Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted April 29/01)
*With greatly sadden hearts, Junior passed to the bridge on Mar. 16/06*

Corgi X
10 - 13  years old, male, neutered, shots current

Junior is an absolute darling.  I am absolutely amazed at his age, he acts, looks and health is that of a young dog.  He does well with small dogs, the only thing he really does not like is BIG dogs..  He is playful, loving and will be a fantastic companion to almost any family. 
Junior is now happily living with a Corgi sister, a great new Mom and daughter, who just adore him, he had a way of wriggling very deeply into your heart.  I miss him terribly. Now residing in Port Angelos, Washington   

(Adopted April 21/01)

Long Haired Chihuahua
Approx. 1 year old  Male
10 lbs.

Darby is a very playful pupster.  He loves other dogs, at least small dogs, have no idea on big ones.  He is very apprehensive when he first meets you.  I just let this boy have his space when he first arrived, and within a couple of hours I was met with tail wags and kisses, allowed to pick him up and cuddle with him, and he soon became a very outgoing loving furbaby.  He did not like going to the Vet, became very frightened, but here with me he is a delight.  Because he does get frightened, I feel that a home without small children would be best for him.
I was asked if I believed in dog love at first sight, and yes I do,  the love and bonding that Darby and his new Mom had from the first moment was incredible.  These two were meant for each other and they knew it.  Being spoiled and cherished, residing in Renton, Washington

(Adopted May 26/01)

1-2 years old
5.8 lbs.
Buttons is a delightful boy, loving, good natured, loves to be held, he was mauled too much by little kids and finally had enough and nipped, he has no tendencies to biting in the least with any adults, he only shows himself as playful, loving, happy, easy to groom, a really nice boy.  He will only be adopted to a home without small children.  He will be a wonderful furbaby to some lucky family.  
He went to a couple without children, who fell in love with this boy.  He is now residing in Soap Lake, Washington.

(Adopted May 20/01)

About 2 years old?
16 lbs
Male, Schnauzer
This is a very nice furbaby, he has a very outgoing personality, full of fun and life, likes playing with other dogs, is loving, well behaved, and is housetrained.  He does not have a docked tail, but I find this so beautiful to see a pretty fluffy tail curled over his back, makes me wonder why anyone would dock a tail that looks so adorable.
His new Mom, was so thrilled with this boy, she had been looking for over a year, and knew this boy was the one.  Happily living with his new family, and nice young girl, to play tug of war with, residing in Seattle, Washington

(Adopted May 25/01)

7 years old?
Female Chihuahua
Spayed, shots current
15 lbs..

Bambi is a tad bit overweight, she should weigh about 10 lbs.  I have had a cyst removed from her eyelid which was bothering her eye, but nothing to be concerned about, it was like an infected pimple that would eventually rub on her eye and cause further problems.  I also had her teeth cleaned as it was obvious she was not on the best diet, I opted for a complete blood workup to see if her weight was connected to a possible thyroid condition, and it did show that she is borderline, so I have started to give her thyroid medication, With control of her food and meds, she should be able to eventually get her weight down.  Bambi is unsure in new situations, she had in less that two days showed her trust to me, and has shown herself as a sweet loving lil girl, when she is comfortable in her surroundings she is great, and will be a wonderful companion, she loves to wag her tail and she smiles when she is happy, she is a sweetheart, but the new owner must just give her a bit of time to overcome her shyness.
Bambi is now living with a fantastic Mom, such a nice lady, who is so happy with her.  Now residing in Issaquah, Washington.

(Adopted June 21/01)

Silky Terrier
Male/12 lbs
4 years old
Neutered/shots current
* Very sadly Knickers passed away March/05)

Incredible boy, happy go lucky, knows commands, does tricks, an absolute sweetheart.  I feel though he would do better in an adult home, where he can get the attention he deserves. Nicky was adopted for a few days, they had a cat, and the cat was miserable, and Nicky chased him, so I believe a home without a cat, or one that is used to dogs, will be the best for him.
Nick went to such a super older couple, who take walks on the beach, and adore this wonderful bundle of love and energy.  Now residing in Camano Island, Washington


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