Successful Lhasa Adoptions

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(Adopted May 19/04)
*adorable Meeko passed to the bridge July 10/10*
Female/spayed/shots current
17 lbs

What can you say about a dollbaby, who only wants to crawl into your lap, looks at you with eyes that say take care of me, she is a wonderful little girl, who only wants to be treated special.  Meeko's elderly owners could not take care of her, they could not take care of themselves.  I was notified by the Kamloops SPCA, because she kept being overlooked.  Meeko has dry eye, and that scared people away, well if you know this breed, this is common, she will need eye meds for the rest of her life..she is a darling girl, this sweet girl found a wonderful home, wonderful Mom and Dad who will dote on her, residing in Puyallup, WA

(Adopted May 16/04)
Obi Wan
Male/neutered/shots current
16 lbs.
6 years old
*Obi passed to the bridge on May 28/08, he leaves his footprints forever on his parents*

Why did you hurt me?  You kicked, abused and hurt me, you wanted to hurt my Mom, but instead of hurting her, you took your anger out on me, you hit and kicked me because you are a cruel person and an insecure ass,  a coward who used me as a tool to hurt my Mom, my Mom stayed with you, but I got out, because they could not stand to see my pain, I should have bite you, but my heart is too tender and my spirit too kind, and maybe God knew that if I retaliated I would be dead, but I am alive, I will never forget the pain you inflected on me, but the memory one day will be dim, and a promise has been, that never will a hand be laid on me again, because I am now protected.

Obi is a wonderful Lhasa, and I am very surprised that the abuse he endured, he is not a mean dog, he is gentle, kind, and loving, he now deserves the best life...he does well with everyone, I was told he can get upset, if he sees a foot pushed at him, or someone grabbing him from behind, I have not tried to do either of these things, because I want his past forgotten, he is one of the gentlest Lhasas I have ever known, he tends to be at times a bit shy.  I see a spirit, a light, a gentleness that overwhelms me, mostly because I do not understand the abuse, he makes me want to just love and nurture him.
Obi does have allergies, which had not been taken care of in his previous home, he does not have thryoid or any underlying problems.  I have had a cyst removed from his side, it is nothing..presently I have him on raw food to detox him, and malaseb baths for his skin...he will need to go to a home willing to continue with an allergy diet...and whatever home adopts him will have to be special.  Obi got that special home, his tail is up, wagging, loving his new Mom and Dad, residing in Federal Way, WA

(Adopted May 15/04)
Pepper (nka Jake)
Male/neutered/shots current
4-5 years old
12 lbs
* beautiful lil boy passed to the bridge May 21/10, he is so missed by his lil sister Rikki, and his journey dear one*

Pepper is a great little dog who was lost and very frightened.  He has been quite depressed over loing his family but is starting to come out of it now.  He is housebroken and has very good manners, takes treats nicely, doesn't jump on people or get on the furniture, and waits to be told he can go outside.  He likes to be outside and would love to have a fenced yard, but is also good on a leash.  He is easy to groom and wonderful with other dogs and with cats.  Just a really nice little boy who somehow got separated from his family.  He can't understand why they didn't come looking for him, and I can't either.  He is hoping to find a new family who will love him and keep him safe.  He will need a little time to bond and will need an adjustment period, during which he will show a bit of Lhasatude, it is best if he is placed with an experienced Lhasa person.  This boy got a VERY special home, with two ladies I adore, living with his new sister Rikki in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted May 16/04)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 3 years old

I did not have a life, I was used as a breeding bitch, without love, without human companionship, I am a frightened girl, my life has been hell.   I lived my last two months, being beat up by bigger dogs, why did they not protect me? before that my life was even worse, now I sat in a shelter, trembling and scared, I was taken out, and finally I was lifted up, and held close, my trembling stopped, for the first time, I felt comfort, I felt compassion.  My foster Mom has worked hard with me, I would not walk on a leash, I do now, I would hide, I come out now, and love to see my Mommy when she comes home, I love to lounge on the couch, I love my chews, and I finally am loved, I am learning to trust again, I am having a hard time, but I am getting there very slowly...I still shake when I get in the car, afraid that this good life will be over, if I get too scared I sometimes snap, I really don't mean to, but my memories take a long time to go away, with the right home, someday I will be the outgoing happy girl I am meant to be.  I have a wonderful smile and a heart full of love and devotion to give to the people who can help me learn to trust again.. I need you to be really patient and consistent with me, I need a home with a lot of love and either skill or willingness to seek training for me.  Please commit to me, I cannot take anymore failures.  I know this is a lot to ask, but I gave everything once, and it is time for someone to give everything to me...
It took a long time to find that extraordinary home for this sweet dollbaby, but they were waiting for her, now residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted May 23/04)
With deep sorrow C.J. (Coco) accidentally was hit by a car, and lost his life in 06
4 years old
Male/neutered/shots current
18 lbs

C.J. was given up, because he was "too needy", he is such a gorgeous dog, once my groomer spent all day dematting him and working hard to make him so beautiful...the perfect home  was waiting for him, who wanted needy, wanted a dog to dote on them, and be with them...residing happily with a wonderful couple and darling Shih Tzu, in Port Hadlock, WA

(Adopted June 27/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
16 lbs
Almost 3 years old

I just got my cherry eye fixed, and those nasty rear hanging dew claws removed...I think I have a family waiting for me..and I did, I originally came from Alberta, helped by a wonderful lady by the name of Monica in Vernon, whisked on an airplane, to Abbotsford, B.C and onto WA...and of all things I guess I was meant to stay a Canadian, adopted by a caring couple, residing happily in Richmond, B.C.

(Adopted July 2/04)
Sadly Sheba passed away from kidney complications Oct. 11.05
Huron & Sheba
Lhasa Apso & Maltese
7 years / 9 years
18 lbs/11 lbs
Male neutered/female spayed

Our owner was murdered, we ended up in the shelter, the shelter said Sheba should be put down, because of her eye injury and for some crazy reason they thought  Huron was old...but with the compassion of a very special woman, named Shannon, and all the people who rallied, knew these dogs are wonderful...Sheba needed her eye removed, and dental, Furbaby Rescue took care of their medical needs, Huron needed dental and bloodwork to ensure he was healthy...we helped these dogs, now they need your help, they are sweet, and darling....they love each other and anyone who touches their souls , knows why they should have been spared...and must be adopted together,,,thank you Shannon, Amanda and Mia...together we all make a difference, and together we will take care of the dogs...

Here is Sheba before the surgery:

These babies found an amazing home with a generous and kind lady..thank you Mary for adopting these two precious souls!

Since Sheba passed away, ironically Jericho, their daughter was released into rescue, and Mary opened her heart to this special girl...reunited with Huron, happily living in Olympia, Wa

Jerry (aka Jericho)
*sadly Jerry has now passed to the bridge also*

(Adopted Aug.28/04)
Male/neutered/shots current
21 lbs
1.5 years old

Max is one of the sweetest and gentlest Lhasa I have meet in a long time, he instantly crawls into your heart and lap, Max will be found, wherever you are, lounging by your feet, or he will be walking around with a toy in his mouth, he really loves being part of the family. He loves to be cuddled and petted.  He does alright with kids, but really prefers adults, so a home with visiting children will be fine.  Max is a tall boy.  Max has a wonderful new family, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Aug.27/04)
Choo-Choo (nka Chewie)
Male/neutered/shots current
12 lbs
*Sadly on March 5/05, Chewie lost his Mom after a brief illness, she is deeply missed by her family and Chewie.  The family of Betty, in lieu of flowers, donated in her memory to Furbaby Rescue...I want to thank the family, and to extend my sorrow at her passing...
Thank you:
Samuel Allred, Seattle, WA
Chuck and Annmarie Forsman, Mossyrock, WA
Howard and Connie Byl, Mossyrock, WA
Lynn, Sherolyn, & Brian Nicols ,TX
Pete & Sara Martinez
Oran Maynard , Abilene, TX

Choo Choo is a wonderful baby, he does take a couple of days to warm up, and feel secure, you see he was tormented by children, and no one protected him, finally he stood up for himself, and they decided he should lose his life, because he would not tolerate abuse...thankfully the vet he went to, asked the right questions, and knew this dog, did not deserve to die...instead saved him, and spent time with him, and fell in love with this sweet boy, and now she made sure he safely went into rescue, to find the right home, who will always protect him...
Choo Choo is a small Lhasa, thought for a minute he might be a Shih Tzu, but he showed me quickly.."I am Lhasa"...once he is comfortable, he is a lap baby, but will give lil growls in the beginning, but if you can get past that, you will have a very loyal and loving companion.  He does fine with other dogs, likes living now with Shih Tzu and Lhasa....he will only be adopted to an adult only home.  Choo Choo has a fabulous new Mom and Dad, residing in Mossyrock, WA

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