Fire and Disaster
13 Furbabies Saved..
Nov. 30/04

"For Every Breath I Take, I Give Thanks to God Above"

My five Babies, from top left, Sugi, Miko, Carina, Kobi and Sydney

The Rescues
Top, Wally
Libby & Louie, Abra & Ewok
Charley & Patty & Tiny Tim

Nov. 30/04
At approximately 6 Am, Raleigh (aka Wally) a Lhasa Apso, that had just arrived the previous evening from the Kelowna, B.C. Shelter started barking, I awoke, but did not pay much notice, as with all new babies, strange sounds and new surroundings can upset them. My husband was at work, and not home.   I called Wally to be quiet, at 7:00 am, I awoke to the fire alarm.  I ran out into my living room, and found a wicker chest ablaze, fire shooting up over 5-6 feet.  Immediately I called 911, and started to find the dogs, all dogs, except for Sugi, Miko and Kobi,(these three had been sleeping with me and still in my bedroom) were in the living room, kitchen area, feet away from the fire. Within seconds, the drapes caught fire, and what I had not realized, as I was so intent on finding the dogs, the window had blown out.  Causing the oxygen and fire to rage even further.  In seconds someone was banging on my front door, two construction workers  from across the street heard the window blow, ran over, found a hose and were dosing the fire.  At this time, I did not even realize who was at the door, I opened it, and just ran..screaming "dogs, must get the dogs."  I gathered whoever I saw, quickly throwing them into my bedroom, the question has been asked, why my bedroom, and not out into the fenced yard...simple, my bedroom is the furthest point from the fire, and also it has an outside door, leading to my fenced yard, I had an escape for them, once they were secure, also I knew fireman, people would be coming, and with all doors open, the dogs in their fright could run, and possibly more harm happening...I quickly grabbed a towel and shoved it under my bedroom door, hoping to keep the smoke out...and ran, and ran, finding first Sydney and Carina, who were in the hallway, Abra and Ewok were huddled under the kitchen table, and found Charley, Patty and Tim, huddled together...and Libby and Louie were gathered, they were in one of my bedrooms, so I knew exactly where they were...twelve dogs are now safe, but I could not find Wally, the smoke was so thick, I could not see anymore, by now the firemen had arrived...and forced me to leave, I would not, but they bodily removed me..I had inhaled so much smoke by this time.  I was outside, begging for them to find Wally, attempted to reenter my home, but you could not see anymore, and again forced out,.finally what seemed like an eternity, Wally was found, in my computer room, scared and of the fireman, carried him out to me, and I felt finally like I could breath...he was safe, they all were, shortly they sent all dogs out into the yard, by now the smoke had taken over my bedroom...I stood in the drizzling rain, in shock with 13 scared and frightened babies.  First call was to my vet, to take them, 2nd call to my son, to help transport them, 3rd call, to find my husband at work..he was notified and on his way home...
I was hospitalized that evening for smoke inhalation and released the following day.
Our lives, and my home was saved by the construction workers, 30 seconds more, and the fire would have engulfed the cedar wall in my living room, and the house would have gone up very quickly.  The living room was destroyed, and smoke damage took the rest of the house.  
Reason for the fire, is unclear, a baseboard heater was the cause, this heater has not been in use for over 7 years, upon inspection by insurance, they have put it down to "unknown cause" possible short in the wiring
We have relocated to a rental home, 15 minutes from my house..repairs are under way, hopefully by March, we will be home again...
"Please check your Fire SAVED our LIVES"

I want to thank so many people, fellow rescuers, friends, adopters, I cannot believe the outpouring of compassion and care...
Donations, and supplies have been so helpful...I lost many things, but the dogs lost everything, all beds, medicines, supplies were thrown out, fire or smoke took them:
I would like to especially thank Manuela Loth, Trish Bizuk, Terry Preston and Jill Hainje for immediately helping get the rescue dogs out of boarding, into foster care, and simply just being my friends..and being there when I needed help.

My deepest thanks to the many people for donations and supplies:
* As of Feb 25/05, still not home...maybe April:-(

Mia Riback of Richmond, B.C.
Carol Jackson, Cocker Spaniel Rescue of B.C.
Doris and Bogie, of Seattle, WA
Bev Inglis, of B.C.
Mary Ann & Nun Kirdnoom, Sam and Higgins, Seattle, WA
Aleisha Alexandra, Fox Island, WA
Tammy Bassett & Munsin, Spokane, WA
Billie Marquiss & Ginny, Ellensburg, WA
Ellen, Terry, Tara Horne (Cuddles, Princess Kiara, Madison, Chloe & Mad Max) Everett, WA
Pat DeNorch & Charley (fka Leo), Beaverton, Oregon
Valerie Sexton, SPBR and C.A.R.E. Seattle, WA
Odean Cusack (in memory of Eva Jean), Plymouth Meeting, PA
Jerry Muyskens, Portland, Oregon
Carrie Heath, Fendie, Dino & Gremlin, Maple Valley, WA
Sue Small, Renton, WA
Steve & Elaine Roebuck & Teddie Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Judy Broeking, Pebbles & Punkin, Sequim, WA
Wendy Cooke, Indy, Sully & Shaunessy, Puyallup, WA
John & Eileen Ratchford & Miko, Port Townsend, WA
Teri Carpenter, Austin & Libby, Wenatchee, WA
Anna Jopling, Okanagan Falls, B.C. Canada
Donald Micken & Dali-Joy, Eugene, WA
Lynn & Dick Campbell, Mugsy, Kirby and Tootsie, Seattle, WA
Judy Frost, Ralph, Hazel & Hannah, Bellingham, WA
Kathy Sas, Richmond, B.C.
Marion Heffner, Woodinville, WA
Kathleen Kehr (in Memory of Odie) Seattle, WA
Barbara Avallon, Toms River, NJ
Kay Yoakum & Cindy, Selah, WA
Bob & Shirley Frank, Chi-Bi & Mei-Ling, Poulsbo, WA
Danielle Parker for precious Emilio, and now proud Mom of Wally above, University Place, WA
Manuela Loth, Cubby & Toby, Puyallup, WA
Rosanne & Wally Simmons, Gracie, Fritz, Poppy, Brutus & in memory of Precious Tasha, Vancouver, WA
Billie Grable & Chrissy Sweeney, Kirkland, WA
Janice Nichols, Maya & Misha, Mt. Vernon, WA
Doris Nichols, Vacaville, CA
John Roussety & Bosco, London, UK
John & Brenda Ralphs, Ferndale, WA
Ben, Cindy,Phil & Wil Rodenbough (on behalf of Elaine & Jim Cruickshank) Seattle, WA
Shawna Scott (thank you Shawna for raffling the blanket to help our furbabies) Vancouver, WA
Elaine Cruickshank, Molly & Baggins, Renton, WA
Colleen Burt & Bailey, Bothell, WA
Craven & Karen Nicholas, Vancouver, WA
Sandy Zagodzinski, Toledo, OH
Fern & Frank Radford, Keegan, Seattle, WA
Donna Toews, E.S.R.A (English Springer Rescue America), Delta, B.C. Canada
Janet Lamont, Colleen Dickson, Kathleen Emry, and other volunteers of Okanagan Collie Rescue
Lance & Mary Lidral, Martin & Mikki, (and Lucky,Kelly,Thomas,Copper & Brandy) Clinton, WA
Maureen Whitter " Raptures Kennel"  member of the Canadian Shih Tzu Club
Debra Long "Kojiro Kennel"  member of  Canadian Shih Tzu Club
Randee Goldman and Volunteers Lhasa Happy Homes, Santa Monica, CA
Lisa Wellings, North York, Ontario
Jane Couch, President Canadian Shih Tzu Club and LaShalimar Kennels, Ontario, Canada
Shelley & Molly (aka Nikki)in memory of Dr. Julia McGarey & her Beagle Baby, Marysville, WA
Suzie Lievense & Phoebe, Sumner, WA
Shelley Goulding & Mike Fitzmaurice & Terrance& Philip (fka Dallas & Dakota) Seattle, WA
Joann Hartwell & Chico, Ferndale, WA
Robert Herbst, for helping with his boy Nicky, Portland, Oregon
Beth Mikes, Olive & Cosmos, Redmond, WA

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