(Adopted Dec.4/08)
Message from his new owner:
He is such a little blessing! we are in love with him!!!! I was feeling a little apprehensive before meeting him because I knew he'd be a lot of work, but now that he's with us I don't have any doubts that he's meant to be with us. thank you and everyone at Furbaby for your commitment to these sweet babies.
Residing happily in Seattle, WA

*Everyone at Furbaby thanks YOU for helping us, help him*

Bailey is one of the sweetest, best tempered, most loving dogs we have ever met; as well as one of the most beautiful dachshunds anyone has ever seen. His spirit and his joy in living is never ending. He warms the hearts of everyone he meets.

We first heard about Bailey this summer when another rescue called us and asked if would be willing to take on a young paralyzed dachshund who had been dumped in the shelter in Oregon and was not doing very well.  We contacted the shelter and heard Bailey's story.  Bailey is now 5 years old.  His first back injury occurred in 2005.  At that time his owners not only refused to do surgery on him, but they did no other type of therapy.  Since that time Bailey had trouble with his back and with losing control of his back legs.  A second injury a few months before resulted in the total paralysis of both legs.  The family decided they could not cope with a special needs dog and turned him into a shelter.  The shelter was now asking for help.  Since Furbaby Rescue has been able to work successfully with paralyzed dogs before we decided to take Bailey on.

Bailey traveled from Oregon to Seattle with another rescue and stayed for awhile at a foster home in Issaquah.  The first thing we learned about Bailey is that his injuries in no way slow him down.  Even dragging his hind legs, he could run through the doggy door, out into the big yard, climb stairs and outrun the foster Mom.  Nothing slowed this boy down.

A trip up to Kulshan Vet in Lynden gave us even more hope.  Though his back injury cannot be corrected by surgery, his strength and motivation made him a excellent candidate for acupuncture and other rehab therapies.  Bailey still has feeling in both of his legs and was also a great candidate for a wheelchair.

Bailey now moved to his current foster home in Puyallup and we began looking for a facility that could work with this wonderful lil boy.  The foster home also was working on getting his legs healed from the sores he got way too often from dragging his legs on rough surfaces.  This Herculean effort entailing many $$ for bandages, tape, gauze and baby socks and even a couple of trips to the emergency vet when the toes became infected.

Looking for help for Bailey was near the foster home which took us to Sumner Vet Hospital.  At Sumner Vet we met Dr. Uhler who evaluated Bailey and recommended acupuncture and rehab including water therapy.  Bailey began acupuncture with Dr. Masami Seplow and a week later started water therapy with rehab specialist Ken Wood.

A wonderful day in September was a red letter day for Bailey.  The day his new wheelchair came!!  Once again Dewey Springer owner of Dewey's Wheelchairs for Dogs Inc came through for a Furbaby Dog.  In only one week (and for a vastly reduced rate) Dewey crafted a wheelchair that fit Bailey like a glove and keeps him from dragging his poor toes.  Bailey is off and running in his new chair...a hundred miles an hour, down the stairs and around the yard and back again.

So now once again, we are asking for help.  Bailey's expenses to date are close to $2000..but you would only have to met this boy, his spirit, his zest is so endearing, and he only has to cover you in kisses to know, we needed to help him.

Oct.08: Bailey continues on a fantastic course of rehabilitation, of course his greatest joy is zooming around. "Go Bailey Go" the quote that Heidi Wilson wrote in her note for Bailey.
He is now able to stand 20-30 seconds on his legs..doesn't seem like a long time, but a victory for Bailey:-)

psst guess what I did this weekend
Oct. 19/09

I went to the skatepark...WOW that was fun, don't worry foster Mom was close by, she is a bit overprotective:-) I could not believe all the hills and fun I had, nothing slowed me down.
Now don't forget I am looking for a forever home, if you think you can provide one for me, we would love to hear from you, just email Furbaby Rescue
I am continuing my weekly therapy, they LOVE me:-)
Oct. 23/08: Bailey is now rolling over and making sure he rolls in some wonderful stinky stuff.  Also he is scratching himself with his back legs, this is awesome.
Nov.10/08: Bailey is pulling himself up onto his back legs, and now standing for 2-3 minutes...go Bailey.

Nov. 26/08: Bailey has pulled himself up, and WALKED...only a few steps
Happy Thanksgiving

If you can find it in your heart to help again:
Please send donations to:
Furbaby Rescue
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A gracious and big thank you for donations to:
Seniors Helping Dogs (Chilliwack, B.C. Canada)
Vie, Ray, Jill, Dave, Betty, Stephanie, Jan, Barb, Shirley, Carolyn, Pam and Olive.
Violet Morse, Chilliwack, B.C.
Charlotte & Thomas Keane, Mukilteo, WA
Sue Gillespie, her wonderful furbabies and newest Furbaby Kirby, Seattle, WA
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Shamah Gamrath, Seattle, WA
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Ruth Higley, Longview, WA
Jean & Gary Barnett, Bellingham, WA
Phoebe, Boo Boo and Cody, Woodinville, WA
Janice Thomas, Elsa & Emma, Qualicum Beach, B.C. Canada
Nancy Williams, Toby & Josh, Orem, Utah
Betty Mohr (on behalf of her daughter Nicole Oswald (Buddy) in lieu of a birthday gift to help Bailey) Vernon, B.C. Canada
Russell and Linda Young, Katie, Sammy, Kaiser & Santana, Bainbridge Island, WA
Barbara Biteman, Federal Way, WA
Nina Macgarva, Clyde Hill, WA
Nicole Oswald & Buddy, Vernon, B.C. Canada
Cheryl Williams & Lily and Bailey boop, Tacoma, WA
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Tina, John, Molly, Maggie & Jack and Sawyer (aka Ru & Nikko), Victoria, B.C. Canada

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