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(Adopted June 2/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 6-7 years old
35 (very very chubby pounds)

  Have any of you been to Disneyland, and been to Bear Country? well this boy, not only reminds you of those friendly, low keyed, humorous bears in character, but he reminds you of them, when you look at his overstuffed bear face.  Friday has a tail wag for any dog, or person..he lumbers around oblivious that no one could not possibly like him, he has a quiet personality, and a open heart to everyone.  This great Lhasa lost him home, when his senior Dad succumbed to Alzheimer's disease.  Prior to this, he was his Dad's constant companion, RV'ing the he has lost his Dad, and the joy of traveling.

Friday was tested for thyroid, he does have low thyroid, and is on medication, which is very inexpensive.  He also has slightly dry eye, has infected ears, which he is also on medication for, and antibiotics for his skin. I have put him on a allergy diet, since at this time, it may be a combination of poor diet, and thyroid, that is causing his itchy skin. With good diet, and continuing his medication, Friday should be fine in no time.
This boy needs to be on a  weight loss diet, and lose 8-10 lbs..his statue is large, so being in the mid 20 range will be normal for him 
Whoever brings this sweetheart into their home, will say
Thank God It's Friday.
Friday has a wonderful new home, with a great couple, residing in Chilliwack, B.C.


(Adopted July 24/05)
Dexter & Molly
Male & Female neutered/spayed/shots current
5 & 6 years old
14 & 12 lbs

These babies will only be adopted together, they are very bonded, they are really nice Lhasas..who need an adult loving home...these babies found a great home, with a nice couple residing in Sedro Woolley, WA

(Adopted Sept.1/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
16 months old
23 lbs

Potter is a good boy, once he has a couple of weeks with you, and you earn his trust, he is very devoted to you.  He has had a rough beginning for one so young, he doesn't really know what it is like to be a puppy, I see glimpses of it, as he runs with the toilet paper, or romps with the other dogs..but for the most part, he is a quiet soul..who will be curled up by your feet.  He is a Lhasa though, with a strong bark, to alert you to strangers, or unwanted critters in the yard.  If you give Potter some time..he will be a good companion..he may do better if he had a doggie that would entice him to play..or give him company.  He likes the other dogs around..but he doesn't want to share his chews with them...
Probably best if he had a Lhasa experienced home, and Adults only.

Potter found a wonderful home with a great couple and Lhasa girl, now residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted Sept.13/05)
Mighty Joe Young
Male/neutered/shots current
1.5 years old
30 pounds (I was 34)
NOT good with cats!
Fenced yard please

Joe, our BIG boy Lhasa would LOVE a large fenced yard and a playful companion dog. He is almost 2 years old and really enjoys being wrestled with, even the 7 lb chi cross pins Joe successfully. Think he lets her win, maybe? Joe loves to be petted, get a belly rub and cuddle UMPHF!!! He jumps into your lap like he is a 7 pounder himself, not realizing that there is a Lota Lhasa to Love in him!

Joe needs to continue having PLENTY of daily exercise and a controlled amount of food. His previous owner was elderly and didn't realize that Joe would eat more than he needed and they had a very sedentary lifestyle. Joe still loves a relaxing snooze draped over the arm of a recliner. He was very overweight when he came into rescue but has slimmed down quite a bit. Joe could still lose a few more pounds to reach his ideal weight in the mid 20pound range. He is a friendly, easy going boy that wants to please you. Joe has learned to walk on a leash but obedience classes would be ideal to give him new and rewarding experiences.

He will alarm bark but is not a noisy dog. Teased by neighborhood cats at his previous home, Joe do NOT  tolerate cats or kittens, but so far, he's never met a dog he doesn't like. He does well with the small dogs at his present foster home, and is very gentle in his play. Joe uses the doggy door without any problems and tolerates being in a crate when traveling and at night (but he'd MUCH rather sleep on the bed with you!!!!)

Joe is a very lucky boy, he is so adored by a wonderful couple, and if you happened to be in the Sedro Woolley, WA go and visit the Buffalo Ranch and say hi to our wonderful sweet Joey.

(Adopted Oct.1/05)
Male (neuter date Sept.27/05)
11 months old
15 lbs

In 11 months, this darling boy has been in 3 homes.  His groom is not very good, since we do not believe he had ever been groomed, his mats were rock solid, and he had to be completely shaved, and he would not stay still to try and fix his face...he simply does not know what was happening. Once his coat comes back, he will be a gorgeous brindle.  Zeus is an active boy, he would love to have a playmate, but the most important thing he needs now, is a home that will commit to him forever.  Right now he does not like to be separated from anyone, he must always be where you are, he is anxious, he is afraid that once again he will be dumped and lose his home...this is a lot for a puppy to if you are willing to commit to this boy, I know with some patience and  guidance as he is a puppy, he is going to be a wonderful friend..he loves everyone he meets...this is a good boy, who has gotten a bad lot in if you can open your heart to him, this Lhasa will thank you.
This sweet Lhasa is now in a wonderful forever home, where he is flourishing, and the new Mom and Dad are delighted with him.  Thank you for giving Zeus a new beginning...residing in Olympia, WA

(Adopted Oct. 16/05)
Jo Jo (nka Mojo)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
18 lbs
*sweet Mojo passed away 2017*

This very striking looking Lhasa was saved from puppymill hell about one year ago.  This very gracious woman, took care of him, spent time with him, to ease him past his beginning..and than released him to rescue to find the perfect home.  Jo Jo is a fabulous boy, he is shy when you meet him, and he is unsure of you for awhile, but once he figures you are alright, he will follow you around, jump and play with glee...
If you just take your time for a couple of days, and go slow with Jo Jo, he comes right out of his shell...he is a nice open up your heart, he is waiting to crawl in.
And yes, he certainly does have one blue eye, which makes him very unique and beautiful looking.
Adult home only
Jo Jo has the sweetest new Mom, and a gorgeous Lhasa brother, he is doing very well, thanks to his wonderful new owner, residing in Tacoma, WA


(Adopted Oct. 15/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
4-5 years old
15 lbs

Buddy-Boy is playful, he loves to play with stuffed toys, and does his Lhasa growl when playing with glee.  He is perfectly housetrained, he loves walks, but will try to walk you:-) but if you are fast enough he will cruise right along.  He is an easy going little fellow who is very happy and well adjusted.  He loves to sleep on the bed with you.  He is a wonderful companion, and will be a delight  for whoever is lucky enough to adopt him.

Buddy has two wonderful and caring Dads, who will love and spoil him, residing in Seattle, WA




(Adopted Dec. 26/05)

 Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
15 lbs
11 inches
No small children

A smaller Lhasa lad, Frosty sports a striking pure white coat with happy glowing eyes and a grin on his face most of the time. He was very sick when he came into fostering but has recovered and is enjoying being back in good health. His coat was badly matted and irregular, so he was given a summer coat. When it grows back, he will be even more handsome! 

Frosty is a Lhasa's lhasa. Happy, loyal, alert, with that little edge when things aren't EXACTLY as he wants them. Frosty would do best with someone that has had a lhasa before and knows the breed. He would probably enjoy another dog's company after an inital period of standoffishness. We don't know about his attitude towards cats. Obedience classes would be an excellent choice for him to channel his enthusiasm in positive ways and keep his sharp brain engaged. A home without small children would be best for Frosty, he should do fine with older teens that have lived with active, younger dogs.

Initally Frosty grumbled at the other foster dogs and wanted to be on his own, but being with a mix of young and old dogs, he soon started relaxing and figuring out that it could be fun. Frosty grabs toys and runs about with them, chews kongs, pig ears, tosses stuffed toys, chases his tail, its like watching a puppy all over again! He is begining to interact with the younger dogs in play, not wariness. One of his favorite things is to grab the toliet paper end and run down the hallways trailing it in waves.

Frosty can be quite vocal about his likes and dislikes, he woofs in delight, he growls with displeasure, he yips with excitement, barks an alert if he thinks someone or something is coming into his own territory, so a home that doesn't mind a dog sounding like a dog would be Frosty's pick! He spends much of his time exploring and savoring the big yard he is in now, so a home with a fence yard for him to enjoy would be super! 

A very affectionate and happy boy who needs a little direction and he'll share lotsa lhasa love.

Spayed female
Lhasa/Terrier X
4 years old
13 inches

 Sweeney wound up in a rural Washington shelter. She came in with very bad ear infections so they clipped her hair on her head and neck since it was such a mess. She looks a little funny but is getting fuzzy and her ears, with proper cleaning and medication, have gotten much better. Sweeney is an affectionate, smart little gal who wants to be the top dog in the household. She guards her food bowl from other dogs but will let humans take it away without complaint.

Sweeney has some separation issues but she is improving and would be best placed with another dog. She loves to play with squeaky toys, gnaw on healthy chews and keep her teeth in good condition. Sweeney can yodel and complain when she is left alone, but she will finally settle down in her crate and snooze till you come back. A good girl, she needs a home that understands Lhasas and their sometimes challanging nature. Loyal, a good watch dog, tolerates cats and other dogs, loves attention and belly rubs.

Frosty and Sweeney were adopted together to a fantastic home now residing in Redmond, WA




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