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(Adopted Jan.16/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
21 lbs
*Blue passed away in 2013*

Everyday people contact us to tell us what they are looking for in a dog, Blue is going to tell you what he is looking for in a person(s):
1.  Love me with all of your heart, I will love you MORE.
2.  I will sleep on your bed, I want to be close to you and cuddle with you.
3.  Be my best friend, I will be more of a friend than you ever dreamed of.
4.  Take me out with you, whenever you can, so I can spend time being special to you, as you will be so special to me.
5.  Be loyal, I will devote myself to you forever.

 Blue is the "blueprint" of the true Lhasa spirit, the devotedness, the loyalty, the love, the spirit, with just the right edge to make you love this breed.  So if considering applying for adoption, if you cannot comply with his requests, do not ask..he deserves an extraordinary home, for an extraordinary furbaby.

Blue found a wonderful home, with three caring adults, he will never want for love ever.  Now residing in Saanichton, B.C. Canada
To read about Blue and his new life, please visit his website:

(Adopted Feb.5/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
13 lbs
10 years +

I have a question of my ex owners, why did you leave me alone, scared and confused, wandering the marina at Port Townsend.  Did I not give you love and devotion?  Why did you abandon me? because I am now old, I had horrible teeth, my hearing dim.  All the more reason to keep me and love me, I honored you, why did you not honor me? In my youth, I was gorgeous, with such a happy disposition, I never had any attitude, I was faithful and devoted.  And now I am thrown away.  When my time comes to cross the bridge, I will not look for you, I will wait for my rescuer or if I am lucky my new owners who will give me comfy pillows and love to spend the rest of my days.

Is there a home, that would love to take this kind older gentleman, he is so sweet, and no trouble.  He gets happy when he goes for a walk, excited when he sees you come home, and the rest of time, he is just a quiet loving lil furbaby.  All of Sal's teeth, except for a couple on the bottom had to be removed, he also has an slightly enlarged heart, and is now on medication for that.  He has some really bowed front legs, they are hard to explain.  He walks fine, but stands oddly...causes him no distress.  He is deaf.  I know a lot of strikes against him, but he deserves to have a home for his last few years.

Sal is such a lucky boy, I cannot thank his new Mom enough for opening her heart to this VERY special boy, he stole my heart, as he reminded me so much of my special girl Sydney who has passed to the bridge.  He will be forever loved along with his new brother Wally.  Residing in Tacoma, WA

In Loving Memory of Sal

? - April 12/06

Sal came into our rescue in Dec/05,  Sal stole our hearts, and he completely stole mine, his resemblance to my darling Sydney was uncanny, but it went beyond looks, it was his essence, his will to live, his forgiveness for his past.  Each foster home he visited, all said the same, Sal can stay.  It was not because we felt sorry for him, it was because of who he was. We felt that no one would adopt this endearing boy, because of his age, and health issues.  Danielle proved us wrong, she saw what we all did.  Sal had such little time with his new Mom, his heart gave out, and he asked her to let him be free, to run and hear again.  A spirit so strong, Just before the needle was inserted the dogs in the recovery room, started barking and hollering.  The vet told Danielle, the dogs had surgery just a couple of hours prior and under no medical circumstances should they have awakened, and when they were checked minutes later they were all sound asleep.  The vet had seen some amazing thing and this was one of them.  Sal had an incredible spirit, as his presence awoke them and it was their way of saying goodbye at that moment to honor him.  Some of you may find this hard to believe, we do not, in the years in rescue, we have all seen, and felt incredible things...
Danielle my heart and soul is with you, thank you for the love and devotion you gave this boy.

From Danielle to her darling Sal:


In loving memory of my angels who have crossed over the rainbow bridge

The rainbow has beckoned
It's calling you home
To meadows and forest
In which you may roam

My heart it grows heavy
To think you might leave
I'd be all alone then
Alone then to grieve

I know deep inside me
That you cannot stay
The pain that you're feeling
Grows more night and day

You look at me asking
In your silent way
To let you go home now
"Please let me" you say

You say there's no pain there
No fear and no hate
Just peace and well being
Once you're through the gate

You tell me you'll always
Hold me in your heart
That time and that distance
Can't keep us apart

And if I should need you
At my side you'll be
Tho I cannot see you
You'll be there with me

You promise to wait at
the rainbow for me
To wait `til I join you
Together to be

I just want to hold you
And beg you to stay
To ask please don't leave me
Alone on this day

Yet deep in my heart know
I must let you go
You must make the journey
now to the rainbow

I bow down my head then
The tears fill my eyes
I give you my blessing
My love now to fly

So fly to the rainbow
And wait there for me
Some day I will join you
Together to be

Christine Hamann


(Adopted March 4/06)
Little Man
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years
10 lbs

Little Man is a absolute dollbaby, had his dental, umbilical hernia repaired, house trained and also knows how to use a doggy door. Very affectionate and loves to cuddle. 10lbs soaking wet. Just a little older dog that needs a loving home...his mom passed away and nobody in the family wanted him.  Adult home only. 

(Adopted March 31/06)
Neutered Male
20 pounds
5 years 



BuddyBoy is very shy with people he does not know. This is NOT a dog for someone who has not had a dog before or does not understand the temperament of a Lhasa . Yes, he is good looking, affectionate and loyal, but he has been thru rough times and is still a frightened, traumatized dog that needs guidance, understanding and love.

Someone at some time mistreated this dog VERY badly. Loud noises or voices frighten him. He lays flattened to the floor, resigned to punishment he must have received in his previous life. He slinks away to his bed or a crate in an attempt to quietly hide. Even though no one mistreats or is gruff with this boy now, he has not yet forgotten his previous ill treatment.  It will take time and understanding to help him come out of his self-protective shell and mannerisms.

His owner was unable to keep him any longer and took Buddy to a shelter. Buddy had difficulty adapting to the shelter, thankfully a big dog rescuer saw him and knew that we could help this frightened boy.

BuddyBoy is good with other small dogs and is reportedly good with cats. He walks on leash, is housebroken and uses a dog door. BuddyBoy can be very timid and is NOT tolerant of young children - he needs a home with no family members under the age of 15 and not one that has visiting children.

Short on trust at this time, BuddyBoy must be slowly introduced to people at this time. He takes a few days to warm up and should NOT be pushed to accept others, but once he does, he is affectionate, begging for pets and head rubs. He will lie next to you or on your lap and LOVES to snuggle next to his persons in bed at night.

If you have had an intelligent and sensitive Lhasa before, you might be the perfect home for this boy. BuddyBoy has mild dry eye, presently medication once a day manages the condition. His shots are UTD, he’s already microchipped and ready for a lifetime of love from the right person.

Buddy has a great new home in Ellensburg, WA

(Adopted Mar. 22/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 4 years old
23 lbs
*dear Louie passed to the bridge April 19/13 from kidney disease, rest in peace lil one*

Louie is one very lucky boy, he found a home with an extraordinary family, Elaine, the Mom is working hard to help Louie overcome his trust issues...residing in a fantastic home in Lynnwood, WA

(Adopted April 13/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
23 lbs

Ridley you are my heart, when I look into your eyes, I am lost.  When you climb into my lap, and put your paws around my neck, I feel so much love pouring from your  soul...each day I spend with you, I fall more in love.  You dedicate yourself to wanting only to please and be by me, bringing me toys, following my every step, never causing a problem in my only ask that I love you, and Ridley you make that so easy...

All  this precious boy asks is to be understood, he needs a few days, or more depending on who you are, to feel trust, once he feels secure he will allow almost anything, but not in the beginning, and he still can show some trigger points, though with me, he is my angel boy...he will not be to everyone, only people that prove themselves to him, after all he is a Lhasa, a proud regal dog.

Ridley loves toys, loves people, loves other dogs, loves to be with you.  He needs someone who understands Lhasa...I find with this boy, that if you approach him anxiously or sternly he becomes defensive.  If you talk in a calm, but positive way, Ridley does not feel threatened, and will oblige...

A Lhasa experienced home who will work with this boy, and make him become the fantastic Lhasa he is meant to be.

Adult home ONLY

*Ridley sadly passed away in 2010*

(Adopted April 14/06)

This is what Murphy looked like when first in foster care, he was adopted for about a month, and came back as he did not work out for the new owner.  Unfortunately while in their care, he was "groomed" again...I don't call it a groom, it is a shave down...Murphy will look gorgeous once in again in a few months:

Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
23 lbs

Murphy likes:
To play and run with toys.
 Likes most vegetables and fruits
 Soft scratches on the chin
  Belly rubs
Sleep in bed with his person
Loves to sit on the couch with his person
Loves car rides
Will kiss your nose if you kiss his:-)

Murphy dislikes:
Being put in a crate
Any harsh scolding, correct him with softness
Adult home only
Murphy is an AWESOME boy

Murph found a new caring, and loving home, in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted May 18/06)
Magda but called Mags or Maggie
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
16 (slightly chubby lbs)

*sweet Maggie passed to the bridge April 13/16*

Well we were slightly surprised when Mags came into rescue, we were told she was a Boy, hmmmm, course, who could see what she was from this picture:

Mags is a dog that bonds very deeply with her owner, she warms up to woman, faster than men, but she accepts them also.  She loves to sleep cuddled with you.  Loves her chews and toys.  When you first meet Mags, you have to let her learn to trust you, she can be apprehensive, and has to have some time.  Once she trusts you, you will have a very loyal and bonded girl.  But until that time, you will see her Lhasatude.
She will play with the resident dogs, but she does not "share well with others" she believes the toys and chews are hers, and can be hostile to another dog at times, when she decides these items are hers. 
If you have the time to spend with this girl, you are going to have an amazing friend.
Adult Home ONLY

Mags got an AMAZING home, with a fantastic new Mom and Dad, residing in a gorgeous home in Kelowna, B.C. Canada


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