Successful Lhasa Adoptions

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(Adopted May 15/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
15 lbs

This STUNNING and I mean STUNNING boy lost his home due to his owner passing away.  Sadly he ended up in the shelter, which terrified him, and worse being locked up in a cage, locked up away from people he had loved.  Homer is a good boy, he is totally housetrained, loves carrides and walks.  Will sit (sometimes) for treats, come and lie down (sometimes) "well he is a stubborn Lhasa sometimes"  When he isn't running through the house, or chewing on a chew, he insists on being near you, he doesn't demand to be on your lap, but he will not be far from your side at any time.  He also INSISTS on sleeping with you, so if you are not prepared for this, please do not think you can change him, he is VERY clear on this...again he doesn't demand to be on top of you, a small space at the end of the bed is all he requires.  This boy is a keeper...
True to his breed he is barky when strangers come to the home, and is aloof..but ignoring him and giving him a tiny bit of time, he warms up readily.  Out of his home, he greets strangers readily.
 Homer has a great new home, with a lovely couple, residing in Lynden, WA

(Adopted May 24/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
13 lbs

Do you have a big heart and patience...this is what this sweet boy is looking for.  I am not sure what exactly happened in his past life, but when Tucker arrived, he matted to the skin, he had to be sheared like a sheep.  For the first week, he completely stayed to he follows me around, gets excited when he sees me..but he is so by day there is a steady improvement, but when rehomed he may revert.  He needs a home as an only dog, or he may do best with another outgoing one, to help him.  He is uncomfortable in a multi dog home, he was actually afraid of the other dogs, but his comfort zone is improving with them...he wants to be with you, and he really is easy to foster, because he asks for so little, but I want to see him ask for a lot, and become the Lhasa he was intended to be.  One of his problems is related to his vision.  He has no trouble getting around, but we believe he is near sighted.  
He will need an Adult ONLY home.

Two angels came and adopted Tucker, their names are Michael and Daniel...wonderful men who wanted to nurture and help rehabilitate this boy...I cannot thank them enough, residing in Coquitlam, B.C. Canada


(Adopted June 2/07)
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old

We are not completely sure why Dottie ended up in the shelter, owners decided she did not fit into their home anymore:-(  Dottie is an easy going, sweet (tad chubby) girl.  She likes to follow her foster Mom around, wander the yard, and loves to receive attention.  Anyone who wants an easy going girl, and would love to dote on your furfriend, then Dottie is the girl..she just wants to hang her hat and be loved.
(course she is a Lhasa, so she will have her stubborn moments)...Dottie does have dry eye, which needs daily medication.

Dottie has such kind new parents, residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted June 3/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
9 years old
17 lbs
*sadly Max passed to the bridge Dec.3/14*

Max would love someone to snuggle with, and his favorite thing is to burrow under the covers and go to sleep.

He loves to be with the foster Dad outside while he is doing yard work.
He thinks he is a big dog and hangs out with our two big female dogs.
He enjoys walks in the woods and running the river ( he likes the water). He was chasing Canadian Geese and having a great time.

He is not the older frail  little guy I thought he was.
So a more active home would be good for him, adult home only, no children
Someone who is home a lot or that can take him when they go away.  Max does not like to be surprised  or grabbed, this scares him and he may nip.  Just move slowly around him so he knows what's coming.

Max is very loving and affectionate.  Crate and housetrained.

The foster Dad, could not resist Max's charm, so he stayed, another foster Failure:-) happily residing in Deming, WA



(Adopted June 8/07)
Male/neutered/shots current
Almost 3 years old
17 lbs
* with DEEP sorrow Clyde passed to the bridge, after darting out, and getting hit by a car, his Mom is devastated*

This boy is a beauty, with a great temperament.  I see wonderful  qualities in this boy.  At times he can be a bit pushy with the other dogs, as he has a bit of a "its all about me" complex...he is housetrained, likes walks, gets a bit antsy in the car, but I found he will eventually settle down.  He likes to play with other dogs, loves to lounge on the couch when he can, would love to sleep on your bed if allowed...loves chews, toys and balls..  He was a dream to groom.
An adult home only.

This wonderful boy, went to a lovely lady, and her adorable Lhasa girl Lily, residing happily in Port Hardy, B.C. Canada

(Adopted June 23/07)
Dear Kira girl left our world on Sept.1/10 to wait for her Mom at the bridge, complications from Cushings, and stress on her heart, it was time for this angel to fly.
Matea (nka Kira)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 7 years old

In October of 06, Matea was picked up as a stray in Prince Rupert, B.C.  She was never claimed by her owners.  She came completely matted (hence the name, and the nickname Matty) she had an eye infection, and overall not in good shape.  The shelter shaved her down, and checked out by the vet, and she was like a brand new dog.  
One of the shelter staff, would bring her 5 year old daughter to work often, and she loved Matea, but it did not take them long to realize, Matea is not fond of small children.
The shelter staff realized she will need to go to a home without kids.  A lady who wanted a companion was interested in her.  Filled out her application, and stating all children were grown, and no visiting children.  So Matea went home in January/ April she was returned, since she growled at the
CONSTANT visiting niece who was 3 years old.  The lady, did say, she LIED on the application.

Since Matea had been returned, she was a perfect girl, she has never been aggressive to the shelter staff, volunteers or visitors.

Prince Rupert SPCA, decided that they just were not finding the perfect home for this girl, and she was their favorite, and she had been way too long living shelter life, so they called my rescue, and they flew her here...
In my home, I find Matea a pretty easy going girl, likes carrides, walks, lying on doggie beds, couch and wouldn't mind her person's bed.  She gets along very well with all the resident dogs, likes men or women.  She is housetrained.  She was a DREAM to groom...she will make a great companion with an Adult home...
She is a Lhasa though, and has her "stubborn" moments..

Kira has a great Mom, residing in Abbotsford, B.C. Canada, and if you would like to pop in and read how Kira is doing, please visit her site:

Double the Trouble 
But Oh My

Double "The Fun"
(Adopted July 2/07)
Cali & Tia (nka Katie and Sammie)
Females/spayed/shots current
6 years old
* with great sadness Katie passed to the bridge Oct./11*
*Sammie joined her sister in Heaven March 18/14*

Oh my, how can I describe these perfect and gorgeous Lhasa sisters.  I do not know anything about their former lives, only from the point they were dumped in a shelter, this shelter is about the worst any of us in rescue have seen.  They are put into kennel boxes, with no window, and only one way in and out.  When the cages are cleaned, the dog remains in the box and is hosed horrible is that?  These dogs came in with kennel cough, so dirty that it took 3 power washes to finally get the crud off of them, and the stench...I could not wait for the beautiful babies to finally become clean, so I could hug them.

These beautiful girls are now looking for the perfect lifelong home, where they will be loved and taken care of ALWAYS.  They get along with other dogs, (no knowledge of cats).  They love to ride in the car and go for rides.  They are both housetrained, walk well on a leash, and know basic commands.  They are very well behaved lil girls.  They are energetic- yet VERY easy going. 

These wonderful sweet gals are just a treat and would love to share their loving hearts with you, and they will be your best friend and loving companion always.
They will ONLY be adopted together.

These astounding lil girls, were so blessed to find the "GREATEST" home...thank you Russ and Linda...residing in Bainbridge Is. WA



(Adopted July 29/07)
Toby-Brown (nka Spencer)
Male/neutered/shots current
17 lbs
3 years

Toby-Brown is a wonderful dog.  Everyone who meets TB just loves him.  The resident dog tried to boss him around, and he just ignored her, and now he really seems to like her.  He likes to chase around the yard with other dogs, and would love to cuddle up with a dog friend.  He loves walks and gets very excited if he knows he is going for a walk.  TB doesn't seem to really know basic commands, so the foster home is working on that.  He does fantastic with either men or women, he will chase cats though, he LOVES toys, especially balls.  He loves to cuddle next to you, loves to follow you around, loves to sleep with you...he is a great lil boy, looking for a great home.

Toby has a wonderful new home, with two kind and gentle men...we could not be happier for him...residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Sept.5/07)
Female/spayed/shots current
App 5-6 years old
16 lbs

Chelsea is a sweetheart, with people and most dogs, she is easy going and loveable.  I have never seen her have any behavioral issues in the least with anyone...such a blessing for a Lhasa.  Sometimes if she is confronted with the wrong dog, she can have her Lhasatude, but in my home with 7 other small dogs she has been great.  Sweet Chelsea has  dry eye, which she needs daily medication for, as a result she does not have the best eyesight.  She also deals with allergies, so needs to be on an allergy diet.  She would be a great companion for a retired man/ long as you do not spoil her with the wrong kind of food, and promise to continue with eye medication.
 Chelsea has a great new home, and they adore her, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Sept.22/08)
Welsh Terrier/Lhasa Apso
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
18 lbs

So you think I look cute see me after a day at the beauty parlor.

Hi everybody! My name is Spencer and I am a pretty happy guy these days. I like to hang out in the yard and watch the birds, soak up the sun, chew on a squeaky toy. I love gazing into your eyes while getting a good scratch. I like most dogs, and even if I don't, I just let them know with a bark. I love to go for walks. I like my crate and will sleep in it all night and not make a peep!  Won't you meet me and see how cute I am for yourself?

Spencer is a great dog, he has been shuffled around a lot in his lifetime, he needs someone to dedicate themselves to him, improve some of his manners...and give him consistency.

Spencer is living the great life, with his new Dad, residing on Orcas Island, WA


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