Keep this little girl in your prayers:

Read about her beginnings/her parents and siblings
Short haired Havanese, born Sept. 18/06

Karma was born normal, except much much smaller than her siblings.  She was doing everything normal, till she reached about 8 weeks, when the foster Mom (at that time in California) heard her scream.  She thought maybe the other puppies jumped on her..but all of sudden she could not walk properly or hold her head right.

Karma @ 13 weeks

At 13 weeks, Karma weighed just over 2 lbs, while all her other siblings weighed close to 7 lbs, at this time, Karma was having great difficulty walking.  She was medically evaluated, but the vet wanted to give her time, he was uncertain what her damage or medical problem was.  His prayer was to wait, as xrays just would not determine the answer.  Karma returned to her foster home, with Sandra, who loved her, prayed for her, and as time can be a healer, she is getting better.

Karma @16 weeks

She's playing more with her toys and getting around a little better. She now weighs 4 lbs (yea Karma)
Karma will be going back to the vet next week (Jan 10/07) to be re-evaluated to see if she needs a specialist. We have promised her, she will get whatever she needs to help her.  With all of this, she is an incredible lil girl, with that same spirit, that my girl Carina had, to overcome her disabilities...it is the spirit that will prevail

Karma thanks everyone for their prayers!
           Updates as we know them...keep this darling girl in your thoughts.  I believe she will have a normal life...that is "MY PRAYER"

             Jan.20/07: Sorry for no updates, Karma has not been to the vet yet,   as the weather in the NW had been horrendous.  She is scheduled for the 22nd...more later.

      18 weeks old (5 lbs)

                   This precious girl had her visit.  She is for the most part acting pretty normal.  Though she holds her head at an odd angle when picked up, and doesn't manage to run for as long as a puppy of her age.  The Vet, checked her neck carefully, all the bones are connected properly.  In order to do an x-ray, she will need to be asleep.  Since her progression has been upward, he will x-ray her in 4 weeks, when she goes in for her spay.  He felt confident enough to start her puppy shots...and now let nature and growth pave her way, for now.  

Feb. 14/07
21 weeks
6.2 lbs

Karma has now been spayed along with her shots.  While she was under anesthia, she was x-rayed, the x-rays were sent to the specialist, and everything is completely normalall bones developed properly.  Advise for now, is to put her on 12.5 mg of rimadyl for 10 days, to see if this brings more of an improvement for her neck.  If so, acupuncture will be the next step.  So stay tuned. 


Karma is now 24 weeks, and still weighs just over 6 lbs..small little girl.

Her story in one way ends now, as she is in her FOREVER home.  She will stay with her Foster Mom, Sandra.  After taking everything into consideration, and the love and time spent with this girl, Sandra could not let her go. She is a very lucky lil one to have this great home.  Karma continues to improve...

May 13/07

Happy Mother's Day!
8 mo's old 
7 lbs


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