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Available for Adoption

Bailey and Brando
Female and Male/neutered/shots
7 and 6 years old
9 and 15 lbs

Don’t wait…..oh, wait a minute… will have to wait but you can apply now and then wait. Are you confused yet? It’s quite easy really. You can apply now for Bailey and Brando but as usual Furbaby Rescue wants all dogs to be up to date on everything before they go to their new forever home and their dental work is scheduled for Aug.23 so we have to wait and you’ll need to wait but these dogs are one of those things in life that are SO WORTH WAITING FOR!

Bailey and Brando are at those ideal ages, 7 and 6 years old, where they're past the puppy nuisances of chewing up shoes, needing to be trained, needing to go outside so often until a puppy learns. How good is it to be past that stage and yet, WAIT….think about this…. they still have so many years ahead of then to share with you as responsible and loving adult dogs. They could still be cuddling up with you for the next 10 years or more. 

Both Bailey and Brando were purchased off of Craigslist and the new owner wanted them even though they were a matted mess. The new owner knew they needed a professional groomer to get rid of the matted hair and tend to nails, etc. The woman who saved them from Craigslist quickly learned there was much dental work that needed to be done and she couldn’t afford it so she contacted Furbaby Rescue knowing that we get all the help a dog needs BEFORE adopting them out. Currently, both Bailey and Brando are up to date on shots, microchipping, blood work and anal glands expressed. Both have a very good health report in those areas but they do need dental and that is scheduled on Aug 23. We wish it could be sooner but the vet is booked up until then. But, these two dogs are worth waiting for!

Bailey, 7 years old, could stand to gain a bit more weight. She is sweet and a bit shy but adjusts very quickly. She loves lap sitting or finding a doggie bed to sleep in with Brando. She loves the sunshine and treats and she’s excellent with other dogs. 

Brando 6 years old, 15 pounds, and loves the yard, playing with toys and other dogs, is very attentive and loving. 

Both are easy going dogs who love to be near you as you watch TV or engage in other at home activities. At night they both sleep together in a crate without a single peep until you get up and then there’s the gusto and happiness with tails wagging so fast it propels them out the door to do their morning business. Yes, they are perfectly house trained. 

Even though they like to share a doggie bed and a crate they are furniture dogs so please know that you will need to allow them on a couch or chair. 

If you’re willing to wait until after August 23 so dental work is completed and this duo is perfectly up to date, you may still apply NOW! Then just WAIT - you’ll adore this duo and know the wait was worth it. 

Fostered in Blaine, WA
For application email Furbaby Rescue.















Doggie thoughts:

 “Why won’t they adopt me? Is it because I’m a senior?

I wouldn’t overlook them just because they’re a senior.

Are they afraid of me dying too soon? Well, I might be afraid they’d die too soon if I was a young puppy and then what would happen to me?

Which is worse – to say good-bye to an aged beloved pet or to die yourself and leave your pet behind with an unknown future?”

People thoughts:

For me, a human, I’d rather know that my pet is waiting for me on the other side versus me dying first and leaving my beloved pet’s future to chance. Sometimes those we ask to take over our pet’s care after we’re gone, don’t always do so.  After all, we’d be gone, we’d never know


~ K D Dreyer





"The Animals Savior"
Copyright Jim Willis 1999

I looked at the caged animals in the
shelter...the cast offs of human society.

I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread,
sadness and betrayal.
And I was angry
"God," I said "this is terrible! Why don't you
do something?"
God was silent for a moment and than
He spoke softly
"I have done something." He replied
"I created You"

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