I greet each day inside my cage
And wait for God to write my page
I wonder if youíll come today?
And let me feel the light of day

My whole life has been dark with pain
And those who caused it--what did they gain?
They stole my trust, my livelihood
And all because they simply could

I yearn to run through scented fields
Without a cage and lock to yield
To chase a squirrel that can't be caught
To earn a love that can't be bought

But the darkest days have a light
In the quiet mornings that follow night
You come to visit every day
Without a motive, without a pay

You carried me when I was weak
Brought trust I was too pained to seek
You healed my wounds that took their toll
You rescued my slowly dying soul

And now I listen for your voice
Knowing that you're here by choice
You didnít know me at the start
And yet Iím planted in your heart

Iím learning to accept your praise
And not avert my fearful gaze
Forgive me if I cower still
My life has been against my will

I feel that you are growing tired
Within this fight that youíve been mired
If you can keep your doubts at bay
It would mean the world if you could stay

I canít predict how this will end
But I know this of you, my friend
You selflessly all played your part
You saved me with your tender heart
(A Tribute to Volunteers)
By Dee Clair

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
All Females


                        These wonderful adoring babies almost lost their life because of irresponsible breeders, same story, different players.
They sacrificed themselves, producing puppy after puppy, lining the pockets of the breeder/miller
If you breed, and do not give medical care, love and
nuturing..there is only one word to use "****"
These sweethearts, originally came from Arizona, and relocated to Idaho, where the "breeder" was
not allowed to have more than 3 dogs.  She sent the boys back to Arizona, to continue their life
as Stud dogs.  The girls she was going to put down.  Since if she can't make money off of them
might as well KILL them. A wonderful rescue in Idaho, wanted to help, and contacted
us.  Even though we are full, we could not let these dogs lose their lives!!!

Their bills have been VERY high, totally to date over $2100 and rising.

5 years old/15 lbs
"Pokey passed to the bridge in the summer of 2012"

Spay, complete blood work, anal glands full, dental, severe tartar,mulitple extractions
Cataract left eye.  Heartworm, negative. Yeast infection both ears flushed. Shots

"imported from Ireland"
8 years old
19 lbs

Colleen passed to the bridge in 2010

Spay, covered in ticks, umbilical hernia repair, complete blood work up. Yeast & 
Bacterial infection in ears, flushed.  Severe tartar on teeth, full dental. Shots.
Anal glands almost exploding.  Heartworm negative.

"Imported from Ireland"
9 years old
21 lbs

Spay had pyometra, thank God we got her, or she could have died.  Heart murmur "
as discussed with cardiologist, it is common with this breed," and not to medicate unless they
show clinical signs, which she isn't."  Heartworm negative.  Yeast and bacterial infection
in both ears.  Severe plaque and tartar on teeth, gums bled easily when cleaned. Shots 
will be done at a later date, when fully recovered from the pyometra.
Blood workup.  Anal glands impacted.

Kissey (nka Saffron)
7 years old
14 lbs
This darling girl passed away May 9/09 from heart failure, she is
so missed by her Mom and Dad

Spay, anal glands impacted, covered in ticks, severe plaque and tartar
                        on teeth, gums red and inflamed, teeth infected, bled easily, many extracted, shots. Blood workup. Yeast &Bacteria infection in ears, mild cataracts. Umbilical hernia repair. Heartworm negative.


7 years old
28 (very chubby lbs)

Covered in ticks, mild heart murmur, as discussed with Sheeba, will not medicate at this time
per cardiologist.  Old injury to eye, corneal cloudiness.  HEAVY debris in ears, bacteria and yeast
infection.  Extreme tartar on teeth, gums bleed easily.  Heartworm negative. Shots.

7 years old
19 lbs

Lovey passed to the bridge Oct.18/12, she was 14, and her lil heart
gave out.

Dandruff, covered in ticks, mild heart murmur (as per cardiologist, common in breed).
Dark waxy debri, yeast infection in ears.  Spay.  Severe plaque and tartar, gums and teeth
bled easily.  Heartworm negative. Anal glands impacted.

This girl cracks me up, she has made it her agenda, to find every toy she can, my shoes,
slippers, has found her "own" place on our couch, surrounded by her treasures.
She does not chew them up, or destroy anything, she just likes to be surrounded by
her finds.  I cannot even bring myself to reprimand her, as she will look at me with
her huge eyes, and wag her tail and cover me in kisses...besides I always know where
to find my shoes:-)

Every dog is now on antibiotics, and different ear meds.
All have been applied with revolution, to kill any other critters
that might have hitchhiked along.
All need a day at the spa, once their stitches have healed.
Now I am asking once again, can you please help us, to pay 
their overwhelming vet bills, and other rising costs that will
occur...they deserve a new life now..they deserve happiness and

Sheeba, Lovey and Kissey are fostered in Blaine, WA
Pokey and Colleen in Bellingham, WA
Dolly in Kent, WA
For application to adopt contact Furbaby Rescue
Every last one of them, is amazing, loving and sweet.
They will only be adopted to homes with other dogs, unless
you want a pair:-) All dogs are very bonded to each other.

If you can help, we are so grateful
Send Donations to
Kulshan Vet. Hospital
8880 Benson Rd
Lynden, WA 98264
Furbaby Rescue Account 3325560A
Furbaby Rescue
9718 Allan St.,
Blaine, WA 98230

Our thanks to:
John & Eileen Ratchford and Miko, Port Townsend, WA
Wendy Pringle, Seattle, WA in memory of
Gerald Muyskens, Portland, Oregon
Aleisha Alexandra,  Georgio , Ben & Jada, Fox Island, WA
Bill & Billie Marquiss &
Ginny, Ellensburg, WA
Isabel Ybanez, Chuy,
Sparkey & Seven, Mountlake Terrace, WA
Rena Jansen, Emunclaw, WA
Miquel Benito, Seattle, WA
Deborah Lapoint, Spokane, WA
Thomas & Diane Stratton, Bonney Lake, WA
Don & Joanne Knobbs, Stanwood, WA
Dreux & Sherri Pangelinan, Portland, Oregon

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