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*Below you will start to see the transformation of a few and will update as they become available*

All of the above Shihs have been adopted

Twelve Shih Tzu were discovered living in a house alone which had so much urine and feces piled up that the house will be torn down. We were told there were 9 and that one would be put to sleep. It turns out that there were 12 (two only discovered by accident), and two of them were put to sleep. One had his feet chewed off.

The owner is very ill and was hospitalized. The family had not a clue that these dogs existed.

Ten dogs in poor condition is not an easy task to take on. You may recall the 7 Schnauzers and one little poodle we took in a few years back. We thought at the time that that was pushing our limits. Ten? We just could not say “no” to these dogs or to the family member who asked for help.

We are expecting a veterinary bill in the neighborhood of 30,000 dollars. It might be more due to the number of dogs requiring attention and care from specialists. We took a leap of faith and just said “yes”. How could we not?

We are hoping for some donations to help us offset what is going to be a very large bill and are reaching out to our followers and adopters. We will also be looking for loving homes for these little dogs. One easy way to help would be to sponsor a dog by donating to his or her veterinary account and the donations are tax deductible .

We began by numbering the dogs from one to ten. We still can’t tell all of them apart. The first dog examined was numbered one and the last dog was numbered ten.

The dogs range from tiny Shih Tzu to regular sized Shih Tzu. All have severe ear infections and mites and skin infections. Some have severe hair loss due to dermatitis. Eight were shaved down nearly bald, some of those still have some hair on their faces and look like mops. The two which were discovered did not get shaved. They have all had multiple baths and have started their journey out of misery onto health and vitality.

We have given each one a full senior wellness exam including blood work and radiographs and have treated their ears and eyes. They will all have dentals with dental X rays, be spayed or neutered, and several will require further surgeries including a cystotomy for bladder stones, eye surgery, mass removals.

One of the things which will never cease to amaze us is how often dogs taken from such situations can be joyful, endearing, and just so happy. They are all in pain. Just start with the deep and severe ear infections which must feel like ice picks jabbing at them constantly and the ear mites buzzing around adding further irritation. Living coated in feces, layers thick, with fur matted holding in parasites must have been yet another torture. The list of miserable symptoms goes on…but for these ten dogs, their spirits are inspiring. How do they hold on to their sanity and their gentleness?

We have had to guess at their ages. After their dental x rays we may be able to tweak those ages a bit but initially we have a pretty good idea . Here is a list of the ten dogs we have taken into our care. Medical professionals working with them have fallen in love with this group, have their own favorites, and have given them names, which we are sure will be changed, but to give more familiarity to these babies as opposed to a number.

We are missing some photos but we will post them all once we have them.

#1 Einstein, male, 5 pounds, age 6, fawn colored

#2 Elvis, male, 10 pounds, age 6, brown and black

#3 Mama, female, Shih Tzu, 15 pounds, age 6, white and red

#4 Moe, male, 7 pounds, age 6, fawn colored

#5 Duck, female, 9 pounds, age 8, tan and grey

#6 Pee wee, female, 5 pounds, age 10, white and grey

#7 Gimpy, male, 9 pounds, age 8, black

#8, Gretyl, female, 8 pounds, age 8, tan “ish”

#9 Wicket, female, 7 pounds, age 1 or 2, chocolate brown

#10 Churchill, male, 15 pounds, age 12, black 

These are terrific dogs and with care and love, we know they will make wonderful pets. So far, ALL have responded to “potty outside” and are using pee pads. That is another shocking revelation.

Please help if you can and stay tuned for updates. This is the largest project we have taken on in many years. Ten dogs over the course of a month or two is much easier than ten all at once.

(Adopted )

No name/Number 4/Moe/Adorable little angel from the Merry Little Band

Male Shih Tzu

7 pounds

6 years old  
Vet Bill: $2180


So, finally little Moe is ready to be adopted! 

When he came in the x rays showed bladder stones and his urine was blood tinged.  On the day of his scheduled cystotomy and dental, nothing showed up on the X rays and his urine was clear.  So, lucky for Moe, he did not have to have this invasive procedure, but he had to pass those stones on his own.  OUCHIE!  What a trooper he is.

He did have to have extractions due to abscessed roots but his gums will heal up in a couple of weeks.

Like all of these dogs, he is a sweetie, and craves affection and love.  While Pee Wee’s new family was here , Moe was found just sitting quietly on legs and laps any chance he got.  He was silent and motionless.   He was hoping to go home with this lovely warm family, we are sure.

But, they left, Moe said his good byes, and now he has attached him self to his foster dad who is working on a lap top at the kitchen table today.  He is a little shy and reticent to respond to his foster mom, though. 

He is a tiny little thing with a head the size of a lemon so can very easily get through any small crack in a fence or under a gate quite easily.  He is inquisitive and energetic so will zip around to explore on a whim so he needs to be adopted into a home with people who are sensitive and knowledgeable about the perils to the “tinies”.  He does not necessarily need a large fenced yard.  He didn’t have one before.

So far he has been invited to go “potty outside” but he has not felt comfortable going outside so we are leashing him up to encourage him to go.

Moe is healthy, young, in turnkey condition, just has an exam in two weeks to make sure his gums are healing well.  He’s not on medication and he’s easy to have around. 

If you are looking for someone small, sweet, loyal, who will rarely leave your side, then Moe could be your ideal companion.  If you are looking for a pair of dogs which will get along well then you might consider adopting Moe with Elvis.  They are very good friends as are all of the Merry Band of Shih Tzu. 

Moe is currently fostered in Kirkland where he is listening to the family practicing holiday music on the harp and piano.

 email Furbaby


(Adopted Jan/19)
Tyler (formerly Einstein)
Vet Bill:

Can you guess how to spell the name of one of the sweetest creatures on the planet? Easy! That would be T-Y-L-E-R! He is another one of the Shih Tzu group that came in from the horrible hoarding situation. . Like all of the others, he is sweet as pie and oh so loving! He adores being with his humans and being picked up and held! He's doing well in potty training 101 and his new family will need to continue working on that, but he's getting a A+ in his foster home. Good boy Tyler! He is just over 5 lbs and is a bit thin so we are working on that. He should probably be about 6 lbs and is eating much better now. All of his vetting has been done including neuter, dental with radiographs, microchip and he is UTD on his vaccinations. He did not have as many health issues as some of the others that came in with him. The vet is guessing him to be approximately 6 yrs old. As will all of the dogs in this group Tyler will only be placed into a new home where there is another small dog of similar size already living there. None of these dogs would be happy or thrive as only dogs. He is also much too tiny and fragile to live with young children!!! He wags his tiny tail like the wind when his foster family appears and is so happy now! All cleaned up and spiffy! Tyler is seeking a warm lap or two for cuddling and loves. Since he didn't know his name (Einstein) the vet gave him his foster family renamed him. Being one of the smallest of the group he reminded his foster family of a player on their favorite football team. (Hawk fans think of Lockett #16) :-) This tiny Tyler's next touchdown will be landing in his new forever loving home! Let's help him score! Go Tyler Go! Tyler is being fostered in Sedro Woolley 


(Adopted Dec.8/18)
Keisha (formerly Duck)
Vet Bill: $1700
Keisha is estimated to be about 7 years old and weighs 9lbs, she has had preliminary vetting down, bloodwork, ear treatments, shots etc. and now has been spayed and dental. she is a delightful, funny lil girl
Fostered in Blaine, WA email Furbaby

(Adopted Dec.14/18)
Vet Bill:
This is Elvis, looking for his home for the holidays, he is estimated to be 6 years old and weighs 11 lbs, he is a super super sweet boy.
He has had ear treatments, bloodwork, dental, radiographs, neuter and the list goes on
Fostered in Blaine, WA for more information email Furbaby Rescue



(Adopted Nov.23/18)
Vet Bill
: $1791
Gretel is in pursuit of her perfect home, she is now fully vetted
The vet guesstimate her age at 8, I think younger, she is a sassy darling lil girl, weighing only 8 lbs, and she loves her people
She is being fostered in Blaine, WA for more information email Furbaby Rescue.


Adopted on Nov.18/18
What a dollbaby, her vet bill was $1807
Vet estimate her age at 6, another I believe is younger


Adopted on Nov.17/18
Another sweetheart, her vet bill was $1875


Adopted Nov 13/18
Sweet lil boy, vetting so far is $1574 but not finished yet, he needs more medical

As these sweethearts become available I will update, so to date, 4 have been adopted, we have 6 more that will become available and need loving homes

For any additional information please email  

(Adopted Dec. 2/18) 
Pee Wee (nka Mia)
Vet Bill
: $2425   















Doggie thoughts:

 “Why won’t they adopt me? Is it because I’m a senior?

I wouldn’t overlook them just because they’re a senior.

Are they afraid of me dying too soon? Well, I might be afraid they’d die too soon if I was a young puppy and then what would happen to me?

Which is worse – to say good-bye to an aged beloved pet or to die yourself and leave your pet behind with an unknown future?”

People thoughts:

For me, a human, I’d rather know that my pet is waiting for me on the other side versus me dying first and leaving my beloved pet’s future to chance. Sometimes those we ask to take over our pet’s care after we’re gone, don’t always do so.  After all, we’d be gone, we’d never know


~ K D Dreyer





"The Animals Savior"
Copyright Jim Willis 1999

I looked at the caged animals in the
shelter...the cast offs of human society.

I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread,
sadness and betrayal.
And I was angry
"God," I said "this is terrible! Why don't you
do something?"
God was silent for a moment and than
He spoke softly
"I have done something." He replied
"I created You"

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