Successful Lhasa Adoptions

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(Adopted March 10/15)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
21 lbs

Just call me ďGlitchĒ. Everything these days seems to have a glitch, especially computers, or at least thatís used for an excuse. I only have one glitch and truth be known Iíd guess that Iím not the only one with this situation. My ďglitchĒ is I donít like having my photo taken so you wonít see any glamor shots of me in this write up even though I can be very handsome and lovable in person. And, no, Iím not sticking out my tongue at the photographer (foster mom) although it was tempting since I donít care to be photographed. Nothing personal, foster mom. :-)

I am an 8 year old Lhasa boy.  Are you familiar with that breed? When you find a really good Lhasa, LIKE ME, thereís no better dog. Yup, you could have the best dog ever and weíd have the rest of our lives to make each other happy.  

I was taken to the shelter because it was found I had stones. No, not the kind of stones that you throw or skip across the water. I had the bladder stones that are so painful for a doggy, well, for anyone for that matter. My previous owner, who had me since I was a puppy, couldnít find an acceptable financial way for me to have the surgery so ÖÖ.  *shudder*.  Only the doggie gods know what could have happened to me in a short time at the shelter if Furbaby Rescue hadnít been called. AND NOW IíVE HAD THE SURGERY and I also had my dental care taken care including some extractions thanks to Furbaby Rescue so Iím really set to go and for some time to come. I wish I could stay here because I know they care for me and all of the other dogs and we always get the care we need. Foster mom PROMISED me sheíd find me a home where I would be cared for just as well and loved even more. Iím wondering if thatís youÖyes, you, the person reading this write up. I probably should mention that I also have dry eyes but I promise you thatís no big deal. Just drops on a regular basis for the rest of my life and itís very affordable. Iím still so much more affordable than other kinds of companionship. No date night extravagant expenses, no flowers on Valentinesí Day, no engagement rings, etc.  *wink* Just love me as your special dog. 

Foster mom has found that I am so sweet, and so quiet, and she never hears anything from me. I am housetrained (adoptersí favorite information to know), and I love to snuggle. Iíve lived with cats, never growled, bitten or nipped anyone. Ahhhh, sigh, I am just a kind and gentle soul. I walk well on a leash and would love daily walks. I am used to being left alone for hours at a time but Iím praying to the doggie gods that never has to happen again because it was just too many hours being left alone. I mean, you can go get groceries for yourself and my dog food, but leaving me alone for hours at a time????? Please no!!! Iíll be happy to go with you, too. I donít mind if Iíd be the only dog or if there was a doggy companion in the home. 

My foster mom asked that I be sure and pass this on for you to consider. She says ďI am a very nice boy who deserves a very nice home FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.Ē I would agree with that.  Foster Mom also will share some valuable diet information with you so that my health isnít jeopardized again in the future.  And the really good news is, the food and supplements are easy to find and affordable. One last thing - thank you for understanding my little glitch about being camera shy. If you want to call me ďGlitchĒ thatís OK. I am the best glitch you could have.  

Charlie has one of the best homes anyone could hope for, two awesome ladies, and in memory of Gracie, residing in Eugene, Oregon


(Adopted April 9/15)
Mr. Veeps
Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu
Male/neutered/shots current
11 years ?
13 lbs

Oh my goodness! I have to tell you all about myself and Iím told the best way to get your attention is to have a catchy beginning. Hmmm - letís see. I could say ďI have my eye on youĒ but then you already figured out that I only have one eye and it would be on you if youíd adopt me and love me. Or I could refer to the saying ďBeauty is in the eye of the beholderĒ because some people would be so turned off by me with just one eye so Iíll be hoping for someone that looks beyond the outward appearance and can see my beautiful spirit and personality. Now the lady typing out what Iím saying just told me I was too darn cute for my own good so I need to get down to business and discuss my great traits. Yes, Míam. Here we go. *doggy giggle*


OK - first, my name is Mr. Veeps!!! Not sure why or where I got that name but it very unique, isnít it? Iím not really a lap dog but I like to follow my beloved one around and stay close. I like to be petted but Iím a bit shy at first but just wait until I know Iím home for good with you. Iím happy in a doggy bed at night if you donít wish to share your bed. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE squeaky toys. Iím good on a leash and Iím so potty trained that itís ridiculous. Foster mom thought someone was knocking on her bedroom door and she couldnít understand why they didnít answer when she said ďWho is it?Ē Well, it was just me letting her know I needed to go out! Show me another dog that will do that! I let my foster family brush me and Iíd love to get used to just one special person so I could ask for more petting and loving. Now one little thing and think about this as if it were you. If someone surprises me or bumps me on my missing eye side, I get upset and growl a bit. I just canít see whatís coming so it is a bit startling for a very brief time. But you could adjust to that, couldnít you? Itís like always pass on the right whether youíre a pedestrian or driving a car or approaching Mr. Veeps. No big deal, right? Barking isnít my thing to do unless itís to alert you that a stranger just entered the house. Iím like the ADT alarm system except I have four legs and I donít send you a monthly bill for the alarm services. What you save in ADT monthly fees you could use to buy squeaky toys! Yes, thatís a brilliant thought. 


So thatís about it, folks. I have lots of living to still do and lots of loving to give to the person who looks at my photo, reads my story and says ďMr. Veeps, you need to come home with me.Ē Yes, I do but youíll need to click the link below and tell foster mom that you want me, fill out the application, come meet me and then say ďMr. Veeps, your chariot awaits!Ē

Wonderful home for this older lil fellow, residing in Seattle, WA



(Adopted July 7/15)
Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
15 lbs


Introducing Teddy, an amazing, loving, kind, friendly, happy, playful boy.  There simply are not enough adjectives to describe this gem of a dog.  When you pick him up to hold him, he embraces you and in turn it melts your heart.  He loves to play with you, other dogs, anyone.  He is simply the best of the best. 

Yes, he has only one eye and the story is a little vague on what happened, but itís believed there was an ulcer and it ruptured awhile ago.

We are told he is 8 years old.  I have a difficult time believing this age, but can only go on the information we were given.  He was loved and cherished, but the woman was getting older and unable to care for him any longer.  Teddy does have allergies so must be on a strict grain free diet which is easy. I deal with it for my own Lhasa and have a ton of information on how to keep them healthy and itch free.

Teddy just went in for full vet exam and dental and is now up to date and ready for a new and loving home. This is one boy you will never regret adopting as your very own. 

Super family for a super dog, they can not express enough how happy they are with him, residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada



(Adopted Aug/15)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
21 lbs

 My name is Jack. Oh, youíve probably already read that up above, right under my photo. Sorry, Iím just so eager to use proper etiquette and find my forever home.  I know that before too long the holidays will be coming and I would just absolutely love being settled into my forever home, smell the turkeys roasting and watch the holiday decorations go up. Wouldnít you enjoy having a loving, little furbaby snuggling in with you for the winter? 

Iím an easy going guy and not spoiled too terribly except for I do like to keep my toys to myself. Is that too bad? Iíd give you 1,000 times the love for each toy I get to keep to myself. Letís see, the definition of bribery isÖÖ..  

 I love sharing walks with humans and I do love car rides especially if I can see out. I love looking out the window at home, too. Thereís just so much to see out in the world. So for everything else you need to know about me, how about if you just have a chat with my foster mom? She knows me better than many married people know their spouses. Did I just say that? Seriously, thereís so much more information my awesome foster mom can tell you about me. Please donít be shy about asking. 


Happily residing in Granite Falls, WA


(Adopted May 14/16)
Lhasa/Maltese (Lhatese)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
16 lbs

You just looked at my photo and fell in love, didnít you? I could read your thoughts and you were saying to yourself, ďHe is the most adorable dog and I need him in my life.Ē Am I right? Well, it is true but before you hit that button to e-mail and ask to adopt me, letís be open and honest about my background and then youíll be so positive that Iím one of the best that you wonít be able to talk with my foster mom quickly enough. 


I started out in a wonderful home with everything I needed but there was a special needs child in that home which had difficulties controlling impulses. Those people loved me enough to know that it wasnít safe for me to be in that home so they rehomed me before I got hurt. Iíll always be grateful that they put my safety first and found me what they considered was a wonderful new home and it was just that for about three months. Through no fault of my own, I started urinating wherever I could - NOW PLEASE DONíT STOP READING - there was a reason and perhaps a lesson to be learned here. I had bladder stones which causes any dog to do what I was doing. And if youíve ever known a human with bladder stones you know the pain that is caused by those ďrocks.Ē My second family couldnít get the surgery I needed so I was surrendered to Furbaby Rescue. I then immediately got medical help and now Iím fine, just fine. I go outside and do everything out there that should be done outdoors. Cool, huh?  I am a bit bewildered with all the new homes and moving around but I always manage to find someone who will cuddle with me. Thatís on my priority list - lots of cuddling but I always wait for an invitation to jump into someoneís lap. See I have manners, too. Iím definitely ready for my new forever home.  


My requests are few. One, after what Iíve been through, be understanding that your pets, any pet, could develop medical needs and be willing to see it through. Donít toss us aside. Talk to my foster mom about a proper diet that could help prevent any future issues. Have lots of toys for me. Those toys keep me busy and occupied and h-a-p-p-y.  The only thing that would make me happier is having my one and only last home, never to be moved again unless itís with my family. 


One last thing - has anyone ever explained that six years old for a dog is the perfect age? No puppy habits or behavior to deal with. Itís adult behavior but not the senior adult behavior. Itís just the perfect age and will be for many, many years to come. 


Now you may click this buttonÖÖÖ..and inquire further about me or just say ďCash told me heís the perfect dog for me.Ē 


Awesome home for this wonderful boy, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted July 17/2016)

Male/neutered/shots current
9 years old
15 lbs

Jack is a wonderful 9 year old Lhasa boy with a longing to be your one and only and go for daily walks.  Jack LIVES for taking his walks.  He enjoys car rides and is quiet.  He is really smart and can solve any canine puzzle the toy companies have come up with so far.  He has all of his original puppy toys which he brings out to line up for inspection.  His favorite is a donkey.


He is such a terrific little fellow and we love him to bits.


Jack is fostered in Redmond but will be moving to a new foster home in Kirkland on July 10th so that his owner can move on with her life in assisted living.

Jack has a great new Dad, residing in Kirkland, WA



(Adopted Nov.12/16)
Chuck Norris
23 lbs
4 years old


Hi!  My name is Chuck! 


Those in my circle of friends call me Chuck Norris!  I mean, come on, look at me!  Iím handsome, big and buff!  Iím also laid back and cool!  I get along great with everyone -- dogs, cats and people!  Oh, one more thing!  I love going in the relaxes me and I sleep like a little puppy!  I canít wait to find my forever home...I would like a yard and some people of my own. 

Iím what they call a Brachycephalic type of dog Ė you know, short nosed dogs that are in the same family as pugs and bulldogs, so I tend to snort and snore a lot.  I like to sleep on my foster Momís bed or on the ottoman that is next to it, so if you canít sleep through some snoring, I may not be the dude for you! 

If you would like to meet me, just fill out our application and my foster Mom will make it happen!

Until we meet,

  Chuck AWESOME Norris

Wonderful Mom, now residing in Bellingham, WA

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