Lhasa Apso

Available for Adoptions

(Adopted June 23/18)
Female/spayed/shots current
13 years young
13 lbs

A picture says everything you need to know about Chloe.

SWEET and a bit of a rascal!

She has big expressive eyes which invite you in.  She is easy going, fun loving, kind, loyal, and an absolute darling.  She enjoys a nice fluffy bed to be sure but she really loves walks, too.  She is a beautiful girl and a wonderful companion.

How did we happen upon such an incredible dog?  She began urinating frequently in the house and rather than be taken to the vet to look for an infection and bladder stones she was taken to a high kill shelter.  ARGH!

We were able to get her, take her to the vet for a full senior wellness package, and sure enough, she had a bladder stone the size of a walnut which could be felt on examination, seen on an X-ray, and she had a urinary tract infection.  Easy fix here; she has had a cystotomy to remove the stone, is being treated for her infection, and is on the way to full recovery.  She had her teeth cleaned and polished, was microchipped and vaccinated, and is ready to find her new home.

For those not familiar with bladder stones or urinary tract infections; the dog feels constant pressure to void and after months and months and possibly years of this, they lose their sensation to void or hold it in.  Through no fault of their own, they strain to void and only tiny amounts come out.  They are trying to flush their systems.  The danger is that if the stone blocks the urethra, the bladder can become blocked and will explode, resulting in an excruciating death.  For the dog itís just a miserable feeling and quite painful.

Chloe is recovering well.

She is fostered in Kirkland WA.
For application email Sandra





(Adopted June 8/18)
Benny "Boo Boo"
Lhasa/Yorkie ?
Male/neutered/shots current
11 years old
20 lbs

Benny came to us when his ownerís Dementia compromised his quality of life.  We have not had him very long but heís a roly poly bundle of love and we adore him regardless of his breed mix.

Because he did not have access to a yard or outside we would really like for him to have at least a little piece of yard or balcony in the sunshine as he loves to toddle about.  He really enjoys being with other dogs which is something else he didnít have so another dog would be wonderful for him.

Benny has been thoroughly vetted.  His full blood panel has been reconciled with X- rays so we do not think he has anything going on health wise.  He just needs a chance to get more exercise to help him lose a couple of pounds and build up some muscle.  He loves being outside, so he needs no convincing.  He had his teeth cleaned and polished and had a few teeth extracted and ever since then his energy level has ramped up dramatically. 

Benny loves his name and wags his tail when you speak to him.  He adores attention and likes to hang out in his crate or under the bed or human adjacent.  He is not a Velcro dog at this point.  He whines when he needs to potty and seems to be able to hold it until someone gets to him.  We would not expect him to hold it all day while someone is away.  Few people are able to do that come to think of it.

He comes Turn Key which is very nice for a new owner to just get to know him without worrying about upcoming appointments or procedures.

He is fine in the car.

Based on how he acts like the Westies and other small terriers in his foster home, his foster mom is convinced he has some Norfolk Terrier or something scrappy in there.  Heís a bit of a scamp and very funny.  So, he would need to be on a leash or in a secure fenced yard.  He can move pretty quickly when given the opportunity to escape through an opened gate or door.  He thinks itís a hoot with his waggedy tail moving at high speed. 

Heís a terrific little fellow and will make a loving companion to someone. 

Benny is fostered in Kirkland WA
For application email Furbaby Rescue.








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