Meet our BEAUTIFUL "Cuban Family"
Havanese and possible Havanese X's

All of these wonderful dogs have been adopted, with the exception of Karma, if or when she is ever available I will post it.  She is improving, she will be rechecked by the vet soon, and maybe we can find out the answer to her disabilities.  She is bright and alert, but holds her head at an angle, and does not  walk with her front legs properly.  Though she has been zooming around, and we will do whatever we can for her.  I want to thank all the applicants, so many great ones, and we are just sorry that we did not have more puppies to adopt, since it was a difficult task going over the 100's that came in, and many wonderful ones...Furbaby Rescue thanks you all for wanting to provide excellent homes for these babies.  And thank you to the fabulous adopters, and your patience.

(Adopted Dec.30/06)
"Two hearts, two souls, one complete love for each other"

Blondie and Dagwood (affectionately called Daddy)

In the summer of 06, Blondie and Dagwood had dug their way into a ranch in Northern California.  Their persistence paid off, the rescuer fed them, and eventually befriended these pretty dogs.  Once she got close to them, Dagwood was covered in fox tails, limping and sores all over his tummy.  The worst was sweet Blondie, she saw horrible pain in her eyes, and she was not walking.  Checking her all over, she found her tummy black with bruises.  She held her in her lap, and looked into her pain filled eyes, and promised her she would be alright.  Once the swelling had gone down, she could see the imprint of a boot on her tummy.  Between this wonderful rescue and Furbaby Rescue, Blondie and Dagwood are here, and safe, as well as their babies.

Blondie and Dagwood are very bonded, Dagwood especially to his angel girlfriend.  These babies will need to be adopted together, and you won't regret it.  Exceptional dogs, full of life, fun and love.  Both use the doggie door, and both doing exceptional as far as housetraining.

We believe Blondie is full Havanese, and Dagwood might be also, just poorly bred , I have asked people that know the breed, even though I find them bigger, but I am a Shih Tzu and Lhasa person...and I certainly have seen much larger ST and Lhasa in my many years of rescue.  Blondie is between 2-3 years old, and Dagwood between 1-2 years old.  Blondie weighs 18 lbs, and Dagwood 22...

These two precious babies have a wonderful new life residing in Birch Bay, WA


Now what so many people have been waiting for the babies:

The babies were born Sept.18/06 and are 12 weeks old now.

(Adopted Dec.31/06)
Fivel (male)" nka Bailey"
5.8 lbs
Bailey now resides in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada, with a wonderful Mom and Dad, and beautiful big brother Terrier.

(Adopted Jan.3/07)
Athena (female) "nka Abbeline"
6.4 lbs
This precious soul has a new Mom, happily residing in Bellingham, WA

Ears up

Ears now dropped "too cute"

(Adopted Dec.28/06)
India (female) " nka Luna Nueve"
4 lbs
Luna is so spoiled by her new Mom, Diane, residing in Portland, Oregon

(Adopted Dec. 27/06)
Paris (female)"nka Ally"
6.8 lbs
Another great home, for this sweet girl, residing in Maple Valley, WA

(Adopted Dec. 20/06)
*in great sorrow this lil girl crossed the bridge July/14*
Savannah (female)"nka Havanna"
5.8 lbs
We could not be any happier for the best home for Havanna, who now resides with one of the greatest young ladies, Tara, her family, Cuddles and Kiara in Everett, WA

Wow!  Look what beautiful puppies Blonde and Dagwood made!  Five girls and one boy!  This gorgeous litter came into rescue very well socialized and they get along wonderful with people.  Paris is by far the most outgoing and has appointed herself leader of the pack.  Handsome Fivel can be a tad shy when you first meet him, but he warms up quickly.  All of them are paper trained as well.  They all love to be held and snuggled after a good play section.  These puppies are an absolute delight and will do best in home with children over the age of 12.

Now please say prayers for Karma, she is not available at this time:

The minute I looked at Karma, it sent me back 4 years ago, when my Carina came into rescue, my heart stopped, even my vet mentioned it, she had the same look in her eyes.  

Sweet tiny Karma is under medical evaluation at this time.  Not only is she the runt of the litter and too small for her spay, she has had an injury.   We're not sure what happened, but she is having trouble with her front legs or a possible neck injury.  She will gladly accept prayers for her recovery!!  Karma has gained some weight since coming into rescue and she is up to 2.6 lbs now! I will update as she progresses.

All of the dogs/puppies (with the exception of Karma) are now spayed and neutered, all shots are current, they will need one more set of puppy shots in a month.  

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