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Lhasa/Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu with lots of Lhasa coming through
Male/neutered/shots current
Age 7
16 pounds


Teddy has turned out to be a very sweet and wonderful companion in a household with no dogs or other pets and two adults.

Teddy, to meet him, is adorable, friendly, easy going, and fun.  You never have to look for him because heís usually right behind you if not beneath you.  He has terrific outdoor potty habits, must sleep on the bed with you (he will not bend on this point), and if you sit down, he will be on your lap or next to you (and we arenít going to train this out of him at his age).  Teddy is a particular eater.  He likes freshly prepared food best, he likes raw food, will eat canned food, and some days wants kibble just fine.  He doesnít complain, he just wonít eat if that dayís menu doesnít suit.

Normally he is quiet, peaceful, rides in the car just fine (unless he sees a dog), hangs out with you, and sometimes whines requiring you to put on your detective hat; food, potty, water, company, walk?

He is a nice combination of friendly and human seeking but not glued to you all of the time.  He barks loudly at sounds, dogs walking past (how he senses them from indoors is a mystery), or if he really needs to potty outside and somehow his subtle whining signal was missed.  When you return home (having left him at home) he will bark so loudly that you can hear it from the street.  Is it YOU heís greeting?  Is he just barking because he hears noise?  That we do not know yet. 

So, putting him in a condo or townhouse situation COULD work if there is a fenced balcony for him but it would need to be an ideal situation due to the barking.  We would not want to set Teddy up to fail in a situation.

While there could be a tolerable canine match for him out there we have yet to meet one. 

The past owner who knows him very well, is hoping that we can find Teddy an only pet home in which he can be successful.  She told us that he had been going after the other resident dog and was pretty hard on an old toothless Yorkie in the family. So he has a history of a bit of a mean streak.  This means that it is stressful for Teddy to be with other dogs and we want him to have the opportunity to live peacefully. 

So, to sum up, Teddy is looking for a home in which he is the only pet, someone is home or in and out most of the day, wants a very best canine friend who takes his cues from his human as to how affectionate to be, there are no young children or people who make a lot of erratic moves (this triggers a response in him), a quiet and peaceful home, a semi-active home so that he gets at least two good walks per day, and a little safe fenced in area to call his own.

Teddy is fostered in Kirkland WA

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