App. 8 years old

On March 6/01 Blanco and Annie were transported  from Oregon, they were 2 of 30+ Lhasas that were confiscated by animal control.  All the Lhasas were living in a one bedroom apartment, had never been outside.  The puppies and young ones, were adopted, but Blanco and Annie were not as fortunate.  I had these babies taken straight to my groomer, where we spent the night trying to clean them up.  We shed tears as we looked at these poor neglected babies, with sores covering their bodies.

March 7/01 both Blanco and Annie are taken to my vet, we thought Annie was pregnant, as her abdomen was so extended.  Upon further testing, she was not, she had so many things wrong with her, besides a diseased heart.  I had no choice but to let her go.  Blanco has several medical issues, skin, eyes, ears, upper respiratory.  We left with handfuls of meds and a prayer that he will be fine.

March 8-17/01  Blanco is not eating well, all varieties and concoctions of food have been tried.  We know he is deaf, and sight is limited also, hopeful that the eye meds will eventually bring back some of his vision.

March 20/01..Return to vet for re-check, he has lost 2 lbs, but is now starting to eat better.  

March 29/01...There has been good steady improvement, how healthy and vital he will be become, is only something time will tell.  When his strength is back, I will have him neutered, but will have a complete blood work up done, to see if there is anything else that is wrong, for example thyroid.

March 30/01...Blanco is eating wonderfully, there will be a tomorrow for this nice boy.  Appointment will be made for further testing and altering now.  He can and will make it. We have confidence!!!!!

Blanco is/will be a stunning boy, and we all pray together, that he has quality of life and love ahead of him.  Please keep him in your prayers.  I hope he will find a "forever home" that will consider a beautiful deaf boy.  But for now, he needs more time to regain his health.

And a sincere thanks to Debbie, a wonderful, compassionate lady, that is spending her time taking care of Blanco, and giving him the best of care.

April 10/01

Blanco has greatly improved, he is eating very very well, and hope to get back those lbs he lost.  He has just been neutered, and ran complete blood panel on him, everything came back normal, still waiting for results of the thyroid test.

April 13/01 Blanco does have low thyroid, and is now on medication, which should help him to feel better and have more energy...

He is now ready for a new home, where he can get the  kindness, love and caring he deserves.  As stated he is deaf, (or we think he is) and sight seems to be improving.  
Is there a home with a big heart out there, if so please consider this very sweet boy.

May 1/01 Blanco is just doing so well, his sight is better, he has started to play, he is a nice boy, so easy to be around.

May 13/01...what a wonderful Mother's Day, Blanco has a new Mom, and a new beginning, she feel in love with his kind and gentle spirit...he has a brother (darling lil doxie) and a whole new life, the years of neglect will be a faded residing in Seattle, Washington

Update from new Mom one month later June/01

Eleni, what a good happy dog Blanco nka Odie has become and just keeps getting better.
He is almost all the way house broke.  He poops occasional but it is usually
when I am doing something, like in the bathroom.  He is obsessed with
pee-peeing outside, he has learned pee and get a biscuit.  He spend much of
his days on the sofa and now has learned to jump up on the bed by himself so
he gets in bed too.  He is learning what stuffed toys are and will gum a
rawhide or a pig ear. Him and Mickey are starting to play together. I took
him to my vet Dr. Hammond on 3 May  and she said he has a slight heart
murmur, on a scale of 1-6 his is about a 2, she said no concern.  All his
bumps, are just superficial warts no big deal.  He had one lump on his leg
that was a cyst, she drained it and it is gone.  He has both ears infected
the left much worse that the right.  We are finishing up antibiotic and we
put Otomax in 2x a day.  We go back tomorrow for ear recheck and thyroid
check.  She said he is a pretty healthy guy for what a crappy life he has
had.    We went to the eye doctor yesterday and she said he has dry eyes
which we knew but she said with giving him the two ointments he is producing
good tears and this could get better over time and improve his vision.  He
also has corneal pigmentation.  The left eye is worse than the right.
There's no more I can do except the drops, she gave me in place of the
Optimune and continue the artificial tears.  She said his vision may
improve.  We will go back for a re-check in 3-4 months and check for
progress. Oh she did day that by looking at his eye tissue that he is
probably older than 8, she feels 10-12.   He is quite a guy.  When I come
home sometimes he will get real hyper and he will run all over the house and
bark. When I am home he follows me all around, unless he's sleeping he won't
let me get to far away.  He will jump up on the sofa while your eating
dinner and smell and smell the food and then he wants some and will hit you
with his paw. He takes his pills with cheese which he loves and he's learned
about treats in the morning.  In the evening I give him the dry Wysong and
about 1/4 C chicken and rice, I also put flaxseed oil on his food for his
skin.   He is just wonderful.  Thank you so much.  Please if you are in
Seattle call me so you can come see him.  Please let Debbie know how well he
is doing, it's only been a month since I have had him.  Bless you both

I had asked the owner for permission to post her above note to me and this was her answer

Anything I can do to educate and make people
aware that these guys have been given to us for such joy and pleasure and
that we are here to be their guardians.  It is up to us to take care of
them.  I quote, Gandi: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can
be judged by the way its animals are treated." Its not a nice thing for me
to say but I sometimes care for animals more than people.  Animals are not
cruel and hurting and they always forgive. Doing what you do and feeling how
I feel is very hard sometimes but I would not be any other way.  I can't
believe that someone gave you a dog back after a year.  I will never ever
understand people. That's night when I got home Odie was in the middle of
the double bed just sitting there looking around.  When he realized it was
me he went on one of his crazy hyper things running around, jumping on the
sofa, jumping one the bed, barking and sliding around on the kitchen floor
he is just hilarious when he does that.  

Thank you Odie's Mom, you have added to my strength, to continue.

Darling Odie passed to the bridge Oct. 2/03

May 13/2001 - October 2/03

My sweet unknowing little boy, I did for you all I could and knew how to do.  I showed you love and caring.  I gave you good food and fresh water and a clean soft bed.  You had the best medical care available.  We played, we traveled, we loved.  I pray I took away the bad memories of how you spent most of your life.  I could not give you youth or health and you were slipping away.  I gave you what I could, peace and rest without suffering in this life anymore.  You gave me so much more than I could have ever given back.  I wish you could have been rescued from that hell sooner, so you and I would have more time to know life together, but we had a little time and it was good.  I love you and miss you and always will.  I know you are with Annie, Susi, Elsa, Mugs, Nelson and many more.  I will see you someday, my boy.  Until than you will always be in my heart.
Your Momma, Kathleen


In Memory of Annie
1994? - March 7/01

Annie, a gorgeous, red and white Lhasa...I pray your soul is at rest, I pray
that you will someday see me again, I am sorry I was not there sooner for
you my darling....I wanted to help you, but I was too late...I can not
believe the tears I am shedding for a baby I knew less than 24 hours, but my
heart is so sad that you had a life such as this....God bless you little sorrow I say goodbye.
Tell Precious, Chibi, Hope, Dudley, Fru Fru, Monty, Jiro, Kito and the endless loves I have had, to take care, I will see you all again

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