely house broken and because of my quiet little bark I've learned that I just have to go to the door and wait until you let me out. Of course, you'll have to show me which door you want me to use. In time I might be able to learn to use a doggie door if you have one that leads to a fenced yard. 

One last thing, if you adopt me and you'd like to change my name to TOO CUTE, that would be OK.  :-) 

PS, my cute lil beard had to be cut right down, cause it was just full of mats...but it will grow:-)

Wonderful new home, now residing in Mount Vernon, WA

(Adopted Dec.12/10)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
15 lbs

This total sweetheart never left foster care, as his foster Mom was so in love, and adopted him, he is now happily residing with other furkids in Maple Valley, WA

(Adopted Dec.23/10)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
13 lbs


(or better yet, a Christmas party date) 

I just got my tuxedo back from the cleaners, and I'm all groomed, ready for that perfect holiday party date. It's not even important whether or not you know how to dance at the formal holiday dance. We'll just sit and cuddle and watch everyone else. We'll share a glass of doggie punch at midnight on New Years or on Christmas Eve, your choice.  I'll consider all humans who are kind, loving, willing to treat me like the gentleman I am.

I am your typical Lhasa and you'll see it when you get to know me. I love chews and toys just in case you adopt me before Christmas so you'll know what to put in my stocking. Hint, hint, hint! I love to explore and hope you might enjoy doing it with me, especially on walks. I'm housetrained and that's always a nice feature, isn't it? It would be nice if there was another doggie in the house to play with. Being Lhasa means that I won't back down if there's a confrontation with another dog but I promise, I will never be the one who starts trouble. Promise! Hear that Santa? I'm a good doggie. All I want for Christmas is someone to love, who will hold me and give me a forever home. 

Oh, I nearly forgot a couple of things. I know how to sit, sit up, and the down command. I also love to sleep with my special human. In fact, that's a MUST but as stated above, I am a gentleman on the dance floor, in the home, and in the bed. *wink*

Tuxie has a great new home, two doting parents, and a new friend, residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Jan.10/11)
Bailey & Billy
Males/neutered/shots current
7 years old
15 lbs

Please watch our fun Christmas Video

It's hard to believe it's December already.  Our foster mom Brooke works so hard all week that we decided we had better help her do some shopping and decorating so our holidays will be bright even if we don't have a forever home yet.

We lost our owner this summer and came to stay with Brooke and Sean, our foster parents.  It's the first Christmas without our owner but as sad as that is we know he would want us to make the best of the holiday and remember how lucky we are to have one another. 

We fit in so well with our foster home.  There is an old cat and he doesn't mind us.  There is a sweet dog named Maya and she really likes us a lot.  We have great potty training skills, are entertaining and self sufficient, aren't picky about our meals, and we enjoy every day to the fullest.  We have been looking for our forever home but because there are two of us many people have been nervous about adopting us.  We don't understand why.  We are very healthy.  We just had a full dental, new vaccinations, got ourselves microchipped just in case we were to accidentally get lost, though we come when you call us, we don't bark, don't destroy furniture.  We are pretty perfect and even with the two of us are less work than a lot of the dogs we meet.  We are social, don't fight with anyone, love to sit on the couch next to you, we sleep in our room so you don't have to make room for us in your bed.  We are pretty helpful and keep ourselves busy with the household chores and activities.  We get a lot of house guests and we do enjoy meeting new people and being the center of attention. 

With Christmas coming, though we figured we were going to be in our foster home for quite awhile so instead of being sad or wishing someone would adopt us, we decided to embrace the joy and message of the season and kick off the season with a trip to a local garden store for some ideas and supplies. 

Take a look at our little slide show and see some of the great things we came up with.

Even if you don't want to adopt two dogs before Christmas, we are available to do inhome consulting.  We have a good eye for style and color!

Fantastic home, residing in Conestogo, Ontario, Canada


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