(Adopted April 9/07)
*in our hearts forever, this sweet boy passed away Aug.11*

Mowgli Needs Our Help
Read below to find out the good news

Mowgli is an 8 month old Pekeapoo (Pekinese and Poodle) with a  loving personality. He has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, causing a severe heart murmur. He needs to see a cardiologist and undergo an ultrasound of his heart to know the severity of his illness. He may need to under go heart surgery, but one step at a time.

Mowgli has an appointment with the Cardiologist on March 29/07.  And at that time we will know what course we can take.  The consult alone will cost over $600

Mowgli is a beautiful lil boy, who was tossed in the shelter, with no hope of survival.  We were unaware of his severe problem, until he was diagnosed by my vet.  The educated guess at this time, is that surgery may be possible, and he would then lead a normal life.  Presently he wants to play, but as soon as he exerts himself, he coughs and has to lay down.  This breaks my heart to watch a puppy with so little energy.  He looks at you with his big brown eyes, not understanding his lack of energy.  We will help him, but we desperately need your help.  If surgery is possible it will be a few thousand dollars.

The owner of Tails-A-Wagging in Bellingham, WA has put on a raffle, with many wonderful gifts.
There is still a raffle, to help other babies...we have had thousands of dollars invested in some very sick puppies..so whatever is not needed for Mowgli has a very needed place to go...
 Please stop by Tails-A-Wagging, doggie daycare in Bellingham , 3959 Hammer Dr. Bellingham, WA and purchase a ticket and  help save a life.
Raffle tickets are $5.00
Drawing April 6/07

Faux Fur /Iron pet bed, iron raised feeder, $100 Gift certificate: 5 days of Day care from Tails-A-Wagging Doggie Day Care, 2 Grunting Plush Puppy toys, Royal Canin Back Pack, Royal Canin Paw Wipe Towel, $35 Gift Certificate: Full Grooming at Pampered Pets Grooming in Bellingham, Doggie Stationary and Card Set, 1 Avid Microchip for your pet, 1 Handmade Fleecy Pet Blankets, 16oz Bottle of Pure and Gentle Pet Shampoo, 2 lbs of  Vegetarian Doggie cookies, Outward Hound Quilted Comfort Mat, Thomas Kincaid Mug/Coaster Set, $25 Gift Certificate to PetSop in Bellingham, Doggie Picture Frames, Ceramic Doggie Cookie Jar

Raffle Winner:

Bizzy Burner of Bellingham, WA
(now isn't he going to look adorable on his new bed)

For donations, please send to:
Furbaby Rescue
9718 Allan St.,
Blaine, WA

Furbaby Rescue would like to thank the following people for their generousity:
Danielle Molvan, Wally and "in memory of Sal"
Ruth Higley, Castle Rock, WA
Nicole and Lee Oswald, Penny and Buddy, Vernon, B.C. Canada
Debra Blades, Abbotsford, B.C. Canada
Lynne Beecroft, Novato, CA
Tammy Bassett, Munsin and Cuddles, Spokane, WA
Laurie Lewicki, Rio, Harley and in memory of Junior, Sequim, WA
Deborah & Richard Caudill (Snobird Golden's), Arlington, WA
Carina Borja, Seattle, WA
Michele Rae Hanna, Portland, Oregon
All West/Select Sires, Sedro Woolley, WA
Donna Saunders,(Snobird Golden's) Seattle, WA
Selma Barroso, Washington, D.C.
Bruce and Karen Frost &Maggie Mae, Snohomish, WA
Dulcie Thomas,  Mt Vernon, WA
Betty Bruno, Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown & Tobias, Sultan, WA
Karen Aust, Redmond, WA
Judith Swanson, Tulalip, WA
Steve and Elaine Roebuck, Chelsea & Teddy, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Jennifer Alford, Olympia, WA
Bill and Billie Marquiss "in loving memory of Ginny" Ellensburg, WA

Darling Mowgli will thank you always...he is thanking us, just taking him out of the shelter, and giving him love and kindness...

Mowgli had his appointment on the 29th with the cardiologist, he has VSD 
 Mowgli has a minor to trivial tear, and no treatment is required, or needed, he can and will live a normal life.

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)

In the developing embryo, the heart initially has four chambers that are not separated from one another. As the fetal heart develops, walls called septums form to divide the heart into four separate chambers. Occasionally the walls separating the heart chambers will develop incompletely, thus not properly dividing the chambers from each other. This congenital birth defect is sometimes referred to as a 'hole in the heart.' In reality there is no hole in the heart, but rather a hole between the heart chambers. Most commonly this septal defect occurs between the right and left ventricles, hence the name ventricular septal defect (VSD).

What are the symptoms?

Puppies may not have any outward signs. On a routine exam, veterinarians using a stethoscope may hear the heart murmur associated with VSD. In severe septal defects, a decrease in stamina and retarded growth rates occur.

What are the risks?

Many dogs with minor septal defects live normal lives even though a heart murmur is detectable. Sometimes the septal defect closes spontaneously in dogs as old as two years of age. 

What is the management?

In minor septal defects, treatment is generally not recommended. 

Yahoo for Mowgli, it was recommended that when he is an adult to 2 years of age, to have him rechecked by the cardiologist..
I want to thank everyone for the donations, his fees are now covered...thank you.

Now Mowgli needs a new forever home, and you will not REGRET having this boy join your family, I just love him, he is fun, easy going, and independent all rolled into one.  He is fine with other dogs, likes to play with toys, housetrained.  Wonderful to walk, a gem in the car...he has something about him, when you take him places, people stop and stare, and always want to meet this puppy...perhaps because he looks like a tiny rotty, or there is something about him, that draws you to him....he will make a wonderful companion to some lucky home.

Email Furbaby Rescue for application.

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